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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The 2011 Awards

From dear friend Thomas Lindaman, on his THE BOTTOM LINE blog!

Democrats to Watch: Any Democrat up for reelection in 2012. From Obama/Biden 2012 on down to the city dog catcher, every Democrat is going to be scrutinized by the electorate. Why they’re the ones to watch is to see how many are willing to be seen with the President and Vice President on the campaign trail. If they shun Obama and Biden, it doesn’t bode well for the reelection chances.

Democrat to Forget: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. From vapid Congresswoman who says the most stupid and unbelievable things to garner attention to…vapid DNC Chair who says the most stupid and unbelievable things to garner attention. Wasserman-Schultz makes Howard Dean’s leadership look credible.

Republican to Watch: Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney has been skating for the most part this election season, so much so it seems he’s the heir apparent to the Republican nomination in 2012. That’s not the reason to watch him, though. The reason to watch Romney is to see if he’s a Trojan Horse. There are several positions Romney has taken and not quite explained away that should give any Republican voter a reason to pause. If he wins the nomination, Romney may revert to form, leaving the Republicans with a hard sell to more conservatives Republicans and Independents.

Republican to Forget: John Boehner. Over the past year, coal mines have caved in less frequently than the Speaker of the House has. As we move into the next Congressional session, there may be a movement afoot to have Boehner removed as Speaker, and I wouldn’t cry any tears if it were successful. Boehner might, but then again he is the weepy type.

Underreported Story: “Climategate.” What started out with an email stating “hide the decline” has become a major story. Now, the only decline being hidden is the decline in credibility of those who said global warming was “settled science.”

Overreported Story: Astroturf Wall Street. Remember how the media fawned over the TEA Party? Neither do I. To make up for them missing the boat with the TEA Party, they’ve given us wall-to-wall coverage of Astroturf Wall Street (well, except for the violence, drug dealing, prostitution, and anything else negative). I’m sure they’ll get around to cover the TEA Party rallies…eventually, but gosh darn it, they’re just too darn busy whitewashing Astroturf Wall Street to bother with equal coverage.

Unreported Story: The extremism of the “Arab Spring.” For all of the media coverage of the “Arab Spring,” you would think there would be some coverage of just who the protesters were. Except this is the mainstream media we’re talking about here. You know, the same media who vetted Sarah Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mother’s dog groomer’s ex-husband’s mailman’s second cousin, but couldn’t be bothered to look at any direct ties between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers? Anyway, although Time made the protester their People of the Year, the fact is the Arab Spring protesters are more violent, more radical, and more dangerous than we’ve been lead to believe. No matter how many times the media told us “they’re just longing for freedom” the Arab Spring protestors want nothing of the sort. And our media sold us out by not doing even basic reporting on that fact.

Man of the Year: Glenn Beck. When you consider the amount of energy the Left has put into destroying Beck and the number of times Beck has emerged victorious this year, it’s clear he has more influence than his detractors think or claim he does.

R. I. P.: support for Obamacare. It may have been signed into law, but Obamacare has been challenged since then, and in some cases successfully. These challenges have made Obamacare less popular than it once was, even among Democrats who supported it. As the fight drags on, Obamacare becomes an albatross around the necks of Obama and the Democrats, and the poll numbers aren’t looking good for it.

Flash in the Pan: Astroturf Wall Street. For all of its grand proclamations and stated commitment to change the financial industry, Astroturf Wall Street has accomplished…nothing. Unless you count running up a sizable rap sheet an accomplishment, that is.

The Real Deal: scandals within the Obama Administration. Although President Obama has been touted as one of the smartest Presidents we’ve ever had, his Administration has been plagued by scandals, ranging from the relatively minor (Van Jones) to the more serious (Operation Fast and Furious). Far from being a right wing conspiracy, these scandals amount to rank incompetence, serious malfeasance, or both, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

Raw Deal: Scott Walker being “anti-union.” This is another case where the media forgot to do its job and, well, report the news. The actual collective bargaining deal Walker proposed for Wisconsin public workers wasn’t nearly as bad as the pro-union side made it out to be. If anything, the deal was far more pro-union than the pro-union side. Yet, Walker is called anti-union because he wants to keep Wisconsin’s teachers unions from getting laid off due to a lack of funds?

Missed Opportunity: Republicans sticking up for black conservatives under fire. This past year, we’ve seen black Republicans, such as Herman Cain and Allen West, get clobbered in the media and the Democrats for various things. Yet, one group has been conspicuously absent when this has happened: the Republican Party. With Republicans being painted as racist for decades, this past year was a golden opportunity to turn that around and make Democrats and their pals in the media look like hypocrites. Instead, they sat on their hands. Way to bust those stereotypes!

