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Thursday, November 05, 2009

THE ENEMY WITHIN: Is It Time to ReThink Muslims in our Ranks?

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

***I wrote this article in July 2004, and given the events at Ft. Hood today, I'm posting it again and asking everyone to forward this far and wide***

OK, since everyone else is too Politically Castrated to say it, then AMERICA’S WAR CHICK will. I believe the time has come to ask ourselves: should those who have pledged their lives to Allah be allowed to take the military oath? I mean, while we are fighting the enemy on the outside, must we also be watching our backs on the inside?In plain speech—can the Muslims in our ranks be trusted to fight with us, not against us?

From what I’ve seen thus far, I think the answer is a resounding NO.

I know, I know—in WWII this fear caused us to inter Americans of Japanese lineage in camps, and send their sons to the European theater rather than the Pacific. We feared their loyalties might still be with the emperor, or that fighting against relatives would be too much to handle, causing them to break ranks and defect in the heat of the battle. We were wrong. One need only read about the magnificence of the fighting 442nd in Europe to know that these Neisei soldiers had their priorities—and loyalties—firmly entrenched in the red, white, and blue. They were true American Warriors, and our land is far greater—and far more liberated—because of them.

But this is different, and I’ll tell you why.While it is true that the Japanese had been taught that Hiro Hito was part Deity, that he was God-like, averting their eyes and the whole bit, he was still a physical being, a man they swore to protect even unto their own deaths. That means that on some level, they knew he could be harmed, even killed, and this knowledge betrayed their sincere belief in his immortal roots. Deep down, they knew he was a man…nothing more than a king, when all was said and done. That didn’t make their loyalty any less fierce, mind you, but it was loyalty to a mortal. It was this depth of feeling among that Japanese people that caused us to take certain acts upon their surrender--we made Hiro Hito speak on the radio, walk among his people, move about outside the palace—to show them once and for all that the days of "Let’s Pretend" about the emperor’s true identity were over.

That was then, this is now.

Now we have people who are following a theology, not a political entity. What they do they do for Allah, a non-personage that can’t be brought down among the people as we did with Hiro Hito. He is in the realm of mysterious, to be prayed to, bowed to, sacrificed to, and obeyed with brutality.

Think I’m wrong? Read the Koran sometime. John Muhammad read it, and in its name he took his military training into the American streets. Sgt. Asan Akbar read it, using it as a guidebook to frag his sleeping comrades. Twenty half-trained pilots read it before flying bombs into the World Trade Center. Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun has most likely read it—or at least been taught its precepts--before abandoning (ABANDONING, people!) his troops and heading to the enemy…an enemy who turned on him, but who would never have killed him. After all, the Koran commands all Muslims to "make war on unbelievers and deal rigorously with them." Hassoun was not an enemy, he was a temporary pawn in their plan. They never would have killed him and suffered the wrath of their Muslim brothers. After all, it’s only OK to kill Jews and non-Muslim Americans. Allah said so.

This is a tough one, friends. After all, I’m a firm believer in our Constitution. These people have the right to their religion…I’ll die for that belief.

But will they let me live for that belief?

No, people, they won’t. To be good Muslims, they must destroy the infidel, and in case you didn’t know, that’s YOU. Many Muslims in America are quick to point out that Jihad perverts the Koran. This is a flat out lie, or they are ignorant, or blind. The Koran has hundreds of verses that rationalize and even command all Muslims to take up Jihad. All Muslims. Not suggest, not hint, but command.

This isn’t loyalty to some man that this new generation in America never met, a culture their parents voluntarily left to start a new life in America, as the parents of the Neisei did. No, this is a religion, and religion runs deep. They aren’t here of their own volition, but for the cause of Allah. These are people who have come from a theocracy who premeditated embedding them among us to bring us down from the inside. They are accomplishing this with ease, mostly because we have become too damned Politically Castrated to grab our balls and say "No more!"

This is not the same as the Americans of Japanese lineage in WWII. This is a new war, and a new enemy…an enemy who joins our ranks while making it clear that their first loyalty will always be to Allah. An enemy we are taking with us into his home, with his brethren, under his god, and trusting to watch our backs.

Yeah, you’d better shudder! Because so long as these people first swear to Islam, they cannot and will not swear loyalty to their fellow warrior. The two contradict one another, because in Islam, their fellow warrior is that self-same enemy. In other words, people, we are bringing our enemy into our ranks, and playing "Let’s Pretend" with our SURPRISE! face when they treat us like the enemy.

The answer to this one is hard, and it won’t ride well with those of us raised in our Politically Castrated education system, but it is necessary to our survival. My friend on the frontlines in Fallujah doesn’t agree with me, because of what it would do to our constitution. That is what causes me to hesitate as well…so precious, so perfect, so worthy is that document that it warrants pause at times such as these.

But the harsh reality is that we are at war with an enemy named Islam—not because we chose him as an enemy, but because his god chose us as their enemy. Doesn’t logic at the very least demand that we reconsider Muslims in our military? Is it that unreasonable? Would it kill us to demand that if they choose to fight in our military, their first loyalty must be to us? ‘Cause I’m telling you, so far it is killing us not to demand it.

Now before you get your panties in a bunch, calm down. Yes, there are many Muslims who have served faithfully and well in the American military. Somehow, they have reckoned their Islamic beliefs with their service alongside the very infidel they must destroy.

But will that last?

One last thing to consider: in shouting about all of the good soldiers who happen to be Muslim, how much does that mean—really—to the families of those who have died at the very hands of the buddy he trusted to watch his back, stand guard, walk point, or hold the line? The truth is that eventually, every Muslim in any land on earth is going to have to make a choice, and the ominous rumblings of what we’ve seen so far is that the choice ain’t gonna be us.

That is what it is fast boiling down to.

Maybe it’s time we make a choice too…a hard choice, for a hard time. We were wrong about the Neisei in our ranks, but it was a good kind of wrong, the kind of wrong that blessed America and restored our faith. If we’re wrong about the Muslims in our ranks this time, however, it might very well destroy us utterly. Someone has to say this--we cannot allow Political Castration to aid and abet our enemy in our annihilation.

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

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