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Monday, November 08, 2004

New topic: ARAFAT!

Ding, Dong, the Glitch is dead!

Now that Arafat is dead or dying, will this 30 year glitch be over, or will it only get worse.

I believe it will get worse. There will be a turf war for leadership, and all parties will make Israel pay.


Craig J. said...
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Craig J. said...

(Sorry about the screwed up post .. let's try this again.)

Here's something hilarious from Scrappleface that I couldn't resist not sharing ...

Arafat Burial Plans Done in Time for Final Death(2004-11-05) -- After Yassir Arafat's final death, Palestinian officials said today that tradition will determine the location of his final resting place.Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has not yet agreed to the funeral plan or location, but Palestinian authorities said they expect no roadblocks since many of their other heroes have had similar ceremonies."Chairman Arafat will be placed in a Tel Aviv city bus and driven to a crowded market," said an unnamed spokesman for the Hamas social services agency. "There we will conduct the traditional scattering of his fragments. According to protocol, no friends or family will attend this ceremony."U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed his sympathy to the Palestinian people."I have grieved each time Chairman Arafat has died," said Mr. Annan, "and I know the last death will be even harder to take than the previous ones. But I'm comforted that he will go to his rest according to the custom of his people."Of course, this is making light of something that probably shouldn't be made light of. This is a mass-murderer. A terrorist. There isn't enough justice in the world to atone for what this one man is responsible for. But I for one would be satisfied to see him murdered rather than die in the comfort of a French hospital.

One other note: are there no hospitals in Palestine? Or are they too busy blowing up other people to, you know, build hospitals and train doctors? Just a thought.

Doug said...

All I know is that I'm sure as hell glad that I'm not the doctor that has to tell all those visiting Palestinians that I couldn't save the old fella.

How do you say "please don't bugger me with an AK 47" in French?

Unknown said...

Craig, that is AWESOME!!! Poke fun at the wretched minion...I have a feeling it's the last fun he'll get to know. And yes, they are way too busy blowing people up to build a decent hospital. Besides, who is there to use it? Their people don't get wounded, they just explode!

Doug, I was thinking the same thing! After all, we're talking the PLO here, not an order of silent monks.

Unknown said...

FINALLY! Satan has some top-notch competition!

May all 70 of his virgins look just like him...or that repugnant wife he had in life!

Doug said...

I read that Bush is going to send about $20 million to the Palestinian Authority. Couldn't we just cut out the middle man and send it directly to Suha Arafat in Paris?

No big deal though...she's earned the money. Can anybody imagine sleeping with that guy? And if she didn't do it for the money, then she had the biggest case of 'beer goggles' in all history.

Call it 'combat pay' for a woman who probably has night sweats to beat the band.

Unknown said...


Yeah, but she's no prize pig...oh wait...YES SHE IS!

Steve B said...

Hey BattleBroad,

Love the site, love the blog, love the scathing rhetorical eviscerations.

Arafat was king of the "What? Who? Me?!" to the international press, while deftly manipulating everyone involved in the Piece Process. He was a genius like Hitler was a genius.

He was way past due for dead. Glad someone finally put paid in full on his ass.

Unknown said...

Oh, and if you're interested in other pics--including one showing a bodybuilder pose--you can go to my yahoo profile and look at my picture book:

Keep the faith, bros!

Unknown said...

Referring to myself as a bitch does not make me neat. If you cannot follow the logical sequence I used to explain its use—as a preemptive strike against those who will try to use that word to disarm me—then there is no need for me to attempt further explanation. It’s a word, and words only have the power you give them. The Left gives that word great power—I do not. It is only a word, and not a very good one, and I will NEVER let such a thing stop me.

>>So now I'm a hippy or a femmie?<<

Where did I ever call you this?

>>Resa, Resa, Resa. It is about class.<<

I beg to differ, sir. We are at war, and you talk to me of appearances. Your priorities are definitely skewed.

>>Try, integrity, humility, charity to name a few.<<

Please read my articles before you decide whether or not I have integrity. They are rife with a call to arms in the name of integrity, charity, and what is right. They smack of my LDS upbringing. You might start with the World Net Daily article WHY I PROUDLY WEAR THE STAR OF DAVID.

