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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Mom final....

Yes, I am confused too.  I was notified on Saturday that my mom was nearing her end.  Sunday morning I felt strongly that she needed me to call and tell her "goodbye" and that it was OK to go, which my sons and I did.  They told us it wouldn't be long.  Low and behold, I wrote my previous "goodbye" to her and listed her death as Sept. 25 on Sunday, only to find out she was still hanging in there.  Atta girl mom; she always was physically strong.

But since my family is NOT allowed any contact with me--not even my phone number or mailing address--getting updates was difficult.  I was restless and crying today, and figured that Father was preparing me.  She passed at 8:30 pm Mountain Daylight Time in Salt Lake City, UT.  She will be buried next to my dad in Pocatello, ID.  She suffered quite a bit in the years after I moved up here, and in particular after I realized that family had to be cut out of my  life. She had been a diabetic for 43 years, a bad one for the last 15 years.  It is actually quite amazing she lasted as long as she did.  Thanks to everyone for their kind words.  It's not an ideal conclusion, but she is not suffering anymore, and she gets to be with dad and go home to Father.  Huh...I guess it is an ideal "beginning."

Nedra Catherine Golden Kirkland
March 16, 1937 -- September 27, 2011



Ma Sands said...

She is a very pretty lady.

Unknown said...

Ma, you are ALWAYS a class act. Thank you, sistah -- WARCHICK