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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

So now we're not even allowed to discuss religion in private???

Teaching the Anti-Constitution
By Resa LaRu Kirkland
December 6, 2011

So my youngest son Cody, who is a Senior at Moses Lake High School, is a budding Chef.  He joined the afterschool Culinary Team through SkillsUSA last January, and right off the bat won an alternate spot in the Washington State competition.  He has been winning ever since.  (Take THAT Charlie Sheen.)

This past summer he helped set up and work at the new Chief Academy Cafe, an off-campus student-run cafe (the only one in the nation) where kids learn how to set up a business, deal with local codes and sanitation, order supplies, wait on customers, cook the food and try recipes, etc.  It is a fantastic experience, especially for a young man who has chosen that career path.  On top of that, the Cafe makes a tidy profit for the district.  Yup, it's a bastion of Free Enterprise at work.  Other districts should take note!

The teacher, whom I'll call Mr. F, runs the cafe and teaches the students what they need to know in the restaurant business and the best ways to cook and bake.  Cody loved it so much he signed up for the Cafe for his second hour of class as preparation for his final year on the Culinary Team next semester.  He's even creating a dish with the help of Mr. F for his big Senior Project.

Creating good food but eating their words

Cody has been struggling to set up his schedule for next semester.  He knew he was going to have to cut something, but given his career path, it wasn't going to be the Cafe.

Until today.  He told me he wants to drop it next semester, which isn't a problem.  The reason for the sudden change of heart, however, most  definitely IS.

For the past few days, Cody and a friend, I'll call her "Jane," would talk as they worked about the new campaign within The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that has asked members to create their own profiles on describing themselves and their testimony of the Gospel (mine is linked at the upper left corner of my blog.)  They were talking about funny or touching profiles they'd read and about the ones they had compiled.  Since they are both LDS they were very excited about the new campaign, which features individual stories, pictures, and even television commercials and YouTube videos.  They also covered plans for next year, such as heading to Brigham Young University (BYU), and upcoming Especially For Youth (EFY) classes our church has for teenagers.  You know, shared activities and general LDS things that LDS people chat about when they're together.

There were no problems at all...until today.

Mr. F pulled Cody aside today and informed him that while he respected Cody and the Mormon church, there had been people who had complained that they didn't like Cody talking about his religion. 

So much for all that respect...

Cody was stunned into silence.  It was clear that Mr. F had made up his mind and anything he said would be futile, but he at least tried to explain that the only time anyone else was involved was if THEY approached HIM to ask a question.

"I understand that, but just keep things separate.  If they ask a question that requires background information, ask them to see you after class," Mr. F explained.

Cody sighed, but said respectfully, "Fine."

He spent the rest of the day up front while Jane worked on a project in the back kitchen.

Where do I begin?  Let's start with "the conversation" between two people with a common belief system.

1.  It was a chosen conversation, not forced, and was done while they worked.  This is common when people work helps them get to know each other and creates a good bond necessary for a happy and cohesive working environment.

2.  It involved commonalities between two people, a tried and true staple of the socialization experience.  It is vital in developing humans if they wish to interact among people.  It's also sometimes referred to as "small talk;" that's important because all conversations between strangers start with small talk before trust is established and far deeper conversing can begin.

3.  Anyone with eyes, ears, and an IQ of at least 60 knew this was a private, AB conversation.  The person or persons who chose to eavesdrop knew that they were listening in but that the two involved in said conversation didn't know there was a third party involved.  That person, however, DID KNOW he was involved, something the other two didn't know.  That bit of knowledge means the responsibility for entering or leaving the conversation rested with the third party, who didn't even have the guts to inform the original two of his uninvited conversation crashing.  No, in true Politically Castrated fashion, he then involved a fourth party, Mr. F, who clearly believes that private conversations are now under his jurisdiction.  That is how a simple student chat became a liberal gang bang on both Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

4.  Finally, my son has had to listen all semester to Mr. F's nauseating pontificating on Zero population, Equal Rights Amendment, respecting other cultures (liberal code for "what's good for the goose gets the gander beheaded,") the superiority of walking the middle of the road in life, and constantly reminding the students that "I respect your right to believe in whatever you choose to believe in."

Yeah, I know.  I'll wait while you re-assemble your head.  My best time thus far is 6 minutes flat; but then, I got my degree in Education 20 years ago.  Head explosions at the convoluted mess in education is old hat to me now.

Clearly he stays focused on Cafe-related topics!

Chief Academy Cafe will have one less future chef enrolled next semester, which really upset Cody.  It’s a great idea and a successful program, he learned a lot there and enjoyed the opportunity to learn, and the experience has been mostly good...a little grating having to listen to his adviser drone on and on with talking points right out of the Big Red Book of Commie Crap, but then, Cody has had me for a mom.  He knows where to put Commie Crap:  a quick flush and it's the sewer gator's problem.  Ah, who am I kidding?  Not even THEY are dumb enough to swallow it.

Another worthy project that makes money for a school AND teaches students how to work for themselves ruined by hippy fagatronics.  And all because someone not involed in a private conversation between two Mormons couldn't handle the beliefs of two Mormons engaged in a private conversation they weren't involved in.

How's that tolerance thing working out for ya, Miss Eevz Dropper Buttinksi?

So the moral apparently is, if anyone can hear you, YOU'RE invading THEIR privacy.  Welcome to the age of "My beliefs are too delicate to handle overhearing from a distance in hushed tones some other person's beliefs who didn't KNOW I was overhearing from a distance their hushed tones."  Hey, makes about as much sense as what happened to my son at school today.  Get used to it, it's the new Education camp.

Or for short, Political Castration.  Yup, the eunuchs are in charge of your kids now parents.  And you thought pedophiles were dangerous.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.


Nate said...

Commented on this on your FB, but I'll add it here, too - I wonder if the number of 'students' who complained can be counted on one finger?

Oh, and your Twitter feed in the left sidebar is a bit's blocking 3 to 4 letters in the body of your post for about 21 lines.

Unknown said...

I know...I even asked my son if he said "person" or "people." He claimed people, but I knew it would be that. My son has a good idea who the "person" was, though.

Yikes, you're right! I'm going to have to fix that, thanks for the head's up!

MysteryGirl said...

Currently, the only "religion" that the politically challenged discuss and promote openly is Islam. Had your son and coworker been discussing the misunderstood religion of peace, the provocateur would have encouraged a further discussion on its merits.

This quandary further quantifies the current political air, the pollution that Al Gore should apply his focus. Once it becomes mainstream that anything uttered in private leads to ramifications, the obvious next step will be an innocuous occelus monitoring your personal thoughts and every move.

Although 1984 came and went, we're on the verge of newspeak.

Unknown said...

I'd say we're well past the "verge." It seems to be really happening faster...not years, months, weeks anymore...we're down to days. It's here, it's definitely here.

MysteryGirl said...

I agree. The current administration had the cogs in place, and they turned the key. Those who noticed were drowned by the various hijinks, and let's not forget that as the eyes of the US and World are on the OCW, the very same government has a "human shield" to obfuscate their every move.

Unknown said...

The change in only three years is stunning. But I'm over the stun now and geared for war. Enough of this!