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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black in America = Commie in North Korea!

Wow!  Black Racists here think and talk just like Commie Bastards in North Korea!!!

Obzoiv...from April 23, 2012 edition of KCNA:

Racism, Misanthropy Rampant in US
Pyongyang, April 24 (KCNA) -- Black people in the U.S. are bound to fall victim to killings by whites for the mere reason that they are black but they have no place to complain of this injustice. This is what happens in the U.S.
Teenage black schooler Martin was shot to death on way home by a chasing white policeman in Florida on Feb. 26.
The police authorities pretended to investigate the case by "walking away" the murderer to a police station but finally released him after concluding that the case was "just self-defence".
This inhuman action of the police authorities sparked off curse and denunciation among the black people.
Large protests held in several states including Florida, New York and California spread all over the U.S.
Another case of killing blacks broke out against the backdrop of mounting protest.
On April 8 whites shot three blacks to death and wounded two blacks out of the passers-by while driving a car.
Much upset by the growing protest, a court in Florida held a press conference on April 11 and staged a farce of opening to public the truth about the murder of Martin.
Even at the press conference the court's side shielded the killer of Martin, claiming that he turned himself up to the law. This touched off the people's uproar.
It is the U.S. where killings do not cease under the patronage of law-enforcing elements including police and prosecution.

BWAH HAH HAH!  Maybe we could work out an exchange racists in America for North Korea nukes, straight across trade!!!!

Let the hilarity begin!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Your NoKo guffaw...

...and hilarity ensued!  From the too-good-not-to-print file!  #BwahHahHah

DPRK People Vow to Wipe out S. Korean Regime
Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- The people of the DPRK are enraged at south Korea's Lee Myung Bak group of traitors that defamed again the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership and slandered the celebrations of the Day of the Sun.
Jo Hun Gil, an officer of the People's Army who attended the Pyongyang city army-people rally, expressed his surging anger, saying:
"We can no longer stand the behaviors of the Lee Myung Bak group of rats. Such group should be beaten to jelly at once."
He didn't hold his temper to use vulgar words unable to repeat.
Ham Kyong Guk, head of a workshop at the Pyongyang Steel Factory, told KCNA:
"Lee Myung Bak is worse than a beast and little different from scum. This rabid dog should be cut to pieces for insult to the dignity of our supreme leadership."
Pang Sun Im, a citizen living in Sinwon-dong, Pothonggang District, said with knives she bought at a direct sales shop:
"I have bought these sharpened knives to stab to death the rat-like Lee Myung Bak group. My family is enough to cut this rat and its clan to pieces. It is my desire to dash to the south right now to kill all of those rats."

KCNA Commentary Slams Lee Myung Bak Group for Slandering Dignity of DPRK Supreme Leadership
Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- Rat-like Lee Myung Bak and his group again committed a hideous crime of hurting the system and the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
In Internet radio speech on April 16, Lee said that the dismantlement of nuclear program, reform and opening are the way-out for the north, bluffing that the north is trying to "consolidate its social system" with the help of nukes and missiles.
He also egged wicked conservative media, paid plot-breeding organizations and other riff-raffs on to slander the north, while calling celebrations for the Day of the Sun an "extravagant spree". They even fired at images representing the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
The Lee group has exposed its true colors as a group of matchless savages who have thrown off human mask.
The burlesque kicked up by the group of traitors reflects its phobia in the face of the mounting might of the DPRK. This reckless act is aimed to curb the praises of the sun-like great man from mounting worldwide along with the 100 year-history of Juche Korea.
As live-televised through world media, the celebrations for the Day of the Sun in the DPRK offered great historical occasions by which the sun's Korea of Juche successfully reviewed its glorious 100 year-history and the world was assured of the hundreds of thousands of years of Songun Korea that are firmly guaranteed.
The 100 year-history of Kim Il Sung's nation is shining as glorious years as the dignity of the country and the nation has been put on the highest level after the end of the bitter history of distress.
This miraculous event is not an accidental one but an inevitable result brought about by President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il who are pioneer and leader of the Songun revolution.
No wonder, through the celebrations the Koreans in the north and the south and abroad enshrined the iron truth that the dignity and the prosperity of the country and the nation are guaranteed only when they are led by an outstanding leader.
The world progressives have been caught with admiration at the immortal feats of the illustrious commanders of Mt. Paektu and the single-minded unity of Songun Korea which is more powerful than a nuclear weapon, and have voiced full support and solidarity with the just cause of the DPRK.
It is only the Lee group that spoke ill of the great auspicious event of the world.
As he has prolonged his dirty days with perfidy and defection being tempted by money, he has not been concerned about the dignity and the future of the nation.
It is the pledge of the army and people of the DPRK to seek out the rat and retaliate against it.
The nation will feel relieved when it wages the final war of wiping out such rubbish of history as rat-like Lee Myung Bak.

