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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

UPDATE!!! WARCHICK now set up on Go Fund Me! Get WARCHICK to Burbank this Sept for the 3D festival!

Hey all!  Your favorite and mine WARCHICK has been invited to host the final film of the 3D festival in Burbank this year.  They will be showing CEASE FIRE! and since I'm the only known expert on the film...well...yup, I'll be there, introducing the film and taking questions!

The good folks at the festival are paying $200 toward a plane ticket and 1 night in a hotel, but I'm going to need the rest that airlines shake you down for--EVIL!--and an additional 4 nights in the hotel, as well as food.  I'm going to take advantage of this while I'm down there and get some work done on FORGOTTEN WARRIOR film prospects that are taking it'll be all work and I will LOVE IT!


So let's get WARCHICK into the lion's den, people...!

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