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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Michelle Malkin had an interesting post at her website this past Monday on the obvious intentional manipulation by the press of a photo of Condoleeza Rice. She wrote to a man she knew who did this for a living, who confirmed that it was a deliberate and malicious manipulation. California Conservative went even deeper into the fraud.

Wow…this ought to really be a “heads up” to the commie-controlled media. Trouble is, they’ve been caught lying/manufacturing stuff before, and it has yet to have any effect on them whatsoever.

I don’t have a whole lot of faith that this time will be any different.

Look at their treatment of Israel. Once again, the Palestinians have broken the roadmap, yet MSNBC does their best to first make it look like the Israelis did it—hence their headline that suggests this written as Suicide bomber in Israel kills 5, wounds 30, and their subtitle justifying the attack once you realize that it was yet again the Palestinians: A revenge bombing.

They should write for Al Jazeerah…they have the same objectivity.

From their slanted writings about abortion, war/warriors, communism, Islam, education, gays, straights, immigration, Israel, and politics to their arrogance in sticking by their lies in the face of evidence to the contrary, they are at best a joke and at worst a tool. Or is that the other way around?

The MSM is in its death throes to be sure. But exactly how long is it going to take this beast to die?

Exactly as long as we continue to supply just enough life support to keep them going. Why don’t we give them the Schiavo treatment and let them out of their—and our—misery? Stop feeding these groups and they’ll die a tortured death.

Although the idea of “Death with Dignity” doesn’t really apply to the MSM. Why should their death be any different than their life?

Now that’s a nasty picture!


Starfish Destroyer said...

Yeah, I am all for freedom of the press unless:

1. It's all bullshit and lies.
2. It will compromise National
3. It follows no particular
political party and is unbiased.

The penalty for both should be to be hung in public by whatever genitals voted upon by the citizenry and treated as any other traitor. Screw this "Protect the sources" horse crap. If they cannot prove their sources, than it's a lie as far as I am concerned.

The best aprt is, many MSM Liberal bullshit stations and papers have been losing ALOT of steam and credibility.
Thanks of course to Blogs like this...hee hee.

Unknown said...

And they STILL aren't getting it! They truly think we admire them. The internet is their undoing!

comengetit said...

The only thing that I believe that comes out of the mouth of a national media representative is "We'll be here when you wake up." They will never go away, it would be bearable if they weren't so G damn obvious in their lies. How can they caption a scene on television, as we watch it, that completely contradicts what we are seeing and still go to bed at night. We have an entire field of that guy in Iraq who made a complete fool of himself while telling his people we weren't anywhere near Baghdad as a U.S. tank rolled by in the background.

Maybe we need to wake 'em up...say sending 200 armed rednecks to their doorsteps demanding a redress of their policy.

John said...

Well I did my part I cancelled all newspaper subs about 2 months ago. When the Austin American Statesman called to ask why I was cancelling after 27 years. Itold them you are too damn liberal and I'm not paying to read your s**t. Just to let you know how liberal Austin (Travis County Texas) is they were the only Texas county to vote against the constutional amendment to define marrage as the union of one man &one woman. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to the old bumper sticker "Steers and Queers nowhere but Austin"
Where the Media is conserned we need to take a hard look at the defination of Treason. Desent is one thing but distorting the news to fit their agenda(Left-Wing Commies)and embolden the enemy (Islamic Loonies) is TREASON.

kender said...

Hi, first time commenting here, and I just want to say great blog. I will be back.

Unknown said...

Oh yes! The more the merrier! Can't you just hear the hippies now? mwah hah hah

Alnot said...

Just remember that leftists are commited traitors and will seldom listen as they destroy themselves. Not until confronted with reality do they ever change or just plain die in denial. What a said time will be their judgement day.

Alnot said...

Someday I am going to have to learn to proofread. Arizona has a budget surplus and our commie media had the headline "Most People Do Not Want a Tax Cut" Talk about an obvious lie!

Unknown said...

What freakin' lie! You know, I'm going to write an article about it. The only ones who don't want it are the ones who have been bludgeoned into believing that they are selfish and bad if they want to keep all of their money. It is an evil government who takes more of its people's money than God himself requires. If 10% is good enough for Jesus, it ought to be good enough for Uncle Sam.

Officious Pedant said...

It's nice to see a place where all those who are a special kind of crazy can gather and commiserate with each other over how much OTHER people lie, and deceive, and twist the truth.

On the other hand, it's deeply disturbing that in the midst of all these demands for supporting the troops, and let's go get all the bad guys, you want your tax cuts too.

Hey, warchick, you're all about history, though not too clear on, say, the last two thousand or so years, can you tell me a single culture, government, movement, or collective, that waged war and reduced the burden on its members while doing so? Someone with your encyclopedic grasp of the last 50 years or so shouldn't have any trouble whatsoever.

Unknown said...

Yep. America managed to do so up until after the Civil War, when the first roots of the unconstitutional income tax were suggested.

>>Without the income tax, would the government collapse? The answer is to ask yourself when the government began. Let’s say 1784. When did the income tax begin? Nineteen thirteen. Between 1784 and 1913, there were 129 years. For many of those years, there were no internal taxes at all! Yet, just before the illegal income tax of 1894, the big problem in Congress was the "Surplus Monster." Tax money was pouring in and Congress didn’t know what to do with it.<<

Apparently, Congress solved the "surplus" problem.

And for all readers, a refresher from my 2005 archives: