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Sunday, August 08, 2010

HIPPY HEADED: Chicks Have Left Thinking for Left Thinking

By: Resa LaRu Kirkland

My anti-femmie articles have always been my most popular. I have gotten emails from people all over the United States, Canada, Australia, India, Europe, and a few letters that may possibly be from other planets.
And no, I don’t mean that because the people who were writing them were wrong in their outrage. I mean because the behavior and beliefs they describe are so completely out of this world.

That’s feminism for you…ugly aliens and constantly a pain in the butt (anal probe joke).

It started with this sweet letter from a young woman (I’ll call her “S”), who had more courage at 20 than I have at 44:

I received an A on the paper I wrote on your article, "Women Should Reject Feminism."
I am just getting my feet wet in school, and liberal politics run rampant in my classrooms. I have to do quite a bit of dissecting and analyzing, not to get caught up in "their" BS.
I have been reading some of your "stuff"; I am very impressed with your strong, unforgiving viewpoints. You are very inspirational to me. Thanks.
~ S

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed that something I wrote had affected this young woman so profoundly, and I feel uncomfortable saying that out loud. Truth is what it is, and the credit goes there. I’m consistently stunned that people are consistently stunned by stating the truth out loud, as if we’re all in on some agreement not to do so in the name of politeness. Apparently we have forgotten that our obligation is to truth, not “feewings.” And here’s the evidence.

After responding to S, she shared with me a raging debate going on between her and a friend who had the same hippy views she was running into in the ironically named halls of “higher education.” Remarkably, and predictably, her friend is more educated than S is, yet far less capable of a rational thought or cogent response.

And it began with a woman who rejected an education system overrun with communism and started thinking and studying for herself. It is clear as she explains herself and the debate with her “friend” that one of them follows the textbook behavior of evil: distract, divert, evade, deny, lie, ad hominem, and wear them out without ever actually addressing the subject at hand.
Anything but the truth. By their fruits…

In her own words, they are NOT in need of any editing other than names for privacy’s sake and personal commentary. What you are about to read about S makes the debate that follows, between her and her “educated” friend, even more remarkable…and inspiring (my commentary in red):


F*****g A right you have permission! I am tickled to death!!! =D
Speaking to her is utterly exhausting! Talking to her on everything from immigration to supporting our soldiers is mind numbing! Over Memorial Day weekend, she made comments about our girls and boys in uniform that turned my stomach and literally made me want to be sick! She is so lost and confused and it’s not even that her viewpoints, opposing my own, that bothers me, it is her complete lack of knowledge and the fact that she is ignorant of how to discuss anything in a clear, concise, logical manner. If she at least possessed some better argumentation skills, I could respect her opinion. She spews emotion after reaction after emotion. No logic. No freaking brain. Not like I have to tell you… I believe the conversation is now over so I will send it to you. Do your worst! (Best) =) (She stated this so concisely and accurately that my commentary is unnecessary.)

It ended with her realizing that she held no quarter to…my logic. Alas, she can see *some* light and now I remember why I bother with this sweet, uninformed girl. The saddest part about the whole thing is she is far more educated than I. I am not ashamed to say (due to excruciating family circumstances) I am a ninth grade dropout! She has an associate in psychology, and on her way to a bachelor. It is so scary to me; even the most educated people of this country are some of the most ignorant. Her degree, I think she feels, gives her the right to be an idiot! What does your education mean to you?! Scary! I just finished my first two college classes, with good grades. =) I haven’t been to school in more than eight years. “Diamond in the rough.” =)…

I was scared to show you the conversation, because of possible legal backlash. (My friend defaming your name or using threatening language) I should have known better! You are a real person, and you are intelligent enough to know political correctness is for people with idle minds. =)

I was also very surprised you took an interest in me at all or even replied to me at all. It took me a while to think over and realize why you even took the time to respond to my messages. I realize now that people like my friend are as disgusted by you, as we are them. (Left vs. Right) I also realize you need (well not exactly) people like me to encourage you. You are completely “Right” (pun intended) and out on a limb (and our numbers are not as strong as they should be) anything I can say or do to encourage you in your work is an honor. =)

P.S. You can leave the bit out about me being an eighth grade drop-out, in your article. Like I said; I am not ashamed, I feel it may disparage your own point. (Dark past, extremely bright future) =)

Look at her reasoning, her perception, her decency, in the above and below, and contrast that with her friend’s convoluted logic and behavior below. You want to know the difference between the left and right? Read! It’s long, tough to get through, and as S said, exhausting. But it’s too important to shorten, and the perfect commentary on the idiocy of feminism and all leftist thinking. (Lightly edited for language, but not spelling, grammar, or logic…obviously).