Defining Moment: The “Arab Spring.” The Middle East changed before our eyes this year, and not for the better. As one leader after another was marginalized, weakened, or overthrown completely, it became apparent a more extremist movement was coming to power, one that wouldn’t work and play well with us no matter how much water we would carry for them publicly. George W. Bush made the same mistake with Hamas, and now Barack Obama owns the mistakes in Egypt and Libya, among others. In both cases, these mistakes are mounting up and will eventually come back to haunt us.

Stuck on Stupid: Eric Holder. Barney Fife was a better law enforcement officer than Eric Holder is. Holder’s record as Attorney General has been rife with inconsistency, incompetence, and illegality. And that’s just Operation Fast and Furious!

The Bottom Line Award: Resa Laru Kirkland. Friendship aside, I have known few conservatives as driven and talented as Resa. She has a passion for life and politics that makes others want to try to keep up. Her vision for a conservative media presence in areas where it doesn’t have a strong foothold yet, such as making documentaries, is ambitious to say the least. For being willing to blaze a trail for others to follow and taking on all the stress that comes with it, Resa Laru Kirkland has earned the Bottom Line Award.

The Anna Nicole Smith Lifetime Achievement Award: Arianna Huffington. Take a struggling joke of an online service, combine it with a rich joke of a website editor, and what do you get? An epic fail. But at least Huffington came away with a ton of money for being ineffective and ham-fisted in her management. Way to be a credit to your gender!

The Dan Rather Award for “Excellence” in Media: Ed Schultz. Over the past two years, Ed Schultz has repeatedly put his foot in his mouth, apparently to prevent the truth from getting out. What has gotten out from Schultz is a steady string of ill-advised comments, out and out lies, and insane jealousy against conservatives in the media. Anger management classes would be more helpful to Schultz than giving him a daily and nightly forum from which to preach to an ever-dwindling audience.

The DEE DEE DEE Award: Astroturf Oakland. After coming out against big banks, where does Astroturf Oakland open up an account? Wells Fargo. Way to stick it to The Man, kids!

The “It Looked Better on Paper” Award: AttackWatch. Obama/Biden 2008 had some success with this same concept when it was known as FightTheSmears. The 2011 version, however, has been met with the one thing the Obama campaign hadn’t anticipated: mockery. Conservatives and independents have had a field day “reporting” themselves and others on AttackWatch to the point no one but the diehards take it seriously.

The Padded Resume Award: Chelsea Clinton getting a job with NBC News. Of course, she earned that gig because she did that…wait, it must have been that piece she wrote for…no, wait, it was because she went to college to study...okay, it’s because she’s a Clinton.

The 14:59 Award: All things Kardashian. When Kim Kardashian’s wedding lasted as long as a bad sitcom and had as many laughs, it’s clear the entire Kardashian 15 minutes of fame can’t expire soon enough.

The WTF Moment of 2011: Iran getting nuclear weapons (and, yes, I believe they have them and have had them for a while now), and the world being mostly okay with that.

The With Friends Like These Award: The Obama Administration’s treatment of Israel. Although it’s safe to say President Obama and Israel may not see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, it’s also safe to say the President’s not exactly a friend of Israel. Whether it’s the ill-conceived pre-1967 borders for Israel as a starting point to Middle East peace or the frequent anti-Israel sentiment coming from Administration officials from Obama on down, it’s clear Israel doesn’t need any more friends like Obama.

The Coincidence? Award: Let’s play connect the dots. The Left wants to expand the number of people who can vote to include the homeless, ex-convicts, and illegal immigrants. A part of this effort includes making it as easy as possible for said potential voters to vote. What’s a major stumbling block to that effort? Requiring those silly little details like proving you’re an actual voter with a real address and that you look like the person you claim to be. So, when states do things to curtail that effort, the Left gets mad and decides to go after those states. And who needs a lot of help to get reelected and has the power to make it tough for states to enact these laws? Why, it’s President Obama! Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

The Pot Kettle Black Award: People who want us to accept Islam without question, but bash Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for his Christian faith.

Like I said, #WalkingAwesome!!!  Love ya Thomas!

Friday, December 30, 2011

So I was packing for the sudden miracle of going to my son's wedding in Idaho...

...when that SOB Kim Jong Il, whom I've been yammering about since 1994, and his dad Kim Il Sung for 2 years prior to that for you old school types, up and chose THAT moment to die!  That's right...we had found out on the evening of December 17 that we were going to go after all, thanks to the best Relief Society President EVER (I will duel to the death anyone who says different!) who drove down and took my youngest and myself with her!  And here is a sample of what made it worth that Stir-fried Stalin choosing that moment to die, when I would be gone for a week with practically no internet connection:

My first time in the Rexburg, Idaho LDS Temple where they were married, as it was only dedicated in 2008, and it was beautiful...bawled the whole time, I swear!  And now I'm trying to put together their open house in 2 weeks, and I'm waaaayy behind, but as you can see from the pics my baby and my new baby were worth it SO GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT KIM, I'M WORKIN' ON IT!

