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Thursday, August 29, 2013

LESSONS IN EVIL--latest by WARCHICK up now at!

Read, spread, and go forth, minions!

Excerpt:  Some of the time, when people want to know why God doesn’t stop evil, it is because we are free beings by His decree, and therefore must be free to choose for ourselves for “full judgment.”  Father gives every opportunity for man to learn, and to repent, if necessary, and follow the right path.  At the judgment, many will try to claim they “weren’t so bad.”  They will try to claim they weren’t given the chance to choose right.

That is when Christ will say, “Roll the tape!”  And before them, and all of Heaven including us, every second, every thought, every four-letter, rated X secret second of their lives (and ours too, btw!) will display in full, color, 3D glory…or condemnation...


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