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Friday, July 27, 2012

A minute of silence for the Murdered of Munich, 40 years ago

The Olympic Committe refuses to hold a minute of silence for those magnificent Israeli athletes who were murdered 40 years ago at the Munich Olympics.  They claim it is too "political."

Their refusal isn't political, it's Abominable.  Shame, shame, shame on their creepy, impotent, eunuch asses.

The #PoliticallyCastrated #IslammunistEunuchPiggies who did it will serve up their roasted pig asses in hell for a satanic feast, which means that they will eventually be crapped into hell's sewer from whence they sprang.

And the noble Israeli athletes?  Busy practicing in Heaven's crystal city, waiting for the day their loved ones join them. 

Watch it all, and don't you DARE forget what those make believe piggies from a make believe land did to a very real, very Godly people and nation.

#StandWithIsrael #4Zion #SeeYouInHellIslammunistPiggyEunuchs

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Your daily GAY from the DPRK!

***This absolutely deserves the Dr. Seuss Moment***

OK, more evidence that #PoliticallyCastrated #Islammunism makes you not only retarded AND Mentally Ill, but a servant of #Fagatronics!  From the July 13, 2012 edition of the Korean Central News Agency:


calendar>>July 13. 2012 Juch 101

Rodong Sinmun Calls for Displaying Patriotism
Pyongyang, July 13 (KCNA) -- Patriotism is expressed in sprucing up one's home-yard, to begin with, and one's family and one's birthplace mean one's country, says Rodong Sinmun Friday in a bylined article.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited Hasin-dong, Sosong District in Pyongyang on July 11, 1972 and learned in detail about the work of dongs and people's neighborhood units. He, on this basis, made public his work "On Improving the Work of Dong and People's Neighborhood Units".

His work serves as an important programme to be always held fast to by the Korean people in the drive for building a thriving nation, the article says, and goes on:

A dynamic work has been pushed forward in the DPRK to turn workplaces and villages into a thick forest and woodland. As a result, the number of villages in parks and workplaces in woods is increasing and many dongs and people's neighborhood units have been spruced up to fit a socialist fairyland.

"Turn all the urban and rural areas into socialist fairylands thick with trees and flowers and resounding with people’s laughter!" This is a joint call of the Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea. Sky-high is the resolution of the Korean people to carry out the joint call. It is the unanimous desire of all people to more splendidly and beautifully spruce up their own streets, villages and workplaces as required by a thriving nation and thus glorify the country as a developed and highly civilized socialist country.

A lot of families across the country sent their children to the posts for defending the country and sincerely assist the service personnel materially and morally as their own parents would do. Servicepersons help civilians, and vice versa throughout the country. And beautiful traits of loving and taking care of war veterans and families of honored wounded soldiers and service personnel are given full play.

Everybody thinks more of the country than of his or her family and spares nothing for bolstering the capability for national defence. It is the real picture of Songun Korea today that this patriotic trait is given full play.

When the Korean people pool their patriotic wisdom and energies to materialize the plan of the Workers' Party of Korea for building an economic power, they will display Herculean strength, indeed, concludes the article.

Ah propaganda!  Propping up the lie since Marx crapped out his Communist Manifesto!

"Turn all the urban and rural areas into socialist fairylands thick with trees and flowers and resounding with people’s laughter!"

Gayest sentence EVER!  Only in a socialist fairyland...oddly appropriate, since both socialists and fairies are the conjurings of mad men.

But this sentence?  It's just plain evil, and a warning of they sociopathy of the regime:

Everybody thinks more of the country than of his or her family and spares nothing for bolstering the capability for national defence.

Why does it feel like they left the words "or else" off?  Sick sick sick...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Your daily insanity, courtesy of North Korea: "Those who buy axes say they would like to cut off Lee's windpipe with them. I think what they say is just public sentiment"

Just can't make this stuff up....where are the #HateCrimers on this one?  They actually use the word "hate" before describing how they would "murder" people?