Besides, what could I possibly say now that all you buttheads haven't already heard, ignored, and mocked?  That's right, time for I TOLD YOU SO, only this time, God did it for me!  So my predictions are coming, it ain't pretty, and you already had a preview:  it was no "coincidence" that they "happened" to launch a couple of missiles off their coast right about the time they were announcing the death of Dear Leader...look up, west coast, look up.  I've written about this before.

For you newbies, my first article in 2003 specifically about Kim Jong Il:


By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

I think I’ve figured out why most Americans are having such a hard time with the way North Korea behaves. It is because we are a people who seek to reckon the "Why?" of any given equation. After all, it is deep within the human psyche to conquer the questions, to outline things-to make the logical connection between what we don’t know and what we do know. This is the way we live our lives…constantly evaluating and re-evaluating everything to answer the "Why?"
Not so in the Hermit Kingdom.
Kim "No Dong" Il doesn’t seek to answer the "Why?"-he IS the "Why?" To understand this, we need to be-you guessed it-logical and reasonable.

Let’s look at the illogical and unreasonable side of this-Kim. He has postured himself as a mystical, part-Deity figure who controls the winds, waves, and weather. (How he explains the alternating droughts and floods of the past decade is beyond reason and logic-but that’s Kim all over.) He started his life with a lie. Ask any North Korean and they will tell you that he was born on the sacred Mt. Paektu, North Korea-its highest mountain, no less, symbolically very close to heaven-in his father’s anti-Japanese guerilla camp, like some glorious savior born to fight Japanese Imperialism. In fact, the legend goes that so sacred and holy was his birth-so heavenly ordained--that it was marked with a double rainbow and a new star in the sky. (Hmm…rainbows and stars marking the sky? Couldn’t he at least think up something that hasn’t already been done?) Author's note:  Kim Il Sung's mother was actually a Christian.  It is easy to discern that the whole rainbow-star thing was a message not to the Commies, but to the Judeo/Christian world they have always hated and sought to destroy.
The truth is, he was born under far less glorious and poetic circumstances, in a Soviet Army camp near Khabarovsk, Russia, while his father Kim Il Sung was exiled there. Not very glorious.
Kim is taught in the Myth that is North Korea’s education system to be an intellectually "peerless leader," who extended the noble Juche idea of his father, designing the large Juche tower in Pyongyang, and writing six operas in two years time. While his father-Great Leader-was still alive, the younger Kim was referred to as "Dear One" by his constituency. He was promoted to "Dear Leader" after he assumed the mantle of leadership upon his father’s death in 1994.
The antithesis of this rice-fed heroic image plays out in less flattering tones. In reality, Rocky-and-Bullwinkle-type-"Fearless Leader" Kim is a pompous playboy, ridiculously unattractive yet oddly vain. He perms his hair and wears lifts in his shoes in a desperate attempt to make himself appear taller and bigger than life. He orders in foreign liquor and foods, has elaborate palaces and playgrounds all for himself, and has even kidnapped women from other lands to service him at various luxurious villas. While his people starve, he has a collection of Rolexes and Daffy Duck cartoons. He floats in enormous yachts and flies in chefs from foreign lands while his people risk everything to escape the revulsion of his Stalin-esque concentration camps.
Kim preaches peace and self defense on the surface, but in reality has been responsible for some of the most horrific terrorist attacks in recent history, such as the 1987 KAL bombing, the 1983 Rangoon bombing attack, and has been the force behind the now infamous nuclear proliferation of his unstable country. He has made alliances with the enemies of America-Islam and China-and has been the biggest exporter of ballistic missiles the world has ever seen. Everything he does defies logic and reason, thus spawning the question: How do you deal logically and reasonably with an illogical and unreasonable nation?
The answer is you don’t.
When God speaks to man, He speaks to them in the language they can understand. We should take a lesson. Kim is a despot whose own nation is so wretched, so backwards, so reminiscent of the evils of Hitler and Stalin that it is hard to comprehend such a place even exists. But then, it was hard to believe the stories coming out of Europe in the 1930’s, too. It didn’t make them any less true. If history has proven anything, it is that Totalitarians only understand one thing--stopping them by force. That is the language they understand. That is logical and reasonable. That is how you deal with them.
And it is more serious and desperate than ever now. The time has come to deal, and deal fast. Not only does Kim possess nuclear weapons-by my own meager investigations, I believe he has between six and eight, not just one or two-but the technology with which to deliver them. The Taepo Dong 2 missile is a year ahead of schedule, and has already been test fired to the CONUS. It hit Alaska. That’s right…Alaska, USA.
For those who are still trying to apply logic and reason to a leader who will never use them, I say this: By logic and reason, why would you say North Korea--a nation destitute and dying--fired a long range missile that hit American soil? Not even Iraq tried that. Before you answer that this is business as usual-North Korea threatening us to give them big bucks-think long and hard. Like Iraq, North Korea is run by an evil Dictator who murders his own people. Unlike Iraq, North Korea has nukes. Like Iraq, North Korea will lie and cover up and buy time for years in order to distract us from the truth and play off our desire to remain in blissful--yet feigned, for we know better--ignorance. Unlike Iraq, North Korea has the means to deliver those nukes.
It is no small coincidence that they chose a part of America that was very isolated and unpopulated. This is chillingly reminiscent of the way you behave when you are about to test a nuclear weapon; oddly enough, logical and reasonable. They also knew that Americans were so distracted and upset over the war in Iraq that the story of the missile hitting the CONUS would be lost--deliberately or innocently--in the news shuffle. Again, logical and reasonable.
It is also logical and reasonable to expect that North Korea will indeed export nuclear weapons to any other country who will use them against America. They are methodically covering their bases. So much so, in fact, that South Korea’s forces are on alert. There are strong indications within the ROK government that they are convinced North Korea will pull an illogical and unreasonable stunt-I mean beyond their normal illogical and unreasonable stuff--in some crazy attempt to force the US to give in to their blackmail. And thank goodness our leaders are making it clear that that ain’t gonna happen. But in the logic of North Korea, this justifies their insanity of backing up the threats with a mushroom cloud this time. After all, no one is more dangerous than a country with absolutely nothing to lose. A wicked man with one nuclear weapon is inherently more dangerous than a good nation with 10,000. And that is what we are facing here.
Come to think of it, maybe it isn’t North Korea who is being illogical and unreasonable. I mean, such behavior is for them normal, in an insane sort of way. I think this time we are being the nonsensical ones. Look at the evidence. They have nukes, they have long range missiles, and they have already fired on America. They have given every logical and reasonable indication of what they are about to do. We are the ones who now appear to be defying logic. We are the ones who appear to be ignoring reason. Kim will lose this battle in the long run, but he will still get his battle, his blaze of glory. It is America, South Korea, and Japan who will merely get the blaze.
Apparently, North Korea has answered the "Why?" with a "Why not?"
It is illogical. It is unreasonable. It is suicide. It is Kim’s moment to shine-unfortunately, that means it will soon be our moment to "glow."
Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

