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Thursday, July 28, 2011

THE "ALEX" ARTICLES--repost compilation

***In Spring, 2005, I received a letter from a young Muslim man who had left Islam.  At the time, he was finishing up graduate shcool, and wrote of his change of heart which occurred while he was in Europe attending the university.  This letter spawned a friendship which lasts to this day, as well as multiple articles.  I have decided it is time to compile and re-release them here.***

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. --John Adams

I’ve known this quote for some time now. In fact, after WWII, this quote seemed to have come to fruition. We became the technological powerhouse of the entire world.

So what happened?

"[I have] a conviction that science is important to the preservation of our republican government, and that it is also essential to its protection against foreign power." --Thomas Jefferson

I received a letter this week from a young Muslim man sending a dire warning to Americans. Yeah, I was as surprised as you are! He sought me out as someone who would actually listen because of my writings. What he said rang true…and terrifying

He wrote of being raised in Islamic ideology, and the subtle, sinister methods that go beyond bombings and murder. He states it perfectly, and should be heeded by wise freedom-lovers. It bears repeating…a LOT of repeating. His own words are best, so read for yourself:

"…I was part of the frightening "system" until I broke away. The conspiracy is more subtle and pervasive than even the most paranoid among you can fathom…All this ben Laden, Taliban and al Qaeda story is the greatest diversionary tactic in history. The real invasion is more insidious, serious and much further along then you can possibly imagine. And it is your own liberal halves that are playing such a vital role in that. I'm talking about the silent invasion of your universities by our people. Open any leading American university's website and look at the list of professors and graduate students, you will see a plethora of muslim names. These are people that are in America, taking advantage of American know-how, and waiting to go back to their own countries to strengthen them.

"For the past century, your strength has been your lead in technology, but can you maintain that in the face of the fact the MAJORITY of doctoral students in your universities' technological programs are foreigners?… And it's not just us muslims who are invading your universities. The greatest invasion is by Chinese and Indians, but there is a healthy percentage of Pakistanis, Egyptians, Turks, Indonesians and Arabs.

"I myself am a doctoral student…like the rest of the horde, I was a cog in the wheel. It is something that is not actively taught or talked about. It is like a subliminal message that is hammered into you.

"Can you imagine the damage that will be done if suddenly half of your university brainpower leaves?…But can you imagine the damage if half of that brain power goes to Islamic countries?…Every year thousands of young (muslims) leave for the US and Europe where they get graduate degrees in engineering and the sciences. Your own people are studying dancing, music, theatre, and art; all the while the knowledge that has made you powerful is slipping through your fingers.

"Wake up!… You can't let (muslim) ideology become the dominant one in the world. Already the nordic races are disappearing...It's the same in the US. You are being invaded by illegal immigrants, diluting your country to the point of fracture. Muslims are multiplying like rabbits while you are busy in family planning and aborting the babies that CAN be born. Do you think any amount of technological superiority will be able to guarantee your supremacy in the face of 1-to-10 numerical inferiority? How will you maintain your identity as a nation when English is replaced by Spanish as the national language? Already there are school systems in the southern states that are teaching pupils in spanish. Do your people not see this as a loss of national identity?

"What are your people doing about this? I'll tell you what. After 9/11, background checks were instituted for foreign students coming into the US. Because of this foreign student applications dropped…This instigated a crisis among universities, regents started writing congress and the senate telling them that it is an unacceptable situation. You can't find suitable graduate researchers out of 300 million people? You people need to shape up and start taking things seriously. Your secretary of state Colin Powell announced in Pakistan last year that the US would do everything to facilitate Pakistani students in the US. Stop bending over backwards and being so apologetic just for trying to protect yourselves from crazed fanatics."

Well well well. So now the rest of the world is recognizing us as a country apologizing for its own existence.

This young man isn’t someone who can be labeled by our Politically Castrated press as a "racist white American," thereby disarming him and leaving him impotent. He has not been taught in America’s education system to fear such an accusation as we in America have been taught. He simply states the truth…an odd concept in the age of wretched liberal control. His caveat is one that wise patriots have been trumpeting for some time now, but irrational liberals have disarmed, disabled, and disavowed. Read on:

"Take a look at this. It lists famous mathematicians by country. France is the highest with 211, England is second with 204, both countries are 20% the size of the US by population. This is because the US entered the game late. But entered it well. You had a good educational base and capitalized on it.