FRIEND: I tried to send this as a message, but something is glitching, so i have to post it here. if it makes you mad, feel welcome to delete it w/out hurting my feewings. not that you really probably care about that. k? k.
i think it is soo ignorant (meaning lack of information or knowledge on subject) of you to be, thats just f*****g stupid. So you dont think we have the right to be paid fairly, to vote, to divorce our husbands, to not wear dresses every f****n day, to question the men in our lives, to hold jobs besides teachers, nurses, secretaries and nannies????? Feminists and feminists alone brought about all the changes that brought these sort of rights to us. (Exactly how many women were in power? Oh right, those were majority old white European males who enacted laws on vote, land ownership, etc. But in femmie-speak, women did it because…well, I guess ‘cause they say so.)

S: No love-love you don't know my views we've never discussed this one I absolutely want everythin you mention above, we will talk...Haha friend you funny you think I'm so ignorant, you broke down ignorant for me... =D (Ooooooh! That’s gonna leave a mark!)

FRIEND: you might be right about modern feminism, but with everything i know about feminism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, you're just wrong. (What does that have to do with the 21st Century?) There is nothing unequal and fascist about women wanting to vote, or having the right to disagree with their husbands or divorce them, or work in whatever field they aspire to work in and... be paid equally, which were all goals of feminism. (Which you got, baby, thanks to men in power who voted it in because they recognized it was the right thing to do.) I am not a modern day feminist I dont think, but I do believe in equal rights for women, and I dont see how equal rights for women puts men at a disadvantage at all or is fascist. Fascism refers to when corporations and private interests govern a country. wtf?

S: You missed the boat again love.

FRIEND: i dont want ure f****n boat. ure…f****n stupid on this. (You heard her. Throw her off the boat!)

S: (my other friend) was only comparing feminism and fascism in a superficial way, read his comment again.  My interest is not in the feminist movement of over a hundred years ago my interest is where we are at now. I am interested in developing my own.

WARCHICK Resa Laru Kirkland<~~~ Look up some of this *amazing goddesses* work if you can not wait till we speak. =) You more than likely wil not agree with a single thing she believes in, but read her "stuff" she has some good points. =)

"feel welcome to delete it w/out hurting my feewings. not that you really probably care about that."
What are you talking about? You are one of my favorites!♥ You think I try to argue with you and what not but I think we are debating...If we didn't piss each other off sometimes I wouldn't be able to claim so much homie ♥ for you...

Wtf I would hope that if someone disagreed with you on any given subject, that they wouldn't call you f*****g stupid- that's a cop-out...You *really* pissed me off with the comments you said over Memorial Day weekend but I didn't delete you from my friends like some other a*****s who just blew you off...If you wanna know what I think let's talk don't just blow me off it sucks and you are lots and lots more bunches of smart than that!!! =)

FRIEND: u just frustrate the f**k out of me when you tell me im not getting something. because i feel like you're not gettin it. get it?

S: Yeah but I'm not saying you don't "get it" you don't have all the information that I want you to know...

FRIEND: i looked at that chick and i would f****n spit on her f****n soul. She is the embodiment of everything i find evil and wrong in this f****n world. (Oh how I love fan mail!) and as we are all connected and i truly believe in the Buddhist proverb that says that every person is you, or in every person you should see yourself, or something like that., I would be willing to take the world down just to watch cockroaches like her go down. including myself, if any part of myself is her. (Again, you heard her!) whatever do you get my point? (Kumbayah, baby! Keep reading…it gets better…and by that I mean sadder.)

S: Lol ok, that's what I thought you'd say... Well, you probably look up a bit more than some of the Anti-feminist articles she wrote... looked* Like her views on immigration, and terrorists, ect... I told you she would oppose your views, but back to the original topic Feminism we will talk when I see you...

FRIEND: i just looked at more of her s**t. someone should f****n shoot her in the head and perform some sort of deep magick to make sure her soul does not continue on but instead gets snuffed out never to be a part of the universe again. :) im feeling creative right now. (“Come on people now, smile on your brother” Ya feel da love?) sorry for calling you stupid, but i didnt really call you stupid, (Then why did you apologize?) i said you were being stupid about that topic. (No, you called her stupid. See, with the left, they tell you what they did or didn’t JUST do and you MUST take their word for it, not think for yourself. You misunderstand their name calling and death threats; you can’t be trusted to properly interpret what they say or do.) i didnt even read any of this worm's views on feminism. (Ummm, you didn’t even read my views but let loose with a hellish vitriol that only a broad’s emoting can unleash? This level of mental illness that has infected the left is beyond comprehension.)

S: Yeah I know you hate her... I get it... (No, S, clearly you misunderstand her f*****g name-calling and death threats. Only the right hates.) How can you know I'm stupid on this topic and you don't even have my opinion? (Elitists just know, silly girl!)

FRIEND: i dont know anything, i just feel and trust my intuition. :) (See what she just said right here? Right here? THIS SUMS UP THE LEFT PERFECTLY! Like Schultz, they “know nut-ting!” Why do we listen to them? We should give them a bottle and make them take a nap. I’m not changing those diapers, though…they’re on their own).