KIM JONG IL IS DEAD! HELL HAS A DEAR LEADER!!!! Thank you God! Now get that SOB!

 UPDATE!!  Nothing To see here....go back to your gruel and slow death...

OK, so just now, about 11:51 pm Pacific Standard Time, they FINALLY updated their KCNA from Dec 14 to Dec 17...2 1/2 days behind where North Korea is right now!  Bwah hah hah...stop, it hurts!  I have to pee! 

But even more rich...not a word about the Dead Leader!!!

Here are all the titles:

Congratulations to Tunisian President

Congratulations to Sudanese FM

Greeting to President of Niger

Greeting to Emir of Qatar

Greeting to PM of Qatar

NIS Accused of Charging Innocent Person with Spying for North

Senior State Officials Visit Sukchon County

National Meeting Marks 50th Anniversary of New System of Agricultural Guidance

Geographical Book of Eastern Country
Junggang Revolutionary Site
Rodong Sinmun Calls for Qualitative Progress in Economic Construction
Rodong Sinmun Urges Worldwide Movement to Foil Imperialists' Double-Standard Policy
All Koreans Urged to Preserve National Independence in Reunification Movement: Rodong Sinmun
S. Korean Dictatorial Regime Riddled with Corruption
S. Korean Warmongers' Psychological Warfare under Fire
Privatization of Education Field Protested in S. Korea
S. Korean Puppet Prosecution Accused of Fascist Crackdown
S. Korean Soldier Attempts Suicide
U.S., S. Korean Mechanized Forces Stage Anti-DPRK Exercises
Kim Jong Il's Works Published in Russia
Important Days of DPRK Observed
Kim Jong Il's Work Studied in Switzerland
All-People Compulsory Tree-Planting in China
Earthquake Hits Central Indonesia
Flood Damage on Increase in Thailand
Oppressors Have No Option Other Than Dialogue with Iran: Iranian President
Iran Ridicules U.S. for Opening Virtual Embassy
New Natural Gas Field Discovered in Iran
U.S. Extraterritorial Action Censured by Paper of Trinidad and Tobago
Damage by Global Warming in Sahel Region, Africa
Cooperation among Asian Countries
Iranian Minister Says Sanctions on Its Central Bank "Choice for Failure"
Gap between Rich and Poor Increases in U.S.
Turkey Condemns Israel over New Settlements in West Bank
Australian Consumer Confidence Slumps in December
Britain's Unemployment Rate Hits New High in 15 Years
Japan Urged to Stop Suppression of Koreans in Japan

Stop...I...can' no one gives a damn that he's damned!  It's just too perfect!!!!


