Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back on January 6, Trayvon Martin apparently tweeted or facebooked the following...

And it leaves me with one word in my mind:  PREMEDITATION?

This appears to be legit, if I hear any different I will let you know...


  1. Any real screen grab will also show the @ handle for the twitter account. This one doesn't. It just shows names.

    Also, the only legitimate Twitter Account for TrayVon Martin thus far had the handle @No_Limit_Ni**a

  2. This has been debunked already: somebody took a screenshot of Michael French's FB page and inserted their own text.!/stephensheiko/status/185601541846220800

  3. He had more than one twitter account as noted by the Daily Caller. This one was under Trayvon Slimm Martin, which his twitter friends have set up RIP under on Twitter. No Limit Nigga was one, and T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3 was another...this one was pulled quite quickly, all of the others are gone too. The language and euphamisms are the same as his other two accounts, which Daily CAller was able to save before they were pulled, so I'm keeping this one up as it appears to be legit, especially since the friend he's tweeting with here is indeed a friend on his other accounts.

  4. The context of the messages appear to be authentic. They're phrased in the same kind of ebonic illiteracy as the others.

    The investigators have Martin's cell phone I assume. Those tweets can be easily verfied. Also, I'm wondering if the police have seized the cell phone of M. Suave French for verification also.

    The bulk of the lies in this instance overwhelmingly come from the black protestors, so if these tweets are not valid they would be unusual.

  5. This HAS to be a fake: It's dated a month-and-a half plus prior to the killing, and yet the only reason Trayvon was in Sanford was that he was on a 5-day suspension from his high school in Miami...

  6. Wrong. He makes it clear when he gets down to where his dad lives. He clearly knew Zimmerman ahead of time because zimmerman had set up the watch due to all the robberies. His dad is a liberal racist black who most likely complained about the "fat white guy," thus making Trayvon feel justified, or reading both of Trayvon's twitter feeds at daily caller, he felt that way on his own, given the like-minded easily led types responding in his twitter feeds. The language used in this twitter feed and the others is identical,even the typos and altered spellings, as is this friend being on his other feeds. I'm sure the cops have everyone's phones, but remember he could have posted from computers as well. Hard for us to know how many he might have actually had since they are ALL scrubbed now, thank you Daily Caller for having the sense to grab them when you did and list them at your site! Mwah!

  7. That's from facebook if anything, not twitter.

  8. You may be correct, I'll add that as twitter or facebook account...thanks for the head's up, didn't even think of that one! Good eye!

  9. Yeah. It looks more like Facebook.
    How can this be verified?
    I could see some leftist making this so it is spread and then subsequently disproved--making conservatives look foolish or deceitful.
    interesting though!

  10. LMFAO forensic pathology is not one of your strong suites, and ignorance appears to be what you are best at... its obviously a fake, the baselines do not even come close to lining up, particularly the 4th comment down where the AH is elevated, this is a photoshop job and a BAD one. Try again, maybe take a little more time next time when you falsify a photo... make sure everything lines up, and you might want to go to some sort of ebonics website to try to get "down" the actual speech pathology of the black kids you are trying to imitate for racial instigation....


    if you got anything to say back to me find me on twitter @justus4all, I'm not coming back to your lame blog. you were linked to me by someone that is spreading your fake photo and trying to implicate Dana Loesch as the source until i called her on it and she came clean to you being the source... otherwise ... i bed you adieu...

  11. You know, it's odd...everyone is so Politically Castrated--never call it correct, that's calling wrong right--and terrified of being labeled a racist that I keep getting the runaround. All of the twitter and facebook accounts have been yanked, but interestingly all of the RIP on twitter are to this user name. Everything lines and matches up, from the unusual spelling of the nickname to the picture to the exact same language and unique spellings we see in all the other accounts that have been pulled tha fortunately Daily Caller and the Breitbart Bigs have posted...Andrew, you done good brother, and we're carrying on for you down here. The #Islammunists and racists will NOT defeat truth and right.