"Now I will come to my point. If the US could pull off this coup in the latter half of the 20th (even with such an apparently glaring discrepancy compared to France and England), then what is to stop someone else from pulling off the same coup in the latter half of the 21st?"

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This man’s name should be on this article for writing it, and it would be too…if he didn’t deeply fear Muslim reprisals. Even he is not safe from radical irrational rage.

Since when did defense become an evil? Since when do righteous people have to justify themselves for rejecting the wicked? We have had many wise, wonderful leaders…when exactly did we forget and lose our vigilance?

This is our land, and by God—yes, by Him!—it is up to us to defend her and keep the evil doer out. Closing our borders is an act that isn’t political—it’s critical!

"Our duty to ourselves, to posterity, and to mankind, call on us by every motive which is sacred or honorable, to watch over the safety of our beloved country…"--Thomas Jefferson

Logic, reason, truth…why is it that we’re having to be taught that by foreigners?

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

I’ll admit it—I’ve gotten a devilish delight out of the politics of PC—Political Castration. I mean, honestly—those who began this asinine speech are deserving of the ridicule. We’ve become hyphenated Americans, not the real things anymore, because Americans are evil, and it’s much better to be of another nation first—preferably a non-white nation—than admit to being a full-blooded fat, rich, American, and horrors!—white. I smell the stench of the UN in this mandate.

We fear mere words, checking first to see if anyone is within earshot before whispering them (dame, nigger, spic, chink, broad, gook, wetback, rag-headed sand monkey smelly-assed camel jockey, chick and even such logically descriptive words as "black" or "dark"), but only to a trusted confidant. (Remind anyone of the KGB’s dark days of encouraging citizens to turn in those who say the "wrong thing?")

Ah for the days when PC was only a bad joke I was forced to watch but could loudly poke fun at and thereby rebel against the stupidity of it all! I should have known it was the wretched precursor to the death of truth in favor of a life of make believe…and worse, the government-enforced calling of "right" wrong and "wrong" right, "terrorist" an "insurgent," and "Watch out for young Muslim men from the Middle East" becoming "pat down blond white Presbyterians from Minnesota."

Now my readers already know I lay this revolting development of the past four decades at the feet of its designers--Femmies, Lefties, and Hippies—and on the shoulders of its blind assemblage: Hollywood, television, and the Hippy Press. Fortunately, I never believed in their bull. I have a mouth, I know how to use it…I put the "itch" in "bitch," baby. To my utter delight, other Americans are opening their mouths, too, and finally shouting it out like they have a pair.

So we have a tale of three Muslim men, an Air Force Base in Oklahoma, a good American who did the right thing, and the ignorance, misinformation, and outright lies of our own government. In piecing this together and deciding who to believe we find the more disturbing answer is who we can not believe.

We can believe Michelle Malkin. We can believe Soldiers for The Truth. We can believe Brigitte Gabriel. We can believe Jeffrey Epstein. We can believe Bonnie Eggle. We can believe Sean Osburne. We can believe Debbie Schlussel. We can believe Mike Levine. And we can believe—brace yourself—my apostate Islamic Muslim informant, who agrees with the aforementioned people, and not our fearless leaders.

He was stunned. Is America trying to kill itself? That had to be it, because NO ONE could be this deliberately inept unless they were suicidal! He again stressed that America must remain the world’s super power. He reminded me that if we fail, a new government made up of the two giant enemies of humanity—Islammunism—will rule the world.

When I told him about the Air Base incident, he reminded me of the Soviet/Afghan war, in which the Mujahadeen gained a deadly proficiency at bringing down helicopters with the shoulder-fired Stinger missiles.

But what were they hoping to accomplish with a few downed helicopters? I mean, they couldn’t possibly hope to get very far and keep shooting…we’d be on them like stink on a raghead before they reloaded. So what was the point?

They wouldn’t need many, he said…only one. And, he calmly informed me, it wouldn’t be a chopper—it would be a jet.


When a jet is taking off, its burners are on full. The Stinger is a heat seeker, and since the plane doesn’t reach the Stinger’s 4000 ft ceiling for quite a while, it would be embarrassingly easy to blow it up. They could never bring down an airborne jet. But taking off and to a lesser extent landing…that’s another story.


