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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Working on an article about the Black Racists and Trayvon Martin... for it today or tomorrow, tying all evidence and my prediction that the chick in charge of deciding charges WILL charge Zimmerman because being a broad she will, like the mentally challenged black racists, give in to emotional hysteria rather than logic, critical thinking, and truth.  Justice will indeed be raped and Zimmerman will be sacrificed on the altar of Political Castration.  Yes, like all evil judiciaries in history, she will choose to sacrifice one man rather than allow the neighborhood to be in an uproar.

Which given the perversion of justice being perpetrated by the black racists and led by the BLACK PUSSIES (hey, they're the ones who gave themselves a title with a cat in it, but Panthers be cool, and they be nutless, so PUSSIES is indeed the correct cat for them), is exactly what they wanted.  They are the most pathetic bag of impotence the world has known.

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