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Thursday, December 30, 2010

No New posts from North Korea Central News Agency in 3 days....

...that is NOT a good sign.  Last post was December 27, posted that after noon OUR TIME, which means it was the 28th THEIR TIME.  That update came after a couple of days of nothing, too.  Here it comes....

Korean Central News Agency

SACRED WAR, HOLY WAR; The Secret Combination of Islam and Communism

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“…we have seen in the past – over and over again – that evil seeks out evil, that they create secret combinations and make blood oaths against the good people of the earth. They bond together in their mutual treachery, and no malevolence is too much for them to consider.”
I wrote that, 8 years ago, in my first ever articles, a three-piecer that Joseph Farah asked me to write for World Net Daily.  Most of my friends laughed.

That was then….

The recent announcement by North Korea has confirmed more than just the obvious conclusion from the past 15 years of weapons/technology sharing.  It wasn’t the announcement so much as it was the phrasing that forever laid to rest any doubt:

One month after a deadly exchange of artillery fire, the two Koreas ramped up their rhetoric, with South Korea's president pledging unsparing retaliation if attacked again and a top North Korean official threatening a "sacred" nuclear war if provoked.
Sacred war. This was a message for us, a Judeo/Christian nation, and a signal to their ally Islam, whose use of “holy war” is so overplayed we scarcely even notice anymore.  North Korea is a country made up of Godless Communists, where religious freedom is brutally oppressed, marched out only as a show piece for the press and foreign dignitaries.  The term is a relatively recent one, and no coincidence if you’ve been a careful observer of Communism’s growing alliance with Islam.

It is a stir-fried non-aggression pact for the new century, but not between three Communist countries bent on conquering and dividing European spoils.

This is Islammunism, and the world is its spoils.

I have said repeatedly that our old enemy of Communism is still our biggest threat; the tactics have just changed a bit.  They will gladly achieve with jihad what they failed to achieve with a Cold War.  KGB Putin is not picky on how we are brought down, and neither is Islam.

[caption id="attachment_27394" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Three of the creepy faces of Islammunism"][/caption]

Temporary alliances between ideologically differing nations, even those who are traditionally enemies, is nothing new.  The examples of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao are before you; no love lost between any of these axis’s of evil, and their philosophies and ideologies were often miles apart.  But when your goals are the same—slavery of the masses, extinction of Judeo/Christian beliefs (and the God behind them,) oppression of ideas/thoughts/speech that you don’t like or questions you can’t answer (or don’t want to), and brutal control over every aspect of human existence—high ideals take a back seat to wealth, power, and the wretched pride of prejudice borne by the elite.

It is the size and veracity of this modern-day secret combination that marks a significant difference and heightened concern.  Nearly half the world’s population belongs to either Islam or Communism, and most of the other half has been carefully rendered impotent by either wretched poverty and brutal oppression by members of the combination or decades of falsely guilt-ridden Political Castration, taught in schools, movies, and media.  Too many today fear saying mere words out loud without looking side to side first, and then only in careful whispers.  Little wonder that too many hesitate to call the secret combination what it is and always has been, no matter what cloak it has worn:  satanic in origin, hellish in design, the black hole of doom that has plagued the earth from day one, and the one thing that will destroy us with the silent permission of the “righteous” complacent:  .
Secret Combination: people bound together by oaths to carry out the evil purposes of the group

From Dr. AQ Khan, Pakistan’s pimp daddy of rogue WMD’s and the most prolific nuke pusher in the world, to his Asian whore Communist North Korea (fully backed by China, don’t you doubt it,) who spread the disease to Libya, Iran, Egypt, Syria, and God only knows who else, the creation of a secret Islammunist combination is now beyond denial.  This sharing of world-ending weapons is the behavior of allies, not enemies.

OK, so we clearly have a secret combination on our hands; now what?  Well, since math is the language of the universe, and patterns are mathematical, let’s look to the patterns that have succeeded in dealing with secret combinations.  WWII is a good example, about which most of us know at least something.

So what did we do back then that resulted in unconditional success?

First, stop being afraid; it is the territory of the demonic, and once in its grips, it is your territory too.
Have not I commanded thee?  Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Joshua 1:9, Old Testament (HT:  Sara Johnson for the reminder!)
Second, we are a good and free nation, founded on the rule, not the exception.  That does not mean we don’t make changes for the exception; our pattern of history has proven that the exception can convince the rule of the rightness of a course, and the rule will rise to the occasion.  When a nation starts catering to the exception rather than the rule, however, as we did around the 1960’s, destruction is inevitable; that, too, is a pattern.  This is a nation of Judeo/Christian beliefs, stated clearly for all with eyes, ears, and a brain to see.  Those are our ideals, and we will not apologize for them.  They are noble and right, and we are better when we follow them.  They allow for freedom of speech, voting, religion (and the rejection thereof, should one choose), assembly, land ownership, weapon ownership, and a nation whose people are the government, not the governed.  Don’t like it?  You’re fortunate; in true Judeo/Christian fashion, you’re allowed to leave without need for secrecy, use of underground methods, or threat of harm, a right many oppressed by Islammunism will never know.

Third, call a spade a spade.  Islammunism is evil, and its fruits consistently bear that truth out.  See how easy that was?

Fourth, know the rules for all patterns, which include such mathematical certainties as the fact that evil inevitably eats its own, no evil accomplishes anything without the complicity of the silent, that the love of Mammon (Aramaic for “riches”) is the root of all evil empires (so never give them that power, no matter what) and they will never use it for good things no matter what they claim, reliance on any group or government rather than the freedoms and gifts God has given you to use for yourself breeds only slavery and death, and to rationalize a little evil is to justify the inescapable righteous wrath.

These patterns were all at play during WWII, even our failings in looking the other way for too long, but because we recognized them and—eventually—did not believe ourselves above the laws of math, we were victorious.  There was death, yes.  There was blood, yes.  There have been in all wars, and so long as evil lives, there always will be.  It is the price we paid for our sloth then and for our willing Political Castration now.

But there are things worse than war for those who have known freedom, and we are seeing them at play on the mortal stage right now.  It is unacceptable that we find ourselves here again, on the verge of another World War, yet here we are.  The mortal names in this fray are different, but the enemy is the same:  force.  That is what Islammunism is, you know:  force of the free-willed.

Can there be a more justifiable reason to draw a line in the sand?  It is South Korea this minute, but make no mistake it will be Taiwan, Japan, Israel and the entire world next, for this two-headed beast of secular Communism and “religious” Islam has a massive reach and a thirst for blood, for free blood.  It is the pattern of history, and while we may be free, we are not free of the eternal nature of math.
And again, I will give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived; for Satan is abroad in the land, and he goeth forth deceiving the nations…Wherefore, by this pattern ye shall know the spirits in all cases under the whole heavens. – (Modern-day revelation, LDS Church) Doctrine & Covenants 52: 14, 19
North Korea will attack.  China and Russia will back them.  Islam will drop the other shoe while we are distracted by the initial shock and awe.  Islammunism is here, and freedom will lose if we do not uphold and fight for it.  And the first step is naming this enemy and calling it what it is:  evil.  Reagan knew that, which is why he succeeded in defeating Communism initially:  he followed the path and the pattern for success, beginning with calling the enemy what it was.  Its rebirth under the impotent reign of Clinton also followed the path and pattern:  for failure, for he personified the evidence that Political Castration had, in only one decade, rendered us a nation too gutless to choose sides, to call evil by its name and not back down.  That is exactly what we must do now, while we still can.

Remember, people, that God has made us free, and therefore, we are free indeed.  Act like you still know this to be true.  I’ll go first:  Islammunism is a miserable contaminate that must be stopped now and vigilantly guarded against for eternity.  They will not discipline themselves, and like all undisciplined villains who hold themselves above the law, it falls to us to stop them.

Rest assured, they will never stop on their own.  It’s the pattern of Islammunism, and all historic evil.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Three Wise Men Following A New Star...Off the Coast of Los Angeles

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It’s that time of year again:  Three Wise Men following a new star.