KCNA Slams Lee Myung Bak's Smear Campaign
Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- A tiny handful of traitors dare stand in the way of the grand march of the nation at a turning point of history where a new century of Juche begins.
The rat-like Lee Myung Bak group set in motion all the ultra-right conservative media to kick off a campaign for desecrating the celebrations of the Day of the Sun in the DPRK. The group even hurled ultra-right reactionaries into such provocations as hurting the system and the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
The hideous racket kicked off by the group, timed to coincide with celebrations of the Day of the Sun, is one more intolerable, unprecedented provocation.
This is an undisguised perfidy and challenge to a new century of the nation and its eternal future.
The group was hit hard by the celebrations of the Day of the Sun.
The proud review of the 100-year-long history of Songun Korea dealt a telling blow at the group of traitors steeped in flunkeyism and conservatism to the marrow of their bones as it put a definite end to the history of the nation's distress.
The confrontation-minded elements, finding themselves in such poor position that they can no longer raise their heads, opted to decry and play down the grand festival of the nation in a bid to save their faces.
The above-said hooligans behaved so at a time when all compatriots and the world hailed with great excitement and emotion the above-said celebrations as they demonstrated the bright future of the sun's Korea which would bring a reunified thriving nation and happiness and prosperity under socialism.
The group was stunned by the celebrations of the Day of the Sun, a striking demonstration of inexhaustible national power and potential. Its frantic smear campaign is no more than a last-ditch effort to tarnish the international prestige of the DPRK and destroy the single-minded unity of its party and people.
The group, which can never be pardoned for the crimes it has committed against the nation, is working hard to prolong its remaining days by kicking up worst confrontation racket at any cost.
Running high are the indignation and hatred of the service personnel and people of the DPRK. They are firmly determined to wipe out the hideous provocateurs to the last man so that they may stop hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, staying in this part of the world.
The group will be forced to pay a dear price for its provocations and will never be able to escape the most miserable fate.

Rodong Sinmun Warns Lee Myung Bak Regime of Stern Punishment
Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak regime of south Korea hurled elder reactionaries and even student hooligans into Kwanghwamun Square and other parts of Seoul to desecrate the DPRK's grand festival held to mark the Day of the Sun. They did not hesitate to stage such thrice-cursed rowdyism as hurting the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.
Rodong Sinmun Friday observes in a by-lined article in this regard:
This is absolutely unpardonable as it was a revelation of extremely sordid and grave attempt to do harm to the existence of the DPRK and make a crack in the unbreakable single-minded unity.
The DPRK repeatedly urged the group of traitors to stop its unethical acts and warned it of a merciless sacred war.
Defying the DPRK's repeated warnings, the group persisted in its hideous provocations. It went the lengths of desecrating the grand festival held to mark the Day of the Sun.
The events held to mark the Day of the Sun fully demonstrated the fixed will of the army and people of the DPRK to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche through generations, holding the peerlessly great men in high esteem forever.
Watching the above-said festival, south Koreans were greatly pleased and excited to see "the appearance of the extraordinary young leader" and shouted "Hurrah!" for reunification through the alliance with the north.
The arms in the hands of the army and people of the DPRK who regard the dignity of the supreme leadership as dearer than their own lives will take merciless revenge upon the perpetrators of those hideous provocations.

