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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

EVIDENCE BE DAMNED; The New LAWless of the Land

By Resa LaRu Kirkland

“Why did you kill our son?”

That is the question.  Apparently, Shakespeare didn’t know what he was talking about.

But then, he was white.

The problem with that question isn’t that it hasn’t been answered, but that it is still being asked.  The answers have just been rejected in favor of self-serving emotions.

Therefore I am predicting that the Politically Castrated chick in charge in Florida will charge him with murder in spite of the fact that self-defense is NOT a crime.  ***Update while writing this article:  Florida charges Zimmerman with 2nd degree murder proves WARCHICK can really call ‘em.  Shame, shame, shame on Florida***

We haven’t seen an era of such localized lawlessness since the old “Solid South Democrats’” attempted to block integration. 

Or is that since the murders, beatings, rapes, drug abuse, thefts, misappropriation of funds and abject destruction of both state and federal law of the Huey Newton Black Panthers? These same Black Panthers have put a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman and forced him into hiding.  Not a peep about the fact that bounties by citizens or civilian groups are both evil and illegal (where are Florida cops on this issue, and why aren’t they investigating Black Racists for the 6 gunshots at the police car parked outside a school?  A school!!  These cowards don’t care if other people’s kids get killed apparently…but then, those little kids weren’t Walking While Black, just Learning While Children.) 

Then, or course, there are the uncountable cases of black-on-whitey crimes that
never receive any coverage, unless it is to claim that it is a result of something whitey did.  This is only one.  In case you didn’t know, this duplicity is absolute evidence of racism by the cowards behind this issue, who are determined to again start fires like the Watts riots.  Any excuse to loot, steal, make asses of themselves for the world to see, kill whitey…and each other.  Nothing new about these Black Panthers…same old racists, same old criminals.
Not bad enough, how about...

We can still do better....

What’s ultra appalling this time is the brazen collusion of the Hippy Press, who have shown an outrageous disregard for truth and been willing to deceive the masses with deliberately manipulated pictures—this went on for over a month before it was exposed, which is beyond unacceptable, so don’t tell me these perverters of truth didn’t know—tampering with evidence such as the 911 calls and the closed circuit cameras at police stations.  If the evidence is so clear-cut, and Zimmerman so obviously guilty, why did the Hippy Press, the Black Racists, Trayvon’s family, and the Politically Castrated Eunuchs of America have to manipulate, deceive, and outright lie?

Their drooling insanity even forced the Chief of Police to temporarily step down so they could get rid of whitey and install someone who would get to the truth. 

In today’s insanity-speak, that means a black guy.

Problem is, New Black Chief—or NBC, ironic initials given that NBC was the channel/perp of the tampered 911 call evidence—has made it clear that thus far, the evidence and eye witnesses of the event support George Zimmerman.  This evidence includes the following:

·         Police report identifying Zimmerman’s back as wet and stained with dirt and grass as well as bleeding from the nose and back of head and in need of treatment, which he received from  EMT’s who were called and cleaned the areas and stopped the bleeding

·         The non-tampered with video of Zimmerman with a large and nasty abrasion on the back of his head

·         Multiple eye witness accounts of Trayvon attacking Zimmerman after Zimmerman complied with the 911 operator’s order to stop following him

·         Multiple references by Trayvon on two Twitter accounts, here and here, about going after whites, not to mention the disgusting talk of sex acts and female anatomy as well as liberal use of the most demeaning and racist words known to mankind (this is an established pattern of a thug-in-training, and begs the question:  Where were the parents and why were they raising such a son?)

