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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Are we powerful?
By: Resa LaRu Kirkland
Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid – Ronald Reagan
My dear friend Audrey Russo put a note up on her FACEBOOK page that inspired me to write this piece. The following excerpt explains it:
…the Revolutionary Guards Chief, Mohammed Ali Jafari…said, “Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has missiles with the range of 2,000 km (1,250 miles), and based on that all Israeli land including that regime’s nuclear facilities are in the range of our missile capabilities.”
Jafari also believes that neither the US or the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) “had the ability” to strike Iran…
...The two greatest militaries in the world did not have the ability to strike Iran? Right…
…this is a simple illustration of how…PC paralysis has become the fuel for ‘the little regime that could’ and the mushroom cloud that it will produce. --- Iran: The Little Regime That Could by Audrey Russo
As you can see, she is one of the unafraid. And then this response to her articulate piece:
…a nuclear exchange of any sort will have the opposite results that it did in Aug. 1945, and that the threats did, from the 50’s thru 90’s … from FACEBOOK member and Russo fan Martin Dudziak
Israel and America have the ABILITY, but only Israel – who, like us, can no longer appear to be Politically Castrated – has the WILL; inexplicably, America has NO problem, forcing its lack of WILL on Israel.
Apparently, we are only WILLing when it comes to Israeli suicide, be it the Jews in Old Zion or the Joes in New Zion.
The reason nukes will now destroy the world it once saved has everything to do with the enemies’ motives – we are dealing with people who love death – and our choice to be easily cowed by words. MAD worked before because both sides wanted to live; that was the frustrating Achilles heal that commie bastards have been unable to overcome in spite of its willingness to spend precious blood with shameful abandon … until now. Jihad is an answer to their prayers to whatever man-made monkey-god they pray to, for communism has no problem achieving with jihad what it NEVER could with a Cold War. It also worked because we had not yet been so utterly Politically Castrated that we would surrender to the mere threat of someone – anyone! – calling us a PHOBE of some kind. Back then it took more than words to get us to back down.
We were unprepared for the enemy of today, an enemy so cowardly and pathetic that they would lie to children and have THEM die so they could run and hide, allowing themselves to live to pedophile the innocent and stone uppity wiggahs (women in Islam) another day.
We have had many enemies before. England sent soldiers; France sent soldiers; Mexico sent soldiers; Germany sent soldiers; Japan sent soldiers; commie bastards sent soldiers, although they, too, have shown an affinity for using civilians, be they the elderly, women or children (and you are shocked that these two horrific evils came together to form the scrotum that is Islammunism). Islam sends women, teens, and babies, and then cheers rabidly when they give their lives for the nothing that is allah, using Mammon (which in Aramaic means “riches”) to pay their families into complicity. (If that doesn’t work to keep the jihadi sacrifices coming, there’s always barbarism.)
Their leaders don’t even believe in the words they preach – they know what we once knew: they are only words, and anyone can say them – and their actions validate this; otherwise they would have been the first to blow up.
It is NOT a coincidence that Russia had a satellite go insane and crash into another non-Islammunist satellite the same month that Iran launched its first ever satellite – built with communist technology –and NoKo is preparing to launch its own. Does anyone know if it is possible to have separate satellites – equipped with components of a WMD but not all the ones necessary – to link in the stratosphere with other satellites that have the missing necessary WMD components to form a weapon of EMP, controlled remotely until it reaches the atmosphere and is triggered?
Twos are everywhere, but our leaders don’t dare put them together; they’re afraid of four.
Think about it…
Why would Islammunists do this knowing we can wipe them out?
They no longer believe we will. They know we can, but by watching our actions, the true tell of who and what a man is, they believe without a doubt we will not do so, at least not with any seriousness. ABILITY and WILLINGNESS are the key differences that have led them to this conclusion, with our all too eager help.
Their strategy of “I’m-not-touching- you! I’m-not-touching-you!” has worked beautifully with Israel and America (with the help of the very UN-American and UN-Israeli UN) thus far, giving them years to attack repeatedly – death by inches – and weaken us that way while we must maintain higher and higher levels of stress guarding ourselves against their fingers hovering inches from our shoulder. Upon having enough of their little-brother-on-a-long car-drive technically obeying Mom’s frustrated “Don’t touch your sister!” but still getting his way by pointing out repeatedly that he isn’t doing the thing he’s not doing, then feigning surprise when he does – surprise surprise – touch you by saying “My finger slipped!” or “I didn’t touch you, you moved!”, we do a quick smack and “Knock it off!” or “Mo-om! He touched me!” This maddening game of “Let’s pretend” stops only long enough for something else to distract Mom and Dad so he can “not touch you” again.
Our big fat mouths on the possibility of a Two Front War.
What was the one fear Hitler had as he burned, gutted, and slaughtered his way through Europe? Why was he so anxious to establish a non-aggression pact with Stalin, whom he loathed, and Russia, whom he desperately wanted to enslave? BECAUSE HE KNEW THAT HE COULD NOT HANDLE WAR ON TWO FRONTS.
Why is that important now?
Pre-911, every military leader was telling the world that we could NOT handle a two front war as we did 70 years ago. They stopped saying it about 6 years ago, but it was too late; it had been spoken too freely and too often by then, and our enemies planned around it. It is why religious Islam and virulent anti-religion communism have no problems with their odd couple hook up that has been going on in seedy hotels behind our backs for the past 14 years; they want our house divided.
Here’s what that means:
Watch for hits from Islam on Israel – lesser at first, those daily, monotonous UN violations Islam gets away with decade after hypocritical decade we’re all so desensitized to – increasing slightly. That will be combined with minor hits by communism – specifically NoKo and their silent, double agent partners – against our allies, at which point the UN cries for defenselessness due to a “disproportionate response capability” will stop us or cause us to hesitate just long enough for the other shoe to drop. When it does, I believe it will be an atmospheric explosion – we can stop their missiles because we know the second they’re launched, but we don’t watch every satellite every minute, and besides, we’ll be distracted (remember?), causing EMP, killing some at first but not as much as a direct hit, leaving us technologically powerless until everything is restored and fixed, an effort that will take months … at least. Bear in mind that Islammunism wants slaves more than they do burning carcasses. Plus they get to watch us suffer slowly, painfully, and relish in our confusion, our sudden plunge into third world, non-technalized status that their wretched belief system has doomed them to.
There’s a reason they’re called an axis of evil, people, and not axis of lollipops and butterflies.
We will see this dividing of our military as our attentions are drawn to far east communism, leaving Israel powerless. With such a simultaneous move, Islammunism can achieve the long desired two for one that separately they could never pull off.
Islammunism sees America and Israel as powerless and afraid, a belief we have verified with each idle threat or angry letter we’ve issued, only to be followed by billions of dollars we’ve handed over to those who seek to devour us, and only their word – “This time I mean it, my friend, no crossies!” – as verification. Madness on our part, satanic
cunning on theirs, and those in the middle too dazed and confused and lazy to stand and say “No.”
Whether it happens tomorrow or in twenty years, this scenario is inevitable so long as those of us who know better – and haven’t handed our nads over to Political Castration (Audrey, I will pay you to stop using the Kruschev-inspired brainwashing technique of wrapping poison in cake by calling it correct, my conservative sistah! Call it what it is, for there is NOTHING correct about rendering us impotent) – remain afraid and do nothing.
Forget being unafraid; forget being powerless. Just answer me this one question, for truly we must know what we have to work with if we are to guarantee our earthly survival and deserve our Heavenly abode:
Are we GOOD?
Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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