Lee Myung Bak Regime's Hideous Provocations under Fire
Pyongyang, April 20 (KCNA) -- Traitor Lee Myung Bak of south Korea and his group again malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK, daring desecrate the events held on the Day of the Sun. This was an intolerable challenge and a hideous provocation to the dignity of the supreme leadership, social system and people of the DPRK.
Rodong Sinmun Friday says this in a by-lined commentary.
It continues:
Such reckless behavior of the group of traitors was an expression of extreme hostility towards fellow countrymen and an unconditional denial of the dignified social system in the DPRK.
The army and people of the DPRK can never pardon such acts of hurting the most sacred and undisputed dignity of its supreme leadership.
The people from all walks of life in south Korea are unanimous in opposing the country-selling rule of Lee Myung Bak and the "Saenuri Party" and it has become an irresistible trend of the present times to call for "judging the government."
The Lee group is working hard to divert elsewhere the attention of the angry people by escalating the confrontation with fellow countrymen but its fate has already been sealed.
Traitor Lee is now more dead than alive. No matter how loudly he may trumpet, the dignified social system and the unbreakable single-minded unity remain unfazed.
The army and people of the DPRK will wipe out the group of traitors to the last man as it dared hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership which is dearer than their own lives.


Oooooooohhh!  I'm shak-in!  All "Damn that's funny!" aside, this level of vitriol is definitely an indicaqtor.  Kim Jong Un, like Ohole, is in need of a distraction...


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WHEN MORMONS SAVED JEWISH LIVES -- sent by my friend Ari Kaufman

Rafael Medoff and Yehudit Even-Haim

            Jewish-Mormon relations are back in the news.

            Mitt Romney is likely to become the Republican nominee for president -- the first Mormon to win the nomination -- and will be actively seeking Jewish votes. Meanwhile, controversy has erupted over several Mormon temples conducting proxy baptisms of Holocaust victims.

            The baptism ceremonies have understandably offended some Jews, and Mormon leaders have ordered its temples to stop doing them. The baptizers believe they are saving the Holocaust victims' souls--but a more important question to consider, especially on the eve of Yom Hashoah, April 19, is what Mormons did to help save Holocaust victims' lives.

            The best known and most influential Mormons in the United States during the 1930s and 1940s were Senators William King and Elbert Thomas, both Democrats from Utah.

            Both men were fervent Christian Zionists. Thomas had visited Jerusalem in 1912. According to his diary, he sat on the Mount of Olives and read from the writings of early Mormon leader Orson Hyde about the Jews: "Consecrate this land for the gathering together of Judah's scattered remnants, for the building up of Jerusalem again after it has been trodden down by the Gentiles so long. Restore the kingdom unto Israel, raise up Jerusalem as its capitol." King, for his part, was one of the founding members of the American Palestine Committee, an organization set up in the 1930s to rally Christian support for Jewish statehood.

            Hitler's persecution of European Jewry moved King and Thomas to action. Sen. King supported the controversial Wagner-Rogers bill of 1939, which would have permitted 20,000 German Jewish children to enter the United States outside the quota system. In 1940, King initiated legislation to open Alaska to Jewish refugees. Both bills were blocked by anti-immigration forces. Typical of the opposition was Laura Delano Houghteling, President Roosevelt's cousin, who remarked at a Washington dinner party that "Twenty thousand charming children would all too soon grow up into twenty thousand ugly adults."

            Sen. Thomas developed close ties to Benzion Netanyahu [father of Israel's prime minister], who in those days was director of the Revisionist Zionists' American division. In an interview (with one of the authors, Rafael Medoff), Prof. Netanyahu recalled how in their first meeting, he began by giving the senator a long account of the origins of Zionism, the Jews' conflict with the British in Palestine, and the persecution of European Jewry. Eventually Thomas cut in: "You've been talking for forty minutes, but you got me after the first ten." Their shared biblical heritage was sufficient for the senator: "Your heroes are my heroes," he told Netanyahu. Thomas subsequently spoke at Revisionist rallies and lent his name to their newspaper ads calling for Jewish statehood.

            Benzion Netanyahu's relationship with one of the most influential Mormons in America in those days is particularly interesting in view of this week's New York Times report about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's previously unknown longtime personal friendship with Mitt Romney, dating back to their work together at the Boston Consulting Group in the 1970s.

