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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ricardo Carrasco's story featured on CARL GALLUPS' wildly popular PPSIMMONS YouTube Channel for Memorial Day!

That's right!  The incredibly gifted internet powerhouse CARL GALLUPS is running with Ricardo Carrasco's story for Memorial Day on his YouTube Channel PPSIMMONS.  Also watch for WARCHICK postings on his blog, as he graciously invited me to begin posting articles there that are in line with his favorite topics.

Spread the word, minnions...and thank you CARL!  We're doing it!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Gimme 5 for ending childhood leukemia

Please watch the video below, and donate only $5.00 to help "A Place for Us National" (a 501c3, since 1984) find blood/marrow donors for kids, slowly dying of leukemia. To achieve our current fundraising goal, which supports our national donor drive, we need 5,000 people to donate $5.00 . This is achievable, if every person on your lists gives even one tax-deductible dollar.

To date, we have collected over 1,000 DNA Blood/Bone Marrow Q-tip swabs, which we send to our donor bank, to find matches. The non- intrusive swabbing,  inside your cheek, is all that's necessary, and you could save a child's life. Our donor drive is in memory of Shannon Tavarez, 11 year old star of Disney's "The Lion King On Broadway", who died in 2010, because there were not enough people of color in the donor bank to give her a complete match. Hispanic, black and bi-racial kids have the fewest donors.  We are appealing to the entertainment industry to honor one of their own.  Please help us by passing this link (our "Gimme Five" hand) on to everyone you know, or click on this link:  Another way to contribute is by texting 772937, with the message FORSHANNON. You will get a call back shortly, to confirm the amount you would like to donate.         

Thank you and God bless you,

Steven White
Founder and President, A Place For us National

NC excrement masquerading as teacher attacks child...please watch and email the pig-wrangler masquerading as her boss

This needs NO explanation.  My email to this "teacher's" "boss" follows...please email and call.  Save our children from the largest commie group in America:  the NEA!

NC teacher captured on video suggesting student could be arrested for Obama criticism

A North Carolina high school teacher was captured on video shouting at a student who questioned President Obama and suggesting he could be arrested for criticizing a sitting president.
The Salisbury Post, which first reported on the YouTube video, did not identify the teacher in question, who is reportedly on staff at North Rowan High School. The video does not show faces, but the heated argument in the classroom can clearly be heard.

Read more:

The video (way to go high school kid, the only one with balls, apparently):

My email to her boss:

Dear Mr. McDowell, (email:  Phone:  704-636-4420)
***I have a degree in education, so don't try to pull any crap with me you'd pull with people who don't know this wretched system from the inside out***
I am asking every facebook friend, reader of my writings, and twitter follower to write to you and demand the firing of the jaw-dropping abomination, bullying, intimidation tactics, and outright lying that your so-called social studies teacher engaged in. The youtube video makes it self-explanatory, under the assumption that unlike that POS mess you hired, your
IQ is higher than your shoe size and you have at least an atom of integrity. I'm not counting on it, since next to politicians, teachers are the most Politically Castrated group on earth; but I am hoping you still have your balls and didn't hand them over to Political Castration.
Every syllable, every screech, every eye-bulging anger-filled lie this abominable creature spewed was a lie and smacked of the Communism that has been fully entrenched in the NEA for 50 years now. If she is not fired immediately then you deserve to be abandoned as a district, not just a school. That you would tolerate this despicable creature stinkin' up your halls is a testament to your own wretchedness.
You will be hearing from me again, as the fact that this pile of excrement has been allowed to continue and is fully confident that she has nothing to fear is an ominous foreboding of your nutless nature. SHAME ON EVERY ONE OF YOU. YOU WILL NOT TREAT OUR CHILDREN THIS WAY, SO HELP US GOD.
I can't make this any clearer, as unlike you I don't speak "oink." For the logic impaired, I did indeed imply that you are all mud-caked pigs.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY! (This is normally how I end an email, but it is a foreign language ot our current educational "standards," so do what you clearly do best and ignore the truth while blugeoning with the lie)

--SO SAYS WARCHICK, Resa LaRu Kirkland
Columnist/Writer/Speaker/Military Historian/The Anti-Feminist!
Agree with RESA at, SmartGirlPolitics, Facebook, MySpace, and
Hippies, commies, and femmies opinions altered here!!
POW/MIA: Bring them home or send us back!

DO NOT HOLD BACK...BOTH BARRELS!  This is freakin' unacceptable!  HOMESCHOOL!!!