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Friday, July 08, 2011

TRYING MEN’S SOULS And The Mouse That Silenced

by Resa LaRu Kirkland


Thomas Paine wrote in his famous war cry, “These are the times that try men’s souls.

He was right then, and he would be right today as well.  Have you ever seen more flagrant, gross, or outrageous violations of morality, common sense, or our beloved Constitution than exists in the past few years?  If you are a student of history and a master of critical thinking, the answer is an immediate and loud “No!”

Our Founding Fathers (FFs) knew their obligation was to truth, not politeness.  They also knew that when wicked leaders rule, the pattern of history is that truth is outlawed.  First they start by regulating your actions, then your speech, and then, in defiance of all reason, the idea of regulating human thought actually becomes rational.

And learn this now:  no freedom in history has ever been snatched from humanity without first being regulated “for our own good.”

                                                                    Cyrus Nowrasteh

It is with this knowledge that I have undertaken a task that could get me into trouble, for the nation’s “own good.” 

I am personally sponsoring a private online viewing of THE PATH TO 911 this September.  It is the definitive docudrama of what led to 9/11, beginning with the 1993 WTC bombing and ending with the collapse of the towers.

Why do I need to undertake such a task?  Because in spite of paying 40 million dollars to have it made, in spite of planning to give it to high schools across the country to use when they taught about the worst attack on American soil in our history, in spite of promising to release it within 6 months of its premiere, in spite of expressing their goal to show it every year on the anniversary of 9/11, in spite of 27 million people watching it over two nights when it debuted in 2006 for the 5th anniversary, in spite of garnering 7 Emmy nominations, and in spite of writer/producer Cyrus Nowrasteh’s vigilant determination to research thoroughly and bring us the truth (which he did, and beautifully so) Disney has refused to not only release it on DVD, but has refused to ever ever ever show it again, not even on the anniversaries.

Why?  Two words, and nasty ones at that:  Bill and Hillary.  What the truth showed about Clinton cowardice could not only stain his “legacy” (disgusting pun fully intended), but threatened the still-on-the-table future Presidency plans for Hillary. 

Why should Disney CEO Robert Iger care?  Because he is best buds with the Clintons, and contributes to their campaigns.

That’s called political thuggery.  That’s called deceit and cowardice.  That’s called un-American.


So I am going to do it myself.  Watch the trailer below, and then you tell me if it’s OK for Politically Castrated, impotent and pathetic pols to commit abuse against the Constitution and re-write history.

And if you can do it without the red face, clenched teeth, and flared nostrils, I don’t want you involved.  Because if this evil doesn’t make you angry, then you don’t know right from wrong, and there’s nothing worse than the guy who walks the middle of the road.  They put everyone in danger, not just themselves. And they don’t have what it takes to handle the times that try souls when a mouse remains silent.

Get angry.  Get informed.  Get ready…cause for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, free speech lives again.  Watch the trailer and take a stand.

Get some faith, bros, and some courage, for there’s no substitute for VICTORY.

See you in September….


Meira Lettieri Kingberg said...

I use a Mac and I could not watch this. the buffering was terrible. I went to You Tube and found the video but also some buffering problems. is tehre anything you can do because I'd love to watch either now on You Tube or at your private screening. I'm in Israel so I don't know if I'll be able to do it then.

Unknown said...

Meira, so sorry! I'll talk to one of my genius friends and see if they have any suggestions. It plays well for me, but I'll find out if there's a problem when it's being viewed from overseas. Thanks for the head's up!