            Sen. Thomas was particularly active in the Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe, a lobbying group led by future Knesset Member Hillel Kook (using the pseudonym "Peter Bergson"). The Bergson Group, as it was known, sponsored hundreds of newspaper ads criticizing the Allies' refugee policy. Thomas's name appeared on many of those ads, lending their cause power and prestige. He also co-chaired the Bergson Group's 1943 conference on rescue, which challenged the Roosevelt administration's claim that nothing could be done to help the Jews except winning the war. As a loyal Democrat and New Dealer, this was not an easy position for Thomas to take.
            In December 1943, Sen. Thomas played a key role in advancing a Bergson-initiated Congressional resolution calling for creation of a special government agency to rescue Jews from Hitler. At about the same time, aides to Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr. discovered the State Department was suppressing news about the genocide and obstructing opportunities to rescue Jewish refugees. Armed with this information and with congressional pressure mounting, Morgenthau convinced FDR to pre-empt Thomas and the other congressional advocates of rescue by unilaterally creating the War Refugee Board.
            During the final fifteen months of World War II, the Board played a major role in saving some 200,000 Jews. Among other things, it helped finance the life-saving work of Raoul Wallenberg. Sen. Thomas's action in the Senate was an indispensable part of the chain of events that led to Wallenberg's mission.

            The horrors of the Holocaust, combined with his Mormon faith, moved Thomas to intensify his efforts on Capitol Hill for Jewish statehood after 1945. The United States and the international community had a "moral debt" to the Jewish people, Thomas contended. As President Harry Truman wavered on whether to support creation of a Jewish state, Thomas and other members of Congress became an important source of pro-Zionist pressure on the administration.

            When Jewish voters in 2012 assess the future of Mormon-Jewish relations, they will need to take into account not only the Mormons' interest in Jews who died during the Holocaust but also the efforts by some prominent Mormons to help Jews escape from the Holocaust.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

FCC checking out my site...why?

Just checked my sitemeter, saw the FCC was checking out this piece I posted a couple of weeks ago:

related to this piece posted yesterday:

Here's the info on it:

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

EVIDENCE BE DAMNED; The New LAWless of the Land

By Resa LaRu Kirkland

“Why did you kill our son?”

That is the question.  Apparently, Shakespeare didn’t know what he was talking about.

But then, he was white.

The problem with that question isn’t that it hasn’t been answered, but that it is still being asked.  The answers have just been rejected in favor of self-serving emotions.

Therefore I am predicting that the Politically Castrated chick in charge in Florida will charge him with murder in spite of the fact that self-defense is NOT a crime.  ***Update while writing this article:  Florida charges Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder proves WARCHICK can really call ‘em.  Shame, shame, shame on Florida***

We haven’t seen an era of such localized lawlessness since the old “Solid South Democrats’” attempted to block integration. 

Or is that since the murders, beatings, rapes, drug abuse, thefts, misappropriation of funds and abject destruction of both state and federal law of the Huey Newton Black Panthers? These same Black Panthers have put a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman and forced him into hiding.  Not a peep about the fact that bounties by citizens or civilian groups are both evil and illegal (where are Florida cops on this issue, and why aren’t they investigating Black Racists for the 6 gunshots at the police car parked outside a school?  A school!!  These cowards don’t care if other people’s kids get killed apparently…but then, those little kids weren’t Walking While Black, just Learning While Children.) 

Then, or course, there are the uncountable cases of black-on-whitey crimes that
never receive any coverage, unless it is to claim that it is a result of something whitey did.  This is only one.  In case you didn’t know, this duplicity is absolute evidence of racism by the cowards behind this issue, who are determined to again start fires like the Watts riots.  Any excuse to loot, steal, make asses of themselves for the world to see, kill whitey…and each other.  Nothing new about these Black Panthers…same old racists, same old criminals.
Not bad enough, how about...

We can still do better....

What’s ultra appalling this time is the brazen collusion of the Hippy Press, who have shown an outrageous disregard for truth and been willing to deceive the masses with deliberately manipulated pictures—this went on for over a month before it was exposed, which is beyond unacceptable, so don’t tell me these perverters of truth didn’t know—tampering with evidence such as the 911 calls and the closed circuit cameras at police stations.  If the evidence is so clear-cut, and Zimmerman so obviously guilty, why did the Hippy Press, the Black Racists, Trayvon’s family, and the Politically Castrated Eunuchs of America have to manipulate, deceive, and outright lie?

