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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Picture this!

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 07:20:47 -0800 (PST)
From: "Scott F. Cook"
Subject: picture This!

I sent this to the fine folks at, and thought you might find it interesting too.


did some picture taking today. (as far as I know all attachments are scanned by yahoo and are virus-free). sorry the quality isn't better - i used my camera phone. These are all pretty non-descript buiildings, nothing really out of the ordinary. The last one is particularly interesting I think.

3028 N Maryland, duplex. The address of the property information I sent yesterday (I think). No parking on one side of the street, so I took this while driving past. Milwaukee east side, not far from UWM.

229 W Orchard, duplex? The property Faisal currently has for rent, and has listed on the Milwaukee craigslist. Milwaukee south side.

1020.jpg - 1020 E Pleasant. Apt building where Sajid Nasir lives. Milwaukee east side.

Sajid Nasir's mailbox, confirmation of residence.

2045 N Oakland. Apt building where Acccchmed Busra lives.

Another view, with moving truck. HMM.

The biggie. 9035 S. 49th St is one of these two houses. It is also the official listed address of Capital Renovations LLC, "d/b/a" of Bargain Suppliers. Per, John Kenenakhone is listed to the address, who along with Ryan Pattee run "Commercial Bargains LLC". The connection? John K's phone number (and address) are listed on the Capital Renovations record, along with Faisal's address.

Ryan P is the only other employee of the Commercial Bargains, according to lists Ryan P.'s apt is 2nd St. downtown Milwaukee address. The business is on S. 4th St. in a warehouse on Milwaukee's south side. Why someone with a LLC at his home address be driving more than 13 mi & 15 min to another LLC?

I could not find at the time, 3270 W. American Dr., but later looking at with the bird's eye feature I was on the right track - it was a condo complex.

Now the big question - what needs to be done with info?

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