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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Uploading videos, recorded phone calls, etc., that shows the lies and criminal behavior of SANDY BROOKE TOWNHOMES manager LINDA HOUSKEEPER

Oy!  It's gonna be good...there's a buttload to upload on youtube, so it will take time, but I'll link them here.

In the meantime, do NOT rent from anyone with the last name MANWARING, SANDY BROOKE TOWN HOMES, or LINDA HOUSKEEPER.  I can prove their lies, deception, contempt for the law, and theft of a deposit that Utah law says they can NOT keep.

You know me and's-a gonna be good-a!  But take a chill pill; if you love the law, justice, and LDS doctrine, you are gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed!

Not to mention one helluva lawsuit in the works and other info awaiting offical filing....

Monday, October 15, 2012

WARCHICK on KSAL with Jeff Garretson and Rich Alexander, Oct 16, 9:36 ET, 8:36 CT, 7:36 MT, 6:36 PT

You read that right, you lucky SOB...WARCHICK will be on with Jeff and Rich tomorrow morning to discuss Libya and the fallout...I'm only scheduled for 10 minutes, so if you blink or hit the head you'll miss it, maggot!


The KSAL Morning News, Salina, Kansas

with Rich Alexander & Jeff Garretson

Jeff Garretson, left, and Rich Alexander
Listen LIVE!!!






Salina callers:823-9596
Long distance callers:1-800-608-1150
Cell phone callers:*1150

It's Salina's #1 morning show, The KSAL Morning News, hosted by award-winning radio personalities Rich Alexander & Jeff Garretson. You'll get national news from ABC, statewide news from the Kansas Information Network, Todd Pittenger in the KSAL newsroom, the Kansas Ag Network and Kenny Titus on sports. It's the perfect mix to start your day.
Your prayers have been answered,
WARCHICK in your ear and on your
 mind, baby!  Ready to sound off about the
outrageous behavior and illegal assholery
of this administration in getting our people
murdered in Libya, then lying about it?
Well me too!!!