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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


How long does a Republic last?How Long Do We Have?

About the time our original 13 states adopted their new constitution, in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh , had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years . During those 200 years, these Nations always progressed through the following sequence:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith;

2. From spiritual faith to great courage;

3. From courage to liberty;

4. From liberty to abundance;

5. From abundance to complacency;

6. From complacency to apathy;

7. From apathy to dependence;

8. From dependence back into bondage

With that in mind, consider this:

Population of counties won by: Gore: 127 million; Bush: 143 million;

Square miles of land won by: Gore: 580,000; Bush: 2,427,000

States won by: Gore: 19 Bush: 29

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Gore: 13.2Bush: 2.1

In aggregate, the map of the territoryBush won, was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of this great country. Gore's territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off government welfare.

The United States is now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy" phase of democracy, with some 40 percent of the nation's population already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase. Pass this along to help everyone realize just how much is at stake knowing that APATHY Is the greatest danger to our freedom.

I disagree; we are in between dependence and bondage. It will take only one large natural disaster or attack affecting the majority of people for martial law to be declared. Once the people accept that, it will never be repealed.

-- SO SAYS WARCHICK, Resa LaRu KirklandColumnist/Writer/Speaker/Military Historian/The Anti-Feminist! Agree with RESA at: Hippies, commies, and femmies opinions altered here!! STAND WITH ISRAEL! FREE NORTH KOREA!!POW/MIA: Bring them home or send us back!


wardog06 said...

THIS is what ALL Americans need to know! And also that most of us who think we are not in a state of slavish dependency actually are, in that our livelihoods depend on those who are most definitely in a state of abject dependency! If you work your arse to the bone supplying the needs of those who wait on the monthly dole,(as I do) then you're in that boat with them. I work in an industry directly related to the distribution of goods in the US, and given the number of dependents relying on that distribution, if any significant disruption occurs, for whatever reason, I and mine are reduced to our own resources, and 60 days worth of MRE's can be quickly replaced by squirrel, fish, and wood sorrel in summer, but what about February?? And 2000 rounds of ammo can disappear in a hurry if you have to shoot crack-heads AND squirrels! WE BETTER WAKE UP FAST!!!!!

Unknown said...

You know it, WARDOG. It will be survival of the fittest, and America is NOT a fit land--physically, mentally, or spiritually. Those of us who are will not only survive, but arise to restore America to its former glory. Those who don't survive, THANK GOD!!

Jeremayakovka said...

What an interesting, to the point take on where we're at. You say the country's at #8; in my head, I'm at #1-#3. I'll take my chances where I'm at.

wardog06 said...

{What an interesting, to the point take on where we're at. You say the country's at #8; in my head, I'm at #1-#3. I'll take my chances where I'm at.}

YOU may be at 1-3, but if you had been paying any attention at all you'd realize that the Nation is MUCH farther down the slide. Look at the reaction to Katrina: My home's wiped put; you gave me money; I'll go gambling, whoring, and crack-smoking; and scream to the world that you're neglecting me when the money's gone and I still don't have a home!

Take a good long jaundiced look around, there's more of the same everywhere

Unknown said...

Go War Dog Go!

This article wasn't about the individual; it was about a society, any society, and the historically proven--again and again--way that all free societies collapse.

wardog06 said...

Very true, and I sometimes personalize things I shouldn't - but a society is comprised of individuals, and the way individuals see their world does add up. This seems to me to be an inescapable reality. (That almost sounds Communist! I'm going to retire for the night, I'm creeping myself out!)

Unknown said...

Dog, I adore you. That response was directed at JMK.

Yes, the steady movement toward the left has gotten far more aggressive in the past 15 years.

The Ex Pat said...

It's alot more aggressive than people realize and it's not because there are more leftest, it's because the right has become lazy.
We just assume shit because we know we are right and thats our big mistake.

Unknown said...

