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Thursday, July 11, 2013

WARCHICK on We Built That Network, INALIENABLE RIGHTS ROUNDTABLE, July 11, 2013, 6 PM Mountain Time!

Yup, good friend and Grizzly Bud Daria DiGiovanni has started up a new radio network, We Built That Network! 

In a few weeks, your favorite Big Mouthed Broad with Balls will begin hosting WARCHICK--On All Fronts show, once a week, and the kick off is tonight's INALIENABLE RIGHTS ROUNDTABLE!

WHEN:  July 11, 2013

TIME:   6 PM Mountaint Time, 8 PM Eastern

CALL IN NUMBER:  914-338-1458

This will be a round table with the broadcasters of WBTN discussing hot topics, angry Americans, revolution in Egypt, slaughter in Syria....and those are just the build up to our own IRS, NSA, Hillary, Ohole, Harry Ass Reid, Eric yes, there will be BLOOD!

Spread the word and don't miss it...and remember WARCHICK on Dr. Gina Loudon's radio show tomorrow at 4:30 PM Mountain Time!  I'll be posting an update on it, stay tuned!

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