A shooting star, that is.

And like those ancient oracles, these men of honor know better than others what that star means.  That’s why we should once again listen to The Wise Men, for what they have to say is unprecedented.

On November 8, a mystery missile lit the dusk skies off the coast of Los Angeles.  After about 3 days of swearing that no one knew what it was, suddenly the Pentagon swore first that it wasn’t a threat, then that it was “just an airplane contrail,” and that anyone who said different had fallen for an “optical illusion.”

In other words, “you people” were all suddenly struck with aeronautic amnesia, and in spite of everyone having seen harmless plane contrails for decades, a mass delusion struck millions not only in LA, but all across the world as the video went viral.

You buying that?  If not, you’re in very good company.  Within days three well known USAF Generals came out vociferously against those claiming it was anything except what it was.

All three not only called this shooting light in the sky a missile, but they continue to stick by it, and are increasingly stunned by the behavior of the Pentagon they know so well.  And the Hippy Press?  Well, there was Miley Cyrus news to cover and Sarah Palin’s show to diss…they couldn’t waste their time on missiles off our coast line!  Besides, the Pentagon and Government both said we saw it wrong…that lame explanation is better than the truth if the truth is a missile, right?

These Three Wise Men have boldly, with great courage but no doubt broken hearts, called this what it was:  a missile.  And that means we are now in the depths of a cover-up.

But don’t take my word for it; let’s listen to the experts, our own Wise Men following a New Light in the Sky.

The first wise man is a FOX News military analyst and appeared on the Sean Hannity show right after the LA Missile, making it clear where he stood:

Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney:


Gen. McInerney’s determination and passion are clear, and the man knows whereof he speaks.  Watch his expression, the tenor of his speech:  this is not a man unsure of what he saw, or fearful to speak it out loud.  This is confidence, knowledge, and a warning we should heed.

Strike one against the “contrail lie.”

Our next wise man has been in my writings before:

Major General Paul Vallely, USArmy ret: General Vallely has been a military analyst on television and radio for over nine years. He is the founder of Stand Up America, a guest lecturer on National Security matters and the War against Global Jihad.

In an exclusive WARCHICK interview, Gen. Vallely laid out his belief of the light in the sky:

“The reason we don’t think it’s an airplane is because most airplane contrails are pure white.  Mixed yellow and orange, indicating fuel exhaust, not just jet condensation trails…the trajectory is too vertical, while planes are usually far more horizontal; they don’t go straight up.  Theirs is a gentler, steady slope.  Trajectory and color of contrail indicates it’s not an airplane…if it was a classified launch, the government wouldn’t say anything anyhow.  They do test scuds, other enemy missiles.  And an actual enemy launch would have been picked up by the fleet and our facilities in San Diego… Vandenberg has terrific missile tracking capability.  These all run 24 hours a day.  But still, everyone in the government is very close hold about it, that’s for sure.”

Gen. Vallely makes some valid points.  This may very well have been an American missile prototype or a test-fire of an enemy missile.  But some serious flaws in that argument are the fact that, if secret, it would not have been tested during rush hour off the coast of the 2nd largest city in America, where traffic choppers are buzzing and millions of cell phone cameras are at the ready.  An enemy sending a message, however, would do exactly that, at that time of day, and in that very place.  Another flaw in the secret or test fire theory is the utter absence of a cover story; the fumbling explanations in the weeks since and the insane insistence that it was an airplane contrail that we “mis-saw” makes it even less likely that it was one of ours.

Strike two.

Our third wise man has been the most outspoken on the LA Mystery Missile, and I was fortunate enough to wrangle an interview with him this past week.

Brigadier General Jim Cash, USAF ret: A former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and commander of an F-15 squadron and an F-16 wing, Cash was assigned to NORAD was an Assistant Director of Operations at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs, Colo., and is fully knowledgeable of NORAD procedures.

Gen. Cash was kind enough to speak with me in-depth about the LA missile and this administration’s lack of action afterward.  I’ve transcribed our conversation from my notes here:

When I first looked at the video I wasn’t terribly concerned, although it did look like a missile launch and I’ve seen lots of those.  The exhaust plume appeared too large compared to the plume producer to be created by a jet engine.  The brownish tint made it appear more closely to missile exhaust, as opposed to the white water vapor contrail of a jet engine.  However, what really caught my eye were the abrupt guidance changes you could see on the system during the video.  As jets climb higher the atmosphere thins and it becomes difficult to turn.  As a result, passenger jets make large, smooth, arching turns.  Missiles, on the other hand, make abrupt, quick turns, and in the video the guidance was very sharp and abrupt.  Jumbo jets just don’t maneuver like that.

But, that wasn’t enough to convince me to write the article about this event.  The convincer was my knowledge and experience of the NORAD system after being assigned there, and the odd response from those to who are responsible for monitoring a situation such as this.

NORAD’s first shot out of the barrel was “it" was not a threat to North America. That suggests to me that NORAD did in fact observe a missile launch and assessed that it was not a threat to the nation, as the trajectory was away from the mainland.

There is an assessment process that occurs anytime NORAD observes a missile launch.  Utilizing a set protocol, the team leader, who in the past was a Brig. General, assesses whether the launch is a threat to the North America.  If assessed as a threat the commanding four- star General is called, who then contacts the President. This entire process must be completed in minimum time, as the President has only a short time himself to make a decision and implement his plan.

This process is non-negotiable, and practiced so often it is a reflex.

Now for the language they used, and why it’s significant.  When they said “it was not a threat,” “it” means they meant a missile.  Had it been a plane, meteor, or something else, they would have identified it as such; they wouldn’t have said “it.”

The next statement made by the Pentagon was even more telling.  As reported by the media, the Pentagon announced they were going to do a missile count to make sure “it” was not one of ours.  They didn’t say they were going to count planes, they said a “missile count.”  In my opinion that statement clearly acknowledged that “it” was indeed a missile, and they were trying to figure out whose it was.

The “its” terminology as well as the clear physical indicators in the video tell me that what happened off the coast of CA was no aircraft contrail.

Immediately after the event, we saw a hyper-focus on another emotion-charged subject, but not a new one:  the TSA debacle.  That smacks of a classic diversion away from uncomfortable questions.

I was recently asked on a radio show what nation has the capability to conduct such an event.  I told them that was the wrong question; what they should be asking is what nation has the capability and motive to conduct such an event, and in my opinion that is China.  China has been expanding its military at a fantastic rate in the past few years, and some reports suggest they are spending up to 16% of their GDP on their military. One must ask the question---Why?

We have seen a massive exchange of technology between China and Russia, and during the Clinton era the US was responsible for transferring technology to them, especially missile guidance technology.  China has taken that technology, enhanced it and added it to their military arsenal.

If proven true that China is behind this event, we must face the reality that they constitute a true long term economic and military threat to our nation.  An indicator of things to come may well be a problem that the President rarely addresses:  Taiwan.  China views Taiwan to be a runaway Province, and have vowed to restore control of it to the mainland.  Many may disagree and point to our hardcore agreements with Taiwan promising to protect them.  But, if we are at war in Afghanistan, still in Iraq, having to deal with an out of control nuclear equipped North Korea and Iran, we may very well be forced to back away and let Taiwan fend for themselves. Soon this country may have no allies if this trend continues.

This is why deterrence is so important.  Pres. Reagan understood that what prevents war is strength, and what promotes war is weakness.  The leadership of this administration and an over-stretched, under-supported military are both viewed as terribly weak right now.

This west coast event was not a direct threat to the US mainland.  I think it was a warning, "There is a new kid on the block with the capability to reach out and touch you.  We are racing toward becoming the world’s second Superpower.  America, pay attention when we speak.  Oh, by the way honor your debt."

So far we have several points to consider from our 3rd Wise Man:  1.  NORAD’s muted response, use of “it,” and insistence in what it WASN’T; 2.  That not only was it absolutely a missile, but that the information went straight to the President.  Surely logical sequencing can take you to the next step; that is, the cover up, clearly, had to have come from the top; and 3.  The timing was deliberate and meant to threaten the general population, to strike fear in the hearts of the citizenry.