Exactly. The right failed to recognize that a war began 40 years ago. They refused to fight it in the streets, believing that they were on the side of right and that right always wins. While they were indeed on the side of right, they forgot the most crucial thing of all: that right needs vigilant and never ceasing defense, lest it be overthrown by wrong. That sums up the past 40 years--our parents failed to fight that war, and it will now take massive surgery to get back what they quietly allowed to be stolen from us. What bothers me most is that they did it for appearance sake; they weren't willing to "embarass" themselves and get out in the streets. The reason it will take Christ Himself returning to smite the enemy and restore truth and right is because we refused to fight, as we are seeing now. Vile, madness, and suicide.

The Ex Pat said...

Well Warchick
Now that there are new voices out there such as yours re-educating todays youth I am sure we can make a change.
Roles models such as yourself are so desperately needed to fill those gaps that our fathers left open that the left is trying to fill with their nonsence.

Unknown said...

I know I posted it over at Rush's MySpace forum, but I have to do it again here, so bear with me. (Hey, do you think that REALLY is THE Rush?)

Every good commie/hippie/femmie knows this: get ahold of the media to educate the masses, get ahold of education to control the children--hence controlling all future generations--and get the women out of the home so you can more easily do the above two. (I speak about this a little more in depth at my website in a couple of articles about the bitch brigade that I wrote back in 2003) And the women bought into that crap. They had the most important and powerful job on earth--molding the future leaders of the world--and they took the pussy way out: it is far easier to go to work dressed nicely, people actually do what you tell them, you get immediate affirmation in the form of paychecks and completed tasks, you get to go to lunch and have people wait on you, etc. Women pussed out for the corner office and a fat paycheck. I believe that women will pay the biggest price for this evil--they were the defenders of the home, and they ran like the cowards that they were. Unconscionable.

In fact, I often caution people to not be surprised if the anti-Christ is a woman. Women have only come into power position in significant numbers in the past 50 years, so it is an area not yet tested by history. But that isn't the reason why. It is because every society that failed did so not because the men had chosen to embrace evil--many societies have survived with wicked men. When you knew it was game over was when the women hardened their hearts and embraced the evil too. And with the hard hearts of women will ALWAYS come children who lose their natural tenderness and become cold and steeled to evil. Yes, women bear the brunt of any failed society--had they remained vigilant, their people would have survived.

Read this too:

Tell any Politically Castrated loser this:

You have chosen to be PC--Politically Castrated. I am not. I don't play the word game of leftest losers. It is an old strategy that worked for about 30 years until the Right wised up. The left knows that their arguments break down under logical and reasonable dissection, so they use emotional hysteria to disarm the logic center of the brain--this happens by causing an overwhelming emotional response such as rage, hatred, fear, outrage, etc.--or they use word tricks to fool the subconscious into accepting and believing that something that is wrong--such as Political Castration--is actually correct, hence the use of the word "correct." Only the most immature, easily led and manipulated fools fall for such brainwashing.

So don't pull that PC shit on me...words only have the power you give them, and the hippy press and communist education association have given the words racist and sexist unreasonable power. I most certainly do not.

You're a desperate coward of the highest degree, furiously trying to prove his point and becoming more angry--hence the use of the word racist at every turn, and words such as inflammatory and incorrect--that the world doesn't bow down before such nonsense. There are only three words that describe individuals and groups of your ilk: pa the tic.

The Ex Pat said...

No I believe somewhere in the profile he points to Rush in the third person and somewhere called himself a fan.
Michelle Malkin is the real deal though, I spoke to her about a skype interview and she brushed me off like a Inquirer reporter looking for aliens.
She did give my website a great plug though to 67 people.

Unknown said...

Darn! And here I was all excited!

The Ex Pat said...

I could be wrong, I have found about 15 different Rush Profiles.
Today we exchanged words on the group you and I belong to and he seemed legit.

Unknown said...

Ooooh...I'll have to go check it out!

Banagor said...

Hey War Chick,

I blogrolled you at Caught your posts on Leftytalk's site about Zarqawi.