You know, I thought something was up...I mean the Korean Central News Agency hasn't updated their news since Dec. 14...this is common when they're up to something.  Here's from FOX news:

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il, 69, Has Died (Pardon my happy dance!!!  Merry freakin' Christmas!)

DEVELOPING: Kim Jong Il, North Korea's mercurial and enigmatic leader, has died. He was 69.

Kim's death was announced Monday by state television from the North Korean capital, Pyongyang.\

Kim is believed to have suffered a stroke in 2008 but appeared relatively vigorous in photos and video from recent trips to China and Russia and in numerous trips around the country carefully documented by state media.

The leader, reputed to have had a taste for cigars, cognac and gourmet cuisine, was believed to have had diabetes and heart disease.

The news came as North Korea prepared for a hereditary succession. Kim Jong Il inherited power after his father, revered North Korean founder Kim Il Sung, died in 1994.

In September 2010, Kim Jong Il unveiled his third son, the twenty-something Kim Jong Un, as his successor, putting him in high-ranking posts.

OK, be on alert people...NKA is on alert, their news service, still not updated, was unavailable for a while.  The absence of updates for so long is a pattern with NoKo when they are up to something, so I knew something was up the past couple of days.  His nutless little son does NOT havet he faith of the military or other high Commie bastard leaders...and #Ohole has just given them a ton of "emergency food," which they will use as currency for the fat little eunuch now in charge.  So it's great that the most evil TOTALitarian DICtator on earth is in hell where he belongs, but head's up people....out of Iraq, Iran will now take over with the Muslim Brotherhood, and of course, NoKo gave nuke tech to Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, so the #SecretCombination now has more reason than ever to up the roar.

Celebrate tonight, but war face tomorrow.... 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So did ya hear the one about ChiComs, Islam, and the drug cartels?

If you haven't, you have now!  Just in time for the elections, and torn from the headlines, comes a unique book that combines a fact-based fictional account of coordinated attacks on the United States by China, Islamic nations, and drug cartels.  What makes the book even better is the fantastic military-style reference guide in the second half of the book, with all the information necessary to protect and treat yourselves in the event of an attack.

For the first time, WMD Attacks on America! is available on Kindle and Kindle App for PC and Smartphone!  View the brand new book trailer below for a glimpse of what you'll get in this must-have book for all serious American Patriots.

What makes it exceptional is that it was written by Major Frank Stolz, USMC Ret., of the website WWW.WMDTERROR.COM.  The Major's biography reads like a professor's thesis, except that instead of theory, he has lived it and knows it, inside and out.  That is why he took the time and effort to write this piece for first responders, politicians, and civilians alike; it is the only one of its kind to be found in the publishing world.

Major Stolz is available for interviews through his website.  Spread the word...the coming year will change the world.  It's up to us whether or not that change is good, and whether we have what it takes to remain strong and restore our nation's Constitution.

Get it today at your Kindle store, and spread the word!  Great present for the preparedness types!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hollywood's deliberate re-writing of history by the incomparable Mark Tapson

Incredible write-up by Hollywood's malpractice on 9/11 by intellectual heavyweight and friend (who's also involved in my RE-BROADCAST THE PATH TO 911 group) Mark Tapson!

Hollywood’s 9/11 Blind Spot
By Mark Tapson

A Los Angeles Times article recently began by noting that Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, the Tom Hanks post-9/11 film which opens on Christmas, is one of the very few Hollywood productions to try to come to grips with the impact of September 11, 2001 on our national psyche. The piece then went on to ponder the question, “Why so few Sept. 11 films?” and concluded that “the film industry has tiptoed around this national tragedy.” Indeed it has, but not for the reasons suggested in the Times article.
The Times points out that there have been plenty of documentaries about the day and its aftermath, but ten years after the terrorist attacks, only two major feature films — Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center and Paul GreengrassUnited 93 – have specifically dealt with the day in question, and “neither film was a roaring commercial success.”
“If anything,” the article continues, “the film industry has used the tragedy as an excuse to deluge TV and the multiplex with political thrillers focusing on terrorism,” citing Showtime’s series Sleeper Cell and Homeland, the feature film The Kingdom, and the upcoming film by The Hurt Locker filmmakers about the killing of Osama bin Laden. An “excuse” to focus on terrorism? Sept. 11 was not some vague “tragedy”; it was a terrorist attack. The enemy pretty much did that focusing for us. In any case, none of those thrillers exactly set the box office or Nielsen ratings on fire either.
Among the sources offering their thoughts on the topic was novelist Amy Waldman, author of The Submission, a novel about a Muslim architect who wins a contest to design a Ground Zero Memorial. Waldman thinks that Hollywood has steered clear of addressing 9/11 because overexposure of that fateful morning has squeezed out any possibility for imaginative interpretation:
Has any event in history been so visually documented and seen from every possible angle by so many people? There’s not a ton of room for the imagination there.
Really? No room for the imagination? If anything, the attacks have spawned some of the wildest flights of filmmakers’ imaginations – namely, Michael Moore’s fact-challenged Fahrenheit 911 and the even more outlandish Loose Change, which posit that the collapse of the Twin Towers was an inside job carried out by the demonic George W. Bush and his cronies. “No room for the imagination” seems like an, well, unimaginative explanation.