That’s strike 3, CONTRAIL; you’re outta there.

Many who have read my writings these past 8 years, especially in regard to the LA Mystery Missile, know that I firmly believe that North Korea was behind the missile.  I believe that they absolutely had Chinese, perhaps even Russian, help, but that they had the missile to do this, a missile they unveiled only one month before that new light in our western sky.  The launch happened when Pres. Obama was in South Korea for the G20, where he received an equally chilly reception, still smarting from the snubbing he’d received in China.  If you know anything about the Asian mindset, saving face is very important, and the snubbing by the two Asian nations sent a clear message:  we view you as weak, with no honor, and we don’t respect you.

North Korea was watching this with rapt attention. What did the Chinese snub and the chilly South Korean reception say to them?

Even if the missile was Chinese, it still affected their little buddy, for several reasons.  First, China is North Korea’s only real ally (well, along with Russia, who is fully Communist since Putin, who’s still in charge.)  And I’ll say it again:  China backs North Korea.  Anything they’ve said to us that claims otherwise has been a lie, a temporary stall and distraction until both Communist countries are ready.  North Korea would be frothing at the mouth to follow its big brother into the missile scene once it saw him get away with such a blatant act of aggression.

Second, what do you think it said to North Korea when America not only did nothing at the provocative “Screw you!” off LA, but lied to its own people and covered it up?  If you were North Korea, wouldn’t you feel confident that a nation that wouldn’t do anything to defend its own land might do even less for an ally, say, South Korea?  It was barely two weeks later that Yeonpyeong was shelled.  People, that was NOT a coincidence, for there is no such thing, especially when it comes to evil intent.

And I haven’t even touched on their close alliance with Iran and their nuclear ambitions.  Islammunism is an ugly thing, made of ugly leaders seeking ugly ends.

Things are lining up, and I believe we will see North Korea do something even bigger before the end of the year.  If not, then the first six months of 2011 are a mathematical certainty…patterns are, after all, mathematical, math is the language of the universe, and history clearly notes that we’ve seen this pattern before.

Like the people of ancient Israel, we have a choice.  Do we take notice of the new light in the sky, call it what it is, and accept this precious gift from the Three Wise Men:  forewarned and thus forearmed?  Or do we sell the truth cheaply, preferring to believe that the brightness in the sky is meaningless, and none of our concern, throwing open the “Welcome” for destruction, convinced we have peace in our time?

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. -- Daniel Webster

This time tested quote makes the following an inevitability:  What you don’t know can hurt you, and what you don’t do will absolutely destroy you.

I know it’s no fun reading such things at Christmas; or any time of year for that matter.  It is even more of a downer getting attacked any time of year.  Evil respects nothing, and knowledge of what it is planning is a gift, believe it or not.  Let’s follow these Wise Men and heed their words, their gift to us.  It is, after all, the time of year for Kings, for miracles, for peace, and for defeating evil again, if we choose it.

You can prevent your opponent from defeating you through defense, but you cannot defeat him without taking the offensive. -- Sun Tzu

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BRACE YOURSELVES; North Korea Preparing for Nuke Test

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Talk about North Korea being the most schizophrenic nation on earth.

First we had this:

HONG KONG, Dec. 14 (Yonhap) -- North Korea has agreed to China's proposal to hold emergency discussions among chief envoys to the six-party talks on Pyongyang's nuclear disarmament in a bid to defuse tensions on the Korean Peninsula, China's foreign ministry said Tuesday.

Beijing proposed on Nov. 28 that the lead negotiators from the two Koreas, the U.S., Japan, China and Russia meet at an early date to discuss ways of easing inter-Korean tension sparked by the North's shelling of a South Korean island.

"The agreement was reached when Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang last week," Jiang Yu, spokesperson for China's foreign ministry, said in a regular press briefing…

Friday, December 10, 2010

MY FACEBOOK PROFILE NOW PROFILES; Some Of Us Aren't Afraid of the "4"

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We’ve all seen the video, and know the case that caused the furor.  And what’s more, those of us with the guts to say so are applauding the courage of Fernando Mateo, son of a Black man and a Hispanic woman:

He spoke the truth about the cab driver, shot seven times during a robbery, and backed up his demand for profiling with this reasoned analysis and statistical truth:  that most robberies are committed by Blacks and Hispanics.  He was vilified, accused of being worse than satan (“He’s a racist!  Burn him!”), and forced to defend the truth he gave voice to.

And I sat back and wondered, How did we get to this point?

Remember when profiling was first introduced into the average person’s lexicon?  It was around the time of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.  It was applauded as an amazing breakthrough by the law enforcement community, a tool of scientific fact.  My dad was a Federal Parole Officer, and I remember him saying how remarkably accurate they were, how he would get chills reading over them once they had the individual in custody, right down to the types of homes they came from, education, profession, relationships, and even sexual dysfunction.

All of this from just analyzing the details and nature of the crime and plugging them in to mathematical formulas.

It was a tool that was met with the awe and respect we used to reserve for science and math.  And make no mistake; profiling is as scientific as it gets:
  • Preliminary grounding: The profiling process starts with a specification of the applicable problem domain and the identification of the goals of analysis.
  • Data collection: The target dataset or database for analysis is formed by selecting the relevant data in the light of existing domain knowledge and data understanding.
  • Data preparation: The data are preprocessed for removing noise and reducing complexity by eliminating attributes.
  • Data mining: The data are analyzed with the algorithm or heuristics developed to suit the data, model and goals.  (See Data Mining for breakdown)
  • Interpretation: The mined patterns are evaluated on their relevance and validity by specialists and/or professionals in the application domain (e.g. excluding spurious correlations).
  • Application: The constructed profiles are applied, e.g. to categories of persons to test and fine-tune the algorithms.
  • Institutional decision: The institution decides what actions or policies to apply to groups or individuals whose data match a relevant profile.
Wow…how demonic profiling is.  Who knew that math was clearly so racist?  Maybe 2+2 isn’t 4 after all, right?  I guess, if “4” is the truth and you’re afraid of the “4.”

I also remember when I first heard how evil profiling was.  It was during the DC Sniper rampage, and it was said by Chief Charles Moose, who refused to allow the description of the two suspects to include the word “black” and insisted on sending people on wild goose chases after “white” vans, even suggesting it could be “white supremacists.”  For a man who decried profiling as racist, he sure was stuck on “white.”

He turned out to be wrong…deadly wrong.  And very few have had the fortitude to say a single word.  But then, Moose isn’t racist like that evil bigot math.

This is when things seemed to turn…when a black policeman refused to call black suspects “black” and said little to nothing when they actually turned out to be “black.”

Pretty pathetic, Bullwinkle.  Is that what we’ve become; people who know the truth but dare not speak it out loud?

Which brings us to Communsim.  Right around the time we were stifling truth, they were discovering it.

Between 1978 and 1990, Andrei Chikatilo raped and murdered his way through Rostov, Russia.  Refusing to allow the chief investigator Viktor Burakov to do his job because serial killers were a “decadent western phenomenon,” the communist leaders to whom Burakov had to go for permission at every step behaved then the way we are fast becoming now:  suspicious, fearful, slothful, and choosing their own ambitions and collective socialism over what the evidence and emerging sciences clearly indicated.

Burakov was entirely on his own, save one Col. Mikhail Fetisov, who understood and manipulated the insane and illogical Marxist system.  The madness is illustrated very well in the 1995 HBO movie Citizen X.

Burakov’s greatest sin, like Fernando Mateo, appeared to be his willingness to state the truth out loud, to put 2 and 2 together and call it 4.

In spite of the system, Burakov prevailed through 12 years.  What he had to go through just to get permission to do what he did, to get the things he needed to do his job, are indicative of what we are becoming.

Burakov figured out alone what we once pioneered and owned:  profiling was the answer.