  12. You're clearly a racist who would never condemn a black for attacking a white, and not a very smart racist either, as everything from the language to the friends on his listed twitter pages to everything else matches this perfectly. You're a pathetic Islammunist racist eunuch and your ignorance, lack of home and school training shows in your pathetic attempt to APPEAR intelligent and free. You're a slave to the liberals of the world, an easily led fool who probably couldn't get laid if he was carpet. #EpicFail on your mom, dad, and every "educator" you ever had. We feel sorry for you, but only a little. You're an adult now, and continuing to think like a spoiled child is a choice you've made, not a condition of age. Shame on you and everyone who had a hand in your pathetic raising.

  13. Chris Moltisanti said...
    "....and you might want to go to some sort of ebonics website to try to get "down" the actual speech pathology of the black kids you are trying to imitate for racial instigation...."

    Any racial instigation is coming from rabid white radicals and hate-mongers in the black population.

    What impresses me most about white leftist radicals is that most all of them employ trickery, lies, exaggerations and half-truths which are almost exclusively their property, with a wee bit coming from the right...but not very much.

    And when they are pointedly hit with devasting information that disproves their concocted version of issues and ideas they automatically go into PC mode, mentally conditioned to do so like lab rats who respond when the dinner bell is rung.

    They couldn't think objectively if their lives depended on it.

    Note that this character thinks he is punishing someone by leaving the site never to return.

    He gives delusional a bad name.

  14. Ah yes, the tactics of all Islammunist liars: stall, distract, divert, evade, deny, lie, attack...all of these achieve the goals of communism: an overwhelming emotional response, which has a physical reaction in the brain, that is, to temporarily disarm the logic center of the brain where truth resides. Even Lenin and Marx agreed that truth was rarely on the side of communism, and that they musst employ all tactics to stop man's natural yearning to seek and hold to truth. That is why emotion is so constant in their game, for logic cannot return if emotion never ebbs. Keep the people in emotional fagatronics and you need not worry about them finding truth.

  15. I received this message from a reader today and it was so outstanding that I had to post it. Out of respect for him I am leaving him anonymous, but he deserves all the credit for this...truly an answer based in truth, reason, and fact.

    War Chick -

    I saw a link to this piece on your site:

    And tried to leave a comment but too many hurdles for a serious non-tech such as myself. I've been discussing it with a few people, and it was mentioned that there are nt "like" or "comment" buttons; I don't "do" twitter or FB so I have no personal knowledge about this. Someone responded thusly:

    Person A:. Usually there are hyper links below the initial comment that you can click on to either “like” or “comment” on it. That’s my opinion. I don’t know for sure.

    Response: That is correct, except if you have not been "friended" by the person who's posts you are reading. Or if you are reading posts in a "group" you do not belong to.

    My husband belongs to a group to which I don't belong. I can read everything there, but can not "comment" or "like."

    I am not saying that proves this to be a real facebook page, just that there are times when like and comment are not available.

    So that argument is shot down. Another argument was that some of the comments (10:46 and two others) were slightly offset from the name. I could only see that the 10:46 looked slightly offset. But (again, being a techtard) perhaps someone photographed this page with a camera; often people do screen shots which seem to be very accurate but if someone didn't do that, could have been from a camera. Anyway, this is very fascinating and I hope you do get to the bottom of this.

    Another argument was that the avatar or icon for French was a memorial for Martin; and the date of the conversation was in Jan, but my experience with sites on which people have avatars and can change them, once you change your avatar, it changes for all the previous comments too.

    Yet another comment was about the date; but since Martin's father had said that Martin had visited him in Sanford previously, the date does not mean "hoax". Of course now anything his family says at this point is entirely suspect.

    Hope this does get found out one way or another -

    Kind regards,


    (If you feel this is post worthy go ahead; I am not familiar with your site until yesterday. Maybe someone can explain the comment being offset from the name.)

    Thank you anonymous reader...explained perfectly!

  16. This will continue to be questioned until you clearly explain where you got it and why you thought it was a Twitter page. Several explanations have come up that would explain it as a Facebook page.

  17. The twitter friend I got it from had thought it was from twitter...when I pointed out what was said here, he said the same thing I said: "Why didn't I think of that?" Probably for the same reason I thought that...because the focus has been on his 2 confirmed twitter accounts, and because unless you've been blocked, tweets are there for the world to see where as in many cases you have to actually be a friend to see them on facebook.

    And this will continue until we stop handing our nuts over to Political Castration and start behaving like men who can put 2 and 2 together. Also, the refusal of those in the know to even discuss then says a great deal about their motives, embrace of deception and lies, and rejection of truth in favor of emotional fagatonics.

  18. So, after all that writing, what you mean is that you have no idea where this came from.

    But we are castrated if we don't believe it.

    This is a very important thing, if true. Give us some love and tell us where you got it.

  19. Which is why I said I'm going the usual routes for confirmation, which are NOT behaving the normal way. The absence of reasonable behavior and adherence to norms IS evidence too.

    But more than that, critical thinking definitely establishes this as that of the same person whose twitter accounts have been verified, both in action, spelling, wordage, association, and type. While I may not have recognized it imnmediately as facebook because of my twitter mindset, the "Aha!" of it is undeniable and a staple of all discovery. Seeing the patterns, examples, and logical sequencing confirmation is indeed evidence of truth. Furter evidence comes from what the normal sources who traaditionally follow the standards are refusing to do so now. Any critical thinker could logically conclude that the absence of rules or explanation for refusal to follow standards is happening for a reason NOT based in truth or evidence. They appear to be, as do you, determined NOT to confirm this, and since there is no reason for that based in truth or law, that leaves only emotion, which is an excellent conclusion given that an overwhelming emotional response temporarily disarms the logic center of the brain. You are an adult who is capable of the same critical thinking we've engaged in, yet refuse to look at any possibility other than "it's faked." Since logic and reason don't support your method for coming to that emotional conclusion, it is reasonable to conclude that you, too, have chosen emotion over reason.

    And that explains your determined racism.

  20. Alphabet soup makes more sense.

  21. Thank you for making my point about your brain being in a state of emotion, rendering it incapable of logical thought, math, evidence, or the ability to reason through to an actual answer. When you choose hippy fagatronics, you end up smelly and girly.

  22. The only logical conclusion from your posts is that your source is "a Twitter friend." The rest is nothing at all. I tend to believe G. Zimmerman's account of things so you can call me a racist or whatever you think helps your case but "a Twitter friend" is not a verifiable source that anyone can check on. Period.

  23. That is definitely a Facebook page "Michael suave french" still has an account open at Facebook but he maxed out the privacy settings on it.

  24. Actually logic, reason, facts, and Trayvon's other verified (before they were yanked) accounts fully support our version, not yours, right down to spelling errors, ebonics, and thug speech. Just because you desperately don't want this to be true is NOT evidence. He was NOT an innocent, defenseless, or good young man. Every single one of his accounts have made that clear thus far, and are identical in cadence, wordage, temperment, and mentality to this one, not to mention shared friend here and on the other accounts. Like the loser rally this weekend which has utterly and impotently rejected all reason in favor of manipulated and deceptive pictures and actual doctored video tapes but throw out all eye witnesses and police evidence, you have chosen an obligation to the fear of being labeled a racist rather than an obligation to truth and law. Otherwise you wouldn't be so determined to not apply the standards of pattern (which are mathematical and therefore NOT subject to emotion or "feewings"), logical sequencing, evidence, critical analysis and thinking to this item that supports the twitter feed evidence of Trayvon as a thug who delighted in selfish, narcissistic racism against anyone lighter than him. You both continue to engage in emotional opinion rather than any kind of intelligent adult and mathematical thinking.