Closer to the truth is film critic Marshall Fine, quoted as saying that 9/11
[has] been covered almost too carefully. [Hollywood’s] been so worried about offending somebody’s sensibilities that they’ve held off. There’s so much caution.
Hollywood has been afraid of offending sensibilities. Where it once led the propaganda charge against the Nazis and Japanese imperialists, Hollywood is now afraid of offending the very Islamists who have declared war on us, because it doesn’t want to incur their violent wrath. It’s even afraid of being called Islamophobic. Hollywood is much more comfortable clinging to the multiculturalist orthodoxy which faults the racist, imperialist, warmongering America and the West for all international conflict.
“The one thing the [9/11 attacks] did do,” says film professor David Irving in the Times,
was open our eyes to this world in the Middle East, and I think a lot of the movies that came out as a result of that, it’s been a way for us to understand why [9/11] happened, because it was not some random act.
Indeed it was not a random act. But ten years after that morning, have the movies that resulted from it been helpful for us “to understand why 9/11 happened”? Or were they merely efforts on the part of left-leaning filmmakers to spread their morally obfuscating, America-loathing, anti-war messages?

One project did indeed strive to help America understand. The article neglects to mention the miniseries The Path to 9/11, a docudrama which drew 27 million viewers on the fifth anniversary of the attacks. A $30+ million project that aired on two September nights in 2006, The Path to 9/11 dramatized the historical thread that connected the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, Islamic attacks on American interests throughout the ‘90s, and the terrorism of that fateful morning in 2001. Drawing upon The 9/11 Commission Report and other reliable sources, it connected the dots for audiences more thoroughly and accurately than any Hollywood project before or since, and had been slated for use as an educational tool in schools across the country.
But Clinton administration alumni, fearful that any portrayal of their flaccid response to the rising tide of Islamic terrorism in the ‘90s would tarnish their legacy, lashed out hard; ABC/Disney never aired that controversial miniseries again and still refuses to release it on DVD due to political reasons (check out the documentary Blocking the Path to 9/11 for the whole outrageous story).
Meanwhile, the bulk of Hollywood’s 9/11-related output supported the left’s narrative that America’s own hegemonic geopolitical meddling, not global jihad, is to blame for Muslim rage. Movies like Syriana with George Clooney, Traitor starring Don Cheadle, and Body of Lies featuring Leonardo DiCaprio all portrayed the CIA as no better than our enemy, and Muslims as victims of Western imperialist greed.
Tied closely to Hollywood’s depiction of the war on terror was its perspective on the war in Iraq. The Times article claims that Hollywood’s seeming reluctance to deal in a meaningful way with 9/11
might have something to do with the lessons learned from the failure of a slew of movies about the Iraq war — audiences would rather not pay to see a film about an event that is too close, too painful or has been too well covered by the media.
In fact, the Times and Hollywood itself remain clueless about the most glaringly obvious reason that slew of flicks failed. It wasn’t because the events are too close or too painful, but because every one of those box office duds – Matt Damon’s The Green Zone, Tom Cruise’s Lions for Lambs, Sean Penn’s Fair Game, In The Valley of Elah, Stop: Loss, Rendition, Redacted, The Hurt Locker and more – every one depicted the war as a Bush administration deception and/or our soldiers as traumatized, walking time bombs.
American audiences rejected that message. They have been repelled by Hollywood’s messages of moral equivalence and flagellating self-guilt, its disrespect and pity toward our warriors, and its refusal to celebrate American values and to take a patriotic stance in our war with Islamic fundamentalists. That’s why Hollywood has spent ten years failing at coming to grips with 9/11 and its aftermath.

Spread it far and wide...I said SPREAD IT!


Awesomeness from the POLITICHICKS!!!

There is an urgency to bring the truth about the conservative principles of fiscal accountability and personal responsibility to the 95% of the Black community that feels beholden to big government liberalism. Today the PolitiChicks discuss the upcoming documentary ‘Runaway Slave’ and the impact it could have on the political landscape for both blacks and whites.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

So now we're not even allowed to discuss religion in private???

Teaching the Anti-Constitution
By Resa LaRu Kirkland
December 6, 2011

So my youngest son Cody, who is a Senior at Moses Lake High School, is a budding Chef.  He joined the afterschool Culinary Team through SkillsUSA last January, and right off the bat won an alternate spot in the Washington State competition.  He has been winning ever since.  (Take THAT Charlie Sheen.)

