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Saturday, November 10, 2007

AUTOPSY--Murdering Freedom

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

It all began with the following letter that I emailed to Dog's website, and then sent out to my mailing list to rouse support for Duane Chapman:

Dear DOG,

I left a phone message at the following phone number: 808-***-**** for you regarding his use of the word Nigger. (See? The world didn't's just a damn word, the one thing that the Constitution ensures is free for all to use with no restrictions saving those of violence or panic.)

I wrote to you last week regarding your father, as I am a Military Historian whose focus is on the Korean War, and I wanted to know your dad's story. I also write conservative commentary online, known as the WARCHICK, and am good friends with Bob Parks. He, too, is a conservative commentator who cannot stand the enslavement and fear-based power of the leftist blacks.(You should see what his fellow blacks called HIM when he dared to write about their wretched behavior after Katrina. No one covered those words--far worse than Nigger--and Bob somehow survived) There is no one more kind, decent, or intelligent on this subject. He deplores the idea--as we all should!--that in a nation of free speech we inexplicably have words that, if uttered, can cause a man to lose his job, business, home, possessions, and even his freedom. I, too, have written about this and discussed it on my radio show:

Please read these articles. I know, I know, you're busy, but you need to know that there is a whole network of conservatives of all colors out there who are determined to undo the insanity that PC--or as I call it, Political Castration--hath wrought. We have given words such as racist and sexist unreasonable power, and out of the fear of words--mere words, for God's sake!--men will cower from truth and do nothing against the lie. (If you know anything about communism, then you also know that triggering an emotional response in the brain temporarily disarms the logic center of the brain. Stalin enacted it as daily supplements when his brainwashing scientists recommended it as the best way to control the masses. This is also why the left in America is constantly trying to keep you emotionally driven. They know that logic and reason are NOT on their side...they must disarm those areas to keep you fearful and in line.)

Dog, PLEASE, I beg of you, don't hand your balls over to Political Castration. There are many of us who will back you. Tell the Hippy Press to kiss your ass, that you have the right to say whatever damned thing you choose to say and they do NOT have the right to punish you for it. YOU are the one in the right here, NOT THEM.

But worst of all, the Hippy Press has totally missed the point of all of this.

The fact that you were afraid of the word Nigger and the power it has to destroy--as evidenced by your words--should sound as a wake-up call to all Constitution-loving people. The one thing our Founding Fathers wanted to be free to all was speech, as they had come from lands where you could be jailed for saying the "wrong" thing. Their commitment to this was also a nod to the fact that all technologies and progressions can only happen so long as people are free to give voice to them.

The fact that we have allowed a damned word to have the power to destroy a good man is a horrific abomination. PLEASE FIGHT THIS...don't let the femmies, hippies, and commie-bastards take one more bite out of free speech. Not one more bite!

I will help you, along with my group of men and women, whites and blacks, Muslims, Jews, and Christians. You should be furious that a word--A WORD!!!--can cause you to lose your job and all you've worked for. This is a gross violation of the law of the land. A&E has committed a crime against the Constitution by firing you. No word was meant to have this kind of power. It is up to us to end this madness now. DO NOT SUBMIT WHEN YOU'VE DONE NOTHING WRONG! For crying out loud, Duane...those who extend this type of time and energy to a WORD will NEVER survive this war we call LIFE! You and I are made of much stronger stuff than is time to demand that others suck it up and grow a pair as well. We will help you, Dog...please let us before it is too late.

As this letter made the rounds, I watched the around the clock coverage of THE DAY THE DOG DIED. Over the next few weeks we'll have to suffer through Jesse Jackson's bug-eyed mug demanding all whites flog themselves, and after DOG kisses his ass for an hour or two, he'll have to move on to that greasy, smelly, low-rent Jackson we lovingly refer to as Al Sharpton. That's worse news for DOG, however; ever one to try to one-up Jackson, Sharpton's behind won't be the only place DOG will have to kiss.

I'll wait while you shudder.

This kill-the-DOG overkill has left me weary and at the point of enough. I don't know about the rest of you, but it's time for a little free speech, so blacks, whites, and every color in between, brace yourself. I know how fragile we Americans have become, how easily offended and horribly scarred we get from mere words, so grab your pillow and ring up your Mommy--you're about to gasp and suck in more air than a Hoover on crack.

