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Thursday, April 29, 2010

TEA PARTY, MEET THE TEQUILA PARTY The Rule of Law vs. the Law of Rule

By:  Resa LaRu Kirkland

One party shouted chants, the other shouted profanities.  One party questioned with boldness, the other grabbed its crotch.  One party spoke with clarity, courage, and the Constitution, the other threw bottles and food at the policemen who were there to protect them.

One party flew the American flag with joy, the other flew the Mexican flag with menace.

Yep, we are now a two-party people:  The pro-American Tea Party, and the anti-American Tequila Party.

Arizona had the nerve to pass a law upholding the rule of law because the Federal agencies, WHOSE JOB THIS WAS, had failed to do so for decades.  Arizona passed DefCon 5 on the illegal question back in the 80’s but continued to hold on to the fantasy that the Feds would actually do their job.  When once again Big Government failed, they stepped up and took responsibility for their own state, showing that their “THAT IS IT!” moment was long overdue and snapping shut the American purse on those who weren’t American nor law-abiding.

And after decades of doing nothing, suddenly now AG Eric Holder is studying what is going on in Arizona.  Only when Arizona showed they would handle things themselves, without the Big Government who had so utterly failed them, did they deem them worthy of their attention.

But then, haven’t we come to expect that from the arrogant, drunken frat boy tactics of this administration?  Is it any wonder that the aptly-named Tequila Party supports him?  After all, watch the news; their tactics are one and the same, and by their fruits ye shall know them.

And I’m not talking lime, either.

Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill Friday to give state police the authority to question whether an individual is in the United States legally and would consider it a crime for people to be unlawfully in the state. She said she was forced to act because Washington has failed to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico.

Opponents of the law, who have staged protests in the state capital of Phoenix since last week, used refried beans to smear swastikas on the state Capitol and have demanded a boycott of the state, have said they want to take the case to court for a judge to decide whether the state can enforce federal laws.  Fox News, April 27, 2010

Refried beans; yeah, they’re not stereotypes!

Is this our country or isn’t it?  It is literally against the law to come to this country without following the rules, and has been for over a century now.  My forefathers had to check in at Ellis Island, have a skill, a place to live, a plan for their lives here, they had to be free of disease or quarantined until they were safe, they had to be free of a criminal record, learn English, swear allegiance, know our history, and be an asset to the land, not a millstone around its neck.
We either have the Rule of Law or we have the Law of Rule, that is, he who rules makes whatever law he damned well wants to make.  Our fore-fathers followed the laws and were happy to do so, for they knew there was security in creating a unified country whose members played by the same rules and were subject to the same laws.  All we have now is splintered favoritism, and the only rule for being part of the favored groups is apparently how many laws you’re willing to rape.

Yet the current crop of illegals think it’s somehow different for them, that they shouldn’t have to follow the same rules that the ancestors of white Americans had to follow.  They believe they should be exempt.

And we’re the arrogant ones?

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

***Tequila Party:  Those who believe they are exempt from the laws of the land they demand to be included in and given all benefits meant for the legal citizens, but not pay taxes or have to follow any of the laws/rules already established in said country they are desperate to be a part of; the antithesis of the Tea Party.***

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