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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From an LDS friend in Denmark, a letter for her 15 year old daughter

So when exactly are we going to stand up against Political Castration....?  I mean, if going after your kids isn't just cause, can you let me know what MIGHT be?

WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW!!!! My daughter just got a letter and I don´t care that it´s adressed to´s adressed to everyone that turns 15!!!! And tells her of her right to now choose a doctor without the consent of her parents or legal guardian OH HOW I HATE SOCIALISM....this is offcourse because she is now entering the "sexually active" period of her life (not that it says that) and they want her to be free to do whatever she wants sexually without her parents knowing...WHAT!!!!!!! no thanks I say I want to keep track off whatever vaccines they try to put in her, I´ve even told her because I´ve seen how fast they are to go "Oh, I can see you didn´t get your Gardasil whatever vaccine, lets get that done now that you are here anyways" AND I´ve made it very clear to her she is NOT seing a doctor without me! Somebody needs to protect her...arrgghhhhh I´m outraged!  It's the first time I've had a 15 year old and I didn't know they did this!!!

When you hand your balls over to Political Castration, they apparently assume that all you own is theirs to use and abuse sexually....good luck Danish're fair game now!  After all, Marx and Lenin called it "selfish" for females to  not share themselves sexually with the state...nice to have male lust endorsed by your KINGS, isn't it?


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