>>The photos were not impressive, no class! You can do better, your a pretty girl!<<

I refer you to the above answer. Anyone who reads my stuff knows the point behind the pics--especially my anti-femmie, anti-hippy, anti-animal rights articles.

>>Oh! On this war thing you got going on here, since you are the war chick! America is by alrights thugs, World wide police, the Robin Hood of the Earth. We have the best weapons and military to back it up. We can force democracy wherever and whenever we want. We are the Goliath to our enemies. And as such we are pelted with stones from the "Davids" around us.<<

Wrong, sir. America and Israel are fast becoming the last to stand against Satan's religion--Islam and communism. It will be the house of Judah--Israel--and the house of Joseph--America and Great Britain--against the rest of the world in the final days. We are the side the must prevail, and the reason Christ will not stay His return to save us. All that is left to us is to choose our side and then fight. We will NOT force democracy, as that was Satan’s plan, but we will stop evil, whose desire, btw, is to force us to follow them. The true religion of Christ believes in giving the people the right to choose good or evil. God will never force us back to Him; we must choose to want to live with Him.

It is plain to see that you are a lip server only—that is, you claim to believe in freedom, but not in dying for it. The two do not jive. A belief is only legitimate if you back it up with action. Ask yourself what you claim to believe, then align yourself with those of similar belief. In this war, it is indeed Islamunism—Islam and communism—against freedom. Decide whom you believe, then fight for that belief. It is that simple.

BTW, we are not a democracy—we are a republic. There’s a difference.

>>Are we doing the right thing? I don't know? I know we have to fight for our freedoms, but where do we draw the line? How many lives have to be loss? Can we continue to make war with these countries that have no regard for human life? They started it, don't you think we should end it? There is no happy ending with this, these people will have to come to the realiziation that unless they lay down there arms they will be exterminated. And I don't think any of our politicans will do that. We worry about racial profiling, gay rights, sexual harassment in the work place, abortion, womens rights, blacks rights, immagration control, wearing your seat belt, gun rights, animal rights, the ozone layer, the forest and jungles, etc., etc., etc..<<

Yes!! Yes it's the right thing to do! And it will be the real Government--the people of America--not the politicians--who will do the right thing. Where do we draw the line? Let me ask you this—where did you want Christ to draw the line? He went all the way; so must we. He chose to go all the way; so must we. Nothing was too much for what He believed, and for those he loved.

You say it's too much. Really? Our forefathers who fought lost everything. Was that too much? We lost millions in WWII--was that too much? Is your life so precious that it is worth more than freedom for others? I was taught that freedom is m ore precious than even my own life. Were you not taught the same? There is a line in AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL--"Who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life." And in BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC--"As He died to make men holy, Let us live to make men free." I believe these things to be true, and choose my side with them, and such beliefs mean that I fight and yes, even die, for them. You obviously have chosen to be easily swayed and led by the MSM as were those in the Vietnam generation--which was also the right cause bastardized by the wickedness of communism, to which the hippies and femmies subscribe. Communism at its most vile.

>>This war will last a long time. "This is, the begining of the end".<<

Absolutely--which makes our choice for the right even more critical.

May I suggest something, sir? You obviously are disgusted by my looks, and haven’t bothered to study much of what I do, so why continue to patronize my site? I do not go into sites that preach evil because they are wrong. That is what I believe. If you believe me to be wrong, or vile, or wicked, wisdom dictates that you abandon me. Isn’t it wonderful to have the free will to do so? That free will was bought with the blood of those who didn’t want to die too.

There is a statement our forefathers made—The price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance. We have lost that. It is going to be long, hard and painful now. Just as Hitler would have been easier to defeat in 1933, we kept putting it off. Evil can never be appeased, only challenged. We should have made it clear to Islam more than 30 years ago when they started attacking us that they could NOT do that…we lost our vigilance, and now our children are paying for what my parents wouldn’t do. There’s a lesson in that, sir. But you must find it yourself.

Unknown said...

Thank you for leaving my site. Greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

Last two don't make sense. A hysterical female posing as a male leaving comments. She promised not to come back. One femmie down, 51 million to go!