From July 11, 2012 KCNA:

calendar>>July 11. 2012 Juch 101

DPRK People Seized by Hatred for S. Korean Regime
Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea had already declared that it would react to any insult to the dignity of its supreme leadership with merciless retaliation.
Nevertheless, the rat-like Lee Myung Bak group of traitors in south Korea egged a handful of human dregs on to desecrate the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership again when Ro Su Hui, vice-chairman of the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification, was going back to south Korea after his visit to the DPRK.
The people in the DPRK are now getting enraged at such provocation.
Thae Nam Guk, a soldier of the Korean People's Army, told KCNA:
"The traitors' anti-DPRK hysteria has gone to the extremes.
It is high time that we, servicepersons, showed our surging anger in action.
I will knock to pieces the head of rattish Myung Bak with my fist and throw it into the ditch of Chongwadae.
His henchmen, too, will be bayoneted by our soldiers."
Ko Hyon Suk, a saleswoman of the Phyongchon District Direct Sales Shop in Pyongyang, said:
"Voices of hatred toward the Lee Myung Bak clan can be heard from among customers.
Those who buy axes say they would like to cut off Lee's windpipe with them. I think what they say is just public sentiment."

"I will knock to pieces the head of rattish Myung Bak with my fist and throw it into the ditch of Chongwadae."

Wow.  Proving yet again that #communism is for the mentally ill, psychotics, and sociopaths.

Incitement much?  Can ya feel da love? 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First September, then November: Private online viewing of the Clinton-censored THE PATH TO 911


Remember this?


Here's some info, details still in final stages!

I've made 3 trailers for it to remind people and get them angry.  This is 2 months before the election...I want people to remember what happens when COWARDS LEAD!

Cyrus has said that so long as he is stateside or has access to a reliable internet connection that he will join us for the viewings, which will be over 2 nights because it is a 5 1/2 hour docudrama.  He is delighted to have a question/answer period after each night.  John Ziegler, who made a documentary about what happened entitled BLOCKING THE PATH TO 911, has said he would join us if we could get someone like Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck to be involved. 

 I am NOT afraid of the Clintons or Disney, let them bluster and blow, THIS IS IMPORTANT.  We do NOT censor in America, and this is THE definitive docudrama on 9/11, beginning with the WTC bombings in 1993. 

 The reason the Clintons are so upset and demanded this not be shown is because it demonstrates 1 of about 13 opportunities they had to get Bin Laden in the 90's--before the African Embassies, before the USS Cole, and of course, long before 9/11--and how they were too nutless to make the call.  (It's the reason Sandy Berger stole official documents and destroyed them; those documents showed the failed opportunities to get Bin Laden, and he knew there would be hell to pay for the Clintons and himself if the 9/11 commission had access to them!)  They did air the show, but cut out that particular scene, and then of course refused to every show it again or release it on DVD. 

 The copy Cyrus gave to me, however, has that scene in it, and it WILL be included.  I figured we could get people to tweet about it while watching using the hashtag #ThePathTo911 and get it trending...perhaps we could headquarter the viewing in NYC the week of the anniversary and invite Guiliani, the Bushes, etc. to be in the audience.  

Past write-ups about this outrageous traitorous and un-Constitutional behavior:

Disney and the Path To 911

Learn about John O'Neill

Big Hollywood write-up on The Path To 911 viewing

Hollywood's Deliberate Re-Writing Of History

Daily Caller Covers Disneys' and Clintons' Rape of Free Speech

Trying Men's Souls and The Mouse That Silenced

Here are the three trailers I've made, they are up on youtube:

We must not allow iron-fisted Totalitarianism even 1 inch in this land; as a studier of military history, I know that no country that has ever tolerated a little has EVER remained free.  Not a single one.  We are not above the laws of math (patterns); we must get the people outraged, and I believe knowing what people like the Clintons and Obama (cut from the same commie cloth) have done will be the best indicator for what they will do. 

 Please don't let the Igers, Clintons, and Obamas of the world shut us up.  If they succeed now it will be decades before our great-grandchildren will ever be free again.

 Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY!

From an LDS friend in Denmark, a letter for her 15 year old daughter

So when exactly are we going to stand up against Political Castration....?  I mean, if going after your kids isn't just cause, can you let me know what MIGHT be?

WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!! My daughter just got a letter and I don´t care that it´s adressed to´s adressed to everyone that turns 15!!!! And tells her of her right to now choose a doctor without the consent of her parents or legal guardian OH HOW I HATE SOCIALISM....this is offcourse because she is now entering the "sexually active" period of her life (not that it says that) and they want her to be free to do whatever she wants sexually without her parents knowing...WHAT!!!!!!! no thanks I say I want to keep track off whatever vaccines they try to put in her, I´ve even told her because I´ve seen how fast they are to go "Oh, I can see you didn´t get your Gardasil whatever vaccine, lets get that done now that you are here anyways" AND I´ve made it very clear to her she is NOT seing a doctor without me! Somebody needs to protect her...arrgghhhhh I´m outraged!  It's the first time I've had a 15 year old and I didn't know they did this!!!

When you hand your balls over to Political Castration, they apparently assume that all you own is theirs to use and abuse sexually....good luck Danish're fair game now!  After all, Marx and Lenin called it "selfish" for females to  not share themselves sexually with the state...nice to have male lust endorsed by your KINGS, isn't it?


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Latest trailer for the mass private online viewing of THE PATH TO 911! Protest censorship of our history!

Speaking of propaganda....

...this will make your day!

calendar>>July 4. 2012 Juch 101

Myth of U.S. "Mightiness" Shattered in Korean War
Pyongyang, July 4 (KCNA) -- The myth of the "mightiness" of the U.S. imperialists was exploded in the Korean War (June 1950-July 1953) for the first time in history.
It was entirely attributable to President Kim Il Sung's military wisdom.
The President always countered the aggressors with offensive spirit and unparalleled courage and grit.
His Juche-based war tactics resulted in the liberation of the city of Seoul three days after the outbreak of the war and sinking of a U.S. heavy cruiser, called "moving islet in the sea", by attack of only four torpedo boats.
An advance unit of the so-called U.S. "undefeated division" was annihilated at a stroke, attacked by a unit of the Korean People's Army. KPA units broke through in two days the enemy defence line built along the River Kum as "the line of no retreat". The commander of the "undefeated division" was arrested by a young KPA soldier in a battle in Taejon City.
In a nutshell, the war brought about the beginning of decline for the U.S. imperialists.

In a nutshell is where they belong.  The war started at the 38th parallel when NoKo forces invaded on June 25, 1950.  After 3 years of fighting and hundreds of thousands ChiComm and NoKo deaths, that is also where it ended.  NoKo didn't gain one inch.

Sounds like a win to me.

Back to your nutshell...

Join me this September and watch...then remember for November

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I haven't written about North Korea and the Secret Combination of Islam and Communism....

...because I'm frustrated.  After having coined the term ISLAMMUNISM back in 1996 and being mocked for it, then outlining in dozens of articles the movements of this unGodly alliance, and all to no avail.  I've pontificated about the evils and outrage of the mentally ill idea of LIMITED WAR, the enactment of which is why we have never again had a clear victory in the name of NICENESS, something our enemies have delighted in hellish fire dances as they've celebrated our foolishness that has surrendered this nation, dedicated to GOD, to satanic forces that seek our blood, our souls, our sacred honor.

But again I saw a pattern playing out, about a month ago, that was confirmed today with the missile launch in Iran.

Over the years the Korean Central News Agency, the one and only state-run newspaper of North Korea and the most outrageously hilarious propaganda in black and white since the USSR printing presses rusted over, records visits from Iran, usually regarding exchange of "farming practices and equipment." 

