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Friday, December 02, 2005


My disgust with Home Depot continues unabated! From hiring illegals--and denying it!--to humiliating a man who walked out the door with one of their pencils, they need some bustafazoo!

Here are some correspondences between myself and HD:

Given your behavior in both the hiring of illegal immigrants and your treatment of a customer who walked out the door with a damned pencil, I will be banning Home Depot and encouraging my many readers to do the same. For crying out loud, HD...what the hell is wrong with you????!!!
Resa LaRu

They're reply, from "Leslie:"

Dear Resa LaRu Kirkland,Thank you for contacting The Home Depot. We sincerely appreciatehearing from all of our customers.First and foremost, please know that The Home Depot supports legalimmigration to the United States and does not support illegalimmigration.We believe that diversity is the catalyst for innovative thinking,entrepreneurial spirit and new ways of building our communities. Thegreater the diversity of our people, the greater our ability to serveour customers and communities.The Home Depot is proud of the hiring partnership that has been formedwith four of the country's leading national Hispanic organizations, andwe will work with these organizations and their strong network of localoffices and contacts to help recruit qualified candidates for full-timeand part-time positions across the country. As a company thatrecognizes and appreciates the value that diversity brings to ourcompany, The Home Depot expects this partnership to have a positiveimpact on communities.As for the pencil incident, the customer involved has been apologized toand invited back into our stores.Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.
Sincerely,Leslie V.Customer

And mine again:

I'm sorry, Leslie, but that just doesn't cut it. What you did to that man demands far more than what you have done. The fact that your workers did this means that it is policy. You owe that man a pre-paid Home Depot card at the least to earn back his business and trust. You humiliated him, and you need to pay for that. The only way to affect a company such as yourself is in the wallet. You can't buy back that man's dignity you need to sacrifice for what you did. It is too late, however. He and many of us will never go back to you again. We will drive the extra distance to Lowes and others like them just to avoid you.

You have a history of hiring illegals. If you have changed that now, great. But what about the years of damage inflicted upon Americans that you have already caused? Leslie, if someone stole from Home Depot, it would be your right to demand justice, to be paid back for what was taken. Home Depot has stolen something from the American people. It is our right to demand justice, and to be paid back for what was taken. How does Home Depot propose to do that?

I am posting these correspondences at my site, which gets a tremendous amount of traffic. We will all be waiting to hear back from you regarding your intentions.
Resa LaRu Kirkland--Columnist/Writer/Speaker/Military Historian/The Anti-Feminist!