I also read the "About" page on your site. I sat next to Mike Hedge's cubicle at SHNS for a year around 1995. Great military guy. Really great to hang out with as well.

Glad I ran into your site. Keep up the good work.

War. In.


Unknown said...

Hey thanks! Destroying the Left is my passion, duty, and great love!

Really? Mike Hedges? Ummm...who is he? And what is SHNS? Forgive my ignorance.

Glad you're here too...we are definitely at war, and I intend to win.

Dadler said...

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territoryBush won, was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of this great country. Gore's territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off government welfare..."

So renters and homeowners in the biggest states in the Union that went for Gore in 2000 are somehow NOT citizens of this great country?

This quote not only causes me to worry about Prof. Olson's intellectual faculties, but about your own: why put something on your blog that is SO obviously bullsh*t, and prejudiced bullsh*t at that. It's no different that me saying the Red States are all a bunch of hick, gun-loving, racist, Christian fundamentalist extremists, and isolated segregationists -- which we BOTH know isn't true.

Having LIVED on welfare and food stamps with my young single mother in the ghetto, who then worked her way out of poverty into a PhD, I take serious offense with ignorant comments made by folks talking out of their pie-holes about things they have NEVER experienced, nor taken the time to investigate in an elbow-grease kind of way.

Keep the passion, lose the nonsense. Especially if you want to grow and evolve and do something BESIDES preaching to the converted.

Oop, time to go watch my next installment of "Stalin Was A Jolly Good Fellow" and knit my hammer and sickle oven mitts, then plays some word tricks on some unsuspecting elderly Republicans. I mean, that's what all us hippy lefty traitors do, right?

Dadler said...

It seems your professor Olson of Hamline University wants nothing to do with the authorship you have attributed to him. As he states on his Hamline U. profile:

DISCLAIMER: There is an e-mail floating around the internet dealing with the 2000 Bush/Gore election, remarks of a Scotish philosopher named Alexander Tyler, etc. Part of it is attributed to me. It is entirely BOGUS as to my authorship. I've been trying to kill it for 3 years. For details see:

Dadler said...

Oops, meant to add that his entire profile is available at:

What's your response to his obvious outrage AND that it's a three year-old lie (at least)?

Unknown said...

Hi Resa,
I'd never heard of you or until I by chance followed a link on LGF and read a recent thread on Talk Left ( Your comment was great and right on... one of the best eviscerations of the left I've ever seen. No wonder, then, that the cowards deleted it! Regardless, you have at least one new reader out of it.

Your most recent blog post refers to an "Alexander Tyler" quote I've seen before. I always thought it was a great quote, but for some reason this time I decided to look it up in Snopes. I was disappointed to find out that the origins of the quote are a bit suspect:

Just thought you'd want to know, and didn't want to post that in the comments.

Thanks, and keep up the good fight!


Yes, I found out from another reader right after I posted it that snopes had discredited it, but oddly enough, didn't deny the figures all that much. Here is my response to a hippy from LefTalk--who pulled all my responses, as is the new way of hippy types: give no one the opportunity to respond--who couldn't wait to tell me the same thing. (BTW, those of us on the RIGHT are vigilant defenders of free speech, and will NEVER delete responses--within reason, which those of us on the right use with impunity--that don't agree with ours. Ah well, what do you expect from commies?)

****** writes:

I ran across your blog titled "how long does the country have" and really
enjoyed it until I found that most of it isn't true, see

You hurt the conservative movement when you don't research what you post.

Have a good day


Yes, this was sent to me already. I re-posted it at my blog because it is similar to lectures I've attended in the past that mark similarities between already fallen nations and where America is at currently.
It is interesting that while some of the numbers are exaggerated, they are still in fact correct, especially the difference in murder rates between Gore and Bush counties. The fact that they got the states won correct before the recount, which favored Bush even more after the recount, is also a good indication.