  25. SIO: I saw that. Thank you for doing your due diligence like a grown up capable of and using critical thinking. The refusal to even address this or follow normal standards for verification is never done when you truly are seeking the truth. Only lovers of the lie do that. thank you for not being one.

  26. I am more conservative than you have ever dreamed of being and, as I said, I tend to believe GZ. I am looking for the truth. Your long rambling incoherent Alinskyesque response notwithstanding. LOL

  27. Bwah hah hah! Alinksy had NOTHING to do with logic, truth, and law...he was all about hippy commie fagatronics! Oh man...just classic...doesn't even know the proper usage of "conservative terminology." Phew...good laugh, totally worth the absurdity.

  28. Isn't it interesting that the people here who are the greatest advocates of demanding PROOF of the accuracy of the facebook/tweets comments never once questioned the obvious alteration of the 911 tapes in order to make it appear as Zimmerman based his evaluation of the black perp as a threat merely because he was black?

    The tapes themselves reveal Zimmerman as reporting that the perp was acting suspicious, walking around looking at things in the rain. He was found with women's jewelry and a burglar tool in his backpack earlier by his school officials.

    Also, Zimmerman told two other people that the perp was walking in between residences.

    That Jesse and Al are making this black perp out to be a victim is disgraceful and demonizing Zimmerman to the point his life is in jeopardy all because he refused to be beaten in what amounts to just one more attack by an out-of-control black perp, who is obviously anti-white.

    George Zimmerman will not only get a large settlement from NBC, he will likewise become rich off the other people who have defamed and impune his character and conduct, including the leftist radical, Bill

  29. 1) The statement by zerotolerance4u that, "a Twitter friend is not a verifiable source that anyone can check on. Period," is absolutely true. It doesn't make him (or her) a liberal or a racist or any of the other name-calling and dissemblance of his 100% true and accurate statement warranted or justified.

    2) Warchick's scrutiny of the syntax, spelling, thug-grammar etc. across multiple social media accounts is a perfectly legitimate form of evaluating the available evidence to get at the truth of the matter. I tend to agree with her, that the FB thread is entirely consistent with Martin's internet persona, and lean towards judging the screen cap as legitimately him.

    Listen, both premises above can exist without one having to be wrong. #1 is true that the screen cap is not solidly verifiable, and #2 is true that critical scrutiny tends to support it being true. Any chance that we can continue without all the "nutless" this, and "incoherent Alinskyesque" that being bandied about, and just combine to try to find the truth?

    In that spirit, I offer the following explanation for the slightly out-of-alignment baselines of the screen cap. It will require knowing how it was captured, which shouldn't be a problem if warchick's friend is the one who captured it, or if she (warchick), or her blog's software, resized the image to better fit here on the blog. If the friend was the person who captured it, ask them if they did it with a "PRTSC" ("Print Screen") capture from a Desktop computer, and then pasted it into a graphics program for saving to file. I do that all the time. Because my Desktop has a huge screen, I invariably need to make the image smaller before it's useful to me for posting and whatnot. The vast majority of the time, I don't need the whole image, so I mask the part that I need, "Crop To Mask," and save only that portion of the image for posting somewhere, usually to my Photobucket account. (Look in the lower left-hand corner of the image - this image is/was hosted at Photobucket at some point.) Sometimes though, even the cropped part of the image is bigger than I need, and I resample it smaller still. There are several ways to do that, all of which have the potential (in greater or lesser degrees depending on the technique in question) to introduce distortions to the original image, and that may well have happened here, and could explain any alignment issues. There are methods for shrinking that have greater or lesser accuracy, but once in .jpg format, any resizing technique is going to introduce some distortions, and multiple resizings will exaggerate previous distortions.

