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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The mess of Crescent City

Why is the symbol on the police cars in New Orleans the Islamic crescent and star? I'll venture a guess: Political Castration. Just like it's only acceptable to be racists to whites, it is equally OK to have Islamic religious symbols in all areas of government.

Comment, everyone. Oh, and notify the ACLU about this horrendous breach between church and state!


Doug said...

Thanks to the Ninth Circuit Court, better known as "Michael Newdow's bitch", we can now look forward to any religious symbols being scrapped and replaced by non-religious items. These items will be photos of Newdow and the Ninth Circuit, which we'll have to bow to and worship five times a day in a national display of non-religion.

Unknown said...

Bow and worship...that could damage my psyche! Where's the ACLU?????

Alnot said...

Love ya Resa, You are not PC at all in any way shape or form. I find that so refreshing and wonderful. Your latest Shame article was just so right on and of course will gett you banned from the PC universe. That is just fine with me since you will not be going to that hottest part of hell reserved for the willfully ignorant.

Unknown said...

Thanks Al! I area of hell will be heaven. heh heh

Actually, all of the responses so far have been very positive! Maybe there's hope yet.

Michael Morrison said...

You are very wrong in your racist comments about the black rioters and looters and pillagers in New Orleans.
To try to claim blackness is the attribute leading to such criminal behavior is, as I said, racist, and it is unintelligent, unknowledgeable.
The motivating factor is not race but culture.
Most of those people have been subjected to about 70 years of a paternalistic welfare state, a, if you will, paternalistic nanny state.
They have been fed the line of garbage from politicians and academics and "news" media types for all those decades that somehow they are entitled to just about whatever they want, that working is slaving, that a need is a right.
Yes, blacks in certain areas have been suckered into believing that stuff more than whites have, but in Louisiana there is a white family that spent many thousands of dollars filing suit after suit after suit until finally every member has been given some form of government check.
Remember that's the state that elected Huey Long and the Edwards family members and put David Duke into office.
It's a state with an outrageous sales tax on food, and some of the worst roads in the United States.
It's a state with some of the most corrupt public officials in the nation.
It's a state in which the joke went: "New Orleans Police."
"Oh, help, I just witnessed a murder."
"Well, just get us the badge number and we'll pick him up tomorrow."
Blaming their behavior on their being black is, really, rather stupid.
If being black led to criminal behavior, then how would you explain the existence of Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder?
No, you've been reading too many KKK recruitment brochures; you've been seeking an excuse to air your prejudice.
You've made sense in the past, at times, anyway, but your racism is an attitude of which you ought to be ashamed.

RenaissanceMan said...

This is my first post to your blog so let me get the compliments and baseline impressions out of the way. I think you are amazing, it is rare to find such a beautiful woman with the no nonsense thoughts and opinions that you have. I wish you the best of luck if you are working to break into the Ivory Tower.

On to my response to this thread:

Mr. Morrison,
please pull your head out of your nether orifice. While the inestimable WarChick did not utilise the verbage you would prefer, she clearly stated taht it was a cultural rather than a racial issue. The problem is with the perceived typical Black or African American culture. It is not with their skin color. Yes, there are a number of whites, hispanics, asians, etc... who ascribe to that culture. However, the base Caucasian, Euro-centric American, and by this I mean old line self-reliant help your neighbor freedom loving American, culture does not ascribe to the belief that they are owed sustenance, entertainment, and protection. In fact the base principles include, and I repeat, self-reliance, and assisting your neighbors. I am sick and tired of people trying to beat on me because I happen to be a white male. I am not the Devil incarnate, my ancestors had NOTHING to do with the slave trade, in fact a good part of my ancestry was not considered to be White until the 1960's. Sadly, this is a hot topic with me. Suffice it to say that the overuse and in fact the modern twisting to the very definition of the word racist is reprehensible and does not allow reasoned discourse on the matter. Racism is nothing new, but it is not in evidence here.

Good Day all

Michael Morrison said...

To the person who is afraid to use his or her real name but claims to be a "RenaissanceMan" -- and who does write surprisingly well for what he or she is (except for spelling, punctuation, and capitalization) -- I urge you to get your ... uh, mind, to use the term loosely, out of the gutter, read what I said, and read what Resa said.
She herself used the term "racist" for herself; she vulgarly -- which gives the two of you, I guess, some kinship -- uses the vile term "raghead"; and she very unintelligently generalizes from the specific.
Racism is the oldest and most primitive form of collectivism, and those of you who will generalize about "race," who will use hate-filled terms for other ethnic or religious groups, are in the same categories as fascists and communists and other socialists and collectivists.
Even when you manage to say something that is correct, you will turn away any rational person with your vulgarity and hate.

Unknown said...