I guess the fact that North Korea has been in an on-again, off-again famine for over 15 years now making the idea of them being "farming giants" or "lectures" preposterous is quickly forgotten when you're from an oil-rich nation with sand up your butt, but for those of us who subscribe to critical thinking, it was impossible to ignore.  And of course, always within weeks, either NoKo was conducting some sort of weapons test, or Iran was.  Or Libya.  Or Syria.

Remember, I coined the term ISLAMMUNISM because I was suspicious of all the Pakistanis in NoKo in the mid-90's, followed by North Korean visits to Pakistan.  Then they started cropping up in Iran, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc., with people from those countries visiting NoKo.

And all for FARMING SECRETS?  Puhleeeeeeeeeeze!

So about a month ago, I became alarmed at the following articles, and sure enough, today Iran launched a missile.  (Watch for something from Libya too, and possibly Egypt, and our closest Communist Cuba.  And do NOT forget the betrayal of the "neutral" Swiss to the Jews under NOT trust them...I can hear the ominous rumblings growing....)

See for yourself:

calendar>>May 29. 2012 Juch 101

Iranian Diplomats Visit PUFS
Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- Ambassador Morteza Moradian and staff members of the Iranian embassy here visited Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies on May 29 on the occasion of the week of DPRK-Iran friendship.
The guests looked round the room dedicated to the history of the university and a lecture room, being briefed on the fact that the university is furnished with facilities for education and scientific work to bring up able students.
At the end of the visit the ambassador said he was pleased to see the successes being achieved in the educational work of the university and the students' study.
He expressed belief that the friendly relations between two countries would steadily develop in various fields under the deep concerns of their leaders.
The guests donated sports equipments to the university.

calendar>>May 30. 2012 Juch 101

Iranian Embassy Donates Farming Materials to Co-op Farm
Pyongyang, May 30 (KCNA) -- The Iranian embassy in Pyongyang donated farming materials to the DPRK-Iran Friendship Ripsok Co-op Farm in Mundok County, South Phyongan Province on the week of DPRK-Iran friendship.
A donating ceremony took place on Wednesday.
Present there were members of the DPRK-Iran Friendship Association, farmers, Iranian Ambassador to the DPRK Morteza Moradian and his embassy officials.
A letter of donation was conveyed after speeches.
The ambassador wished officials and farmers working in the farm associated with the leadership feats of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il greater achievements in agricultural production.
He expressed belief that the relations between the two countries would grow stronger.

calendar>>June 5. 2012 Juch 101

Libyan Diplomat Helps Korean Farmers
Pyongyang, June 5 (KCNA) -- Muhammad Mustafa, chief of the Libyan Economic Cooperation Bureau here, gave a helping hand to the DPRK-Libya Friendship Jangchon Vegetable Co-op Farm in Sadong District, Pyongyang on Tuesday.
After going round the room for the education in the revolutionary history, he helped farmers in a greenhouse.
The chief said the Libyan people's friendly feelings towards the Korean people will remain unchanged, adding the bilateral relations of friendship have a long historic tradition.
Noting that the farm has made remarkable development under the deep care of the peerlessly great men, he expressed belief the farm would register great success in the vegetable farming this year.
He handed aid materials to the farm.

calendar>>June 21. 2012 Juch 101

Reply Message to Kim Jong Un from Raul Castro Ruz
Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, received a reply message on June 18 from Raul Castro Ruz, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, president of the Council of State and president of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba.
The message said:
Expressing thanks to you for extending warm congratulations on my birthday, I, availing myself of this opportunity, affirm the will to continue strengthening the fraternal relations between our two countries.
I extend my heartfelt greetings to you.

calendar>>June 25. 2012 Juch 101

DPRK, Swiss Party Delegations Hold Talks
Pyongyang June 25 (KCNA) -- Talks were held between the delegations of the Workers' Party of Korea and the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland in Pyongyang on Monday.
Present there from the WPK side were members of the WPK delegation led by Kim Yong Il, alternate member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the C.C., the WPK. Attending it from the opposite side were members of the delegation of the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland led by Rene Imoberdorf, member of the Council of States from the party.
At the talks both sides informed each other of their party activities and exchanged views on further developing the relations between the two parties.
The talks proceeded in a friendly atmosphere.

