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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Michelle Malkin had an interesting post at her website this past Monday on the obvious intentional manipulation by the press of a photo of Condoleeza Rice. She wrote to a man she knew who did this for a living, who confirmed that it was a deliberate and malicious manipulation. California Conservative went even deeper into the fraud.

Wow…this ought to really be a “heads up” to the commie-controlled media. Trouble is, they’ve been caught lying/manufacturing stuff before, and it has yet to have any effect on them whatsoever.

I don’t have a whole lot of faith that this time will be any different.

Look at their treatment of Israel. Once again, the Palestinians have broken the roadmap, yet MSNBC does their best to first make it look like the Israelis did it—hence their headline that suggests this written as Suicide bomber in Israel kills 5, wounds 30, and their subtitle justifying the attack once you realize that it was yet again the Palestinians: A revenge bombing.

They should write for Al Jazeerah…they have the same objectivity.

From their slanted writings about abortion, war/warriors, communism, Islam, education, gays, straights, immigration, Israel, and politics to their arrogance in sticking by their lies in the face of evidence to the contrary, they are at best a joke and at worst a tool. Or is that the other way around?

The MSM is in its death throes to be sure. But exactly how long is it going to take this beast to die?

Exactly as long as we continue to supply just enough life support to keep them going. Why don’t we give them the Schiavo treatment and let them out of their—and our—misery? Stop feeding these groups and they’ll die a tortured death.

Although the idea of “Death with Dignity” doesn’t really apply to the MSM. Why should their death be any different than their life?

Now that’s a nasty picture!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Illegals are OK!!! (Like Hell!)

From a reader:

Right now there is a labor shortage in the fields in California. Picking fruit is hard rough outdoor work. A lot of the undocumented labor lives communally, without electricity or TV amenitities etc. I doubt you could get the number of laborers needed, if you doubled the $9-$10 an hour pay. If you did you would either have to increase the price of the fruit or make less money. You can call growers greedy but if they can't make a profit or can sell their land to developers for more they will. Grocers import more fruits and vegetables all the time from other countries like, of all places Mexico, because it is already cheaper and folks like you seem to believe that there are lots of citizens willing to do hard manual labor for just a little bit better pay than illegals. There aren't. You are living in a fool's paradise. Most likely the roof over your head was built by an illegal. Almost assuredly what you'll eat at dinnertime was packed or picked by an illegal. US citizens have better choices for better pay. Who is going to do this work? You? Maybe if we get into a deep enough recession. Let's hope smarter heads than your group gets the McCain-Kennedy bill passed so we can help our economy.

"If you are too good for the work do we keep the law and export the job or change the law and import the worker?'

My reply:

Illegal immigrants are breaking the law, which makes them criminals by strict aniond even loose defenition. They can come in legally, but choose not to...why? Most of us who are five or six generation Americans had great greats who came to america, too, but they managed to come legally. Why can't Mexicans?

I have also stressed in my immigration articles that to pretend times haven't changed is insane. There are too many coming in now only to abuse the system and tax payer money. On top of that, there are too many coming in whose goal isn't self-improvement but national destruction. We are at war, sir, and until America is safe, we have every right to treat illegals like the criminals they are and to limit immigration to what we can afford and those we can trust. We accomplish nothing if we are brought down, and neither do the illegals, or any immigrant for that matter.

I can't begin to count the numbers of times my dad would come home talking about some Mexicans from his job that he wished we could help. The answer is NOT for Americans to be the world's tit, but for the world to overthrow wicked governments. Mexico's government is evil...why don't Mexicans overthrow them? When it is so damned easy to come here, you have no incentive to make your own land better. Mexico is your country...why don't you fight for it? It belongs to you, not need to take it back! The answer is to take back your own land, not turn ours into another Mexico. Until you are willing to fight for yourselves on your own soil, don't talk to me about what we should be doing for those who break our laws. You haven't earned with blood what we have, and I have no respect for those who aren't willing to fight for what they believe or even their own land. Until you show you are willing to fight for what is yours, you have no right to tell me not to fight for what is mine.