I hated the answer.

Imagine, he said, Bin Laden on TV, claiming responsibility, and baiting America. "I have brought down one of your mighty weapons of war on your own soil; something none of your enemies have EVER been able to do. How hard would it be for one of my men to stand outside JFK and bring down a passenger jet?"

He was right…it would only take one fighter for a worldwide Islamic victory, and nationwide panic and morale defeat.

Able Danger, is a problem alright…almost as bad as Acceptable Destruction.

The real American government—the people—can open its mouth all it wants. The elected government is NOT hearing us. Unfortunately, the US government uses the wrong orifice to spew its crap-fest. They are the ones we can no longer believe, and phew, the smell is getting worse.

Americans now fear their own government more than they do any outside group. Now is the time to rise up with the power that God and the constitution endowed upon us and make our enemies hear and fear. By the people, For the people…WE THE PEOPLE ARE PISSED! Politicians, you’re days are numbered, so you’d better start packing. You’ve failed miserably, you’re no longer trusted, you’re no longer wanted, you’re no longer one of us. Out, out, damn spot! And take your other skanky, suck-off-the-government-tit spots with you. Come out among the "masses" you so adore and love. We’re waiting for you…every last one of us.

We fear you? No way, baby. You’d better fear us.

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

Never Again.

Post-WWII generations know these words. They were intended—in four simple syllables—to remind us of a time of unconscionable inhumanity, terror, and murder. They were supposed to warn the future that what is inconceivable to the good people of the earth is regularly conceived in the minds of the wicked. Their caveat should have lain to rest any debate on the appalling consequences of appeasement, ignoring totalitarians, and the myth of isolationism.

Then why is it that we continuously choose to play the "it’ll never happen to us" game?

It may be that our own tendency to believe in the good of humanity is working against us.

The reason our forefathers didn’t detail every "Do" and "Don’t" in our original documents is because they were counting on the logic and reasonableness of people born and bred in freedom. Being men with faith firmly established in God, they also believed that these same people would be good people, turning to God for answers in a changing world rather than leaning unto their own limited understanding.

How could they foresee a world gone mad with Political Castration—the fear of logical, reasonable, Godly men to even utter what is true? How could they have envisioned a world where the people feared the limitless power of big government to the point that they didn’t dare do what was right?

How could they have known that logical, reasonable and Godly citizens would kowtow to wretched communism within a four decade period, nullifying all they had bled and died for? How could they have anticipated the treason of the Walter Cronkites, Dan Rathers, and the entire MSM who used their freedoms to betray and attack the freedom-givers?

And how could they—who had such faith in the American people—have known we’d roll over and allow it without so much as a shot being fired?

We in modern-day America have the shortest attention spans in history. We are quickly and easily distracted. We have evolved to allow emotional frenzy to overcome what is logical and right. We know the details of Michael Jackson’s life and times more than we know what Kim Jong Il is up to. Our enemy laughs at our empty-headedness, and takes rampant advantage of these distractions to launch war—both subtly and blatantly—against us over and over again.

We are watching as Israel dismantles the land God bestowed upon them. These new orders come from man…our own man. This isn’t just the death knell on Israel; if it continues, it is ours as well. Ishmael’s descendants will NOT stop at Judah’s descendants only; they will seek out the other 11 brothers to destroy, and that includes us.

My Muslim contact continues to be baffled at what he views as our inexplicable decision to destroy ourselves. We shy away from defending ourselves because we will not dare profile the enemy. The MSM continues to overplay negative news about Americans and war while refusing to promote people like Jeffrey Epstein, who has taken off his blinders and is desirous to say who the enemy is, where he’s from, and what he’s up to. CBS pulled the ads he was paying to broadcast on their radio stations because "too many people might be emotionally affected by the subject matter".

Sixty-four years ago, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, it was stated loudly and clearly who the enemy was: his features, characteristics, beliefs, nationality, etc. No one feared to say that they were little brown men with slanted eyes who all looked alike from a far away land that didn’t believe in God and justified unprovoked attacks on us because their emperor was part deity. We knew it, we SAID it, and we went after them until they surrendered without condition. It was right, it was just, and given what Korea and China suffered at Japan’s hands, it was absolutely, positively necessary that we go after them and bring them down. We did so, and not only are we better off for it, Japan is better off too.

