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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

An American AND Israeli? Is it possible?

As Mormons, we are Zionists.  We believe that America's founding fathers and most those who come from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Western Europe are from the tribe of Joseph, Judah's little brother.  Our loyalty is to Israel.  Fortunately, we believe through modern day revelation to our Prophets that in these last days, the good people of the earth (those who love freedom; as far as I know, Mormons are the only Christians who do NOT believe that only Mormons will be saved--it will be those who seek freedom, righteousness, and leave "Babylon" for Old Jerusalem and New Jerusalem) will uphold the American Constitution, and they will support Israel, even when their elected leaders turn against Israel, both the Jews in Old Jerusalem and the Joes of New Jerusalem. 

The righteous here will stand with Israel because they are "remembering" that they are of Israel.  (I've written about this quite a bit)  Mormons have been promised that the true government of this land--the people--will stand with Israel even if their wretched leaders do not, and as such, all who choose to stand with Israel will be saved.

I asked my dad, about 6 years ago before he died, that if Americans ever DID turn on Israel, given what we believe about Israel and Zion, where would our loyalties lie?  I knew what scripture study and prayer had led me to know was true, but I wanted confirmation from my hero that I was on the right track.  My dad was a patriot, who served in the military during Korea, was a flawless student of American history, served as a federal parole/probation officer for 20 years, and was fervently pro-America, pro-military, pro-warrior. 

He was an American, as I am.  So I held my breath as I waited for the answer.

He looked down a moment, thinking it over, then looked me in the eye and said, "Israel, for that is God's own."

I smiled, went into the next room, and wept with joy. 

I stand with Israel, because I stand with God, and THAT is where He stands.


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