While the good professor never specifically wrote about the decline of the Athenian culture, Prof. Woodhouse has written similar pieces on the commonality between the fall of Rome and the demise of nations of his day. It is indeed a cycle of nations who first fight fiercely and die for freedom to become fat, wealthy, and apathetic and eventually succomb to bondage yet again due to the lack of vigilance on the part of the people. Such is the danger of a Representative Republic--if not vigilant, the wicked side of man waiting in the wings will always be ready to step in with the iron grip of communism to fill the void, and worst of all, do it in the name of freedom, peace, and fairness; the epitome and end result of Political Castration.

It is also interesting to note that it doesn't say the article is FALSE, only that it has multiple sources. I do indeed research my articles, but like everyone else, like to use my blog to post interesting emails that I receive.

Keep the faith, bro, and in all things courage.

So as you can see, and as I've repeatedly stated, there is no using logic or reason with a hippy. If it isn't emotionally hysterical, they can't deal with it.

I've been doing several interviews, most recently on MySpace. If you'd like to hear some of it, you can go here to listen.: 604648
SO SAYS WARCHICK, Resa LaRu Kirkland
Columnist/Writer/Speaker/Military Historian/The Anti-Feminist!
Agree with RESA at:
Hippies, commies, and femmies opinions altered here!!
POW/MIA: Bring them home or send us back!

Dadler said...

My point was specifically about Professor Joseph Olson, not Woodhouse, and his THREE-YEAR quest to correct this entirely erroneous attribution.

He is a legal advisor to the NRA, which tells me he's conservative, and I think you oughtta honor his wishes and delete it from your site. Seems the honorable thing to do.

As for TalkLeft deleting a TINY FRACTION of certain "conservative" posters there, TL ACTUALLY HAS A LOT OF TRAFFIC, as opposed to this site, and can't afford to waste the cost of bandwidth on ranting nonsense. She does the same to liberal commentators when they get personal and insulting.

You are beyond disappointing in this response. You posted and used as accurate essentially an internet fraud has been exposed as such, and one of the authors you cite wants NOTHING TO DO with being associated with the rubbish in that fake piece.

Be a stand-up human being, delete this crap and let PROFESSOR JOSEPH OLSON OF HAMLINE UNIVERSITY. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

Unknown said...

Your definition of "tiny fraction" and mine differ vastly.

When Joseph Olson contacts me, I will indeed remove it. I am NOT going to do so just because of the emotional words of some hippy.

As I pointed out in my earlier post, these steps in national destruction are written about at in other books written by the good professor. That he didn't put them together in one page doesn't make them any less valid...every one of those points are points he has made in other writings. It's called a synopsis: stating with brevity a large quantity of fact or opinion to a sample-sized portion that adequately represents a larger writing.

The wonderful thing about America is choice...may I suggest you use yours? My site obviously disturbs you greatly...and unlike lefties, I welcome everyone and their comments here. But logic--I know, I know, not the hippy way--dictates that you should stop exposing yourself to repeated pain and remove yourself from said situation. You're not going to persuade me to the left, and I most definitely do NOT want some easily led, logic-lacking, communist oppressing hippy on my side.

Dadler said...

I made an attempt to communicate with you in a rational manner, nothing more and nothing less, tried to point out an obviously fraudulent attribution in your piece (which Professor Olson himself says he's been trying to KILL for three years), and I've been met with unwarranted hostility. So be it.

But your intellectual and academic dishonesty regarding Professor Olson's clear wishes is quite surprising.

And don't worry, nothing I face here causes any pain. But if you want it to be an echo chamber in here, just say so. If you really welcom all commenters, why are you encouraging this one, who has the tumerity to disagree with you in free America, to go away?

Have a good one, my fellow free American.

Unknown said...

Can you show me where I was hostile? All of my replies were patient, calm, and reasonable...I see absolutely no name calling or hostility in this...perhaps you consider disagreeing with you and refusing to be easily led hostile.