Now jump forward sixty years. When 19 men used civilian-filled airplanes to inflict horror and suffering on the American people, the enemy’s Muslim distinctiveness was whispered and down-played: his features, characteristics, beliefs, nationality, etc. Everyone feared to say aloud that we were looking for dark Muslim men who all look alike from far away lands that didn’t believe in God and justified unprovoked attacks on us—not military targets, but civilian ones—because their make-believe God allah had said to. Four years later, it is mentioned even less. Political Castration has won the day.

We are seeing the unbelievable happen right before our eyes. Our "We don’t negotiate with terrorists" mantra has given way to "Attack enough and we’ll give in." That is the message we sent when we gave Israel’s land to the enemy, and all the other enemy nations have taken heed of this event. We liberated Iraq only to have them a vote away from placing the law of the land under Islamic authority. This will bring Iraq and Iran together, tighter and more deadly than ever. No wonder the enemy believes that if we suffer enough casualties, we’ll quit fighting. I never would have believed it could happen. It happened.

"Dad, how come the Jews didn’t see it coming?" I used to ask my dad. When rumors started filtering back to Europe’s Jews that the Nazis were taking them and putting them in concentration camps as slave labor and eventual deaths, they refused to believe it. It was too outrageous to believe. Who would do such a thing? In spite of the signs that began to appear with more and more frequency, the European Jews were good, Godly people, who could not imagine such insatiable evil was about to befall them. Their belief in the goodness of mankind was their only failing. First came the little signs, then the signs too big to ignore. The unimaginable became the reality.

"Grandma, how come the Americans didn’t see it coming?" my grandchildren will someday ask me. When ominous little signs began filtering back to America that Islam is being taught and enforced by our enemies, we refuse to even name it, let alone believe it. It is too outrageous to believe. Who would do such a thing? In spite of the signs that are beginning to appear with more and more frequency, the Americans are good, Godly people, who cannot imagine such insatiable evil is about to befall us. Our belief in the goodness of mankind isn’t our only failing; we refuse to even mention the enemy and his infiltration of the last 30 years into our lives. First came the little signs, then the signs too big to ignore. The unimaginable has become reality.

We have ignored history’s caveat. We swore Never Again.

We lied.

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

One of my favorite icons in history is Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. I was raised with a great love for history by a dad who knew just about every damned thing to do with WWII. In fact, I had to be the only fifth grader who knew that Yamamoto planned the attack on Pearl Harbor. I didn’t stop there; I went on to tell my teacher and class that he was educated in America, warned Japan against fighting us, told them they would lose, was sent out to sea in part because his life was being threatened for daring to say the emperor could be defeated, his personal hero was Abraham Lincoln, and made the famous "Sleeping Giant" quote.

It was a warning we continue to ignore.

There was much about him to admire. He wasn’t just an intelligent man; he was wise and honorable. While studying at Harvard, he was awed by the American people. He could not get over what he called "their unfailing optimism." It was unimaginable to Yamamoto—they were not disciplined with the Bushido code, not part of the superior Japanese race. And yet, they had a sense of hope, a sanguinity that both baffled and inspired him.

He had been taught in Japan that easy living had made Americans soft and lazy. They would never have the disposition to fight a long, hard war…at the first loss of life they would fold. Americans had a silly sentimentality attached to the individual human life. The Japanese believed in never actually dying, and that ending your mortal life in war for the emperor meant eternal exaltation. It also meant that the parents of such a son would be financially compensated. (Hmmmm…sounds familiar.)

Japan had taught their people that Americans paid lip service to freedom being more precious than life, but they didn’t actually mean it. The 1930’s had proven that. America turned a blind eye to what was happening in the hope that it would all just go away; that Hitler would finally be satiated with each new nation he ravaged under the Nazi scythe. They had even ignored Japan’s aggression in Korea and China. This appeared to support the Japanese perception that Americans were just too ductile to take on the hard, disciplined nation of Japan. America had been the only realm that Japan and Germany feared could stop them. But once it became clear that they would do nothing and would actually look the other way, they became a joke to the two predator nations.

Yamamoto didn’t want to align with Germany. He told his Army friends that such an alliance would be death to Japan. When it happened, the heads of Japan’s military machine asked him to plan a first, massive strike on American soil. What he told them stunned the council.