Enter Dr. Alexandr Bukhanovsky, the only Soviet psychiatrist who was willing to risk the wrath of the system he’d grown old in.  Using science, statistics, and the mathematical probabilities of profiling, including such “racist” evils as algorithms, patterns and data mining, he put together so precise an analysis that it reduced Chikatilo to a quivering mass of tears with its breathtaking accuracy.  Dr. Bukhanovsky wrenched from him a total confession within three hours, something the arrogant Communist leaders hadn’t been able to achieve in 9 straight days of interrogations.

In other words, Burakov and Bukhanovsky got it right…over and over again.  They got it right because they used the right tool, or at least were strong enough and committed enough to the truth to fight for it, as demonstrated in the most profound scene in the movie:

Burakov:  You think a man is what he says, don’t you, Colonel?
Fetisov:  He is if he talks for a living.
Burakov:  A man is what he fights for.
Fetisov:  Well I don’t fight for anything.
Burakov:  I know

In only 3 decades we’ve gone from singing the praises of profiling to having botoxed lawyers condemning it as “racist” on FOX news.  Apparently the only reason for this schizophrenic decision is because profiling is truth, or in other words, it works too well. This liberal doctrine is psychotically determined to individually personalize and “feel up” forensic mathematical patterns, which have a stubborn tendency not to give in to Political Castration.  This is lunacy when dealing with percentages and likelihoods; apparently, evil eventually makes you stupid and insane.  Either way, it’s madness when we punish people for telling the truth.  That is a consequence we used to reserve for the lie.

Fernando displayed great courage when he spoke the truth out loud.  He stood like a man in the face of a Politically Castrated media, looked it square in its hypocritical camera and demanded a return to logic, reason, and math.  He was not afraid of the “4.”

And for that, I have no doubt he will be punished, even though he is right.  They’ll see to it.

Oh, and they released the shooting suspect’s information.  His name is Shawn Peace, he’s 22 and a member of an armed gang that’s been responsible for 16 robberies in the past six months.

Did I mention he’s black?  And I said it out loud.  How do you like that “4?”

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

MiG ALLEY REMIX; Oh Lord It's On

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Bombing of North Korean village August, 1950

Defense Minister-designate Kim Kwan-jin expressed firm resolve to take a strong retaliatory action, including air strike, in the event of another North Korean military provocation during his parliamentary confirmation hearing Friday…Noting that South Korea is in the most serious crisis situation since the 1950-53 Korean War, Kim said that he will set up an operational plan to bolster military capabilities to protect the five border islands in the West Sea…Immediately after the artillery attack, the military sent some 400,000 anti-North leaflets to the North in a reversal of its cautious stance. The military had been cautious about fully resuming the psychological warfare as it could seriously provoke the reclusive state.Kim warns air strike on North Korea, The Korea Herald
So it’s come to this.  For the first time in 60 years, the specter of air war is a reality over the Land of the Morning Calm.  This is highly significant; it is the first time in almost 6 decades that South Korea has put the option of air strikes back on the table.  The first time this century.

Shelling civilians, hidden under water nuke factories, NoKo tunnels under the DMZ, and the South Korean decision to stage air raids on any further NoKo provocations—at long last—certainly makes for exciting times.  The promise of air strikes opens the possibility of a repeat of history:  the first known jet vs. jet air battles that occurred 60 years ago and came to be known famously as MiG Alley.

Of course, back then the NoKo MiG-15 used during the active phases of the still-going Korean War were piloted by Russian pilots, who went to tremendous efforts to pretend to be Korean.

The USSR masquerade clearly did not work.  Our soldiers often laughed camp-side about the 6ft tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed Koreans, and eventually even the Ruskies gave up on the charade, USSR claims that they were not in Korea be damned.

USAF pilots had great respect for the MiG’s superior maneuverability.  They loved the instant response of the wire-controlled MiG over the slower electronic responses of our F-86 Sabre, and that combined with its swept-wing design made it any pilot’s dream.

The MiG is a plane not to be underestimated, ridiculed, or discounted.  I’m sure ROKAF knows that well.

North Korean Fighters, 2003
Our pilots had an advantage then, and ROKAF has it now, that you will never find in Communist nations:  thinking for themselves, using imagination, creating new maneuvers, and utilizing that ingenuity only free nations know.  The desperate cover-ups and lies of the Soviets led to the Russian pilots not being allowed to pursue the Sabre into the Yellow Sea or any area considered American or South Korean territory.  Their hands were tied by leaders who punished them if they got it wrong and punished them even more if they succeeded without permission.  These are those from whom the NoKo’s learned to fly and whose Stalinist delusions they still follow.

As a result of our free will, USAF made the term “hot pursuit” the coolest catch-phrase of the early days of the Korean War.  The Korean version of that term may soon be the buzz of Seoul.

We may get to see it again, if South Korea keeps their word and it isn’t just more idle threats.  I think we can count on NoKo assuming it’s a bluff and calling it, given the pattern of their behavior in the past 20 years of “threaten, extort, lie, gloat, repeat” and our pattern of “sanctions, letters, bluster, shake fist, cover up, give in, reward, repeat.”  Also in play is that infamous Asian need to save face, even if they believe South Korea means it this time.  Or that God-less hardened Commie attitude that has made NoKo into the thriving black hole of death it continues to be.

There’s a distinct difference now that NoKo will have to consider.  This time they will be facing South Korean pilots, still fuming over the unprovoked and deadly attack on businesses, homes, and civilians.  Even the residents of Seoul, long fearful of the NoKo missiles that can easily hit their capital, are now saying “bring it on.”  They are super pissed; such anger invigorates the body and focuses the mind.

And it won’t be Russians flying those MiG’s; it’ll be emaciated, terrorized, horribly oppressed North Koreans, filled with hateful ideology but not much more, knowing the price for failure could very well be not just their lives, but the lives of three generations of their family.  They have, oddly enough, nothing and everything to lose.  Such fear has a nasty way of paralyzing the mind and body, which makes NoKo even more dangerous—they may skip right to WMD’s if they think they will be humiliated.

No one wants war, no decent person anyway.  But we are not dealing with decent leaders when it comes to North Korea; we are dealing with villains of history whose biographies read like a cold war horror story combined with the continuous Gestapo assault by those who believe they must never be questioned, never outed, and never give people the choice; they know what that choice will inevitably be, and their insecurities will not allow it.  The ROK are the ones who must draw the line and guard it.  It has come to that.

F15K Slam Eagle of the ROKAF
What might a new MiG Alley look like?  Well, given the range and speed of today’s remarkable planes, as well as missile and bombing capabilities, traditional dogfights will be very different; mostly non-existent.  But if South Korea tunes everyone out, and doesn’t fall for the UN’s tactics routinely employed against Israel and the US—the lie of “disproportionate response,” that childish “No fair!” whine always uttered by the impotent Islammunist cowards when our moment of “That is it!” reaches DEFCON 1—then the new MiG Alley will look like victory.

Either way, it’s gonna be an exciting last month of the year.  It’s beginning to look a lot like MiGmas.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

WHY JUAN IS WRONG; Top 5 Reasons He's a Mental Buffoon

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Juan Williams was on Shepard Smith today.  You would think his treatment at the hands of leftist NPR might have taught him a thing or two about liberal thinking, and why it is inconsistent with freedom and right.

Apparently not.

Also lost on Juan was the clear and loud voice of the American people.  I’m starting to think FOX has a wacked affirmative action policy—that’s right, they must have at least one buffoon a day to placate the Buffoons of America.

Here’s my evidence supporting that thought, but be warned; the idiocy is graphic and difficult to watch.

I can’t be the only one who, after Obama’s outrageously decadent trip last month, finds it odd that he would look first to cutting the salaries of Federal Employees, who actually do a job for a reasonable price…mostly.  Why wasn’t King Overboard’s first thought to perhaps cut back a bit on his and the misses opulent trips and abuse of taxpayer funded aircraft, personnel, ships, and limousines?