    Depending on one's level of membership at image hosting sites like Photobucket, they often automatically shrink images and reduce the resolution to save on space. Clearly, this image has gone through resolution and size reductions, and combined with any resizing that the person doing the capture did, it would be a miracle if there weren't distortions and alignment problems by the time it got here on warchick's blog.

    Yes, the above contains some conjecture, but it's a perfectly viable explanation for the tiny amount of alignment issues present in the image. Convictions in court are won every day on expert testimony surrounding circumstantial evidence. While I am not a court-approved expert, I do have many years of experience in digital photography and editing of images, and I have no problem at all accepting the image here as an authentic and unedited screen capture ("unedited" meaning purposely deceitful assemblage, not just resizing). I am not a FaceBook'er or a Tweeter, so I can't speak at all to the absence of "comment" and "like" links, but just from a digital graphics point of view, there is nothing here to suggest it's a fake that I can see.

  30. warchick i question your motives here for starters that is not a twitter page at all facebook look a like mayb not sure if its even real and as for trayvon saying he was gonna shit in zimmermans mailbox .... that is a childish type prank not a act of violence. the bottom line to this entire thing is zimmerman took a child's life . try to imagine if trayvon was your son .gunned down by a very unstable man who had no business possessing a firearm .

  31. Agreed that it was childish, as the behavior of all racist eunuchs is. Childish, self-serving, pathetic, and nutless. racists ARE racists.

    And your evidence that it's faked? BTW, the law does NOT consider assault to be a childish prank, and your defining it as such absolutely tells me your motives, which are clearly based on emotional hysteria. You, sir, are a hypocrite, and since all racists engage in wretched hypocristy constantly (laws for their own vs. laws for everyone else), it is definitely a possibility fast approaching probability that you are also a racist. The rejection of all evidence of Trayvon's racism against whites--as evidenced by not only this facebook page but his two known twitter accounts--and frequent discussion of beating/killing racists and rancid discussions of sex, female anatomy, and other such horrifying abominations puts those in support of Trayvon as royalty of a long river on the African continent. You need to get out of the water, abdicate the throne, and get the next flight out of Egypt. And while you're out it, why not borrow some balls, look up the word "man," and play "Let's Pretend" for a while (and a healthy dose of brains capable of the math of critical thinking wouldn't hurt either.) You should be ashamed of yourself, as should every teacher and both parents of Trayvon for at the very least looking the other way on his horrifying behavior if not actually teaching and/or encouraging it. Every accusation made about this case, from the so-called racial slur (debunked and absurd), the picture manipulation and attempt to deceive (evil and contrary to standard operating procedure of both police and media in using the most current pictures available), the tampering of evidence by media eunuchs with the 911 calls and police station video tapes, the eye witnesses who actually saw the attack by Zimmerman, the burglary kit and jewelry found on Trayvon, to the continued baffling and mentally ill insistence that he was some innocent who only wanted skittles and tea has NOT played out, leaving the black racists and communist assholery with only emotion as their tool and pervasive mental illness.

    Shame, shame, shame on you for your cowardly efforts.

  32. Having been grown up around a lot of black people, I would say that these comments perceived to be written by Trayvon are not only false, but they seem to be written by a comedian who is parodying ebonics. Now don't get me wrong, I'm in the silent majority who see through the absolute hypocrisy of the media and Americans who are making this to be a case of racism committed by a white guy (it was not racism, and Zimmerman half-Peruvian half-Jewish, he's not white). But one of ways to discredit the false accepted account is not spread false accounts like these that discredit our case. The "Wu tang clan ain't nothing to fuck with" and the other lingo used here would make any person familiar with ebonics laugh at how unrealistic this type of talk is. So no, imo, this is screenshot and comments are fabricated.