This past summer he helped set up and work at the new Chief Academy Cafe, an off-campus student-run cafe (the only one in the nation) where kids learn how to set up a business, deal with local codes and sanitation, order supplies, wait on customers, cook the food and try recipes, etc.  It is a fantastic experience, especially for a young man who has chosen that career path.  On top of that, the Cafe makes a tidy profit for the district.  Yup, it's a bastion of Free Enterprise at work.  Other districts should take note!

The teacher, whom I'll call Mr. F, runs the cafe and teaches the students what they need to know in the restaurant business and the best ways to cook and bake.  Cody loved it so much he signed up for the Cafe for his second hour of class as preparation for his final year on the Culinary Team next semester.  He's even creating a dish with the help of Mr. F for his big Senior Project.

Creating good food but eating their words

Cody has been struggling to set up his schedule for next semester.  He knew he was going to have to cut something, but given his career path, it wasn't going to be the Cafe.

Until today.  He told me he wants to drop it next semester, which isn't a problem.  The reason for the sudden change of heart, however, most  definitely IS.

For the past few days, Cody and a friend, I'll call her "Jane," would talk as they worked about the new campaign within The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that has asked members to create their own profiles on describing themselves and their testimony of the Gospel (mine is linked at the upper left corner of my blog.)  They were talking about funny or touching profiles they'd read and about the ones they had compiled.  Since they are both LDS they were very excited about the new campaign, which features individual stories, pictures, and even television commercials and YouTube videos.  They also covered plans for next year, such as heading to Brigham Young University (BYU), and upcoming Especially For Youth (EFY) classes our church has for teenagers.  You know, shared activities and general LDS things that LDS people chat about when they're together.

There were no problems at all...until today.

Mr. F pulled Cody aside today and informed him that while he respected Cody and the Mormon church, there had been people who had complained that they didn't like Cody talking about his religion. 

So much for all that respect...

Cody was stunned into silence.  It was clear that Mr. F had made up his mind and anything he said would be futile, but he at least tried to explain that the only time anyone else was involved was if THEY approached HIM to ask a question.

"I understand that, but just keep things separate.  If they ask a question that requires background information, ask them to see you after class," Mr. F explained.

Cody sighed, but said respectfully, "Fine."

He spent the rest of the day up front while Jane worked on a project in the back kitchen.

Where do I begin?  Let's start with "the conversation" between two people with a common belief system.

1.  It was a chosen conversation, not forced, and was done while they worked.  This is common when people work helps them get to know each other and creates a good bond necessary for a happy and cohesive working environment.

2.  It involved commonalities between two people, a tried and true staple of the socialization experience.  It is vital in developing humans if they wish to interact among people.  It's also sometimes referred to as "small talk;" that's important because all conversations between strangers start with small talk before trust is established and far deeper conversing can begin.

3.  Anyone with eyes, ears, and an IQ of at least 60 knew this was a private, AB conversation.  The person or persons who chose to eavesdrop knew that they were listening in but that the two involved in said conversation didn't know there was a third party involved.  That person, however, DID KNOW he was involved, something the other two didn't know.  That bit of knowledge means the responsibility for entering or leaving the conversation rested with the third party, who didn't even have the guts to inform the original two of his uninvited conversation crashing.  No, in true Politically Castrated fashion, he then involved a fourth party, Mr. F, who clearly believes that private conversations are now under his jurisdiction.  That is how a simple student chat became a liberal gang bang on both Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

4.  Finally, my son has had to listen all semester to Mr. F's nauseating pontificating on Zero population, Equal Rights Amendment, respecting other cultures (liberal code for "what's good for the goose gets the gander beheaded,") the superiority of walking the middle of the road in life, and constantly reminding the students that "I respect your right to believe in whatever you choose to believe in."

Yeah, I know.  I'll wait while you re-assemble your head.  My best time thus far is 6 minutes flat; but then, I got my degree in Education 20 years ago.  Head explosions at the convoluted mess in education is old hat to me now.

Clearly he stays focused on Cafe-related topics!

Chief Academy Cafe will have one less future chef enrolled next semester, which really upset Cody.  It’s a great idea and a successful program, he learned a lot there and enjoyed the opportunity to learn, and the experience has been mostly good...a little grating having to listen to his adviser drone on and on with talking points right out of the Big Red Book of Commie Crap, but then, Cody has had me for a mom.  He knows where to put Commie Crap:  a quick flush and it's the sewer gator's problem.  Ah, who am I kidding?  Not even THEY are dumb enough to swallow it.

Another worthy project that makes money for a school AND teaches students how to work for themselves ruined by hippy fagatronics.  And all because someone not involed in a private conversation between two Mormons couldn't handle the beliefs of two Mormons engaged in a private conversation they weren't involved in.

How's that tolerance thing working out for ya, Miss Eevz Dropper Buttinksi?