"I can make an attack, and I can assure you of victory for the first 6 to 12 months of the war. But after that, I promise nothing. I also know that you think America is soft, and will not fight a sustained and costly war anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. If we start this war, we cannot stop at Hawaii or even California…we will have to march on until we are at the steps of the White House. We must follow the Geneva convention in this attack. If we deal with America dishonorably by not first signaling our intentions to them in cutting off negotiations, they will be unmerciful with us, and we will lose."

We all know what happened.

In the hours after the attack, Yamamoto found out that the message had failed to reach the President before the first strike as planned. In America’s eyes, it had been an unprovoked sneak attack. While all around him were celebrating their victory at Pearl, Yamamoto sat in stony silence. Slowly the others noticed, and out of engrained respect, sat to listen to what the great warrior had to say.

"The message did not reach Washington until hours after the attack began. I can think of nothing that would enrage the American people more than an unprovoked attack. I fear all that we have accomplished is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

There it is—the first reference to America being asleep on the job, and only awakening after being attacked.

All of Yamamoto’s predictions and warnings came to pass. Six months after Pearl, they suffered their first great defeat at Midway. By the first anniversary, the tide had turned. In less than four years, the American "terrible resolve" mushroomed for the entire world to see.

But there is one saying Yamamoto had that I do not agree with. When consulting with his Army friend about negotiating with America, he reminded him that "there is no final word in diplomacy." This is not true. When you have an enemy who refuses to acknowledge your right to live as you choose, you only have two word choices—capitulation or war.

Again we have an enemy who believes we cannot win. Unlike Yamamoto, however, they are not men of honor, who believe in following any of the established rules for warfare, let alone human decency. They turn their women and children into combatants—just as the VC did—and then exploit flaws in the American system they so despise to gain wealth, propaganda, and a world that will submit to Islam or taste the point of their spear. They do not warn their own people that they cannot win; instead they use our own people—hippies—on our own soil—Hollywood—to spread their lies and defend their civil rights, ensuring that they can continue in their wicked work until they succeed.

But we are fortunate. We still have those raised in Islam who recognize the evil and abandon it. They see the good things about America and Israel, and the two do not reckon. They choose the one that is right and good. Out of respect and a sense of safety for this land, they sound warnings to us constantly. My Muslim contact is one, but his warnings are many.

"You are under attack, and they will not stop. They will fight in ways you consider horrifying, such as using civilians and children against you. They will sign treaties only to get you to let your guard down. They will never honor a treaty because the Quran teaches it is not a sin to break a promise with the infidel. In fact, it encourages such behavior as an insidious way to weaken and destroy the enemy. In Islam you are taught to be a good neighbor, to attend barbecues, baby-sit for your neighbors, and get them to like you. This will make it harder for them to believe that Muslims are really that bad, thus enabling the goal of Islam and stunting America’s ability or willingness to stop them. It will also make it so you never see it coming—they’ll be at your party one weekend, and when—not if—the call comes, they will slit your child’s throat in front of you the following weekend.

"The Nordic races have been gutted to the point of fracture all over the world, but particularly in America. Your attitude and apparently mandated policy of racism against whites—the race that created and built America—is baffling. Allowing feminist ideals to put your children in the hands of the state from birth on is only ensuring that they will tow the government line and not fight back when the time comes.

"One of the problems I have with the black race is their attitude. (Don’t worry, he can say that. It’s only racist if you’re white.) I have a colleague from Africa who is black, and he is the best scientist I know. But the blacks in America have this outlook of entitlement—that they don’t have to work and sacrifice like the white races have. This is something they continue to do to themselves in spite of their vast opportunities. They don’t have to overcome what my African friend did—their choice of being criminals rather than men of honor is a result of their own attitudes and America’s continued guilt-ridden PC attitude that blacks have to be ‘taken care of.’ How does this help you? It’s insulting, yet blacks endorse it! By now it should be obvious that this policy is destroying you, and yet you continue it.

"Your universities are aiding and abetting the enemy by insisting that America give more visas to foreign students and overlook background checks. Why? Well, partly because they are the bastions of liberalism. But it is also because Americans don’t want to work hard in the un-glamorous and damned difficult fields of science. All of your top scientists in America are either Indian, Muslim, or Chinese. Why aren’t your children doing this? You are constantly being compromised when you have enemy nations creating technology in your land and sending it back home to use against you. They have even stolen from you, but your own press downplays it! How can you be so deliberately suicidal?