Their drooling insanity even forced the Chief of Police to temporarily step down so they could get rid of whitey and install someone who would get to the truth. 

In today’s insanity-speak, that means a black guy.

Problem is, New Black Chief—or NBC, ironic initials given that NBC was the channel/perp of the tampered 911 call evidence—has made it clear that thus far, the evidence and eye witnesses of the event support George Zimmerman.  This evidence includes the following:

·         Police report identifying Zimmerman’s back as wet and stained with dirt and grass as well as bleeding from the nose and back of head and in need of treatment, which he received from  EMT’s who were called and cleaned the areas and stopped the bleeding

·         The non-tampered with video of Zimmerman with a large and nasty abrasion on the back of his head

·         Multiple eye witness accounts of Trayvon attacking Zimmerman after Zimmerman complied with the 911 operator’s order to stop following him

·         Multiple references by Trayvon on two Twitter accounts, here and here, about going after whites, not to mention the disgusting talk of sex acts and female anatomy as well as liberal use of the most demeaning and racist words known to mankind (this is an established pattern of a thug-in-training, and begs the question:  Where were the parents and why were they raising such a son?)

·         Repeated problems in school, including the suspension that led him to be staying with his dad during the date of his attack on Zimmerman

·         The overwhelming and clear evidence of an assault on Zimmerman, who was clearly the most likely source of the screams heard on tapes and mentioned by eye witnesses as what led them to call 911
  • A Facebook page (quickly pulled and only available in this snapshot, which I previously posted on my website) that speaks of “raping white bitches” and beating whitey but most alarmingly indicates possible pre-meditation of an attack by Trayvon on “Zittertits”  
·         The “usual anti-law suspects” of evil racism against whites and other non-blacks—Black Panthers, Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, Jesse “No longer a Reverand ‘cause I pork every chick in sight” Jackson—showing up and screaming for arrest, continuing to spew the lies of an “innocent kid who only wanted Skittles and iced tea but was hunted for WWB (Walking While Black) and shot like a dog” in spite of the evidence of a vicious attack by Trayvon the thug against a man trying to protect his property and the property of his neighbors after multiple break-ins and robberies in their neighborhood (this used to be called “good,” but in this day of wretched Political Castration to defend life, limb, and property—known as God-given rights, btw—it has been perverted into a crime)
And all of this would seem to be a result of emotion, the tactic of Politically Castrated Islammunist cowards everywhere because it temporarily disarms the logic center of the brain where truth resides, therefore making a mortal easier to manipulate and get him to do that which he would never consider doing while in a state of logic.  It’s all any racist has, be it the old Solid South Democrat founders of the KKK or the Black Panther liberal Democrats of today. 
We stood up against the print...

My dad was raised in the deep South, taught me much about the racism he so despised growing up that he chose to live in the Northwest to get away from it.  His stories of lynchings, injustice, fat Southern sheriffs, the KKK, the white and colored drinking fountains, the line down the center of the bus—all of this haunted him, and then me, and stirred my love of researching history, uncovering the horrors in word and photo.  The smartest thing he ever did, he said, was to get away from the emotional racist hysteria of the South that even included members of his own family.  He thought it was a thing of the past, a bad nightmare he wouldn’t have to worry about ever again. 
How wrong he was.  He hadn’t seen it coming—we merely switched who it was acceptable to be racist against.
We got rid of the old KKK; what we didn’t see coming was that the new KKK would be run by the other end of the color spectrum. 

...But we wilted against the negative

Black Panthers?  Please, you’ve got the wrong feline.  They are Black Pussies.  And we are disgraceful, hypocritical, cowardly slaves for allowing this…every last one of us!
Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Working on an article about the Black Racists and Trayvon Martin... for it today or tomorrow, tying all evidence and my prediction that the chick in charge of deciding charges WILL charge Zimmerman because being a broad she will, like the mentally challenged black racists, give in to emotional hysteria rather than logic, critical thinking, and truth.  Justice will indeed be raped and Zimmerman will be sacrificed on the altar of Political Castration.  Yes, like all evil judiciaries in history, she will choose to sacrifice one man rather than allow the neighborhood to be in an uproar.

