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Sunday, June 06, 2010

THE CROSS WE BEAR; The Mosque We Won't

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

On the West Side….

It first ended in 1918 (or so we thought), then began in 1934. It was replaced with a metal one in 1984, and became a subject of controversy in 2002. It was covered with a shroud while lawyers argued its offense factor until 2010, when courts ruled it could stay and lose the veil.

The majority wept with joy, secure in the thought that this friend would remain steady whenever they looked up.

The item of all the controversy, offense, lawyers, courts, and shrouding—a simple white cross honoring American warriors of WWI—joyfully returned for another 76 years standing guard over the harsh and unforgiving world it was willing to purchase with its own eternal vigilance.

And two weeks later, in a display of spoiled, spineless, hippy fagatronics, the Politically Castrated minority took their ball and went home like the cowards they are. They decided if they couldn’t get their way through the law, they’d take it into their own impotent, pathetic, mob-clenched hands.

They stole the 76 year old cross, secure in the thought that their gutlessness would not be offended by the stoic appearance of this symbol of unselfish love one more day.

On the East Side….

It first ended in 1993 (or so we thought), then began in 1998 and 2000. It was replaced with the largest one in 2001, and became a subject of outrage. It was left as is until 2010, when a community board ruled it no offense factor and ordered that it must wear a veil.

The majority wept, horrified by the thought that this fiend would remain whenever they looked up.

The item of all the controversy, offense, lawyers, boards, and shrouding—a massive, 13-story mosque honoring the satanic ideology that murdered Americans of 9/11 on the very sight of their slaughter—gleefully established for a beginning time and times, standing harsh and unforgiving over the world it was willing to purchase with its own psychotic bloodlust.

And two weeks later, in a display of courage born of ENOUGH, the freedom-motivated majority took their balls back from Political Castration and left their homes like the warriors they are. They decided if they could be abandoned by the law, they’d take a stand to remind the enemy exactly who that law served, and who it must obey.

They stole to the site where the destroyer had struck, where he desired his display less than a decade after felling ours, ensuring that this gutless enemy would be offended by their infidel appearance every single day.

It’s a tale of two coasts, both in the same nation, playing out in the media at the same time.

What a difference a time zone makes, apparently. In the West, it took 76 years of standing strong for the universal symbol of humility and unselfishness to get the official OK. In the East, it took less than 10 years of scar tissue for the universal symbol of force and selfish evil to get the official OK.

For the sake of truth and right, the West saw the light. For the sake of Political Castration and appearance, the East abandoned it.

On Sunday, June 6, 2010, a new D Day is going down. Two of the greatest warriors I know, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, are hosting a STOP THE MOSQUE rally in New York. All who understand what this mosque at this place in this nation at this time means—(the first thing Islam does when it conquers through jihad or more recently through Political Castration is to erect a massive mosque; this is a symbol of conquest to the Muslim world, and more ominous, a signal)—need to storm this beach, willing to risk gossip, harsh words, slander, stones, or worse, just as our grandfathers did on the 6th day of the 6th month 66 years ago. They risked more than their standing and hurt feelings when they placed their boots on the sands of Normandy to stop another beast in his froth against the free.

On the West coast, they stood for the cross. On the East coast, they will march against the mosque. Do not be distracted, do not be confused, do not be apathetic: this is our Normandy.

This mosque must not be. No amount of fancy words can distract from the truth of what is unfolding now, for it is truth to which we owe our obligation, not politeness. Our grandfathers knew it. June 6th is again D Day: Decision Day. Choose your side, for it has come to that, and you are free men. When faced with wickedness, choosing is inevitable, and the righteous fear it not.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.


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