"Do any of you know what Mean Time Between Failure means? It is the guaranteed time that a new technology can last before it needs to be replaced. Say that a part is created for the space shuttle that has an MTBF of 2000 hours. In countries that are your enemies, they will make it only to last 1000 hours. I know this is done—I’ve seen it. Do you see how insidious this is? They are not only stealing your technology, but ‘dumbing down’ the products they send you, all in an effort to destroy you. Do you see now? Are you ever going to stop apologizing for defending yourself? Are you ever going to wake up and stop this policy of self-destruction? Why are you doing this? If America is brought down, then Islam and Communism will rule the world. I’ve seen both, which is why America must remain the predominant power in the world."

There’s that phrase again about waking up. I think it’s time that America stop sleeping so much. For a few more moments of rest we are compromising our future. Try getting any sleep then, America!

Stop sleeping, giant. You’re late for school, and you can’t afford that. You’re already behind in your lessons.

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

I’m sick of always saying "my Muslim contact," so from now on I will refer to him as "Alex." It’s vague enough to keep him protected from the wrath of Islam, and given what he continues to tell the non-Muslim world about Islam’s intentions, he needs protecting.

Alex doesn’t live in America. His observations come from a childhood raised in Islam, carefully studying us from a distant vantage point and applying a genius-level IQ to define what he sees; and what he sees is a nation on the brink, and an enemy ready to shove.

Over the past few months, we have had the opportunity to discuss many topics affecting America and the world in general. Why the urgency from a man who isn’t even American? Because as Alex puts it, "America has to remain the dominant power in the world; otherwise it will be run by Islam and Communism, and freedom will only be a memory." His analysis of what is so right about America—its passionate defense of world freedom—was right on the nose. As you will see, his caveats for America and the world are too.

AMERICA’S BORDERS: America is being diluted by people who are lazy and dumbing her down. They aren’t coming to you with anything to add, only everything to take. You have absolutely no control over who enters and who doesn’t, so you can’t tell if someone will be an asset or a liability to you. You say illegal immigration is against the law, but you keep giving amnesty to these criminals and do nothing to secure your borders. Recent events have made it undeniably clear that there are people out there who will stop at nothing to destroy you, yet you seem to apologize for defending yourself. You spend billions each year on printing government documents in both Spanish and English, in spite of having voted yourself an English speaking nation. No one else does that; why do you? Since when does the minority of the people call all of the shots? What happened to majority rule? There are already schools in southwest America that teach all subjects in Spanish. The number one need within any nation is the ability to communicate. You are shooting yourself in the foot. You need to close your borders, seal them off, capture all illegals, put them in prison, and then use them as labor for all of those so-called jobs that no one else will do. This would not only slow the invasion, but be a boon to your economy. The government should be doing what the Minutemen are doing, but if you the people are the "real Government" as you say, then you need to take it over. The recent Minutemen success has proven that you can do this, and do it well. Your government has failed you, and your constitution provides for you to take it back in such an instance. If now isn’t such an instance, then there never will be one. Other lands might wail and gnash their teeth, but you'll be safer and healthier. Stop apologizing for thinking of yourself.

YOUR MEDIA: I don’t understand this area of America at all. They seem intent on anything and everything that belittles and destroys the foundations of your country. They never support your wars or your soldiers—at least not since Vietnam—and deliberately only cover stories that will turn the world against you and get your men killed. I come from a land in the Middle East where there is absolutely no freedom of the press, and I love America’s fearlessness in supporting a free press. But the balance isn’t there. They are so horribly skewed in favor of communism and even in favor of your Islamic enemy that they don’t even try to hide it. They are the ones who gave words such as "racist" and "sexist" too much power, and they throw them around like kids pitching balls. And you Americans seem to feel so guilty for said "racism" that you let them! It isn’t racist to call people who would kill you your enemy, nor is it racist to want to keep criminals out of your home. We often watch your news from (the nation where Alex now lives) and look at one another in amazement at the way your press seems to take pleasure in obliterating you. Why won’t you do something about this? They’re not the only ones with freedoms.

