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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TIME FOR I TOLD YOU SO; And For War...It's Inevitable Now

By:  Resa LaRu Kirkland

Let’s dispense from the beginning with the idea that more “sternly-worded letters,” sanctions, condemnations, or talks (serious this time!) are the answer to North Korea’s dual declarations of war.  They have NEVER worked, because when dealing with evil, you must speak to it in the language it understands.  Evil only understands violence.

And yes, it’s time for violence.

It gives me no pleasure to say so, but the pattern of history has borne out this truth:  there will never be peace so long as only one side is willing to abide by the rules for peace.

The pictures coming from Yeonpeyong, South Korea, are chillingly reminiscent of Pearl Harbor.  But did we get the “a date which will live in infamy” speech, which Pres. Roosevelt delivered only 1 day after the December 7, 1941 attack?


Here’s what we got from the Eunuch in Chief:  “…too soon to discuss ways the U.S. military might deter the reclusive communist state from another strike.”

And from his lapdog Stephen Bosworth:  “I would not at all accept that our policy toward North Korea is a failure," Bosworth said after flying to Seoul to meet South Korean officials. "They are a difficult interlocutor," he said of the North, "but we're not throwing our policy away."

While the North's uranium program is disappointing and provocative, he told reporters, it isn't surprising. "This is not a crisis."

The best lines are from PJ Crowley:  “…the Obama administration would take its time to assess the available information. He said the revelation of the new uranium enrichment facility would violate Pyongyang's obligation to stop pursuing nuclear weapons but also may be what he called a ‘publicity stunt.’”

But my personal favorite came from State Department spokesman Mark Toner, who called North Korea's actions "very, very bad."

I guess their answer is to send NoKo to bed without any supper.  I did not know this level of denial existed outside of Egypt.

But Obama has a point; I mean, if the sinking of a South Korean navy ship and the killing of 46 South Koreans in March wasn’t enough for us to consider violence against the violent, 200 artillery shells and a lousy 2 deaths certainly won’t qualify.

When I wrote DA PLANE! DA PLANE!  When Did We Become Fantasy Island? last week, I was the only one who believed and warned that the LA missile was from North Korea.  I don’t deny that China aided and abetted, perhaps even supplied weaponry or the submarine.  That’s because China has long told us they would reign in NoKo, but the actions of both countries for over a decade now clearly indicate they were mere words. 

I have said it over and over again in past articles:  when the sh*t hits the fan, China WILL back, support, and use North Korean aggression to achieve their goals as outlined in their manifesto.  Goals which have never, ever changed.

But don’t just believe me.  Let’s look at the clues of just the past 8 months that lead any reasonable, NON-psychotic person to that very conclusion.  (Hippies, avert your eyes…logic and truth are NOT your friends.)

March 26, 2010 – Sinking of the South Korean Cheonan Cruiser by North Korean torpedoes, 46 South Korean sailors murdered in the unprovoked attack.

August 26, 2010 Kim Jong-il visits China, supposedly to ask for a do-over on the six party talks.  It was his second trip to China in a year, and incidents to follow call into question whether or not the discussion was really that benign.

September 2010 – North Korea makes overtures to South Korea—again—and hurriedly makes Kim Jong-il’s youngest son, Kim Jong-un, said to be 26, vice chairman of the central military commission of the Worker’s party.  He’s made a four star general. (snort)

October 10, 2010It’s official:  Kim Jong-un will fill his daddy’s tiny shoes.

October 10, 2010 –On the same day, during a parade to honor Un, NoKo unveils new Musudan submarine-launched Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile based on Russia’s R-27 sub-launched missile.

October 27, 2010 NoKo hilarious propaganda outrage over US refusal to accept their “research” into how the sinking of the Cheonan was not caused by them.  It’s good for a laugh, their denial of their nutless history regarding trustworthiness.

November 4, 2010Cuba’s Raul Castro meets with Vice-Chairman of North Korea’s military Ri Yong Ho, who left NoKo on October 28 for the meeting.

November 8, 2010The LA Mystery Missile is born, and in spite of what multiple American Generals know, what multiple military analysts know, and what our own eyes saw, the Pentagon sells out and demands it was most definitely NOT a missile, but provides NO evidence of the plane it insists it is.  WARCHICK warns on Facebook and Twitter:  This is North Korea, mark my words.  Everyone laughs.

November 10, 2010A Red Blaze is seen behind the Empire State Building.  Just a plane, you people who have been seeing Condensation Trails (contrails) for over 40 years now are stupid and don’t know what you’re seeing.  Move along.

November 11, 2010Another Mystery Missile, this time on the other side of the States, in Queens, NY.  Again, it’s only a plane, nothing to see here.

November 21, 2010 – The world is shocked when Professor Siegfried Hecker reveals an astonishingly modern and advanced covert Uranium Enrichment Plant North Korea eagerly showed him.

November 22, 2010 – As a result of the revelation of NoKo AGAIN breaking their word (do they even know what that phrase means?  Do we?), US pushes (more like butterfly kisses) NoKo to AGAIN abandon nuclear ambitions.

November 23, 2010 – In response to America’s “Pretty Please?” NoKo launches 200 artillery shells on the South Korean island of Yeonpeyong.  White House crickets chirp.

November 23, 2010 – WARCHICK gets last laugh, but finds it patently un-funny, yells and throws things at TV, and AGAIN breaks down the obvious for the Reality TV crowd and those assuming Kingship along Egypt’s most famous river.

And our response to every violent NoKo action? 

“North Korea, that was very naughty of you.  How about more money and aid?”

Look, people.  All of these sky sightings are NOT coincidence, for there is no such thing.  We are about to see a world war, and the forces of Islam and Communism—hence the term I coined ISLAMMUNISM—have been planning for almost 2 decades now.  It is upon us, and we’ve been down this road too many times in the past 2 centuries to feign ignorance as to what to do now.  WE KNOW WHAT TO DO; IT’S THE APPLICATION WHERE WE’RE FAILING.

“But as ye have once rejected these things, and have fought against the people of the Lord, even so I may expect you will do it again…
“…But behold, it supposeth me that I talk to you concerning these things in vain; or it supposeth me that thou art a child of hell…
“…I will come against you with my armies; yea, even I will arm my women and my children, and I will come against you, and I will follow you even into your own land…and it shall be blood for blood, yea, life for life; and I will give you battle even until you are destroyed from off the face of the earth.
“Behold, I am in my anger, and also my people; ye have sought to murder us, and we have only sought to defend ourselves.  But behold, if ye seek to destroy us more we will seek to destroy you…”
–epistle from Capt. Moroni to the wicked Ammoron, Alma 54: 8,11,12-13, Book of Mormon

THAT is how you SPEAK to evil; THAT is how you ACT toward evil!

Sh*t, meet fan.  Don’t know how to say it in Chinese, and wouldn’t even if I did.  I’m an American, and I speak English…and now, violence, because THAT is the language they understand.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.


Anonymous said...

We Are All Dead Now: This is Not Your Fathers North Korea
“Several key analysts play down the powder keg scenario for the military portion however in historical terms this is a grave mistake. It is only going to take one small scratch of the surface of civility for the region to explode into a regional conflict with devastating effects well outside the Geopolitical confines of Asia.” -K2 GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS LLC

Unknown said...

Wow...I bow to your expertise. This is what happens when we reward evil behavior with positive consequences. Any mom can tell you that. Law, reason, and consistency...consistency is where most drop the ball, because it's wearying. It's the most important part of vigilance.