The worst thing you can call a black is Nigger.

Man is getting worse and worse, just as the scriptures predicted. I actually think the worst thing you can call someone is "coward." But words only have the power you give to them, and we have given racist/sexist words unreasonable power. Not even threatening to kick the crap out of someone--a far greater offense and one of the few things not protected by the Constitution--is viewed with so overwhelming an emotional response. I agree it's a negative word, but to call it the worst thing you can call a black person isn't even close. It is a word used with such frequency--hypocritically by blacks themselves--that to give it that kind of power is to keep us constantly emotional, marching, screaming, demanding, and other such hippy fagatronics (Inside Joke--sorry, Andy and Fran!) that now pass for normal.

Everyone knows the feeling of offensive words. Not one soul will ever get through this life without feeling the pains of words, and to say that one word is worse than any other offensive word is to be a respecter of persons, something that Judeo/Christian principles forbid. The thrower of such words is counting on them causing an emotional response rather than a logical and reasonable one. To give him what he wants ensures the victory of a tyrant and the continued life of that word. That word would be gone if it did not invoke such unreasonable power on American society. Remove the absurd power from it and it will shrivel and die.

For a man to fear losing his job, business, possessions, and even his freedom because of a word is beyond hypocrisy--it is evil. That he must now guard private speech is demented. And that we ignore a gross violation of both the law of illegal wire-tapping--apparently it's only wrong when Bush does it to catch Islammunists...glad I now understand this baffling and duplicitous modern-day rule--and the Constitutional violation of free speech has opened the door for a hippy drug-fest free-for-all abandonment of all things legal, holy, and decent.

This is what happened in the world before America was, and what happens now in Islammunist countries. Saying the wrong thing is all it takes to justify destroying you. We have no right to say thing one about those nations and their brutal massacre of freedom when here in America, racist/sexist words are doing the exact same thing.

The Constitution doesn't protect foul names or deliberate hate speech. You can't just hurt someone's feelings!

Wrong. Freedom of Speech was made to cover despicable language, NOT feel-good language. Our Founding Fathers came from nations where speaking anything negative or even perceived as negative--such as speaking truth regarding the church, king, or state--was punishable by confiscatory rights, imprisonment, banishment, or even hanging. They were criminals back in England, their speech labeled "treason," tried in absentia, declared traitors to the crown, and sentenced to death for daring to speak sedition against King George. Should freedom have been halted over the fear of words? Or so King George's feelings wouldn't be hurt?

Controversial speech will always need vigilant protection. To say that a certain word is good or bad is fine; but to use the powers of the government, industry, media, mobs or education to punish an individual for using that word is wrong. I don't like words like "bitch, cracker, snow white, polygamist, racist, Islamophobe, Jew-lover, etc." but I don't throw a tantrum over them, and it would certainly never, ever, EVER occur to me to demand punishment for their use. Why on earth should we make an exception for Nigger?

My people--Mormons--are the only religion in American history that had state-sanctioned torture, murder, and extermination orders. The only one. The names we were called are too numerous to recount, the rapes and murders and stolen property--never recovered, btw--so overwhelming that dwelling on them would cripple us. And still we have persevered, for one reason and one reason only: free will. It is the one area that trumps even unconditional love, for no matter how much our Father adores us, He will NEVER force us to heaven.

(Self defense of freedom, life and property is not forcing, and neither is trial/sentencing in a court of peers. These are acts of defense, so don't start that lame argument! Hippies, I'm looking harshly at you. Watch it or I'll really let you have it by calling you Nigger! I know the horrible power that word has to maim you wimpy types.)

When America did wrong by us, we sighed, buried our dead, abandoned the stolen property, ran for our lives and built up in Utah. When we were followed and harassed, we did it all over again. And when this same country demanded our men in the Mexican/American war--WHICH WE WON, illegals!--and the Civil War, we obeyed. Our land has never been returned; we have slowly been buying parts of it back. Did it hurt us? Damn straight! Were we angry? Of course we were! But that is why those who follow God are taught to wait until anger, fear, hatred, etc. subside and reason returns to make any decisions. Decisions based on emotion--particularly anger, fear, hatred, agitation, etc--are almost always wrong. It is reason that must rule the day when you are dealing with masses of people, NOT emotion. Emotion divides people into groups; it is reason and the willingness to recognize it that unites.