We should have seen it coming, however.  Remember when he floated the idea of expecting military men to have their private insurance “pay their fair share” and cover their injuries in the course of duty?  He was grousing over, apparently, $540 million a year.  His jaunt to the East could have covered over 2 years of those bills, yet he felt it more appropriate to blow the wad on a Caesar-style trip for himself and about 3000 of his closest comrades.

My first reaction to the Fed pay freeze was, “This is a punishment.  He’s trying to frighten people into giving him money.”  It is Socialism’s greatest fear:  the people waking up and rebelling against the elitist theft of their nickels and dimes.  It is also why all Socialism, given enough time, inevitably secedes to Communism; once the people start to say “No,” an iron-fisted military/police state is necessary to ensure the power of the elite.  And that power comes from controlling every aspect of the peasantry, first and foremost, their money.

And Juan’s reaction?  Brace yourself.

To start things off with the proper level of anxiety, Shepard Smith quoted the President’s Debt Commission, who is calling for “enormous tax cuts in everything from Social Security to the military budget.”  Then, just to make sure we were sufficiently terrified, they finished it with this:  “…the reckoning will be sure, and the devastation severe.”

Oooooohhh…severe.  I’m surprised they didn’t jump right to “Armageddon-esque” or “dogs and cats living together.”

Look, we have all known since Johnson’s horrific Great Society—even back to FDR’s New Deal—that this wing-and-a-prayer attitude about finances was unsustainable.  Everyone from Barry Goldwater, Cleon Skousen, Ezra Benson, and Ronald Reagan warned us that a reckoning was coming…we have some nerve being all mournful and stunned now.

The lesson here is that math doesn’t bow to Political Castration and wishful thinking.  You can’t have Ponzi schemes like Social Security (SS), Congressional blank checks, Pork-ridden ear marks, no-penalty House banking scandals, and emperor-like largesse that the Islammunists among us demand the rest of us give up to enable them to party like a rock star without eventually facing Bernie Madoff consequences.

Unless, of course, you’re a politician who can exempt yourself and force the people to pay for your sins, then vote yourself dozens of pay raises to make sure that your salary, already about 8 times that of your bosses’, remains well above the peasant/bosses who are paying for it.

Yet still Juan Williams believes the answer is to continue the SS Ponzi scheme and demand more money from us greedy, selfish, non-gold-plated vacation-taking types.  For that childish insane belief, here are the Top 5 (painfully obvious!) Reasons Why Juan Williams is a Mental Buffoon:

5.  For quoting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullens, who actually had the gall to claim that extending Bush era tax cuts was a worse threat to America than terrorism.  (I’m sure the victims of 9/11 would concur.)  He’s taking advise from Mullens, who ignored the will of our beloved warriors to outrageously claim that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should go the way of the bone yard?

4.   For actually saying, out loud and on TV, that the midterm election results were mostly Independents who really wanted government to “Do something!” rather than acknowledging what it actually was:  a total rejection of government obesity, greed, corruption, lies, and belittling attitudes toward those it’s supposed to be working for.  The election was about the government doing less, not more.  What were you watching on November 2?

3.   For agreeing with Ol’ Shep on how “crazy” it is to get 12 million criminals out of this country and back to the beloved shacks and dictatorships of their casaland.  Besides that being a jaw-droppingly slothful and arrogant attitude, where do you get off belittling law and order with a hair-sprayed plastic Dan Rather wanna be?  What other laws are just “too haaaaard” for you to bother respecting, too “stupid” for the likes of you and your holier-than-“usted” anarchy?

2.   For trying to claim the class-warfare mentality that has made this country so much better (sarcasm…I have to state it, we’re talking buffoon here!) in the past 100 years of unConstitutional Income Tax isn’t actually commie class warfare, but a Republican “advantage of the moment.”  Let me state now what our Constitution upheld, with only a 10 year exception for the Civil War, that income tax is wrong for everyone, and that includes the uber rich.  Taxing people, anyone, on what they make with their God-given talents, skills, and hard work is evil and never ending.  If you’re going to fall for something, why not make it that icy patch in front of Shep’s bathroom drain?

And number 1?

1.  Not a single syllable from your stuttering lips about how, in less than two years, Obamessiah’s promise of hope, change, and equal money for all (whether you’ve earned it or not!) has become dopes, pennies, and equal poverty for all but him and his over-stuffed cronies.  What the hell happened to The One, Juan?  All of this fear and chaos was driven to panicked extremes by his feckless policies, yet you felt it didn’t deserve so much as a syllable?

Congratulations.  You’ve raised the bar—or lowered, not sure which—for buffoons everywhere.  Maybe you’ll be next on Obama’s “Must call” list whenever he needs a new advisor or Cabinet member.

I hear Rahm Emanuel’s old position is available.  You’re already highly accomplished at ridiculous stupidity and easily led-ness, so that only leaves one question:  how are you at locker room antics?

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

PS  Republicans, no compromise!  We’re watching you…

AVOIDING WAR AT ANY COST, Usually Costs Too Much

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When Secretary of State Dean Acheson declared that Korea was “not in our sphere of influence,” Communism paid attention.  When President Truman removed all but 500 troops from the Korean peninsula prior to June, 1950, Communism paid attention.  When Kim Il Sung, who had been trained in Marxism during his exile in Siberia, taught his people that Americans had a silly sentimentality about the individual human life and would hesitate to fire on screaming, unarmed civilians, his Communist soldiers listened, and went through villages on their rampage south forcefully conscripting young Korean men and forcing the old, female, and children to form a circle around them as they fired at our men, who did indeed hesitate to fire back, causing many Americans to die in the early days of the war.

And—you guessed it—Communism paid attention.

And when we allow Political Castration to stop us from profiling, when we allow leaders to vacation in decadent opulence while people are losing homes, jobs, and futures, when we refuse to call things that are evil “bad” and things that are righteous “good,” when we allow ourselves to be lied to about sub-launched missiles and contrails, when we restrain our soldiers from actually fighting and winning, when we ignore their desires to NOT have to serve with openly gay and fabulous members, when we give enemy groups extra rights while denying friends and allies basic rights, Communism pays attention.

Yesterday I communicated with a South Korean journalist who wished for his name and paper to remain anonymous.  While I had originally written to him, it was he who queried me for an American view of what was happening in Korea and what I thought should be done.  Here is the context of that communication:

SoKoJournalist: About four months after the Cheonan was torpedoed by North Korea, South Korea and the U.S. staged massive drills with the USS George Washington to send a "clear message" of deterrence to Pyongyang. But, it was responded by shelling Yeonpyeong Island last week. Again, the allies are conducting similar drills with the U.S. carrier off the peninsula.  Do such drills really work in deterring North Korea?

WARCHICK: Clearly they don't.  It is just more of the same...NoKo behaves despicably, and consistently our only response seems to be a sternly worded letter. These drills do not at all work and they give NoKo a win-win situation.  First, they get to use it as propaganda, as justification for more attacks because they constantly lie to their people, and second as a reason to attack should they choose to.  They knew of this drill, as did China, long ago...absurd to believe the drills are doing anything, because NoKo knows that America and South Korea have their hands tied by a UN that is consistently anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Israel, anti-war in defense of democracy.  While no one wants war, there are worse things, and NoKo stands as a shining example of what that is:  the misery of Communism and Totalitarian Dictators.  They know only too well how to play off those drills, use them to their advantage, with even Ban Ki-Moon calling for "rewarding" NoKo with food and aid!  It is insanity to pay and reward evil behavior with what it on earth can we ever expect them to want to change if they keep getting what they want for each bad behavior?

And Communism paid attention.

SoKoJournalist: Some say South Korea falls short of its "willingness" in deterring North Korea, given what media say weak response to the North's shelling. In your opinion, what's the best way to deal with the North's provocation?