calendar>>June 25. 2012 Juch 101

Iran to Produce Anti-armor Weapons: Defense Minister
Teheran, June 24 (KCNA) -- Iran would mass produce new generation of anti-armor weapons in the near future. Iran's Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, unveiled this plan at a ceremony on Tuesday.

calendar>>June 26. 2012 Juch 101

Congratulations to Egyptian President
Pyongyang, June 26 (KCNA) -- Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, Tuesday sent a congratulatory message to Muhammad Muhammad Morsi Isa Al Ayat upon his election as president of Egypt.
Kim in the message expressed belief that the traditional relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries would steadily grow in the future and sincerely wished him great success in his responsible work to ensure the stability of the country and achieve its economic development and prosperity.

calendar>>June 26. 2012 Juch 101

Congratulations to New Pakistani PM
Pyongyang, June 26 (KCNA) -- DPRK Premier Choe Yong Rim Monday sent a congratulatory message to Raza Pervez Ashraf upon his election as prime minister of Pakistan.
Convinced that the good friendly and cooperative ties between the peoples of the DPRK and Pakistan will further develop in the future, the message wished the prime minister great success in his responsible work.

No more warnings, it is here.  And we have long been warned....the warnings have stopped.  It is here.

The teacher from hell's sewer is back to teaching...what say you parents? Start calling and emailing...THIS MUST NOT STAND!

NC teacher captured on video suggesting student could be arrested for Obama criticism

A North Carolina high school teacher was captured on video shouting at a student who questioned President Obama and suggesting he could be arrested for criticizing a sitting president.
The Salisbury Post, which first reported on the YouTube video, did not identify the teacher in question, who is reportedly on staff at North Rowan High School. The video does not show faces, but the heated argument in the classroom can clearly be heard.

Read more:

The video (way to go high school kid, the only one with balls, apparently):

My email to her boss:

Dear Mr. McDowell, (email: Phone: 704-636-4420)
***I have a degree in education, so don't try to pull any crap with me you'd pull with people who don't know this wretched system from the inside out***
I am asking every facebook friend, reader of my writings, and twitter follower to write to you and demand the firing of the jaw-dropping abomination, bullying, intimidation tactics, and outright lying that your so-called social studies teacher engaged in. The youtube video makes it self-explanatory, under the assumption that unlike that POS mess you hired, your
IQ is higher than your shoe size and you have at least an atom of integrity. I'm not counting on it, since next to politicians, teachers are the most Politically Castrated group on earth; but I am hoping you still have your balls and didn't hand them over to Political Castration.
Every syllable, every screech, every eye-bulging anger-filled lie this abominable creature spewed was a lie and smacked of the Communism that has been fully entrenched in the NEA for 50 years now. If she is not fired immediately then you deserve to be abandoned as a district, not just a school. That you would tolerate this despicable creature stinkin' up your halls is a testament to your own wretchedness.
You will be hearing from me again, as the fact that this pile of excrement has been allowed to continue and is fully confident that she has nothing to fear is an ominous foreboding of your nutless nature. SHAME ON EVERY ONE OF YOU. YOU WILL NOT TREAT OUR CHILDREN THIS WAY, SO HELP US GOD.
I can't make this any clearer, as unlike you I don't speak "oink." For the logic impaired, I did indeed imply that you are all mud-caked pigs.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY! (This is normally how I end an email, but it is a foreign language ot our current educational "standards," so do what you clearly do best and ignore the truth while blugeoning with the lie)

--SO SAYS WARCHICK, Resa LaRu Kirkland
Columnist/Writer/Speaker/Military Historian/The Anti-Feminist!
Agree with RESA at, SmartGirlPolitics, Facebook, MySpace, and
Hippies, commies, and femmies opinions altered here!!
POW/MIA: Bring them home or send us back!

DO NOT HOLD BACK...BOTH BARRELS! This is freakin' unacceptable! HOMESCHOOL!!!