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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Letter to a Moron--Usually I don't bother, but, well....


"Obama is the first non-white President of the United States and conservatives who make up a majority of tea partiers tend to be overwhelmingly white..."

The country over which O is Prez is overwhelmingly white.  THAT is a mathematical truth.  But since when did these facts preclude others from knowing what the hell they were talking about? 

So we know for sure you failed math, now on to history...

"The same government protected black slavery" --  But fortunately, REPUBLICANS wrote the law and towed the line that freed them--paid for overwhelmingly with the lives of young WHITE men.  Can you name me a war where blacks fought and died to free their own white slaves in their own homeland, hmmm?  Nope; only whites did that, and overwhelmingly Republican whites at that.

"There’s plenty on the record to protest regardless of one’s race." --  Really?  Then doesn't logic dictate you focus on the plenty, or the MAJORITY, rather than the MINORITY?  Sheesh, look who I'm talking to!

"Could not one consider the Black Panthers a "militia?" and were they not formed for largely the same reason: to protect neighborhoods and communities from what they felt were unlawful conduct by law enforcement, federal or local? What’s the difference?" --  Wow...even for you this is a new low.  Clearly you know NOTHING about the evils of the Black Panthers, whose stated purpose was to overthrow American government with violence and guerilla warfare (might want to read what number 3 man in the Panthers, Eldridge Cleaver, wrote about going to Communist countries to learn guerilla warfare.  He might have something to say about their plans), and who repeatedly SCREAMED the superiority of blacks and inferiority of whites. (But that's not racist, right?)  Betcha I could find some old school Cats who would just loooooove to have you over for a bake sale and educate you on "neighborhood protection."  In fact, let's call David Horowitz and see if he can arrange it.  That might be a bit touchy for him, though.  Trouble is, last time he recommended a woman to them--she was a black bookkeeper who found discrepancies regarding money for drugs, hookers, etc., and showed them to Horowitz, who referred her to Bobby Seals about what he was sure was "just a mistake"--she was found butchered.  Helluva coinkidink for some kindly, non-menacing, best of intention neighborhood watch types, doncha think?  Is THAT the group you're comparing the Tea Party to?  My God, boy...slap your parents and fire your teachers, 'cause they done failed you.

"This is one of the many challenges the Tea Partiers face, from co-optation by the establishment Right, (Tea Party is overwhelmingly conservative, dickless, and since you were educated under the NEA, that means the right hand, baby boy) demonization from the Left (yeah, that JUST began with the tea party.  Guess you were still in diapers 18 months ago during the HATE BUSH finale) and at times its own incoherence as to what its larger goals are."(You are the only person on the left who hasn't gotten it; even Al Sharpton made a reasonably coherent summation; I know, because hell froze over and his feet got stuck.  Took 25 18 wheelers to get him out again--you could hear swear words and smell Teamsters for days after that.  Guess that makes you the LEAD LOSER of the LEFT.  Congratulations, your majesty.  You make a lovely Queen.)

Why is it that the only ones who EVER bring up race are Politically Castrated leftist losers with castration complex (of course, since they are, after all, PC--Politically Castrated)?  If the right is so "racist," why is the left the ONLY ones to EVER bring race into the argument?  Not one time have ANY of the demonstrations talked about race,not by the Tea Partiers anyway.  By definition, then, since the left views everything through the race window, the left is horrifically racist.  That includes you, limp-dick.

"Only by making themselves bigger and broader can they avoid all this and they can make themselves more politically potent."  Psst...I don't want to humiliate you any further than your poor cognition has done, but O's poll numbers support US, not HIM.  Sounds like BROAD support to this broad.

If you're going to speak fluently about history, you might want to at LEAST study a little outside the halls of the catastrophic American education system (Don't even try; my degree is in Education)  Remain mute and stop removing all the merciful doubt people kindly bestow upon the silent.  But if you aren't going to do that, at least try to gain some testicular fortitude and reach beyond the Hippy Press taglines.  I have a pair you can borrow, but I'd recommend starting with something a bit smaller; go too big all at once and your ass will fall in.

Bob, Kevin, and Sean, anything you might like to add to enlighten the little piss ant?  Or would you rather just mail pics to the race-obsessed big boy wanna-be, since apparently all that white on his TV screen gave him snow-blindness and he missed out on the hundreds of blacks, hispanics, asians, indians, etc., who attend these events?  Your call.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY!

--SO SAYS WARCHICK, Resa LaRu Kirkland
Columnist/Writer/Speaker/Military Historian/The Anti-Feminist!
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