WARCHICK: What can South Korea do?  Their hands are tied by the UN and America demanding they show restraint.  RESTRAINT?  For crying out loud, the Cheonan and Yeonpyeong are absolutely declarations of war!  Not only does South Korea have the right to take matters into their own hands, they have a moral obligation!  Look at Israel; how many times has the UN demanded they do nothing when they are attacked repeatedly by enemy nations who have broken every treaty, truce, or document they've ever signed their names to.  Israel has kept every single promise, as has South Korea.  Islam and North Korea have NOT kept a single promise, truce, or framework they've ever signed their perverse names to.  They deserve no more fact, they are decades beyond deserving anymore opportunities.  I think it's time for South Korea to tell the world to get out of their is the most basic of human rights to defend self, family, home, nation, and freedom.  For anyone to deny you those rights is about as evil as it gets.

Yet deny them we do; and Communism paid attention.

SoKoJournalist: Despite its superior military might, South Korea’s measured response, what many lawmakers and media blended "too weak," to such acts of agression, makes them more likely to happen again, some analysts say. Do you agree?

WARCHICK: Absolutely, and the pattern of history agrees too.  When have letters, sanctions, condemnations, or any other behavior that NoKo views as weak ever worked?  No evil regime has ever voluntarily changed; they've BEEN change by those who said "Enough!"

I want you to know that most Americans are on the side of South Korea, that we believe that China has lied for decades, that they have NEVER intended to rein in NoKo, and that the good people of South Korea are NOT obligated to tolerate such aggressive evil.  My deep down belief is that this is what happens when you don't nip evil in the bud; the post-WWII division of Korea into north and south was only meant to be temporary.  It is the evil of Communism and the UN that never reunited the nation as it should have been under freedom.  Now, as a result, NoKo has been allowed to grow into a massive cancer rather than lancing it when it was more manageable.  Look at the Palestinians--we should have stopped that when it started over 40 years ago, or stood back and allowed Israel to do so. Now it is utterly out of control, with gutless leaders of other Muslim nations too cowardly to do what needs to be done, only willing to tell the truth behind closed doors as Wikileaks now reveals.  Pathetic.

South Korea is becoming the Israel of the Far has the right to defend itself, but is under enormous international pressure not to by gutless international cowards.

And Communism paid attention…and reveled in it.

How do you deal with a country so delusional and unreasonable that they teach their school children that America attacked North Korea, that Kim Jong Il was born on Mt. Paeku, the tallest peak in Korea, under the sign of a rainbow and two new stars?   That’s two stars…one more than Jesus Himself!  Kim Il Sung’s mother was a Christian; the elder Kim was hoping the symbolism would be significant to Christians and Jews.  Christians and Jews everywhere laughed.

Jong Il was actually born when daddy was in exile in Siberia.  Oh, and did I mention that North Korean’s are taught that the “Great Leader” and the “Dear Leader” are part deity, with control over the winds, waters, and rains?  Makes iron-fisted control even more crucial given the decade of the 1990’s that alternated between droughts and floods, and explains the burgeoning gulag system there during that time.  Pesky questions are beneath TOTALitarian DICtatorS.

Hmmm…just realized how familiar that fear of tough questions sounds given this administration.  Well what do you know….totalitarianism is contagious.  So I guess the answer to how you deal with such delusional, unreasonable men can apply here, too.

And the answer is:  you don’t.  You cut them out of the equation and find a real man.

What’s worse than war?  Hasn’t that questioned been answered multiple times in the past 100 years?  Communism is worse than war!

But since we are no longer willing to fight, or to let other nations defend their freedoms, do you think Communism is paying attention?

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

My first three articles ever, from 8 years ago, worth a re-read!

A three piecer that Joseph Farah asked me to put together on NoKo and Islam...the birth of Islammunism!!  Worth a re-read now, in the face of Wikileaks.

North Korea – Our greatest threat is east of Middle East

Posted: October 28, 2002
1:00 am Eastern
By Resa LaRu Kirkland
© 2010
Editor's note: This is the first of three commentaries on North Korea and its ties to the Middle East. Be sure to also read Part 2 and Part 3.
"Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages are not sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. But tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason."
– from "Common Sense," by Thomas Paine
What would old Mr. Paine have to say today, I wonder, if instead of facing King George, he was dealing with North Korea? As all wise men know, to foretell the future, look at two things: the weak nature of man and the track record of those with whom you deal.
So it was in Paine's writing of "Common Sense." His dealings with the wretchedness that was monarchial oppression turned him into one of our most treasured and vigorous revolutionary forefathers. But if Paine had been occupied instead in the political issues of present-day America, involved in such things as Desert Storm and the noisy awakening of the Starving Giant and Looming Lies of North Korea, would his words of wisdom be any different? I doubt it … some things just don't change.
But for those who doubt, let's look at a few things. The desire for freedom is innate within every one of us. When America was at its genesis, barely breathing but burning with a passion for freedom, Great Britain was the most powerful country on earth. The king was undeniably "above" the common man, unimpeachable, his word law, his rule all-encompassing, his thirst for power unquenchable. He could not be reasoned with, he lied and fought at every turn, and tried to squelch our freedom fire with the greatest army that walked the land. He assumed that a king could never be defeated by peasants. His underestimation of the remarkable optimism and self-sacrifice that has come to define the United States of America was fatal. He lost; we won.
Jump forward a couple of centuries, and what has really changed? We have Kim Jong Il, son of the brutal Stalinist Kim Il Sung. Both men have a mystical make-believe background that puts them on the same level as deity, and when his father, the "Great Leader," died in 1994, Kim Jong Il – known as "Dear One" to the beaten, brain-washed and broken people of North Korea – inherited a decimated land and a desperate populace.
But in true communist fashion, Kim cared nothing for the people, keeping himself fat and indulging every pleasure while the average Korean actually shrank statistically in size. Like King George, Kim cannot be reasoned with, he lies and fights the very people who feed him at every turn, and has tried to squelch the freedom of his own people and the rest of the world with the greatest threat to touch the land: nuclear weapons. He knows he cannot be defeated by mere peasants (especially when he lives in a land with an unarmed constituency). Unlike King George, however, he doesn't underestimate the United States of America – he simply despises us.
And now we have a more terrifying prospect. King George allied himself with people (through quid pro quo and the old lure of filthy lucre … remember the Hessians?) who turned their wrath on the mutual enemy that is America. For more than two decades, there has been an unholy alliance back and forth between many of the Middle Eastern countries – including Iran and Iraq – and North Korea.
Just last year, when India and Pakistan were on the verge of war, there was a flurry of visits from high-ranking Pakistani leaders to North Korea, touted loudly and praised ad nauseam in the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea's one and only newspaper. This year, there was the sale of 24 missiles to Egypt, whose purpose the State Department could only deduce was to use against Israel, fast friend and ally of America, but enemy to the Arab Nations and North Korea.
Then there was the naval battle this past June between North and South Korea in which people died, and the North's recent admission to kidnapping Japanese citizens (after 30 years of vehement denials – denials which still go on and ring just as hollow when they are confronted on the issue of kidnapped South Koreans). While North Korea paid lip service last year to condemning the terrorist attack on America, it was painfully short-lived. They have continued a close kinship with many of the countries that are the sworn enemies of America, and their state-run newspaper can't go a day without condemning America and threatening to bring it down if it does not "behave."
North Korea does not have the advantage that King George had in having the greatest army to walk the earth, but it has something far more deadly: nothing to lose. Its people are starving, it has suffered almost as many mass defections in the past decade than in the 30 previous years combined, it continuously breaks every treaty, promise and pact it makes in exchange for aid, it is woefully backward and technologically retarded. And to add insult to injury, just beyond the 38th parallel, its brother under a free republic is thriving like no other.
So by way of reasoning, it makes sense that they would seek out others to help them defeat the enemy who has proven to the world what a miserable failure they are. Isn't this the same reason that Iraq and Afghanistan and al-Qaida are determined to wipe the United States off the earth – because they are jealous of our success and livid over the vast evidence of their own failure? With the fall of the Soviet Union and the Western leanings of China, there is none other than the Islamic nations for this totalitarian regime to turn to now. And the ominous rumblings that have been weaving their way from the Korean Peninsula to America for the past dozen years indicate just that.
Why did we ignore these signs, these continuous indicators that there was something very wrong – not only over there, but also with our volatile enemies in the Middle East? Why do we continue to hand over billions in not only food and aid, but even the ability to build their very own nuclear reactor when they do nothing but lie, maliciously engage Republic of Korea and American Forces, torture and brutalize their own people, kidnap and abuse peoples of other nations, and create weapons of mass destruction which they share with countries even more evil and deceived and unstable than they are?
Daniel Pipes wrote an article for the Oct. 9 issue of the New York Post entitled "Korean Delusions" about continued American capitulation in which he stated it perfectly:
"What is it about democracies that at critical moments they delude themselves into thinking that they can contain their totalitarian enemies through a policy of niceness? … Key factors would seem to be:

  • An inability to imagine evil: Citizens of successful states mirror-image and assume that the other side could not be that different from their own.

