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Thursday, December 30, 2010

SACRED WAR, HOLY WAR; The Secret Combination of Islam and Communism

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“…we have seen in the past – over and over again – that evil seeks out evil, that they create secret combinations and make blood oaths against the good people of the earth. They bond together in their mutual treachery, and no malevolence is too much for them to consider.”
I wrote that, 8 years ago, in my first ever articles, a three-piecer that Joseph Farah asked me to write for World Net Daily.  Most of my friends laughed.

That was then….

The recent announcement by North Korea has confirmed more than just the obvious conclusion from the past 15 years of weapons/technology sharing.  It wasn’t the announcement so much as it was the phrasing that forever laid to rest any doubt:

One month after a deadly exchange of artillery fire, the two Koreas ramped up their rhetoric, with South Korea's president pledging unsparing retaliation if attacked again and a top North Korean official threatening a "sacred" nuclear war if provoked.
Sacred war. This was a message for us, a Judeo/Christian nation, and a signal to their ally Islam, whose use of “holy war” is so overplayed we scarcely even notice anymore.  North Korea is a country made up of Godless Communists, where religious freedom is brutally oppressed, marched out only as a show piece for the press and foreign dignitaries.  The term is a relatively recent one, and no coincidence if you’ve been a careful observer of Communism’s growing alliance with Islam.

It is a stir-fried non-aggression pact for the new century, but not between three Communist countries bent on conquering and dividing European spoils.

This is Islammunism, and the world is its spoils.

I have said repeatedly that our old enemy of Communism is still our biggest threat; the tactics have just changed a bit.  They will gladly achieve with jihad what they failed to achieve with a Cold War.  KGB Putin is not picky on how we are brought down, and neither is Islam.

[caption id="attachment_27394" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Three of the creepy faces of Islammunism"][/caption]

Temporary alliances between ideologically differing nations, even those who are traditionally enemies, is nothing new.  The examples of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao are before you; no love lost between any of these axis’s of evil, and their philosophies and ideologies were often miles apart.  But when your goals are the same—slavery of the masses, extinction of Judeo/Christian beliefs (and the God behind them,) oppression of ideas/thoughts/speech that you don’t like or questions you can’t answer (or don’t want to), and brutal control over every aspect of human existence—high ideals take a back seat to wealth, power, and the wretched pride of prejudice borne by the elite.

It is the size and veracity of this modern-day secret combination that marks a significant difference and heightened concern.  Nearly half the world’s population belongs to either Islam or Communism, and most of the other half has been carefully rendered impotent by either wretched poverty and brutal oppression by members of the combination or decades of falsely guilt-ridden Political Castration, taught in schools, movies, and media.  Too many today fear saying mere words out loud without looking side to side first, and then only in careful whispers.  Little wonder that too many hesitate to call the secret combination what it is and always has been, no matter what cloak it has worn:  satanic in origin, hellish in design, the black hole of doom that has plagued the earth from day one, and the one thing that will destroy us with the silent permission of the “righteous” complacent:  .
Secret Combination: people bound together by oaths to carry out the evil purposes of the group

From Dr. AQ Khan, Pakistan’s pimp daddy of rogue WMD’s and the most prolific nuke pusher in the world, to his Asian whore Communist North Korea (fully backed by China, don’t you doubt it,) who spread the disease to Libya, Iran, Egypt, Syria, and God only knows who else, the creation of a secret Islammunist combination is now beyond denial.  This sharing of world-ending weapons is the behavior of allies, not enemies.

OK, so we clearly have a secret combination on our hands; now what?  Well, since math is the language of the universe, and patterns are mathematical, let’s look to the patterns that have succeeded in dealing with secret combinations.  WWII is a good example, about which most of us know at least something.

So what did we do back then that resulted in unconditional success?

First, stop being afraid; it is the territory of the demonic, and once in its grips, it is your territory too.
Have not I commanded thee?  Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. Joshua 1:9, Old Testament (HT:  Sara Johnson for the reminder!)
Second, we are a good and free nation, founded on the rule, not the exception.  That does not mean we don’t make changes for the exception; our pattern of history has proven that the exception can convince the rule of the rightness of a course, and the rule will rise to the occasion.  When a nation starts catering to the exception rather than the rule, however, as we did around the 1960’s, destruction is inevitable; that, too, is a pattern.  This is a nation of Judeo/Christian beliefs, stated clearly for all with eyes, ears, and a brain to see.  Those are our ideals, and we will not apologize for them.  They are noble and right, and we are better when we follow them.  They allow for freedom of speech, voting, religion (and the rejection thereof, should one choose), assembly, land ownership, weapon ownership, and a nation whose people are the government, not the governed.  Don’t like it?  You’re fortunate; in true Judeo/Christian fashion, you’re allowed to leave without need for secrecy, use of underground methods, or threat of harm, a right many oppressed by Islammunism will never know.

Third, call a spade a spade.  Islammunism is evil, and its fruits consistently bear that truth out.  See how easy that was?

Fourth, know the rules for all patterns, which include such mathematical certainties as the fact that evil inevitably eats its own, no evil accomplishes anything without the complicity of the silent, that the love of Mammon (Aramaic for “riches”) is the root of all evil empires (so never give them that power, no matter what) and they will never use it for good things no matter what they claim, reliance on any group or government rather than the freedoms and gifts God has given you to use for yourself breeds only slavery and death, and to rationalize a little evil is to justify the inescapable righteous wrath.

These patterns were all at play during WWII, even our failings in looking the other way for too long, but because we recognized them and—eventually—did not believe ourselves above the laws of math, we were victorious.  There was death, yes.  There was blood, yes.  There have been in all wars, and so long as evil lives, there always will be.  It is the price we paid for our sloth then and for our willing Political Castration now.

But there are things worse than war for those who have known freedom, and we are seeing them at play on the mortal stage right now.  It is unacceptable that we find ourselves here again, on the verge of another World War, yet here we are.  The mortal names in this fray are different, but the enemy is the same:  force.  That is what Islammunism is, you know:  force of the free-willed.

Can there be a more justifiable reason to draw a line in the sand?  It is South Korea this minute, but make no mistake it will be Taiwan, Japan, Israel and the entire world next, for this two-headed beast of secular Communism and “religious” Islam has a massive reach and a thirst for blood, for free blood.  It is the pattern of history, and while we may be free, we are not free of the eternal nature of math.
And again, I will give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived; for Satan is abroad in the land, and he goeth forth deceiving the nations…Wherefore, by this pattern ye shall know the spirits in all cases under the whole heavens. – (Modern-day revelation, LDS Church) Doctrine & Covenants 52: 14, 19
North Korea will attack.  China and Russia will back them.  Islam will drop the other shoe while we are distracted by the initial shock and awe.  Islammunism is here, and freedom will lose if we do not uphold and fight for it.  And the first step is naming this enemy and calling it what it is:  evil.  Reagan knew that, which is why he succeeded in defeating Communism initially:  he followed the path and the pattern for success, beginning with calling the enemy what it was.  Its rebirth under the impotent reign of Clinton also followed the path and pattern:  for failure, for he personified the evidence that Political Castration had, in only one decade, rendered us a nation too gutless to choose sides, to call evil by its name and not back down.  That is exactly what we must do now, while we still can.

Remember, people, that God has made us free, and therefore, we are free indeed.  Act like you still know this to be true.  I’ll go first:  Islammunism is a miserable contaminate that must be stopped now and vigilantly guarded against for eternity.  They will not discipline themselves, and like all undisciplined villains who hold themselves above the law, it falls to us to stop them.

Rest assured, they will never stop on their own.  It’s the pattern of Islammunism, and all historic evil.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.


Unknown said...

Well said!,
I have long wondered about this subject for it is very seldom spoken about and seesm to actually fulfill bible Prophecy of Islam and Russian nations going against Judeo/ Christian culture/ nations.
Communism is a very detructive vehicle in society tosya for out communism seems to spwn liberalism and acceptance of Islam.
Roman Catholicism seems to be big advocate of Islam as well as the communists now working within the UK/ USA etc etc,a nd there doing a lot of damage.
Well said. Thanks for the article.

Unknown said...

Hey Rob! And yes, I know...totally awesome to the max to watch prophecy unfold, eh?

You are dead on about communsim...far more dangerous than Islam, and remember what Kruchev said about America accepting communism in the guise of liberalism and democrats... the devil has prophets too! Thanks for the comments and your austere presence...always a joy!

Dr. Psycho said...

Hitler used a red flag -- that makes him a communist, just like all those Southerners waving red Confederate flags....