  33. If you had read his two known twitter accounts that the Daily Caller has up, you would find the verbage identical. Identical phrasing, manners, spelling/misspellings are indeed evidence; growing up around black people making you an expert as to how they might speak is NOT evidence, it is opinion. Everything matches in the accounts, even down to the friends. Those things are indeed considered evidence, and given that the accounts were yanked from public view--but fortunately those in conservative media know to immediately get snapshots of pages after any crime or media incident--then a forensic team will now have to examine everything making sure nothing has been tampered with SINCE they were pulled and under full control of racist rejecters of the truth, as the family and bakckers of Trayvon seem determined to do. Not only is the lawfully wrong, but it is eternally despicable of them. Shame on every single one of them.

  34. To libertarian: I did question the alteration of the "911" tape (actually a non-emergency call) and I know it was maliciously edited by ABC News. I also know Zimmerman said "effin punks" not "effin coons" so you are wrong that I haven't questioned those things.

    To CzarChasm: If I didn't think there was a good possibility that this screen cap was authentic I wouldn't have asked for a source.

  35. I'm a strong supporter of Jorge Zimmerman, and DETEST the entire "Passion of Saint Skittles" meme - but -

    This is a fake, and not even a good one!

  36. Evidence?

    Once Team Zimmerman has obtained a warrant, we'll know for sure. But even a cursorary examination of this against his 2 known twitter feeds reveals same word usage, misspellings, and same friend as on his facebook page. So far, all evidence supports authenticity. since family and friends of Trayvon have been caught in multiple lies, starting with picture manipulation and other evidence tampering, they cannot be trusted to tell the truth on this issue. Since I'm not involved in the case, I can't ask for a warrnat to get the evidence from Facebook.

    But Zimmerman's attorneys can. If they're any good, they'll already have that in the works...unless they've handed their nuts over to #PoliticalCastration.

    So again...evidence?

  37. I can't believe I forgot to post this from a facebook friend! Please forgive me Denise L Johnke! My very very bad, I know it's late, but am correcting it now. And I have to get rid of some FB friends, as they stop you at about 5000, but I will start to do so and get you on there. Again, forgive the lateness of your cogent FB message to me from March 31, 2012:

    Hey Resa, Love your blog girl! I was trying to answer to a post about Trayvon and thae captha thing kept saying I entered the wrong words. I didn't. I did it like 10 times and always they were right. So I saw your face book info and here I am! ;-))

    Hey Warchick and Brian,
    This is a facebook page screen grab, that's why there is no @handle This looks exactly like he talked in his two twitter accounts! Heck, in the T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3 twitter accont he told some guy he needed to shoot someone for lying! Seems he had no aversion to shooting! I believe everything Zimmerman says!

    Love this dame! Definitely on the "good" list, darlin!

  38. So the trial is under way. We'll find out soon enough whether or not the FaceBook posts that are the subject of this part of the blog are real or faked. No mention of them in the prosecutor's opening statement. Defense is talking right now after opening with a "knock, knock" joke (WTF???). Surely if there's anything to these transcripts, the defense will make either direct or indirect reference to them. We'll see....

  39. No, the Defense will NEVER use this. Political Castration guarantees they won't dare. Kruschev achieved his goal...we fear a word--racist--and being called that much more than we fear a grisly death at the hands of a thug. They will never, ever, EVER use it, and the family will never, ever, EVER tell the truth about this being his MO. Cowards, nutless eunuchs, epic failures for raising in less than 2 decades a pathetic, drug-addled, blood-lusting little boy who does nothing but take from society, and only gives back theft, more selfish demands, sorrow, and pain. SHAME ON HIS FAMILY FOR FAILING HIM AND GOD. Pathetic, all of you - WARCHICK

  40. By "ALL OF YOU" I'm referring to his family and friends who are too impotent to behave like grown ups and say, "I loved Trayvon, but he WAS into the thug life." THAT'S what adults do...they tell the truth about the epic failures of friends and family, do not engage in the wretched behavior themselves, limit association and fellowship with such people until they change (repent), but they do NOT lie, rationalize, or justify wicked behavior just because the words "family" or "friend" are attached. He came from a family of spoiled toddlers who don't have the balls to tell the truth, about him or themselves. FOR SHAME!