  • Fatigue: Having to be vigilant, seemingly without end, inspires wishful thinking.

  • Self-recrimination: a tendency to blame oneself for a foe's persistent enmity."
    America is not only a great land, but a good land. We are the only nation in history to take the hand of a defeated enemy and help him rebuild stronger and better than ever, thereby turning him into a friend. It is obvious that this land was shaped by men who relied heavily upon God precisely because they had been made painfully aware of the failings of man.
    But it would appear that we are following one comment Paine made earlier quoted here: We are seeming to rely on time rather than reason to convert wicked enemies to our way of thinking. The problem with that is it works the other way too. How many have been easily led by our enemies' lies and tear-jerking stories of individual suffering that is somehow laid at the feet of our guilt-ridden nation? What we don't seem to understand is something profound that Paine said next in his famous tome:

    As a long and violent abuse of power is generally the means of calling the right of it in question, (and in matters too which might never have been thought of, had not the sufferers been aggravated into the inquiry) and as the [insert tyrant's name here] hath undertaken in his own right, to support the parliament in what he calls theirs, and as the good people of this country are grievously oppressed by the combination, they have an undoubted privilege to inquire into the pretensions of both, and equally to reject the usurpations of either.

    North Korea has indeed been a long and violent abuser of power. So has Iraq … and Iran … and Afghanistan … and Pakistan, and according to Paine, this gives us the right to call it into question. We have been more than aggravated into inquiry now, and if we are not to wallow in the same evil and hypocrisy as our enemies, it is time to open our eyes and close the door to any continued support of these regimes by American dollars and politicians.
    These countries have no rights to make demands of us, or refuse to cooperate when we merely want to rest assured that they are using our help for what it is intended. We support the good people, grievously oppressed, of these miserable nations, and believe they have the undoubted privilege to inquire into the pretensions of these arrogant despots. Yet, so long as we continue to close our eyes to gross evil, believing that if we can't see it, it can't see us, we deserve nothing of the freedoms or privileges of which Paine speaks; such things, after all, oblige us to use a little common sense.

    PART 2:

    Posted: October 29, 2002
    1:00 am Eastern
    By Resa LaRu Kirkland
    © 2010
    Editor's note: This is the second of three commentaries on North Korea and its ties to the Middle East. Be sure to also read Part 1 and Part 3.

    "Agent Kim Hyun Hee was carrying a Japanese passport when she boarded a Korean Airlines plane in Iraq in 1987. She disembarked in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, leaving behind a bomb planted in a radio. It exploded in flight, killing all 115 people aboard."
    – Washington Post, Oct. 13, 2002, "North Korea's Secret Mission," by Doug Struck
    Why would an agent from North Korea board a plane in Iraq, of all places, in order to deliver a bomb that would blow up an airplane? To this seemingly complex question comes a simple answer: Because she could. To those who still don't quite understand the connection, think logically. After doing so, there can be only one conclusion, and it is that North Korea and the Islamic nations are in cahoots to destroy the only country that stands in their way of making every knee bow to their mutual and iron-fisted rule.
    Back in 1993, the Library of Congress listed the Middle East as the major market for North Korean arms, including such radical groups as the PLO and countries like Libya. The Stalinist state has been known to be a sponsor of terrorism for at least two decades, but only officially listed in recent years. As early as 11 years ago, United States policy experts were reluctantly admitting that the secretive country had enough plutonium for one or two nuclear bombs, but outrageously enough, we justified our continued support of them by making them sign phony-baloney, "feel good" treaties.
    We then had the unmitigated gall to feel shocked when they recently said, "Nyah, nyah, we had them all alo-ooong!" Their behavior is evil, and evil doesn't care about breaking treaties – in fact, such behavior is why they are evil. It is our behavior which is maddening, as we continue to allow them to get away with … well, murder. Remember the saying, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?" We deserve a couple of dozen "Shame on me's!" for we continue to set ourselves up as the fool.
    The evidence of North Korean duplicity and deliberate American ignorance is overwhelming. In 1996, William Perry expressed deep concern for the fact that North Korea's ballistic missiles have a 1,000 kilometer range. With these, they could reach Tokyo, and their buddy Libya can access all of the European countries.
    Only two years later, the validation of this concern went whizzing over Japan with a return address, which read North Korea. In 2001, 50 Ro-Dong missiles were sent to Libya. And just this year, 24 No-Dongs went to Egypt. Such happenings were cause for such deep concern that just before Perry left office, he made the remarkable statement that he considered North Korea a bigger threat than even the Middle East. It would appear to me that this is because North Korea is a country, not the radical, disorganized insanity of a few Islamic groups. North Korea's evil is instead institutionalized – written in blood throughout their history. But that doesn't make the Middle East any less guilty of wretched brutality.
    It is obvious that there is much quid pro quo going on here. Iraq has trained with and in turn been trained by North Korea. Iraq has helped North Korea in its continued disruptions of peace and murder of innocents, most not as obvious as the KAL bombing in 1987, but still as inherently malevolent. In August 2000, the news that Iraq and North Korea were together in the creation of new Scud missiles raised eyebrows but did nothing to quell the continuing, almost frantic desire to live in denial.
    In researching the issue of whether Islam and the last bastion of Stalin's legacy actually have a spoken or written agreement that they will work in conjunction to destroy America and her allies, I have found plenty of implications by those in the know. The occasional outright admittance of a relationship can be found, but for the most part, no one wants to own up and say that the two are allied with one focused goal: to wipe America andIsrael off the face of the earth and rule with blood and terror. But if you go and look at the sources themselves, and study them with the knowledge of their shared goal, it is written out in plain speech.
    In the North Korean state-run newspaper, any reference to America, and its "puppet" South Korea, sounds as if Boris and Natasha are on the phone with Fearless Leader plotting "beeg" trouble for "Moose and Skverl" (no, I didn't spell squirrel wrong … say it like Natasha would say it!) Read anything written by Islamic papers and it is like reading Satan's take on the Bible. Both sides take rampant advantage of the American "sentimentality" toward the individual human life.
    Communism cares nothing for life, and combine that with the Asian belief of instant reincarnation for the killed and fantastic eternal bliss for the martyr, the ease with which they kill and die is understandable, although inexcusable. In Islam, they feel it is their obligation in obedience to Allah to kill the infidel, and don't fear death themselves because of the outrageous promises eternity holds for them. Thusly, how do you deal with a country not afraid to kill or die? How do you stop them when you don't want to kill, but they do? When you don't want to die, but they do? When you keep your promises, but they don't?
    They are treacherous, unleashed and unchecked evil, who live only to destroy us and, worst of all, it is becoming horrifyingly apparent that we know this, and seem to be hoping it will just go away. It is the gorilla in the room that everyone mutually agrees to ignore as if by so doing, we render the creature impotent.
    If you ask me – and I know you're dying to! – this is America's evil: We know and do nothing with this knowledge. It is unconscionable that we continue diplomacy and outright capitulation in spite of such obvious efforts against us.
    The evidence of young men attending flight school, warnings of militant Islamic training schools, North Korean ships and subs kidnapping people, firing upon other countries, selling weapons to terrorist states and their nuclear programs, and now North Korea's blatant "Yeah-we-did-it … whatcha-gonna-do-about-it" attitude are such barefaced indicators that we are fast losing our right to self-pity when as the obvious becomes reality.
    Forget past bombings, attacks, hijackings, forget the fact that someday, when my grandchildren read about this time in history books, they will look at me incredulously and remark, "What were you thinking? How could you ignore such obvious signs?"
    Forget the fact that had we heeded just one of these indicators in the past, thousands of people would still be alive. Forget it all. And while you're at it, forget the children in North Korea who are starving, whose parents have abandoned them in their own desperate hunt for food.. Forget the Japanese and South Korean citizens who have been forcibly removed from their countries for decades, and the decades of lies and denial by North Korea, and the families separated by the ongoing 50 year war. Forget the Twin Towers, the four evaporated airplanes, the nuclear capability in the hands of reciprocal madmen. Forget the fact that our belief in defense by MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) will never work with fanatics.
    In fact, forget the Constitution, forget our moral obligation, forget the torture, the suffering, the misogyny, and Marlon Brando whispering, "the horror!" Forget it all, but remember this: When all is said and done, and we are writing the history of the time that is fast approaching, the words emerging on the computer screens of the future will show that Armageddon had its roots deeply embedded in North Korea, that we knew it all along, and that in spite of our claims of "Never Again!" after Hitler and Pol Pot, we did nothing.

