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Monday, February 15, 2010

CLASSIC DISTRACTION TACTIC: The Frenzy of Airplane Incidents a Prelude to Ferry Tales?

By:  Resa LaRu Kirkland

You can't turn on the news these past three months without seeing another "airplane/airport incident."  They have increased dramatically in frequency; so dramatically, in fact, that it has my spidey senses tingling.

This smacks of a classic tactical distraction, the kind used in battle.  Which makes sense, after all, if you understand that we are at war, in spite of our desperate denial.

The sudden increase and frenzy of attempts has resulted in our predictable reaction:  increased security, training, and attention, all aimed at our airports.

And I think that was exactly why our enemies have done this.

If you subscribe to logical sequencing and reasoned analysis, you are already asking the question:  OK, for what purpose?

You don't even have to know anything about tactics, our enemy, or even ourselves.  You need only know something of basic human nature.

The first sequence is obvious:  If they're working so hard to point us toward the airports, then their true target is somewhere else.

To figure out where, look to history.  Islammunism loves civillian targets for the obvious reasons:  we're defenseless and not expecting it, resulting in massive loss of life and great News Break broadcasts for the whole world to see.  Add to that the overwhelming emotional reaction the attack of innocents naturally causes among humans, and you have a victory in the small minds of our randomly successful foes.

Therefore, the target will be a civilian one, one that, like airports, has many civilians that are so useful for Islammunist body counts.

Here is where reasoned analysis comes in.  Trains are an obvious mover of large groups of people, so they can't be eliminated.  And, of course, buses.  Just ask the Israelis how "exciting" bus rides have become in the past 20 years.  But the one I'm thinking of is the ferry system, more specifically, Puget Sound.  This target would be even more desirable because you have the added possibility of secondary death due to drowning, meaning that those fortunate enough to survive the initial blast must then immediately fight Poseidon while dazed and wounded.

It's the "human suffering" theatre that Islammunism seems addicted to that makes this one a more likely possibility.

But there’s an even more foundational reason that I believe the ferry system in Seattle is an inevitable target.  Back in August, 2007, I wrote the following and sent it to a few friends:

The terrorists are going to try things we aren't expecting, but that are normal and people see everyday. They aren't going to use planes--that's already been done. They won't use Ryder trucks...we're already wary of Muslim men renting Ryders. They are going to need something big enough to deliver an enormous payload of explosive material without raising suspicions. I believe that they are going to use semis. No one would be suspicious seeing a semi driving into the center of a town, and with their massive trailer size, the devastation from traditional explosives would be at least 10 times what we saw in Oklahoma City. Add to that the fact that they will most likely use radioactive material along with the traditional explosives and we have deaths in the millions. They will choose Jew-heavy cities, and we might see a sudden exodus of many Muslims going on vacation, visiting friends, or flat out moving to another town. But given the muslim tendency to eat their own, we may not see them even bother to warn their own people

My other foreboding comes with our ports, but not the way you think. Given the muslim's love for Canada and (its) more liberal fear of being accused of racism, I believe that they will try to destroy the Seattle port--one of the largest, most essential in America--by loading the ferries that travel back and forth between Vancouver and Puget Sound with cars(or people) that have hidden explosives. Imagine the devastation of our ports if several of them went at once. Add to that the fact that near every port are major trucking companies and you have a port blow-up putting our law enforcement resources along the coast line of America while the second wave drives semis into American heartland. It is perfect--everyone will be watching the coastlines and ships...they won't be watching for semis. Also, they may use Mexicans, Blacks, or Whites who have joined them to do this, as the American people who have not been Politically Castrated are going to carefully watch Muslims, whether they're on airplanes or ferries. But the PC law enforcement is too afraid of words---racist, sexist, islamophobe--to do much even when they're NOT distracted…

…I started feeling the semis and ferries things at the end of last year(2006), but I didn't believe these promptings.. As they became louder and more frequent I continued to ignore it. Then 2 weeks ago the feeling was so strong that I could no longer ignore it, which is why I sent out the above email.

Tonight as I was watching CNN, the ticker at the bottom reported that for the first time in the history of Seattle FBI they are issuing the following request:

There is no way that some broad in Moses Lake, WA, could possibly have known this. NO STINKING WAY. The good news is, Father is on our side, and still talking to us. The bad news is, Father is talking to us. That's not bad because of Him, but because what He's saying is less than thrilling. That's OK--so long as He's talkin', there's hope for us still.

Don’t bother with the FBI link; it’s been disabled and not in the archives anymore.

Fortunately, FOXnews kept the story online, along with the pics.  I am copying and pasting them here, so they can’t “disappear” again.

The FBI released photographs of two men Monday who have been seen on Washington state ferries "exhibiting unusual behavior" and asked the public for help identifying them.

