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Thursday, March 11, 2010

ALL FIRED UP! w/ Lori and Bea

ALL FIRED UP! w/ Lori and Bea

Listened to this show and bawled like a baby! She's like me and my devotion to the men of the Korean War, especially Ricardo Carrasco. Oh Please, people....listen and support Betty Kilbride in her honorable work!

Here is her site. Let's try to get STAGE RIGHT and Jack Marino to bring her on...oh people...does my old heart good that my SISTAHS are all over this!

The magnificent American Warrior...never been men like it, and if we lose them, there never will be again. To ARMS! --- WARCHICK


The Conservative Mom said...

Great idea, Resa. I will suggest to Larry to get Betty on, too. You might want to facebook friend Kevin McKeever, Stage Right's producer, if you aren't already. I'm going to suggest Betty as a guest to Kevin to see if we can't further this cause along! Thank you so much for your support for our show. Let me know when you're off hiatus, and we'll promote your show. I've got your blog linked to my Top Roll on my blog, too. Hope that's ok! ~Lori
The Conservative Mom

Unknown said...

I really, really like Betty. Another good person to get is Steve Karras, whose book I'm reading is THE ENEMY I KNEW. It's about German Jews who joined the allies to fight against the Nazis. Fantastic book, and I would love to see everyone have him on their show. Steve is wonderful, truly...but then, so are you, darlin'! Thanks for following me...taking me a while to come back from the past two years, and am grateful for friends! WARCHICK