    Part 3:

    2-front war

    Posted: October 30, 2002
    1:00 am Eastern
    By Resa LaRu Kirkland
    © 2010
    Editor's note: This is the third of three commentaries on North Korea and its ties to the Middle East. Be sure to also read Part 1 and Part 2.

    "[James] Kelly made it clear that something had gone dreadfully wrong in his trip to the North."
    – "A Puzzling Move by Pyongyang," by Don Kirk, MSNBC, Oct. 18, 2002
    Years ago, I was telling friends and associates that if they wanted to watch the birth of Armageddon, look to North Korea. They laughed. And when they dried their eyes, they laughed again. Then they said, "Everyone knows that it's coming out of the Middle East … even the Bible says that, dummy!"
    I swallowed, and went on to risk looking even more the fool.
    I told them yes, indeed, the Middle East will be involved, and because they are larger, it will seem as if it is all them. But I reminded them to study history, and the way God works. You see, it is always the thing you never expected that gets you. This is how He tests our mettle … sort of "What-will-you-do-if-I-throw-this-at-you" situation. How we respond with foresight and wisdom determines our success. But being a loving Father, He always gives us plenty of indicators – signs, if you will – that we might do our best to be prepared in the face of great evil, for He wants us to succeed. He designed us for success. He achieves nothing on our behalf if we lose.
    And beyond that, we have seen in the past – over and over again – that evil seeks out evil, that they create secret combinations and make blood oaths against the good people of the earth. They bond together in their mutual treachery, and no malevolence is too much for them to consider. They will try to distract us from their wickedness by claiming it is all for God – as Islam does. Or it is our fault for being fat, spoiled Americans – as North Korea does daily. Or, even more vile, they will point to American sins and excess and claim that we are merely "reaping what we've sown." And being kind, forgiving and self-evaluating people, we hesitate just long enough for them to strike at us.
    Last year, Pakistan was on the verge of war with India – which terrified us – because we well-documented Pakistan's nuclear technology, and know of their intimate relationship with North Korea. The man who is at the head of the nuclear program in Pakistan hates all things Western … he and North Korea were made for each other. That is exactly the problem.
    "A barter deal that traded North Korean missile technology for Pakistani nuclear know-how was engineered by A.Q. Khan, the father of Pakistan's bomb and a man whose anti-Western values have been known for years, sources told NBC News on Friday. News of the involvement of Pakistan's top scientist in the secret pact comes on the heels of North Korea's admission that it has been pursuing nuclear weapons in violation of a 1994 agreement with Washington …
    "U.S. OFFICIALS who spoke on condition of anonymity told NBC News on Friday that Pakistan, a key ally in the U.S. war on terrorism, was a major technology supplier of North Korea's nuclear weapons program … "Khan visited North Korea in the late 1990s," a reliable source outside the government said, noting that the eminent scientist provided "information and technology" to the North Koreans and also hosted a delegation from Pyongyang in Pakistan."
    – "Pakistan Scientist Brokered N. Korean Deal," by Robert Windrem, MSNBC, Oct. 18, 2002
    What is most remarkable about this is that it comes as no surprise whatsoever to U.S. officials. We have considered Khan an "evil scientist" for decades, with well-documented reasons. Thirty years ago, he was accused of stealing the formula for making bomb-grade plutonium from the Amsterdam Physical Dynamics Research Laboratory where he was working at the time. The greatest irony of this is the fact that FDO is a subsidiary of the European nuclear facility URENCO, which was created by Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands because they didn't want to be dependent on American nuclear fuel, and wanted to supply their own enriched uranium.
    That arrogant and very European justification for creating a potential learning ground for terrorists could be the downfall of the most powerfulcountry in the world – their ally, no less – and the only country on earth who could save them from attack. In other words, if we go down, they aren't far behind us. They may very well be responsible for their own future demise.
    Efforts to try Khan as a spy for Pakistan fell through. Back home, he was touted as a national hero. Of course, Khan blamed the charges on the Western influence and, of course, couldn't miss slipping Israel in there when he said: "All Western countries, including Israel, are not only the enemies of Pakistan but in fact of Islam. Had any other Muslim country instead of Pakistan made this progress, they would have conducted the same poisonous propaganda about it. The examples of Iraq and Libya are before you."
    We are left to wonder: Pakistan was supposed to be on our side – right? They are our friends, and friends don't abandon one another. That is what the term "allies" means – right? But, wait … in the latest battle with the Middle East, we have seen countries like Saudi Arabia waffle on commitment, and European nations like Germany as well. This is fast shaping up to be Israel and America against the rest of the world, and leading the way against us will be the Middle East, shoved from behind by North Korea. We have trusted Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, and yet he is the one who promoted Khan in 1998 for his great service to Pakistan. We suspect – and facts are beginning to back it – that Khan provided North Korea with the knowledge they would need to produce enriched uranium – the stuff most vital for a Hiroshima-like bomb.
    Now comes the why. Why would North Korea be aiding the Middle East, and vice versa? North Korea is not Islamic, and the Middle East is not communist. Islam is doing their deeds in the name of Allah, and North Korea is all about Marxism-Leninism. North Korea despises all things that make their people rely on someone other than the government – such as religion – and the Middle East fought a war 20 years ago to oust communism. So why would they make this unholy alliance? Have they come together in their mutual hatred for America and Israel – two successful countries who epitomize everything they hate – or is it something more?
    Yes to both.
    A couple of years back while I was watching the news, a political analyst made the statement that America could never sustain a two-front war today as they did in World War II. I felt an ominous shudder. I believe with all my heart that North Korea is aware of this, and is now arrogantly flaunting the fact that it can nuke us, and there is nothing we can do about it.
    They know we are busy in the Middle East and that, right now, that is our top priority. What better time for them to finish what they began 50 years ago? This is their chance, and they know it all too well. They've waited decades for such an opportunity, and they aren't about to miss it. The signs are all there – they have been for some time now – and now with North Korea's admittance, it seems that nothing and no one can stop them.
    "A top official told NBC News on Thursday night that the United States could not challenge North Korea because there were only so many crises it could handle at the same time."
    – "N Korea's Brazen Scam," by Andrea Mitchell, Oct. 18, 2002
    Only so many crises we can handle at one time. None of my friends are laughing anymore.

    Am I to believe that some mom in Idaho (at the time, that's where I lived) figured this out, but our leaders didn't?  Puhleeeeeze.....if it'd been a snake it'd have bitten everyone.  Why oh why do we insist on denying the painfully obvious?  'Cause in so doing, we are left with only "painful."