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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

WHY JUAN IS WRONG; Top 5 Reasons He's a Mental Buffoon

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Juan Williams was on Shepard Smith today.  You would think his treatment at the hands of leftist NPR might have taught him a thing or two about liberal thinking, and why it is inconsistent with freedom and right.

Apparently not.

Also lost on Juan was the clear and loud voice of the American people.  I’m starting to think FOX has a wacked affirmative action policy—that’s right, they must have at least one buffoon a day to placate the Buffoons of America.

Here’s my evidence supporting that thought, but be warned; the idiocy is graphic and difficult to watch.

I can’t be the only one who, after Obama’s outrageously decadent trip last month, finds it odd that he would look first to cutting the salaries of Federal Employees, who actually do a job for a reasonable price…mostly.  Why wasn’t King Overboard’s first thought to perhaps cut back a bit on his and the misses opulent trips and abuse of taxpayer funded aircraft, personnel, ships, and limousines?

We should have seen it coming, however.  Remember when he floated the idea of expecting military men to have their private insurance “pay their fair share” and cover their injuries in the course of duty?  He was grousing over, apparently, $540 million a year.  His jaunt to the East could have covered over 2 years of those bills, yet he felt it more appropriate to blow the wad on a Caesar-style trip for himself and about 3000 of his closest comrades.

My first reaction to the Fed pay freeze was, “This is a punishment.  He’s trying to frighten people into giving him money.”  It is Socialism’s greatest fear:  the people waking up and rebelling against the elitist theft of their nickels and dimes.  It is also why all Socialism, given enough time, inevitably secedes to Communism; once the people start to say “No,” an iron-fisted military/police state is necessary to ensure the power of the elite.  And that power comes from controlling every aspect of the peasantry, first and foremost, their money.

And Juan’s reaction?  Brace yourself.

To start things off with the proper level of anxiety, Shepard Smith quoted the President’s Debt Commission, who is calling for “enormous tax cuts in everything from Social Security to the military budget.”  Then, just to make sure we were sufficiently terrified, they finished it with this:  “…the reckoning will be sure, and the devastation severe.”

Oooooohhh…severe.  I’m surprised they didn’t jump right to “Armageddon-esque” or “dogs and cats living together.”

Look, we have all known since Johnson’s horrific Great Society—even back to FDR’s New Deal—that this wing-and-a-prayer attitude about finances was unsustainable.  Everyone from Barry Goldwater, Cleon Skousen, Ezra Benson, and Ronald Reagan warned us that a reckoning was coming…we have some nerve being all mournful and stunned now.

The lesson here is that math doesn’t bow to Political Castration and wishful thinking.  You can’t have Ponzi schemes like Social Security (SS), Congressional blank checks, Pork-ridden ear marks, no-penalty House banking scandals, and emperor-like largesse that the Islammunists among us demand the rest of us give up to enable them to party like a rock star without eventually facing Bernie Madoff consequences.

Unless, of course, you’re a politician who can exempt yourself and force the people to pay for your sins, then vote yourself dozens of pay raises to make sure that your salary, already about 8 times that of your bosses’, remains well above the peasant/bosses who are paying for it.

Yet still Juan Williams believes the answer is to continue the SS Ponzi scheme and demand more money from us greedy, selfish, non-gold-plated vacation-taking types.  For that childish insane belief, here are the Top 5 (painfully obvious!) Reasons Why Juan Williams is a Mental Buffoon:

5.  For quoting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullens, who actually had the gall to claim that extending Bush era tax cuts was a worse threat to America than terrorism.  (I’m sure the victims of 9/11 would concur.)  He’s taking advise from Mullens, who ignored the will of our beloved warriors to outrageously claim that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should go the way of the bone yard?

4.   For actually saying, out loud and on TV, that the midterm election results were mostly Independents who really wanted government to “Do something!” rather than acknowledging what it actually was:  a total rejection of government obesity, greed, corruption, lies, and belittling attitudes toward those it’s supposed to be working for.  The election was about the government doing less, not more.  What were you watching on November 2?

3.   For agreeing with Ol’ Shep on how “crazy” it is to get 12 million criminals out of this country and back to the beloved shacks and dictatorships of their casaland.  Besides that being a jaw-droppingly slothful and arrogant attitude, where do you get off belittling law and order with a hair-sprayed plastic Dan Rather wanna be?  What other laws are just “too haaaaard” for you to bother respecting, too “stupid” for the likes of you and your holier-than-“usted” anarchy?

2.   For trying to claim the class-warfare mentality that has made this country so much better (sarcasm…I have to state it, we’re talking buffoon here!) in the past 100 years of unConstitutional Income Tax isn’t actually commie class warfare, but a Republican “advantage of the moment.”  Let me state now what our Constitution upheld, with only a 10 year exception for the Civil War, that income tax is wrong for everyone, and that includes the uber rich.  Taxing people, anyone, on what they make with their God-given talents, skills, and hard work is evil and never ending.  If you’re going to fall for something, why not make it that icy patch in front of Shep’s bathroom drain?

And number 1?

1.  Not a single syllable from your stuttering lips about how, in less than two years, Obamessiah’s promise of hope, change, and equal money for all (whether you’ve earned it or not!) has become dopes, pennies, and equal poverty for all but him and his over-stuffed cronies.  What the hell happened to The One, Juan?  All of this fear and chaos was driven to panicked extremes by his feckless policies, yet you felt it didn’t deserve so much as a syllable?

Congratulations.  You’ve raised the bar—or lowered, not sure which—for buffoons everywhere.  Maybe you’ll be next on Obama’s “Must call” list whenever he needs a new advisor or Cabinet member.

I hear Rahm Emanuel’s old position is available.  You’re already highly accomplished at ridiculous stupidity and easily led-ness, so that only leaves one question:  how are you at locker room antics?

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

PS  Republicans, no compromise!  We’re watching you…

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