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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Black in America = Commie in North Korea!

Wow!  Black Racists here think and talk just like Commie Bastards in North Korea!!!

Obzoiv...from April 23, 2012 edition of KCNA:

Racism, Misanthropy Rampant in US
Pyongyang, April 24 (KCNA) -- Black people in the U.S. are bound to fall victim to killings by whites for the mere reason that they are black but they have no place to complain of this injustice. This is what happens in the U.S.
Teenage black schooler Martin was shot to death on way home by a chasing white policeman in Florida on Feb. 26.
The police authorities pretended to investigate the case by "walking away" the murderer to a police station but finally released him after concluding that the case was "just self-defence".
This inhuman action of the police authorities sparked off curse and denunciation among the black people.
Large protests held in several states including Florida, New York and California spread all over the U.S.
Another case of killing blacks broke out against the backdrop of mounting protest.
On April 8 whites shot three blacks to death and wounded two blacks out of the passers-by while driving a car.
Much upset by the growing protest, a court in Florida held a press conference on April 11 and staged a farce of opening to public the truth about the murder of Martin.
Even at the press conference the court's side shielded the killer of Martin, claiming that he turned himself up to the law. This touched off the people's uproar.
It is the U.S. where killings do not cease under the patronage of law-enforcing elements including police and prosecution.

BWAH HAH HAH!  Maybe we could work out an exchange racists in America for North Korea nukes, straight across trade!!!!

Let the hilarity begin!!!

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