I've made it clear that you are welcome here....I am not like communists who walk away or remove responses that are intelligent and correct. Responses--within reason--are never deleted here. My only curiosity was why--when you clearly do NOT agree with me or even like what I write--you continue to peruse such a place? Your obvious disagreement and discomfort dictate that most people would leave such a place. I said it calmly, politely, and with absolute logic and reason. I also pointed out over and over again that all of the points made in this article are correct, and a synopsis of the original author to whom they were attributed. I have only your word as to Mr. Olson's fervent and frothy attempt to erase this I said, and say again, if he contacts me and asks me to pull his portion, I will do so gladly. I must admit that unless you are related to the man, I'm most curious to know why this disturbs you so? Your name isn't being defamed, only your beliefs. Is that it? That this article points out with great detail the flaws within communist thinking? Stalin would take his wrath out quite often on those who presented him the truth, believing if he could stifle the bearer of the news, he could stifle the truth. This is exactly why we live with free speech, and continue to live and die for not only our own, but for that of strangers.

Dadler said...

Your words: "...and I most definitely do NOT want some easily led, logic-lacking, communist oppressing hippy on my side."

Calling me a hippy, commie, oppressor, or whatever nonsense, is hostile and is NOT a rational reply to anyone -- it's name- calling of a childish sort.

Claiming that I'm somehow not a credible link to Professor Olson's desire to KILL this thing (his OWN words on his own Hamline Univ. faculty profile) is just a denial of reality. The link exists, his words exists, face reality like a mature human being. I've given you the link, so I'll give it to you again.

There is NOTHING ambiguous about his assertion that it is BOGUS and that he's been trying to have it KILLED for three years.

Whatever you think of me, my ideas and opinions, which is pretty clear (and fine and dandy for you to express), this has NOTHING to do with Professor Olson and the FACT that you are using his name in a fraudulent manner.

And, excuse me, but "all the points in this article" are NOT correct or Professor Olson would not be trying to kill it, and would not be linking to an explanation of how much of it IS bogus. You cannot be this detached from reality, can you? It's looking you in the eye and you are turning away.


Unknown said...

If using a few descriptive words is something you find hostile, you're NEVER gonna survive this war called life.

Again, he said that only his authorship is false, ie, it being attributed to him. He says nothing of the facts RE: Prof. Woodhouse, which is the point I am laboring to make here. All of the steps in the cycle he wrote about have occurred within all extinct civilizations in one form or another. And while Prof. Olson never wrote it, SNOPES pointed out that at least the stats given--while off on some points--are indeed correct.

I will, however, compromise and remove his name from the post. The entire point of the post is that it is an intelligent and wise warning to where America is right now--between dependence and bondage. And the fact that all societies that have gotten that far will inevitably be ruled by a dictator. The points are valid, well stated, and correct. Whoever wrote it, it is a fantastic piece and eternal caveat to all people.

wardog06 said...

Perhaps Mr. Dadler would like to give us the bio on his single mother cum PhD; particularly the field of her degree, IF it really is true...As to the Tyler quote, I really don't care if Tyler actually wrote that or not - it's so obviously true that the authorship really doesn't matter! As to the data about the nature of the voters in the last contest, just talk to a few people you know of the two different persuasions, and the difference will be SHOCKING! It's just unfortunate that GW is so much more liberal than anyone wants to admit.
By the way, Dadler reminds me of my own evolution from the depths of the leftist religion into the light of reason; I used to listen to "right-wing haters" and rant about what I heard, and I probably would have posted equally ridiculous stuff on web sites in those days, but by the time Al Gore invented the Internet,(nyuk nyuk nyuk) my transformation was complete! Maybe the Dadler is on a similar path, by the grace of God...

Dadler said...

Alright, this will wrap it up for me on this one.

First, as to the fraudulent attribution to Prof. Joseph Olson of Hamline U. Let's repeat that: not the Tyler stuff, not harmless stats, but the COMPLETELY PHONY QUOTE attributed to Prof. Olson. I have never once on this thread commented on Tyler or the stats, only Prof. Olson. Hear that and let it sink in.