S: Well if you don't know anything why do you want to have this convo? I dislike. You jumped my s**t over something you don't even know where I stand (Oh no, you misunderstand) think you know where I stand... Or your intuition is that you know where I stand. (You’re misinformed.) Am I not going to college? (for a career of my own) Do I not vote?...Do I believe women should have all of these rights? The answer is yes, love.

FRIEND: if you dont want people, including me, to assume that you are enti-female rights, than dont join two groups that belittle females. (Or else!) you might have some explanation of your beliefs (Explain how you DARE believe contrary to me!) that go beyond a persons first conclusion on the topic, but i cant know that unless you tell me, so i started the convo hoping it was a joke, or that you were mis-informed (See?) on what an anti-feminist was. and just because I admit to not KNOWING anything, does not mean that I am not right, i am just open to the possibility that I am wrong. (When you figure out what the hell she’s trying to say here, email me, OK? ‘Cause WOW just seems inadequate.)

S: Well good then. =D If there is a possiblity I still can salvage this conversation, I will email you my paper I wrote on feminism and Resa's paper I wrote it on. The question is: are you willing to discuss this matter in a logical manner with me? ( Not a you're f*****g stupid on this way ) And don't get so mad, you are not a martyr for Feminism! I understand your passion but don't let that lovely passion of yours blind you for your love of me!!! =) (Beautifully spoken, S.) I am equally as passionate, but jeez girl don't get so mad. "Don't let anyone rent space in your head."

FRIEND: i said you 'might' be right about modern feminism, because besides upholding the rights that have already been earned, i am ignorant as to what they are up to. (Finally, something we really, really, REALLY agree on.) There's nothing fascist about feminism no matter what your opinions on fascism though. the only way i could think feminism could be called fascist is if we leave the corporate reference out of the definition of fascism, AND if feminists are trying to take over the country (If???) according to their values. maybe i need to be enlightened, (Maybe???) but i just havent noticed any feminist organizations with a strong voice in our government. i eagerly await the reading of your paper. :) (Apparently she’s been on Mars…in a cave…with her fingers in her ears…with the lights off…with no TV…no radio…no news…no brain activity. Kind of supports that whole Schultz theory, doesn’t it?)

S: …Despite my anger towards the evil human beings my hope and faith in humanity has been renewed, recently.
Two bright spots: Resa LuRu Kirkland and Michael Robert Eagen...♥

FRIEND: omg shannon i feel like i shouldnt be associated w/ you because you admire this women. she is scum! how could you? (Translation: You cannot handle your free will, hand it over to me!) i only care about it because i am so close to you.  (I know better than you what’s best for you) otherwise i wouldnt give a f**k who you admired. i probably sound like a huge hypocrite, (PROBABLY???) but even though i feel like i shouldnt be associated with you we have tried to get away from each other numerous times and always come back so its worthless to think about it really. im stuck w/ you.

Well. That was exhausting…I mean seriously. And confusing. And outrageous. And deeply, deeply embedded in this generation of spoiled, ruined, decimated femininity.

And here to stay, if we let it. Because THAT is the way of communism; logic and reason need NOT apply.
Now here’s where hope comes into play. Look at S. Isn’t she magnificent? She stayed the course of logic and reason, not giving in to ad hominem, four-letter rages, death threats, admissions of mind-boggling refusal to even search and ponder by her “friend” that would have depleted the heartiest soul. She is reason enough to fight on, and not grow weary.

At least I don’t have to worry about FRIEND reading this. My articles don’t come in “feel.”

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.


no2liberals said...

I give S credit for remaining calm and rational with her intellectually lazy friend.
This reminds me of a piece from Herman Cain a few days ago, New four-letter word for you liberals: SIIN.
Whatever feminism may have meant to women in the past, the current model is that of a purely leftist political organization. Were they not wouldn't they be vocal in their outrage of creeping Sharia Law or have come to Sarah Palin's defense when she was being savaged by those who fear her?
While many men and women will express their insecurities in the form of discrimination, for most of us there isn't a competition between the sexes. As individuals, yes, but not as a group.
As for the "feewings" you've done it!

Unknown said...

Beaeker! I always loved Beeker...and of course ANIMAL!

Standing up to Shariah takes guts...femmies ain't got that, period. I received two letters a couple of years back from men in India who say that American femmies have pushed in feminist judges there that have so changed the dowry laws that divorcing women go after a man's family as well, and it's legal. Notice they do that in India, where they are Hindu, but NOT Pakistan, where they would be killed. I am more and more convinced that moving left is to flee takes no courage to refuse discipline and responsibility as a way of life.

I love Herman Cain, you stud! Woo hoo! WARCHICK

no2liberals said...

Liberalism is indeed a gutless choice and an easy choice for the lazy.

Herman Cain is a man!
But not Beaker. :)

no2liberals said...

BTW, I'm not Tina Fey, but I can see November from my porch.

Unknown said...

You are SO my kinda man!

Beaker....can you just imagine? Definitely the John Edwards of all the muppets.

Herman! Herman! Herman!