The wise man is slow to take offense, investigating first rather than expending all of that energy on a word of passion. We have become the second fastest word-provoked people on earth--Islam holds first place...for now--and it is a gutless salute to the easily led, easily outraged, and inevitably, the easily conquered.

(If you don't believe the power emotion has, take this simple test. Your wife walks into the house, bloody and battered, and says, "I was just raped!" If you are a normal human male, your first response is ALWAYS going to be, "I'm going to kill the SOB!" But once anger subsides, reason returns and you then say, "Come on, let's get you to the hospital and call the police." Reason is far more likely to obtain justice than emotion. And even when man's law fails--as anything run by man will--reason hands it over to the only one capable of complete and absolute justice: God.)

But common sense dictates that you don't say that word.

I agree; common sense dictates it, NOT government, business, the masses in an uproar, you, or me. If someone chooses not to be dictated to by common sense, however, the most we can do is feel disappointed and hope that someday they will mature. Common sense does NOT support punishment for the use of Nigger or any word in the Land of the Free. The reasons are too numerous--and too commonly known--for me to cover here, and besides, I know that you already know them, which makes this mass DOG pile even more puzzling. We know better than this, and are always quick to vocalize that we are a land of free speech. Our actions are another matter...

But here is the best reason of all--history has proven again and again that that which you enact to restrict against one group will always inevitably be justified against you and your group. The world's past is littered with the decaying corpses of people who decided to limit the freedoms of someone else now only to find themselves in chains later. While it is the word Nigger today, it may be the word Cracker tomorrow. Or Islam. Or commie-bastard. Or God. No unalienable freedom--those given by God and defended by man--has ever been revoked if it was not first qualified or altered.

One of the best examples of this is the unconstitutional tax called Income Tax. When it was introduced the second time after the Supreme Court shot it down in the late 1800's, the reason it was accepted is because it was only going to be used against the super rich, the top 3% in the nation. All of the middle class and poor shouted, "Yeah! Stick it to those rich sonsabitches!" Fools. Had they never allowed that first bite out of the constitution against someone else, we would not have the horrific burden of taxes--now at 60% when you combine all the taxes the average family pays--that is crushing the middle class today. Once that floodgate was opened, it was inevitable that it would swallow everyone.

Should those who are blessed more give more? You bet they should, but as with everything, it should be a choice, not a command. If they choose not to, then sigh and move on, and let them enjoy their reward. They have, after all, doomed their eternity with their worship of the god of lucre, and chosen to take their reward in this life rather than the next.

Giving because you choose to counts; giving because you have no choice doesn't.


How will you know if you would have given on your own if you were never given the choice to begin with? Being forced to do right emasculates this opportunity, and is contrary to a God who wants us back with Him because we want to be, NOT because we are forced to be.

It is inevitable that more words will be added to the "Forbidden" list, and eventually it will affect words we never intended to keep from speech. We either believe in the choice to use words--any words--or we don't; there simply is no middle ground. The minute you start trying to walk the middle of the road you have taken the first steps AWAY from the side of free speech, and the person who walks the middle of the road is a danger to everyone no matter what side they are on.

The war in heaven was fought between two sides: the side that wanted the freedom to choose to follow--or NOT to follow--Christ into salvation, knowing it could mean many of us would be lost, and the side that wanted to force everyone to do the right thing, guaranteeing that none of us would be lost, but all of us would be subjugated. It is deep within the human race to resent and rebel against any ideology that forces you to do something, even if it's a good thing. That instinct--which crosses all races, religions, and political leanings--is deeply embedded because a part of our souls remembers that before we were born we rejected the religion of force for the religion of free will.

The flip side of freedom is that some people are always going to choose to use that gift from God negatively. It is something that all freedom-loving people accept. The most we as individuals can do is avoid those who choose to violate God's law. But the minute we condone the destruction of another individual for his use of a word we have condemned ourselves; the creeping oppression will inevitably reach us. The war in Heaven has followed us to earth, and demands that we fight here for what we fought for there. That we are even considering embracing force now is madness.

The minute any human starts saying, "People must be forced to..." you need to turn and run; don't walk, RUN! Any plan that forces you to do a thing--even a good thing--is by definition Satanic. If you now use your free will to choose what you once rejected, it may very well be the last time you ever have a choice. Lucifer is, after all, a very bad loser, and so are those who enlist in his cause.