Which given the perversion of justice being perpetrated by the black racists and led by the BLACK PUSSIES (hey, they're the ones who gave themselves a title with a cat in it, but Panthers be cool, and they be nutless, so PUSSIES is indeed the correct cat for them), is exactly what they wanted.  They are the most pathetic bag of impotence the world has known.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Too good not to post!

From my friend Thomas Lindaman, enjoy!

Snappy Answers to Leftist Cowards about the Trayvon Martin Shooting

The longer the Trayvon Martin situation gets covered, the more Leftists (like the other blogger who talks smack about the number of people who respond to my posts when he's too much of a coward to allow people to post to his blog) start getting impatient with the length of time it's taken to arrest George Zimmerman. Yet, since I've started taking them to task, they've come up with all sorts of excuses why they don't act on what they claim is an open-and-shut case.

Let me treat you to a few of them and provide you with my responses to them.

The police should arrest Zimmerman. You mean the same police your side says screwed up the investigation?

The police should have called for a grand jury. One tiny problem: the police didn't determine a crime had been committed. For a grand jury to be convened, there had to be a crime. And, no, that's not based on your opinion.

Zimmerman is in hiding. In today's society, going into hiding is a difficult proposition. And with the media firestorm your side created, it's made even more difficult because everybody and their grandmother knows what Zimmerman looks like. Besides, aren't you Leftists supposed to be so smart? Surely people of your intellect can find one guy.

I'm not in Florida. They have these things called "airplanes" that will take you where you want to go for a certain amount of money. If you can't afford a flight, load up your Prius or your VW van and drive down there.

... [signifying utter silence]. I see. You make statements you refuse to back up with action.

Guess which one is the most common response from the cowardly Leftists.
Thomas, outstandingly perfect.  When they can't contend with the truth, they use emotion trying to disarm the logic center of your brain to get you to do in a state of emotion that which you would never do in a state of logic...the pattern of evil perverts everywhere!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

From Korean Central News Agency...

...All the usual suspects involved...

DPRK's Projected Satellite Launch Supported
Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) -- Foreign organizations released a joint statement on March 27 in support of the DPRK's projected launch of Kwangmyongsong-3, earth observation satellite.
They included the All India Indo-Korean Friendship Association, the All India Agricultural Workers' Union, the All-India Peasants' Union and the All India Federation of Lawyers.
The statement said that it is an exercise of the proud and legitimate right of the DPRK to launch the satellite developed by it with its indigenous technology, pursuant to its policy for space development and peaceful uses.
It went on:
It is very odd for the U.S. and other countries which launched a lot of satellites to allege that the DPRK's satellite launch only is a provocation to the peace and security in the region.
This is obviously an act of denying the legitimate right of the DPRK to the peaceful use of space. Their logic is unjustifiable.
Hessou Kohovi, chairman of the Benin National Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea and General Kim Jong Il's Works, in his statement issued on March 26 supported the launch of Kwangmyongsong-3, saying that the peaceful development and use of space are the universally recognized legitimate right of a sovereign state and they are not a monopoly confined to specified countries only.

Russia Launches Carrier Rocket
Moscow, April 1 (KCNA) -- Russia launched carrier rocket Proton-K on March 30.
The carrier rocket, which was launched at the Baikonur Space Launching Center, put the space body with military mission into the expected orbit, noted a spokesman for the Aerospace Defense Forces of Russia.

Russian Airborne Troops Stage Command Post Drills
Moscow, April 1 (KCNA) -- The Russian Airborne Troops staged command post drills in Ulyanovsk from March 26 to 30.

Involved in the drills were 500 odd airborne troops and lots of combat and technical equipment.

In the drills the troops and equipment were successfully dropped at the fixed locations. Virtual enemies and objects were occupied and annihilated with the support of the air force.
Through the drills the airborne troops and the flying corps of the ground force trained the coordination in their actions for transporting and air-dropping troops and combat and technical equipment.

Odd Airborne troops?  What is that.