So the moral apparently is, if anyone can hear you, YOU'RE invading THEIR privacy.  Welcome to the age of "My beliefs are too delicate to handle overhearing from a distance in hushed tones some other person's beliefs who didn't KNOW I was overhearing from a distance their hushed tones."  Hey, makes about as much sense as what happened to my son at school today.  Get used to it, it's the new Education camp.

Or for short, Political Castration.  Yup, the eunuchs are in charge of your kids now parents.  And you thought pedophiles were dangerous.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nice dinner of delusion, Korean stir-fry style

Wow...Communism makes you stupid AND mentally ill.... as noted at the Korean Central News Agency:

DPRK, Defender of Socialist Cause: Russian Party

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Communist Workers' Party of Russia-Revolutionary Communist Party posted on its internet website on Nov. 14 an article titled "Historical inevitability of the victory of the socialist cause".

The article said:

Socialism is the revolutionary banner of the popular masses struggling for independence.

Socialist society based on collectivism is the most advantageous and progressive society that conforms to the independent attribute of human being.

The imperialists are making desperate efforts to pull down socialism by employing all means and methods including military power, psychological warfare and economic blockade, because socialism is superior to capitalism.

The desire for socialism is daily growing stronger in Latin America, which was called "tranquil backyard" of the United States.

Pyongyang Declaration "Let Us Defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism" was made public in Pyongyang in April 1992 with signatures of delegates of 70 revolutionary parties in the world.

The declaration has been signed by over 270 political parties up to now.

The DPRK, demonstrating its might as a staunch defender of the socialist cause and invincible fortress, instills confidence in victory and courage into the people of many countries.

Thanks to the Songun politics pursued by leader Kim Jong Il the Korean people have bolstered up self-reliant defense power and successfully accelerated socialist construction while resolutely frustrating the imperialists' moves.

The cause of socialism is vigorously advancing toward its final victory.

And OWS, if this doesn't sum up your assholery....North Korea thinks you're da bomb!

 Capitalism Existing for 1 Percent of Rich Must Go to Ruin: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) -- Working masses' anti-Wall Street protests have continued unabated, shaking the capitalist system down to its roots.

Riot police are hurled to put down the protests but only fell short of blocking the masses' advance.

This has stoked fears among the rulers of the capitalist countries.

This proves capitalism is reactionary system and ailing society where the rich get ever richer and the poor ever poorer as a 1 percent tiny handful of exploiters oppress toiling masses making up 99 percent of the population.

A recent opinion poll conducted in the U.S. showed the majority of Americans voiced resentment against the ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor. In the poll jointly conducted by the Washington Post and ABC TV, over 6 out of 10 respondents said the rich-poor gap is widening in economic aspect. The income disparity between the people in the upper brackets of income and the rest of Americans is now all time high since the great depression about 70 years ago.

The income of wealthy people grew about 275 percent for the past 28 years. In 2010 the number of the poor increased by 7 million from 10 years ago.

The widening gap between the 1 percent rich and the 99 percent poor is an inevitable result of the structural contradiction of capitalism.

The history of capitalism is characterized by the accumulation of wealth by monopoly tycoons. In this course a crucial change took place in the relations of class forces, sharpening contradiction and conflict.

In the capitalist society the well-to-do people get ever richer while the poor are reduced to extreme poverty. The rich take to itself products and almost all wealth of the society, wallowing in luxury while the toiling masses languish in hunger and poverty. The people are degenerated, becoming slaves of money and the broad masses suffer from unemployment, hunger and poverty.

It has become frequent occurrences in the capitalist countries for even the middle classes to lose properties due to bankruptcy and unemployment and join the poor.

A big group of the unemployed are in the making in the Western countries bogged by financial and debt crises.

The rulers and monopoly capitalists are talking rhetoric about "class cooperation" and "welfare policy" to calm down the daily worsening socio-class contradiction in the capitalist countries.

Cooperation between the exploiting class and the grassroots people in the capitalist society is sheer sophism little short of a wolf and a sheep living in the same pen as friends.

It is an inevitable process of the historical development that the people intensify their actions to win the right to existence and democracy against the arbitrary practices of the monopoly capitalists.

The widening gap between the rich and the poor will escalate the people's protest against it.

Capitalism can never solve its socio-class contradiction by itself but will meet a final ruin by the people's actions for independence.

And just in time for Israel to get the final nod of approval in blowing Iran back to Satan's pet pig's sewer:

Lebanese Speaker: U.S. Trying to Mislead Arabs in Dealing with Iran

Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) -- Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday scathingly criticized the U.S. for its wrong attempt.

The U.S. is continuing propaganda campaign against Iran to trigger religious and sectarian strife among Arab states, he said, adding that the U.S. even tries to divert public opinion from the hostility of the Zionist regime to Iran.

The Zionist regime will remain the eternal enemy of Arabs, he underlined.

Yup, Kim Jong Il is the world's Ron Paul...insane, desperate, and anti-semitic...