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Monday, September 09, 2013

WARCHICK is excited to announce that the awesomely awesome NICK SEARCY will be joining her onstage at 3D fest!

I'm schvitzing here!  And I'm not even Jewish (but I am a reasonable facsimile!)...!!!

Yes, that star of big and small screen, and the hit TV series JUSTIFIED will be joining me onstage as I talk about and introduce the 1953 Paramount Pictures film CEASE FIRE for 3D Film Expo on Sunday, September 15th!
I came to know Nick a couple of years ago as a member of the very exclusive yet growing and influential conservative groups in Hollywood.  Now THAT takes balls, and he has them in spades!
 He will be reading excerpts from the READER'S DIGEST article written by Hal Wallis in 1959 telling about Ricardo Carrasco and the making of the once-in-history fKorean War front line movie CEASE FIRE!
If you're in Burbank, come out and watch the show!  And kudos to Mr. Searcy, proving he truly is one fully JUSTIFIED bad ass and friend of freedom. 
More on Ricardo's story here and here.

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