I actually emailed him and informed him of the use of his name in the piece on this site, let him know Resa's reply when I pointed out it was a fraudulent use of his name, and his reply was "Does this twit have an email address?"

And he just emailed me back and thanked me for helping to get her to remove his name.

In short...PROFESSOR OLSON HAS BEEN MY ENTIRE POINT HERE. The quote was ridiculous, his name was fraudulently attributed to it, and this site, knowing it was fraudulently attributed (as evidenced by earlier commenters noting this), continued to use it. It bugged me, so I went into a little rhetorical cage match and I prevailed, as simple rationality dictated I would.


As for my past in the hood, well, my mother was 19, my father 40 when I was born, they split, neither were anything near well-off, and me and my mom, in the early 70's, were on welfare and stamps, near the corner of Figueroa and Ave. 52 in the dicey Highland Park park area of central L.A., a neighborhood I doubt you'd drive through much less live in. My room was the big storage closet that my mother converted into a tiny bedroom. I didn't know what a knew pair of shoes or pants were. We were penny to penny, but my mom worked her ace off, with the help of that little gov't support we got. And she most certainly did earn a PhD, and two M.A.'s, and two bacherlor's degrees. She's now an expert in her field, has a full-time superintendent gig working with at-risk teens, is a part-time college professor (currently for USD), and also does a ton of education work in both Sacramento and D.C. She speaks three languages, plays the guitar and piano, paints and draws and does amazing woodcuts, and she's a very contented Buddhist.

I've lived with, under the same roof, more than 40 different people of every color and creed. From Vietnam war refugees and Ethiopian political refugess we sponsored later in my childhood, to foster kids from abroad and down the block, to a bevy of roommates of every well as my quite diverse, if unorthodox, family. My mother, as I said is Buddhist, my father was born Orthodox Jewish in wretched lower east side Manhattan poverty right before the Depression. My first stepfather was a black man, I have a brother and sister from that marriage, my brother currently roaming the mountains with an Afghan Army unit searching for the needle in the haystack and getting shot at. He's good over there, they think he's Morrocan if he's not in uniform.

Resa said: "If using a few descriptive words is something you find hostile, you're NEVER gonna survive this war called life."

I've had guns pointed at me in anger more than once, right here in the good old USA, saw dead bodies in the street on more than one occasion AS A KID, had knives pulled on me, survived living through the L.A. riots and watching the flames get closer and closer.

So, trust me, I have a good idea what it takes to survive the big, bad world.

Y'all take care now, my fellow free Americans.

P.S.) Idaho is awfully pretty.

Unknown said...

WARDOG, I didn't know you were one of the MIGHTY CHANGE OF HEART crowd! I love those kind...they're my favorite. What made you see the light.

DADLER, let's face it. You came after me far differently than you would have had a liberal posted the same thing. By your own words this is all over the internet, and yet apparently I'm the only one you targeted. It would seem I touched more than a few nerves at TALKLEFT.

Your mother is the kind of woman who would have made it no matter what. Good for her. I would personally like to know what happened to your father, and why he skipped out on his responsibility. And did your mother ever talk to you about the danger of getting involved with a man old enough to be her father? Did she learn anything from it, or was it all the rich conservatives' fault? Does she teach all those at risk kids that they don't need the government throwing them a few table scraps, or does she teach them how to use the system to get the most money? These are hard questions, yes, but they are indeed legitimate.

I'm glad you survived having knives pulled on you, but I stand by my original statement. The left has become a pititful conglomeration of WORD POLICE, for whom if you say a word THEY disapprove of, you can lose your job, business, everything you own, and even possibly prison. This is not supposed to happen in a land of free speech, but it does. My point was, if peoples' words cause you to invest so much energy into a cause, you're going to be too spent when the real fighting begins: peoples' actions.