The agency's Seattle field office, along with the Washington Joint Analytical Center, was still seeking the men's identities and whereabouts Wednesday as ferry service was temporarily shutdown when a suspicious package was found in a ferry bathroom and taken away by authorities.
"We had various independent reports from passengers and ferry employees that these two guys were engaging in what they described as unusual activities on the ferries," Special Agent Robbie Burroughs, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Washington state, told
"They felt that these guys were showing an undue interest in the boat itself, in the layout, the workers and the terminal, and it caused them enough concern that they contacted law enforcement about it," she told
The two were photographed by a ferry employee about a month ago, and those photographs were distributed to ferry employees three weeks ago by local law enforcement.
"We decided that we would go to the public to see if we could get some help in identifying them, so that we could resolve the situation more quickly," Burroughs said. "Keeping in mind that their behavior might have been completely innocuous."
Ferry service was halted Wednesday on one Seattle ferry line during the morning commute when a suspicious package was found aboard a ferry docked in the city.
The Washington State Patrol didn't disclose any details of the package that was found by a crew member in the passenger area of the Washington state ferry Puyallup, but Sgt. Craig Johnson said investigators determined it didn't pose any immediate threat and carried it off the vessel for further examination.
Johnson said no arrests were made and no identified individuals are being sought, but said the State Patrol would like to find the person who left it aboard the 460-foot Puyallup.
Marta Coursey, a ferry system spokeswoman, said the Puyallup had just been emptied of cars and passengers after arriving at Colman Dock from Bainbridge Island about 8 a.m. when the package was discovered behind the toilet in the disabled passenger stall in the men's restroom.
Two Seattle-Bainbridge runs were canceled during the package scare. Following a search and examination by State Patrol troopers, the 2,500-passenger, 202-vehicle capacity ferry was cleared to resume service about 9 a.m. During the shutdown, service on the Seattle-Bainbridge and Seattle-Bremerton runs was maintained on the terminal's other main slip.
"Just as any large transportation system would be considered a target by law enforcement, this is our big transportation system and that's why everybody here recognizes the fact that it could be a target," Burroughs told "It's something that we're very tuned into, and we monitor instances on the ferries very closely."
The FBI has received dozens of tips since releasing the photographs of the unidentified men and is following up on new leads, but they have yet to be identified as of Wednesday, Burroughs said.
The release of the photos did spark a minor controversy between Seattle's rival papers, when the Post-Intelligencer decided not to run the photo when the Times did.
"Running a photograph of two men who may as easily be tourists from Texas as terrorists from the Mideast with a story that makes them out to be persons of interest in a terrorism investigation seems problematic, to say the least," Post-Intelligencer Managing Editor David McCumber said in a blog Tuesday, noting that "ferry security is hugely important. So are civil liberties and privacy."

Interestingly enough, the follow-up piece—minus any picture of the men—is still available in FBI-Seattle’s  archives.  I’m copying and pasting it here, in case this link, too, “disappears:”

For Immediate Release
May 5, 2008
Contact: Robbie Burroughs
(206) 262-2509


Laura Laughlin, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Seattle Division of the FBI, announced today that two European Union citizens appeared at a US Embassy two weeks ago and identified themselves as the men pictured in photographs released to the media last August by the FBI and the Washington Joint Analytical Center (WAJAC). The photographs were taken by a crew member after passengers reported that the men were exhibiting unusual behavior while riding on a Washington State Ferry. Law enforcement attempted to identify the men through investigative means but when those efforts proved unsuccessful the FBI released the photographs to the media. The decision was considered to be controversial by some but was determined to be the best way to resolve the situation and maintain the safety and security of the ferry system.
The two men, European business consultants, came forward to clear their names stating they were fearful of arrest if they traveled to the United States. They provided embassy officials with documentation to establish their identities, employment, and the reason for their US travel last summer. The men stated they were in Seattle for business in July 2007 and took a ferry ride during that time. Follow-up investigation has been conducted to verify the information provided by the men, and it appears that they were in the area for legitimate reasons. The identities of the men are being withheld to protect their privacy.
The FBI and the Washington Joint Analytical Center (WAJAC) would like to thank the many media organizations worldwide that published the photographs and ultimately played a prominent role in resolving this matter allowing the investigative resources of the multiple law enforcement agencies to be redirected to other important matters.

Anyone else fascinated by the fact that the “follow-up” is in their archives, but not the original story?  Also, why were these men afraid of being arrested if they came back and tried to “clear things up?”  They’re smart enough to be big globe-trotting business men but NOT smart enough to realize that it isn’t a crime to have your pic taken by ferry boat crew members?  And European businessmen?  Really?  Just like Jafar the Pilot was an “Israeli businessman.”  Is it possible, just possible that these guys know an ally like Israel or Europe will look less suspicious to Americans than a Muslim?

Nah…they couldn’t possibly have figured out that complex analysis!

This reeks, and I’m calling STINKY SIT (short for situation) on this.  Be watchful, be courageous, and be forewarned.  2010 promises to be a bang-up year.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.


Right Truth said...

I remember these guys. People see, people report, the media calls them innocent boys/men. The problem is that free America has so many great targets.

Right Truth

Unknown said...

The past few years have made it clear that those we have trusted to confirm and check out have become slothful and lost their vigilance, not wanting to press or risk discomfort or offense. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Political Castration has made Americans so mushy we would rather die in a fiery attack than DARE offend an enemy.

If these two were "European Businessmen," then I'm Nancy Pelosi! *shudder*