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Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15 is shaping up to be bigger than ever after FACEBOOK post by "Justified's" NICK SEARCY!

From #WalkingAwesome Nick Searcy's FACEBOOK page.  He will be joining me tomorrow night at the Egyptian Theater for the screening in original 3D of CEASE FIRE!

Sunday night, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, I will be introducing this film along with its curator, Resa LaRu Kirkland, by reading a moving article written by its producer, the great Hal Wallis, about the very emotional events that occurred during the filming of it. This rare 3D film has not been seen in over 50 years, and is the only film ever allowed by the Department of Defense to be shot using real American soldiers during a real war.

 You will never see anything like it, and the amazing real story of Pfc. Ricardo Carrasco will move you. I promise. Come if you can. 

You heard Nick...and remember, you don't want to mess with him... he's JUSTIFIED!!!

See you there!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

THE 11 OF 911 - WARCHICK'S latest up now at POLITICHICKS!!

On a day of reverence and remembering...

EXCERPT:  I’d been wondering how to tie-in the 12th anniversary of 9/11–and 1st anniversary of Benghazi–with the incredible story of 11 pieces of the foundation from the World Trade Center that are being spread across our country.  Who knew al Qaeda would “resurrect” just in time, and be so accommodating–so quickly–by threatening attacks on American interests yet again?
21 GUNS from NATHAN OSMOND and theme of the WTC Foundation Stone heading for Ft. Douglas, UT.

Read the rest here, and NEVER FORGET.




Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My dear friend and the funniest conservative out there, EVAN SAYET, at the LAUGH FACTORY in Long Beach Sept. 22!!

You do NOT want to miss this!  Ya'all know how I feel about Evan Sayet, now here's your chance to feel like WARCHICK

I received this from Evan today, and be jealous, people, I'm having lunch with him next week.  But you can do the next best thing, so hear him, you won't regret it!

Hey for my event -- An Afternoon of ALL CONSERVATIVE Political Comedy starring Evan Sayet -- on Sunday, Sept. 22nd at the beautiful Laugh Factory Theater in Long Beach are now available for advance purchase -- with a net two dollar discount -- at Please buy your tickets now. If you decide to bring more people later, it won't be a problem seating all of the members of your party together!

Tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the event as well. It's a very large theater -- and EVERY seat is a good seat -- so don't worry about getting tickets at the door if that's your preference....

Finally, word of mouth is EVERYTHING to a conservative entertainer. Not a lot of press going to come our way and, even though I've written for just about every late night cometdian -- from Jimmy Kimmel to, yes, Bill Maher (back when I was a Liberal), appearances on these shows are just not likely to be forthcoming. So, I need your help in getting the word out to other Republicans, conservatives, Libertarians and open-minded Liberals. Okay, scratch that last one as I don't want you to waste your time looking for him. But please link in the other groups you've joined on Facebook and beyond and let them know this is ALL CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL COMEDY -- think a Bill Maher from the Right -- and that it'll be a great afternoon doing to them what Jon Stewart, David Letterman, et al. do to US on a daily basis.

OK, you have your orders, and just remember what WARCHICK says:  I know where you live and when you let your pets out!  Mwah hah hah!

Monday, September 09, 2013

WARCHICK is excited to announce that the awesomely awesome NICK SEARCY will be joining her onstage at 3D fest!

I'm schvitzing here!  And I'm not even Jewish (but I am a reasonable facsimile!)...!!!

Yes, that star of big and small screen, and the hit TV series JUSTIFIED will be joining me onstage as I talk about and introduce the 1953 Paramount Pictures film CEASE FIRE for 3D Film Expo on Sunday, September 15th!
I came to know Nick a couple of years ago as a member of the very exclusive yet growing and influential conservative groups in Hollywood.  Now THAT takes balls, and he has them in spades!
 He will be reading excerpts from the READER'S DIGEST article written by Hal Wallis in 1959 telling about Ricardo Carrasco and the making of the once-in-history fKorean War front line movie CEASE FIRE!
If you're in Burbank, come out and watch the show!  And kudos to Mr. Searcy, proving he truly is one fully JUSTIFIED bad ass and friend of freedom. 
More on Ricardo's story here and here.