But you touched a soft spot with me. Idaho is beautiful. I lived there for thirty years until last year after my dad died. My husband got a job in Washington state that was too good to pass up. Plus I'd been caring for both my parents who were dying, although my mother improved drastically after my dad died. (He has been helping her; there's no other logical explanation--those were her doctors' words) However, my brothers and sisters--who are all estranged--decided that I needed to live with mom because she needed around the clock care, and that was going to cost her $2500 a month that she didn't have. So they ordered me to move in with her to save her the money, and pay her an additional $500 so she could make ends meet. They actually believed that this was a fair deal. Needless to say, that should easily explain why we are estranged, and have been for years.

That's why I moved. Caring for dying parents really took it out of me...I got bone thin--which was OK by me, but have since put weight back on now that I'm happy again, darn it!--and I couldn't do it again. My brother who is pretty well off had originally offered to pay off my mom's home and pay for the care so she could remain in her home has renigged, and she is now in an assisted living center praying to die. I pray always that may ventures can come through, but they have yet to. In spite of some harsh feelings between family, I would still buy her home and pay for her to stay in there. That was what my dad wanted, and what my mom wants. That should be all that matters.

So you have a closer family than I do, and you should get on your knees and thank God everyday for that gift. Take it from someone who only had that on a few occassions. A family that loves you unconditionally and is there for you no matter what is not always a given...sometimes they make the wrong choice, as is their right. But oh the pain that choice can cause...all wrong choices. Your mother made some wrong choices, but she turned it into great good. THAT is what God would do...every now and then, you see someone in whom God's DNA shines through. Turning wickedness into good is the brightest and best portion of God there is. You should recognized it clearly in your mother.

Helito said...

Exactly what are your educational credentials? Sloppy scholarship is never acceptable, no matter where you stand politically. Being a polemic is fine, as long as you can substantively argue a point, which in your case, seems rather difficult.

'Most of us who are five or six generation Americans had great greats who came to america, too, but they managed to come legally. Why can't Mexicans?'

Paranoia and myth at its best here, not fact. I do love the occasional historical reference you throw in, although that seems more for the awkward adolescent male fans you want to impress. In short, don't claim to be what you're obviously not. Leave scholarly pursuits to those who can sincerely and carefully manage it.

wardog06 said...


Unknown said...

>>Leave scholarly pursuits to those who can sincerely and carefully manage it.<<

You mean like you, I suppose? I don't think so...that would take courage, and you appear to be a couple of balls short of the minimum required amount.

The Chief said...

Yes, it does appear we are on the decline. The mental disorder of liberalism seems to be afflicting a growing percentage of our population and even 'so-called' conservatives have become infected with the 'PC' disorder.

Happy to make your acquaintance War Chick

Naz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Naz said...

You are absolutely correct, Apathy and governmental dependency are the two worst things that any nation can face, yet we're headed for that sadly, and the liberal press is the leading poster child for the advocacy of a government controlled country. We've gone from a society which largely depended on each other when disasters struck to one where we expect the govdernment to step in aND 'make it all better.' Katrina was a wake up call & I think people started to undestasnd the government isn't the alpha and Omega they thought it was, but I beleive we've since fallen back asleep. 9/11 was another wake up call, which we did start to become alert, but time has passed and we've slipped back into the apathetic coma once again. I don't think we're headed for martial law, but I do think that if we don't start to band together instead of expecting 'someone else' to take care of our problems, we'll soon be under Sharia law. It's happening in France, as they were absolutely apathetic and didn't take the threat seriously, and I'm afraid I see much of that same mentality here in the states.

Unknown said...

Man, do I like the way you think. I couldn't find a flaw in your logic, so I'm going to say a big KUDOS to you!

You wanna get angry? Watch's going to be the topic of my radio show, tomorrow night at 7pm Pacific time, at

I'm going to give out Nestle's info, call for this man to be fired, Nestle to be charged criminally, and everyone to refuse to buy ANY of their products this Halloween/Christmas. If you've already bought Nestle candy, dig out your receipt and TAKE IT BACK!