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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let there be NO doubt where I stand

A re-run from 2003...worth repeating!

By:  Resa LaRu Kirkland

I stand with Israel. I said it, I mean it and I don't care who knows it.

My reason is the best one of all – because not only is it right, but because Israel is right, and Islam – and for that matter, anyone who lines up against Israel – is so wickedly wrong.

Look at some harsh facts here. First, the land of Israel has been the target of Arab nations since its recent re-inception in 1948 – yes, in spite of People Magazine's claims this past year, it did exist before the 20th century – and Jews in general worldwide since the 1920s. Not only does Islam and the entire Arab world despise with a red-hot hatred the nation and people of Israel, they go beyond that by refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist! That is not only in outright defiance of logic and reason, it is way in the outfield of any token of sanity. Hating them is one thing ... refusing to recognize the first inalienable right – the right to life – is sheer madness. Standing with Israel and against Islam, therefore, becomes a matter of sanity vs. insanity.

By this first reason, Islam is meshuga – crazy.

Second, Islam's religion specifically states that in order to be a member in good standing, in order to please Allah, they must kill not just Jews, but all Israel, and anyone who supports Israel. For those of you who have forgotten, Israel encompassed 12 brothers, of which Judah was only one. There are 11 other brothers out there, and given the massive branches that the House of Israel has, I am willing to bet that there isn't a modern-day people outside of the Arab world who doesn't have lineage back to the House of Israel somewhere within their genealogy. That means that eventually, Islam's ire could – and given their history, will – be turned against you and me. Standing with Israel and against Islam, therefore, is a matter of self-preservation.

By this second reason, Islam is our oyev – enemy – a fact they have proven in attacks against America at home and abroad.

Third, it is an absolute impossibility to separate Judaism from Christianity. I know many Christians who have tried, but they can never get past a certain point ... the birth of Jesus Christ. There never would have been Christianity without Judaism first, because the man at the center of Christianity was born through Judah's line and raised in the Jewish religion. Judaism is the foundation of Christian belief, and if you remove the foundation, the rest cannot stand.

My Jewish friends have asked me why I, as a Christian, am so fervent in my devotion to Judaism and Israel. It is because we really aren't that different in what we believe. When you get past the different prayers, chants and religious rhetoric, the foundation of both is exactly analogous: Both religions believe that the Son of God – the Messiah – will be born through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, through Jacob's son Judah, and that He will come to save us. Christians believe He has already been born and is coming for the second time; Jews believe He has yet to be born. The only difference in this basic cornerstone of both religious beliefs is the timing.

By this third reason, standing with Israel is a matter of emunah – faith, and achvah – brotherhood.

My fourth reason became even clearer in recent times. Two years ago, I met a dear woman I have grown to love named Andy, and it is she who inspired this article. Andy is Jewish, and her son Michael has chosen to go to Israel and fight for the Israeli Defense Force. How is it that a boy raised in North America in American neighborhoods playing Nintendo chose to fight for Israel?

Some would say it is because he is a Jew. I say it is because Michael – taught by a good mother – knew that Israel was not the aggressor, not the evil one here. Michael – taught by a wise mother – has a soul that recognizes justice. Michael chose a life dedicated to the fight for right. Way to go, Andy.

By this fourth reason, fighting for Israel is mutsdak – justified, by a mother's torot – teachings, and a son's unselfish brayrah – choice.

Then there is the plethora of reasons such as the constant attacks by Palestinians / Islam against the civilians of Israel – not the IDF or military targets, but everyday people going to work, school, or to play – the regular promises to stop said perpetrators, only to stall for time and attack again, and their illogical justifications of igniting the world's anger against Jews when Israel has the nerve to defend itself. Israel has shown remarkable restraint despite being surrounded and vastly out-numbered by a backward and vicious people hell-bent on their annihilation.

Six months ago, I bought a small, sterling silver Star of David to wear around my neck. You see, not only do I fully support Israel because they are right, but because I, too, come through that mighty House. If you'll travel back in time for a moment to Sunday School, it should ring a bell in your mind that Judah had a little brother named Joseph. You remember him ... kind of a dreamer, dressed colorfully, held a high political office (eventually) in Egypt, and saved his family from a devastating famine? I come through his line, through his son Ephraim. So if Islam succeeds in destroying Judah, what will stop them from next targeting Joseph? Or Levi? Or Gad? Or Dan? Or the tribe from which you descended?

The truth of this is that Israel has been repeatedly attacked and murdered by one evil enemy after another – between communism and Islam, they should have died out long ago. But they didn't. They have not only survived, they have flourished. Why? How is this possible when so many have plotted and sought their demise? They are so much smaller than those who want them wiped off the face of the earth ... what has kept them so resilient?

That one is easy: God. You see, unlike Jimmy Carter, I do believe that God, being on the side of Israel, is more than enough reason to support them. God has made it abundantly clear that He is madly in love with the line of Judah, and terrifyingly clear what will happen to anyone – including us – who raises their hand against His chosen. Face it, Hamas ... God has chosen, and it ain't you.

But even without God, here are the facts: It is Muslims who have repeatedly broken the cease fire. It is Muslims who have repeatedly attacked – unprovoked, no less – the peaceful Israel night. It is Muslims who have made it abundantly clear that they will only be stilled when Israel is no more. It is Islam, people, not Israel.

Israel has consistently gone above and beyond; Islam has proven that they will sink to the lowest depths. The writing is on the wall as to who is most definitely in the right here. I can read and comprehend – it is plain to see and time to choose sides. As for me and my house, we stand with Israel – not because we fear God, but because we love Him, because He loves Israel and because Israel is in the right.

So given the recent – and fully deserved – response by Israel to that evil bombing by Hamas, I have these words: Ani itach Yisra'el – I am with you, Israel.

And to the wretched Palestinians who continue to break the cease fire, I also have some words: Lech La'azazel – Go to hell.

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.


wainpearce said...

For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city will be captured, the houses plundered, the women ravished, and half of the city exiled, but the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city. Then the L-rd will go forth and fight against those nations, as when when He fights on a day of battle.
I stand with the G-d of Abraham, Issac & Jacob and He stands with Yisra'el.

Unknown said...

Amen Wain...when did "because Father said so" stop being reason enough to do something? Let alone the fact that they are a good and righteous people and by far our dearest friend.