I've used the word Nigger in this article 10 times; I've even highlighted each and every one, and see? You're fine! The world didn't end, the mountains aren't erupting, the stars are still in the heavens, and we are rotating on our axis. It can be done. It requires only a strong core belief in what you claim to believe and eternal vigilance to ensure it remains your core belief.

Remove the ridiculous power we have given that word and move on, trusting that the majority of God's children will and do choose the right. And when some choose wrong, sigh, learn from the pain, thank God for the freedom to choose, and move on. Never forget that the minute you give a word the power to destroy a man's livelihood, freedom, business, and family, you've done more than hurt his feelings--you've stopped his progression and your own, for what begins with one group never ends with that group. It is simply the nature of man.

A word hurting your feelings? For crying out loud, America, grow up, suck it up, and shut up; painful words are the common human condition and you need to learn to deal with them NOW. It is up to freedom's supporter to grow from pain, not use it as a justification for bondage.

Is freedom dead? Yep; and the autopsy labels this one a deliberate, cold-blooded murder.

Nigger. Better say it while you can, Niggers, Chinks, Spics, Wops, Kikes, Gooks, Nips, Micks, smelly-assed camel jockey ragheaded sand monkeys. (Heh, that last one was just for fun; it's my personal favorite. Ahhh...freedom feels good, doesn't it?) Bring it on, ya commie bastards.

One last thought. It is fine with me if we change the definition of "Racist" to "anyone who is white" so long as we can change the word "Criminal" to "anyone who is black."

See how that works?

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY--or FREEDOM.


Sonny Black said...

This is one of (if not the best blog) I've ever read. Im going to paste my comment from Myspace.

Love your work!

Could you speak more to the Corporation (s) who almost always buckle to the race hustlers, and what Corporate America should do to counter the hysteria created by them.

asleeper said...

Seems I read something you wrote a long time ago. Can't remember it now. Did some checking this time, to try to find some background about you, how others react to what you have to say. It was interesting to say the least. Although you are extremely outspoken and take provocative positions, it seems that no one responds.

I spent at least 45 minutes Googling you, and the only response of any significance I could find was an article defending Muhommed Ali from something you wrote. It is as if you are radioactive.

More likely, it is the PC (political castration) you write of. Must be frustrating to not get much reaction. However, much is said by what isn't said in response to you. If a writer attacks, is off the mark, and truly offends the "left", usually the sarcasm and vitriol are unremitting. But, when the dagger pierces the heart, invariably they ignore you.

In such cases, the silence is golden.

Unknown said...

Hey Wiseguy! Thanks a mil...I know you from MySpace, and you live up to your name. I am delighted at the growing number of RIGHT WRITERS I have found there.

Asleeper...This has to be one of the best, most thoughtful and studied responses I've ever received. Thank you for that. I, too, have found that the more logical and reasonable the case, the more emotional and angry they will become, hoping to get you into an emotional state as well, for they learned well from the USSR brainwashing camps: using an overwhelming emotional response to disarm the logic center of the brain. When I don't give it to them, and come back with even more logical sequences and sound reasoning, I get the joy of watching their heads explode.

Ah yes, Jon Saraceno of USAToday on Mohammed Ali receiving the MEDAL OF FREEDOM. What I loved is his mentioning my name, but not providing a link to my website. I received the typical "You're a racist!" hate mail, but I loved it--I received 20,000 hits in a few weeks as a result of that article and a whole new crop of readers.

Some of my favorite responses have been in regard to my anti-femmie articles. In fact, I recently received emails from some men from India in regard to the rising abuse of Dowry laws in feminist cases there. I still don't fully understand it, as dowries were done away with here more than a century ago. I'm also fully aware that the largest group of Islamics on earth live in the Hindu nation of India, and that it is possible that this is more of an Islamic issue than an Indian issue, in which case any action of assertion by a woman is going to be fiercely fought. Needless to say, more research is required, but the fact that they read my articles--I have NO idea where!!!--and reached out to me touches me deeply.

My articles are archived at my website--well, most of them anyway!--and I'm dying to learn to do my own website so I can blog it daily there and start vlogging with a camera. THAT is definitely the future.

Thank you both for honoring my site with your presence...I am humbled and pleased. I hope you both come back.

Resa LaRu Kirkland