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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday night thoughts on Government-run ANYTHING!

We're about to trust people who can't even handle MAIL with our favorite MALES?  Really?

Let me tell you what these faggoty assholes did to one of MY favorite MALES.

Congress has been raiding SS for decades now, an act that was UNCONSTITUTIONAL as well as illegal.  Then, they raided the Federal Workers' retirement accounts, turning around and slapping them with Double Taxation.

Let me 'splain.

My dad was a Federal Parole and Probation officer beginning in 1973 until 1993.  They lured him away from his job as Deputy Director of the Job Corps in Cottonwood, ID, in 1973 to move to El Paso, TX, with the promise that all the money he put away for retirement would be AFTER TAXES.  The amount he put away would leave him with a lump sum of $50,000 when he retired. 

By the 1980's, Congress apparently had run out of funds for their alcohol and prostitute bills.  Social Security was already empty and their leacherous, glutonous eyes fell upon the Federal Workers' Retirement Fund.  Ah!  More of The Peoples' money!  So they decided to pass a law stating that the money the Federal Workers had been carefully socking away for retirement wasn't actually their money, it only represented their money, and therefore had to be taxed AGAIN (That's double taxation, folks, which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!) upon withdrawal at retirement.  The Federal Workers took it all the way to the Supreme Court in 1993, just before my dad retired.  Since Congress had snuck it into law, the SC could only uphold the law that was stinkin' up the books.

When my dad retired, he lost over $22,000 to the unConstitutional double taxation.  His entire plan for the future was blown out of the water, as since he didn't hand the chunk of illegal money over to the illegal law, he was taxed into oblivion by the constant IRS fines, penalties, and monthly payments that didn't even touch what he now "owed."  He died 5 years ago an untterly broken man, losing a house he'd paid on for 25 years and leaving my mom with next to nothing. 

He had never dreamed his government would lie to him and steal from him.  He had loved being Deputy Director of the Job Corps, and had only taken the Probation job BECAUSE of that retirement plan, and they stole it anyway.  He adored this nation, served in Korean War, and for it was utterly robbed, lied to, and destroyed. 

THAT is what we have allowed our "leaders" to become--the greatest liars, thieves, pigs and narcississtic Satanic Bowel Movements the world could create.  And we did it without so much as a whimper.

There are consequences for actions, and worst of all, consequences for inaction.  Behold what inaction hath wrought.

Ever since the field of elected officials has been dominated by one profession (that of LAWYERS!) we have slowly seen our rights and our MONEY disappear.  There is a reason that the only profession specifically named and consistently given warning to in the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants isn't bakers, soldiers, business men, farmers, or even clergy---IT IS LAWYERS.

The Founding Father's NEVER intended for any particular profession to dominate leadership for this very reason, but of all the ones we could have allowed, history has proven that LAWYERS are the most vile, most repugnant, most dangerous, most evil, and MOST DEFINITELY NO!

God forgive us...what have we DONE?


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