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Friday, July 27, 2012

A minute of silence for the Murdered of Munich, 40 years ago

The Olympic Committe refuses to hold a minute of silence for those magnificent Israeli athletes who were murdered 40 years ago at the Munich Olympics.  They claim it is too "political."

Their refusal isn't political, it's Abominable.  Shame, shame, shame on their creepy, impotent, eunuch asses.

The #PoliticallyCastrated #IslammunistEunuchPiggies who did it will serve up their roasted pig asses in hell for a satanic feast, which means that they will eventually be crapped into hell's sewer from whence they sprang.

And the noble Israeli athletes?  Busy practicing in Heaven's crystal city, waiting for the day their loved ones join them. 

Watch it all, and don't you DARE forget what those make believe piggies from a make believe land did to a very real, very Godly people and nation.

#StandWithIsrael #4Zion #SeeYouInHellIslammunistPiggyEunuchs

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