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Monday, February 19, 2007


Dear Salman,

I have a quick question for you, and I hope you take it as intended. Given the attacks on America and Israel, it is only reasonable to expect us to question the intentions of those who belong to any group that cries for our destruction.

Can you tell me about this site? Is this standard? How many within the Muslim community support stuff like this:

I'm really not trying to be snotty, but these things are legitimate concerns. Thank you for any insight you can give me.
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Hi Resa,
You are right in that we should question and be on the look out for any group
that cries for our destruction. There are religious, geopolitical, social and
economic issues that are all partly to blame for the hatred and destruction
that has been spawned at the start of this century. Lack of education and
homogeneity of populations also play a role (i.e. some have never lived
anyone but their own kind, who practice the same religion). As you know, my
family and I have been very focused on assimilating well into American society
and educating ourselves. Clearly, the American lives that are being lost in
Iraq and the hatred towards us by these so-called 'Muslims' is very
not just for you, but also for me and my family. I don't want to be subjected
to random suicide attacks, because you and I both know that when these people
kill, they kill without looking to see who is getting hurt. Of course, the
world trade center had people from all over the world.
Your question is very reasonable indeed. I can tell you that as in every
religion, there are liberals, conservatives, people in between and then
ridiculous fanatics. My family and I are liberals in a sense that we believe
Islam, Christianity and Judaism are God's religions and they are to be honored
and respected. Of course, we believe in general tolerance for all
religions. I associate with people of all faiths and in my experience
in America, I have
never met people who want to hurt others. I have met people who have
fundamental ideological differences, but many people can have that without
wanting to kill others.
Resa, clearly there are many people in the world who want to hurt us
Americans. And, it breaks my heart that many of these people are considered
'Muslim'. From my readings and experience, Islam in its core tenets is not
violent and very reasonable. These fanatics have interpreted many
things wrong
and though I don't have enough knowledge to give you a detailed historial and
political explanation, I can say that I have practiced a liberal version of
Islam well while associating with great rapport with Christians, Hindus, Jews,
Muslims and people of other faiths.
I don't know whether many Muslims in US support destruction of others, but in
my experience of 15 years in America, it seems to be a small percentage. I
have no idea what that violent percentage is except that these people have
infiltrated our way of living and peace and should be thoroughly investigated
and expelled. Maybe the percentage is higher when it comes to not supporting
American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I believe that a high
percentage of America in general doesn't support the war and the casualties
that we are experiencing. But, Pakistanis (my country of origin) for instance
are more supportive of the war in Iraq (and hence Allies of America)
since many
from Pakistan don't want any terrorism on their Afghani border and America is
helping them eradicate the violent component.
The site you emailed me about is by no means standard I think. What is
written on it is outrageous! Don't these people want to contribute something
to the world besides death? What is violence going to solve? What is killing
people going to solve? Violence and fighting have existed throughout history,
but where has it gotten us? I advocate for tolerance and great dialogue and I
believe that the Muslims I know advocate the same.
I only want one thing: To be safe, happy and living. If God forbid, in the
future, America is constantly attacked by terrorists, no matter what religion
they claim they are from, we must all join in speaking and acting against the
evil. Peace, goodness and life should matter more to us than anything else.

My answer is probably not very useful to you since I don't know of anyone who
even considers hurting others, but I wanted to give you the opinion of a
liberal Muslim, one who really wants to live peacefully and productively with
people of all faiths and backgrounds.



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