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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

WARCHICK's latest up at Politichicks! AMERICA'S LONGEST RUNNING WAR, 3 parts linked here!

Woo hoo!

I have a 3 part backgrounder on the evolution of the ongoing KOREAN WAR and America's involvement in it for over 6 decades now, up and ready at  Links and parts are below!

***At the beginning of my forthcoming book on war hero Ricardo Carrasco entitled FORGOTTEN WARRIOR: Twice In One Day, I have a preface break-down of what led America into the Korean War, the Cold War and the importance to this day of our continued presence in and support of the Republic of Korea.  At the request of many who have graciously read the first chapters of my rough draft, I am publishing in parts this vital information in exclusively for readers of Politichicks.TV.  Given the daily appearance of North Korean aggression 60 years after the cease fire, causing the ongoing Korean War to be front page news again, this information is vital to anyone wanting to know how we got here and why it is important that we permanently eschew the nation-killing idea of "limited war.***

Excerpt:  But here is where frustration over this war took its first tentative root.  America and its allies had the North Koreans on the run back across the 38th and beyond.  So appeared the dilemma:  should we continue to push communism completely out of the country or stop at the 38th where it began?  The US couldn’t pass up the opportunity to unite Korea as one nation under the Republic, since the division had only been meant to be temporary while repairing the world after WWII.  This would also be a prime opportunity to send a clear message to the Soviets about the limits to what we, and supposedly the UN, would tolerate.  We had just finished castrating one TOTALitarian DICtator because we hadn’t nipped it in the bud before the world was set ablaze.  MacArthur understood the math of history, its patterns, and wasn’t about to repeat the same mistake less than a decade after the hard end of that horrific war.

Excerpt:  We have lost such men due to the emasculation that our embrace of Political Castration (never call it “correct,” for that is calling wrong right and evil good) has caused.  I am sorry for this, have rejected it, and have taught my sons and all who would listen to do the same.  We fear words now, and energy expended raging over what words we can and can’t use—in a nation of free speech, no less!—sucks our vigor and leaves us utterly wasted and impotent by the time actions are called for.  We are now an easily-conquered people; the mere fear of being accused of being racist, sexist, or some random “phobe” is all it takes to stop us from standing for truth.  This must not be in a land of Constitutionally-founded free speech; either words are free with the applicable responsibility or they aren’t.  We must not accept the confusion and unavoidable destruction that the policing of words, which leads to the mentally ill and inexorable idea that we can control thoughts, has wrought on every society in history that has accepted this curse that begins with the control of actions, then words, and always at last, thoughts.  ‘Tis the mathematical pattern of history, and we are not above the laws of math.  And this pattern has proven, again and again, that the difference between a free people and slaves is free will.  The minute we seek to control any God-given right we are in the territory of evil.

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Dustoffer said...

If a group or country declares war against us or invades us at the rate of a million or more per year---we are at de facto war. The war with communism started in Korea and is only a cease fire, through Vietnam and other smaller actions. Moslems declared permanent holy war against the USA in 1805, and people forgot that they were an untrustworthy kill cult. The mexicans think they can reconquista by breeding like mice and many Americans have died, many are gang bangers crossing are armed and mex incursions include over 250 Mex Army crossings of our border and support for illegals with maps, shoes and water. Abbrogation of the 1848 Treaty mean continuation of that war.
We are at several wars against all moslems, all Mexicans, and all communists, plus we have been at war with our own biosphere and that must reverse ASAP.