EDUCATION: Go to any major university and look at their roster of professors and graduate students in any of the sciences, engineering or math fields. You won’t find an American name in any of them, or at least very very few. They are all Chinese, Muslim or Indian…why? Because you aren’t just outsourcing your jobs, you are outsourcing your brains. You have all the makings of a major "brain drain" going on in your country. You have 300 million people in your land…why aren’t you raising your own scientists? You pay lip service to hating discrimination, yet so –called "positive discrimination" happens in your universities non-stop. Foreigners aren’t just given preference over Americans but are actually paid to learn! You think you can stop it? Your universities will never allow it, and here’s why. 1. A large number of their professors are foreign…the brain drain would devastate them. Research would collapse, and the Silicon Valley—which is a major contributor to most universities—would disintegrate since most of its workers are, you guessed it, Indian, Chinese and Muslim. 2. If they lower the number of foreign students, they risk becoming a pariah by signaling they don’t want foreigners there. This can either label them racist—apparently a death sentence in America—or go back to the problem mentioned in #1. It is a vicious cycle that no university wants to risk. 3. After 9/11, the FBI background checks hindered the foreign student’s ability to come to America. Your universities began to lose out in graduate school applicants to the more open and friendly European nations, and their outcry was deafening. They demanded dropping the background checks because it was hurting them. Screw America…it was all about them. So in 2002 Powell personally promised one of the Middle Eastern countries that he would expedite the process, and he quickly freed up hundreds of visas to this enemy of America. Your own general did this. He isn’t the only one; your own government courts students from enemy nations who willingly send them over to both learn and act as spies. All the while these enemy nations are making billions of dollars from their people working on their behalf in other nations. And all because America’s children want to go into liberal arts, drama, and interpretive dance. 4. As an example, India is quickly becoming prosperous, encouraging many Indians who had planned to live in America to return home. I know India is not your enemy, but the largest Islamic population is in India. You’d be wise to keep that in mind, especially with Microsoft setting up one of its largest institutions there. And it’s not only India. When the scientific leaders from any foreign nation leave, they take their knowledge and skills with them, hence the brain drain leaving America and the brain flood entering your enemies.

ISLAM, COMMUNISM, AND OTHER ENEMIES OF AMERICA: I know you’re all about freedom, but how could you allow Iraq to even consider a constitution that makes Islam the law of the land? We are starting to think you are insane! That will bring Iran and Iraq together. Iran and North Korea are already buds, and North Korea and Pakistan are big friends, and China loves anyone who hates you. One of Pakistan’s scientists—Dr. Khan—was working for a nuclear facility in Europe when he stole nuclear capabilities and brought it to Pakistan, who then gave it to North Korea, who—along with Pakistan’s urging and the necessary centrifuges/plutonium they needed to get started—then taught the same thing they’d been taught to Iran, who will most definitely give it to Iraq! It’s not like they’re subtle about any of this either…they never keep any of their promises or treaties. The Koran teaches us to obey the laws of the land unless they conflict with the beliefs of Islam. Fraternizing with Jews and infidels is against Islam, so the Koran justifies its followers in breaking treaties, causing havoc, and murdering. And communism…? No subtlety there…they just want you destroyed. The Chinese manifesto names America specifically, and at any given time, 80% of their missiles are pointed at American cities. They will ally with any nation who will help them bring you down, including Pakistan and Russia, two nations with whom they are now working to build airplanes, destroyers, and ports capable of docking aircraft carriers. Yet you keep trusting these nations…signing roadmaps and treaties with them as if they haven’t already proven over and over again to be untrustworthy. Why? The Palestinians have never kept a treaty or a promise…not once, not ever, yet now you give them legitimate status. They won…they behaved like savages, murdering and destroying, and you rewarded them at the sacrifice of an ally. You are the only nation on earth that has ever called Islam a "religion of peace." In fact, we laughed so hard the first time we heard your president say it that it was the running joke for the next solid month. I was raised in Islam…there is nothing peaceful about it. Your enemies seem to know with whom to work when they want to destroy you…even Hitler turned to Muslims for help in WWII. Americans are the only ones who just aren’t getting it, and whose president and media are helping Islam pull off what none of your enemies has ever accomplished: the destruction of the United States of America.

I honestly have nothing more to add to what Alex said. When it’s been said this well, this thoroughly, well then, ‘nuff said. I guess the only thing left is to find out what we now have to say. America?

Keep the faith, bro, and in all things courage.

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