·         Repeated problems in school, including the suspension that led him to be staying with his dad during the date of his attack on Zimmerman

·         The overwhelming and clear evidence of an assault on Zimmerman, who was clearly the most likely source of the screams heard on tapes and mentioned by eye witnesses as what led them to call 911
  • A Facebook page (quickly pulled and only available in this snapshot, which I previously posted on my website) that speaks of “raping white bitches” and beating whitey but most alarmingly indicates possible pre-meditation of an attack by Trayvon on “Zittertits”  
·         The “usual anti-law suspects” of evil racism against whites and other non-blacks—Black Panthers, Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, Jesse “No longer a Reverand ‘cause I pork every chick in sight” Jackson—showing up and screaming for arrest, continuing to spew the lies of an “innocent kid who only wanted Skittles and iced tea but was hunted for WWB (Walking While Black) and shot like a dog” in spite of the evidence of a vicious attack by Trayvon the thug against a man trying to protect his property and the property of his neighbors after multiple break-ins and robberies in their neighborhood (this used to be called “good,” but in this day of wretched Political Castration to defend life, limb, and property—known as God-given rights, btw—it has been perverted into a crime)
And all of this would seem to be a result of emotion, the tactic of Politically Castrated Islammunist cowards everywhere because it temporarily disarms the logic center of the brain where truth resides, therefore making a mortal easier to manipulate and get him to do that which he would never consider doing while in a state of logic.  It’s all any racist has, be it the old Solid South Democrat founders of the KKK or the Black Panther liberal Democrats of today. 
We stood up against the print...

My dad was raised in the deep South, taught me much about the racism he so despised growing up that he chose to live in the Northwest to get away from it.  His stories of lynchings, injustice, fat Southern sheriffs, the KKK, the white and colored drinking fountains, the line down the center of the bus—all of this haunted him, and then me, and stirred my love of researching history, uncovering the horrors in word and photo.  The smartest thing he ever did, he said, was to get away from the emotional racist hysteria of the South that even included members of his own family.  He thought it was a thing of the past, a bad nightmare he wouldn’t have to worry about ever again. 
How wrong he was.  He hadn’t seen it coming—we merely switched who it was acceptable to be racist against.
We got rid of the old KKK; what we didn’t see coming was that the new KKK would be run by the other end of the color spectrum. 

...But we wilted against the negative

Black Panthers?  Please, you’ve got the wrong feline.  They are Black Pussies.  And we are disgraceful, hypocritical, cowardly slaves for allowing this…every last one of us!
Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.


Nate said...

Found these two things over at Legal Insurrection regarding the case:

'Some notable quotes from Special Prosecutor Corey at the press conference:

“We do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts of any given case, as well as the laws of the state of Florida.

“We did not come to this decision lightly.”

“When we charge a person with a crime, we are equally comitted to justice on their behalf, as we are on our victims behalf.”

“We will continue to seek the truth… There is a reason cases are tried in the court of law, and not in the court of the public, and not by the media.”'

AND (from the same post)...

'What irked me was to hear the prosecutor thank the Martin family attorneys — that seems a little close for my liking in a prosecutor, and in fact the Martin family attorneys have acted irresponsibly in the media as I have addressed before.'

They don't prosecute based on mob rule. RIIIIIIGHT.

Unknown said...

The one about "not deciding by pressure" made me lose my jaw...waiting for the call from the dentist now, he had to look it up in his "What the hell..?" Medical Mysteries journal. How dare she...this was CLEARLY due to her pathetic, nutless fear at the raging black racists, who need very little reason to rampage, rape, and rage these days. And how DARE she say that about the Martin family, who deliberately gave false pictures of Trayvon to the media to try to taqiya this whole damned thing...shame, shame, shame on that nutless white femmie and the black racists of Florida.

no2liberals said...

Zimmerman has a "self-defense" hearing scheduled soon, Tuesday I think. The Castle Doctrine is the law of the land and if the hearing rules he acted properly, the ridiculous murder charge will have to be dismissed.
That is when Holder and the Department of JustUs will step in.
In the meanwhile BOW continues across the land, often without even being reported on, like this incident in Alabama.
I'm neither an age-ist, race-ist, or a sex-ist, I am a behavior-ist and the behavior by the race baiting hustlers in this incident is infuriating.