  41. I appreciate you clarifying who the "all of you" referred to, but I can't agree that the defense would not use the transcript if it is/was real. If it's real, that's the whole shootin' match (no pun intended) right there. Saying that he premeditated harassing Zimmerman unquestionably makes Martin the aggressor. A subpoena to FB for their server records would be as easy as pie to get and verify if the screenshot is authentic or not, and if it was, it would be a slam-dunk for the defense, most likely resulting in the case being dismissed with prejudice. IF that screenshot is authentic, then the trial that's going on right now is a dog and pony show, with the judge, the prosecution, AND the defense involved in the production. Sorry. If it doesn't make sense, it probably isn't true. There's still lots of trial left, but with no mention of this FB exchange, I'm leaning towards thinking there's not much, if anything, to it.

    Please don't misunderstand me. I've been carrying concealed for more than 30 years. I would do everything that Zimmerman's side of the story says he did. I would've screamed for help before immediately reaching for my weapon, but reached for it and fired the very second that I feared losing consciousness from having my head beat into the concrete. I lean heavily towards Zimmerman's side of the case, and believe wholeheartedly that his is a political prosecution emerging from a bunch of race baiters and outsiders sticking their noses in other people's/state's business. And I'm not real thrilled with O'Mara either, but as unimpressed as I am with him and his team, I just can't believe that a clear showing of aggression by Martin towards Zimmerman would not be used due to political castration or correctness or whatever anyone wants to call it. If that screenshot never makes it into the trial, it will be for one reason and one reason only: it's a fake. If it does make it in, that means O'Mara (et al) went through the trouble of verifying its authenticity and confirmed it as real. It's as simple as that.

  42. I know it's impossible to believe, but watch and see...they will either be too #PoliticallyCastrated to dare bring up Trayvonz behavior and his parents' #EpicParentalFailure or they'll skim over it quickly and downplay it tremendously. You know the press will for sure, after all, they tampered with evidence in the case for almost 2 months and were NEVER prosecuted. Would you have believed anyone could do that and NOT have the defense and prosecution coming after them for endangering the case? Look up and skim the trials in the past 2 decades and you will notice a horrifying, truth-raping pattern, and math doesn't lie, it is the ultimate truth. That's why it's the language of the universe.

    Notice they no longer play the taped 911 call of Zimmerman's male neighbor who told them his neighbor was screaming outside screaming and he saw a kid on top of him beating him, to hurry and come help...did you ever thing they would manipulate and suppress that evidence, and bully that neighbor? Well they did, and that's why you won't hear about it...go check it out...

    It will not matter that Zimmerman's 2+2=4...they will accuse math of being "racist" and throw it out. after all, that is why brainwashing was brought to the US by Kruchev...he knew darned well that an overwhelming emotional response temporarily disarms the logic center of the brain where truth resides. He knew that if you keep man in a heightened state of emotion, you can get an otherwise righteous and just man to do what he would NEVER do in a state of logic. History testifies to this fact repeatedly. Why do you think since th 60's we stopped teaching basic critical thinking and gave into the emotional hippy fagatronics of the left? It was an espionage plan by Kruchev's infiltrators, and we fell for it. WE still are...he managed in less than 2 decades to make us afraid of mere words, to actually be at the point where the use of the "wrong word" can get you fired, lose your business, and (trust me, it's the next step in the math of history) get you arrested and prosecuted. Free speech was dead the minute we started punishing people for the "wrong word." We handed our balls over to Political Castration before I was even will take a revolution now to restore the perfect Constitution we refused to uphold and defend back then.

    We brought this on ourselves...and our children, if we don't stand and fight RIGHT NOW.


Free Speech strictly enforced! lol