For Mr. Morrison:

I wrote to my friend, BLACK AND RIGHT'S Bob Parks, about what y ou said. He, too, has written some harsh criticisms of black behavior. You could learn much from such a logical, reasonable, and unapologetic man. Here is what he said to you:

There are some people who live by believing that there
is a racist bogeyman around every corner ready to
screw with their lives.
Leave them behind and move on. It's not worth the
time. If they can (and are willing to) read, then they
can find who's been their real friends and who's been
using them for decades.
Fuck 'em.

You see, Michael, you are a product of an education and media system that is tremendously communist. Communism only works if there are groups that are perpetual victims. In America, women and blacks are the two most used by commies and hippies to give them power. Sharpton and Jackson are the two biggest totalitarian dictators for the black minority. There are even more less well known women. To have a mere word be the be all end all is dreadfully ignorant, illogical, and damned unreasonable. It is only a word, and words only have the power you give them. This word, due to the aforementioned education/media, has been given an ass-load of unreasonable power. People lose jobs, go to jail, lose everything they own, all out of fear of this word. And I did not call myself racist--please re-read the article. I said that knowing our society as I do, the typical knee-jerk Jesse Jackson reply will be that of racism. If Jackson can get the world to focus on color and not on his pathetic lack of character and intelligence, he wins. Have you ever asked yourself why he doesn't encourage you to better yourself? What do you gain, Michael, if every white is racist? What does that get blacks? If you are Jackson, it gets you all kind of power and money. If you are an everyday black trying to survive, it gives you an excuse to fail and keep failing. And beyond that, is damned well insulting to think that blacks have to be taken care of, that they are just too stupid or childish to care for themselves. The original founder of the NAACP--Booker T Washington--was a VERY conservative man who wanted the blacks to work within themselves to better their situation while also working to change laws to allow them to do so. He would crap a brick if he saw what his cause had bastardized into today.

The truth of the matter is, blacks have been given more breaks--affirmative action--more money--welfare roles are overwhelmingly black...go to census bureau government site--and more air time than any other minority, and have failed miserably. That is the truth. As my Muslim friend Alex said, Indians, Koreans, Vietnamese have all come here with far less and under horrendous circumstances, and managed to be overwhelmingly successful. Blacks have not--that is their own fault, not whitey's.

They are ragheads--I stand by my comments about them. I assure you it is far more mild than what they call you, Mr. Infidel. They want you dead. I want them dead first.

Jesus loves you...allah wants you dead. Get it straight, Mike.

Renaissance Man! Good to see you here! Thank you so much for your kind words...Mike must have ultra sensitivity syndrome. I saw nothing vulgar in what you said, but then, he's the epitome of a Politically Castrated man--anything that doesn't ring the commie bell is "wrong." They wield and banty words like racist and sexist like a boxer throws punches, hoping to land a punch somewhere somehow. Thanks for coming...I love it when you're here!

Mike, again, truth simply is, and the truth about black America is that they have let themselves and the rest of us down terribly. They need to fix this; it's not the other way around.

My follow-up to that one is in the works now. It's NEW AFRICA. I think you'll really love this one! heh heh

Unknown said...

Oh, but I do agree that our government enables this kind of behavior. We need to stop ALL social programs...they were never meant to be a way of life.

It is interesting that you mention one white family. They should be put in prison. Do you think that also applies to the ten black families for every one white one doing this? Should they be tried and prosecuted as well? I wouldn't tolerate this behavior in whites...why do you tolerate it in blacks? That is so insulting!

Doug said...

As somebody once said on the show "All in the Family"... "Archie's not racist... he hates everybody.

That's properly applied to the liberal elite. They simply show disdain for anything that's not liberal elite. I don't know if it's racism, but it ain't "compassion", a word for which they seek to monopolize, that's for sure.

Unknown said...

I love Archie! Ding Bat!

Michael Morrison said...

The errors of your reply -- no, the sheer stupidity of it is impossible to answer.
Utterly moronic.
You know nothing, nothing about me, nothing about the concept of freedom, darn little about language.
I love it when you alleged Christians stoop to the most vile and vulgar and obscene language, but I realize you (that's the plural) are bankrupt in both your ideas and your linguistic abilities.
So, you won't have Michael Morrison to kick around any more, at least not at your vulgar and ignorant blog.
But come visit mine.
Only know this: Any obscene and/or vulgar and/or racist comments are subject to removal.
P.S. It's too bad I don't get a commission for all the action I brought here.

Pissed and poor, but not pisspoor said...

I know Mike Morrison and he is no Mike Morrison!

Pissed and poor, but not pisspoor said...

what a pile of roids, Morrison acts all upper crust but just a chestful of crumbs.

Unknown said...

GREAT ANSWER, P and P!!! Commies despise the truth. It is their Holy Water!