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Saturday, February 11, 2012

So did ya hear the one about ChiComs, Islam, and the drug cartels?

If you haven't, you have now!  Just in time for the elections, and torn from the headlines, comes a unique book that combines a fact-based fictional account of coordinated attacks on the United States by China, Islamic nations, and drug cartels.  What makes the book even better is the fantastic military-style reference guide in the second half of the book, with all the information necessary to protect and treat yourselves in the event of an attack.

For the first time, WMD Attacks on America! is available on Kindle and Kindle App for PC and Smartphone!  View the brand new book trailer below for a glimpse of what you'll get in this must-have book for all serious American Patriots.

What makes it exceptional is that it was written by Major Frank Stolz, USMC Ret., of the website WWW.WMDTERROR.COM.  The Major's biography reads like a professor's thesis, except that instead of theory, he has lived it and knows it, inside and out.  That is why he took the time and effort to write this piece for first responders, politicians, and civilians alike; it is the only one of its kind to be found in the publishing world.

Major Stolz is available for interviews through his website.  Spread the word...the coming year will change the world.  It's up to us whether or not that change is good, and whether we have what it takes to remain strong and restore our nation's Constitution.

Get it today at your Kindle store, and spread the word!  Great present for the preparedness types!

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