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Sunday, June 06, 2010

ISLAMMUNISM...Two Fronts, One Enemy

By:  Resa LaRu Kirkland

“…we have seen in the past – over and over again – that evil seeks out evil, that they create secret combinations and make blood oaths against the good people of the earth. They bond together in their mutual treachery, and no malevolence is too much for them to consider. They will try to distract us from their wickedness by claiming it is all for God – as Islam does. Or it is our fault for being fat, spoiled Americans – as North Korea does daily. Or, even more vile, they will point to American sins and excess and claim that we are merely "reaping what we've sown." And being kind, forgiving and self-evaluating people, we hesitate just long enough for them to strike at us.2-front war, by Resa LaRu Kirkland, October, 2002
I wrote those words almost 8 years ago now, in a three piecer on the chilling alliance that has been clearly forming between Islam and Communism for the past 2 decades.  Given what’s going on now, can we dispense with the frantic attempts to call it what it isn’t and settle on what we are dealing with here:  Islammunism, the coming together of Islam and Communism?
North Korea, that unresolved boil on the butt of humanity left over from our first unfinished war against Communism 60 years and counting now, has drastically ratcheted up the posturing since Pres. Obama took office. 
And now it’s official:  they sank the battleship.
South Korea’s study of the explosion came up with oodles of evidence.  That, coupled with North Korea’s hellish tendency to lie, cover up, and threaten, means the most heavily guarded border in the world is in for a long, hot summer, full of tension, cowardly hit-and-run attacks from the commie side, and possibly a pinch of plutonium.
And that’s just the hand North Korea wants us to see.
The one we don’t see is up to its commie elbow in Islam, happy to achieve with jihad what it never could with a cold war.  I guess concentration camps, famine, or the Dear Leader’s status as a partial deity just aren’t enough to keep the Stalinist state busy. 
Now they’ve set their sights on the sea.
Motives?  Well, since you’ve apparently been in a coma for the past two decades, Islammunism is the foundational cause, but mammon is ALWAYS the way.  And greasing the skids is manipulated celebrity the Hippy Press is only too happy to give to the enemies of freedom.
As with the missile and nuke tests NK is infamous for, I’ve wondered if the attack was this nauseous nation’s “sample of the goods” for the entire jihadi world to witness.  Yep, the good old “show me the money” aspect simply cannot be ignored.  After all, NK sold the same nuke tech to Iran and Libya that Pakistan sold to them that AQ Khan swiped from UNESCO…Da Money Honey motive is always in play, and mammon continues to win the day.
No doubt about it, this was a resounding provocation in the Far East by one hand of Islammunism.  And over the weekend, a deliberate provocation in the Middle East by the other.  Both provocateurs on the same side—evil oppression—and both targets on the same side—freedom.
But was it also a signal?  Was it NK saying, “Your product is ready?”  Was it them saying, “Go ahead and start something, we’ve got this side?”
It really doesn’t matter, since both have the same intent:  create multiple fronts to confuse, divert, and weaken the only force on earth capable of stopping them.
The result is the same too:  “whatever you do, don’t make the bad guys mad, or they’ll do more.  Why not alter the consequences their actions require?  That’ll teach them to embrace love and rainbows and butterflies, the whole world will share a Coke and a smile, and society will transform into a hippy love-fest.”
That’s worked beautifully so far.  Just wait until the “Ships of Chittim” add plutonium to the mix. 
We’re on our own, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough.  I’m ready.
Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.

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