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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DA PLANE! DA PLANE! When Did We Become Fantasy Island?

By:  Resa LaRu Kirkland

Nothing to see here, just a plane, move along, sir

First it was the spectacular missile launch during rush hour on November 8, caught on camera by a KCBS traffic chopper (raw video here), and the video during which Robert Ellsworth, former Deputy Secretary for the Department of Defense, called it a “large missile.”

No one could identify or lay claim to the missile, and in post-911, that is unsettling to say the least.

Then there were comparisons to the STILL unidentified December 31, 2009 missile launch in the exact same area.

And prior to THAT, this charmer from Norway on December 10, 2009, and on December 12, 2009, the exact same thing in the Russian sky.

And then, on November 10, 2010, on the opposite coast, a weird red streak behind the Empire State Building, caught again by a news chopper.

Within 48 hours there was a frothy insistence that the LA and New York sightings were airplanes, that we all “mis-saw” the condensation trails (contrails.)  They did protest too much that it was most definitely NOT a missile, but could provide no flight details, etc, to back up their plane theory.  Yes, their answer to “What is it?” was to insist repeatedly what it definitely was NOT.

What a load of desperate bull.  And Gen. Tom McInerney agrees.  (It’s hilarious to watch Richard Miniter insist the LA missile could be a “kid’s toy!”)

So does Gen. Paul Vallely.  I discussed with him my contention—and it is still my belief—that this missile is from either North Korea or China (or both,) especially given the fact that the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) has controlled both gates of the Panama Canal now for over 13 years, and the creepy alliance NoKo has with Cuba and Venezuela (both strong allies of Islammunism,) not to mention Raul Castro’s meeting with North Korean military chief only 4 days before the LA event

COSCO container ship in Panama Canal

He agreed that both nations are a threat, and wouldn’t totally discount the idea of a missile launch by them, but indicated that he believed it would come in a far more unique and insidious way.

The following is a transcript of a phone conversation WARCHICK had with Gen. Vallely on the afternoon of November 10, edited for the parts that specifically apply to the missile topic.

WC:  What is your opinion on the missile launch?  Is it a missile?

GEN:  If you look at Stand Up America, you’ll see the lead article on the contrail that we have up there today.  We look at it as a definite possibility.  The Channel Islands off of Santa Barbara, Vandenberg AFB south of Santa Barbara, all communication satellites and test missiles are launched out of Vandenberg, east of the Channel Islands. The reason we don’t think it’s an airplane is because most airplane contrails are pure white.  Mixed yellow and orange, indicating fuel exhaust, not just jet condensation trails.

WC:  Right…plus the trajectory?  Isn’t the trajectory all wrong for an airplane?

GEN:  Yes, the trajectory is too vertical, while planes are usually far more vertical; they don’t go straight up and then slowly begin to turn.  Theirs is a gentler, steady slope.  Trajectory and color of contrail indicates it’s not an airplane.

WC:  Why the frothy insistence that this is an airplane? 

GEN:  No idea.  First of all, if it was a classified launch, the government wouldn’t say anything anyhow.  They do test scuds, other enemy missiles.  And an actual enemy launch would have been picked up by the fleet and our facilities in San Diego.

WC:  If it’s our test, why rush hour when they know there will be traffic choppers and millions of witnesses?  Hardly secret.

GEN:  Exactly

WC:  Why continue to deny it, causing panic?  The original article at my site said, “…(Col. Dave) Lappan said…At this point, the military is working only with video taken from the local news camera, and NORAD and NorthCom apparently were not able to detect the contrail on their own.” How can they not detect the contrail?

GEN:  They can detect anything with those satellites.  Vandenberg has terrific missile tracking capability.  These all run 24 hours a day.  But still, everyone in the government is very close holed about it, that’s for sure.

WC:  So you definitely believe it’s a missile, possibility of a foreign missile, such as China or North Korea?

GEN:  They have the ability, they’ve been working with Iran, but whichever, they’ll more likely launch from ships, most likely the Shahab 3, or the Club K out of Russia, a container on a truck, the trucks will load the container on a ship somewhere else.  The large ship will come 50 miles off Seattle or LA, open the ass and fire the Shahab 3 from the container ship, go into the atmosphere, explode, you have EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse.)

WC :  You think it will come from ships, right under our noses, then.

GEN:  Can you imagine that?  That’s what we know they’re planning to use—EMP technology to blank out the grid, computers and everything.

WC:  Instant 3rd world status.  So in spite of the insistence of “Da Plane!  Da Plane!”, you believe it is a missile?

GEN:  Yes, clearly.

I did a simple survey of 10 men, either veterans, active military, or military historians, and all but one agreed with Gens. McInerney and Vallely:  this was clearly a missile.  Be it new secret technology, an enemy missile we test fired for study, or other, it was a missile.  So was the one last year.  And the others referenced above.

Russia last month, North Korea last month, and multiple sightings of clearly defined missiles in different time zones in the past year.

Yup, sounds like planes, Tattoo, so call Mr. Rourke, and let’s get this fantasy off the ground.
Just one more question:  Do those who frantically insist that the two LA missile sightings and the NY blaze are planes honestly believe that we in flyover country, who have seen contrails on a daily basis for well over 40 years now, have been stricken with sudden aeronautical technology amnesia? 

That makes about as much sense as all these freaky weird planes.  This confusion between clear anomalies in our skies and ho-hum plane contrails insures one thing:  the public won’t know what to think when it really does come.  And that is what our enemies are counting on.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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