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Monday, August 30, 2010

SHIA TAQIYYA--Freedom from Shari-dum

By:  Resa LaRu Kirkland

Qur'an (3:54) - "…Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers."

Those who read my writings know that I have long called the enemy we are facing today “Islammunism,” which is the coming together of the most wicked of freedom’s enemies: Islam and communism. Look at Islamic nations and their allies—can you say Hitler/Stalin-type non-aggression pact?

And like Hitler and Stalin, no evil, no horror, no hellish tactic is beneath them. In fact, it’s commanded; it’s taqiyya: the right of Muslims to lie and deceive in the advancement of allah.

So should photo lies really be a shocker anymore? We’ve been down this road before…remember the Muslim photographer from Reuters? It’s still happening, yet Reuters is still around, still treated like a legitimate news source. To the Islammunist world, that’s the stamp of approval. Why quit when they’re getting exactly what they want?

So when Scott Winchell of asked me to look into this picture, I knew it wasn’t to find Waldo.

The pic was at Shia News with a date listed as August 23, 2010. The only information provided was this title American Soldiers disgraced Masjid in Iraq. As usual, it was being presented at a time when our troops were “pulling out,” so the world was focused on Iraq, and even though the pic originally surfaced in November, 2004, during the second battle for Fallujah, it is presented in such a manner that you would think it is recent.

That’s taqiyya; no lie too appalling, no deception too unconscionable.

A quick search proved that the pic appeared first and primarily at Muslim, communist, or anti-American sites. That really should be enough to discredit it. After all, rampant Islammunist photo-doctoring is so prolific that we should designate a wing of each hospital to it.

But just a two-day scratch of the surface of the pic revealed some interesting abnormalities. Now I’m no big-city fancy-schmancy graphic-ee photographer, but fortunately I worked with a graphic artist who is all that, and by looking at the picture through his Adobe CS5 program, we noticed a few things. NOTE: this picture pixilated very quickly, making it particularly difficult to evaluate.

Right off the bat the pic looks to me like soldiers preparing to head out in a convoy. They’re in full gear, resting and waiting, not dirty, muddy, sweating, torn up. They don’t look like guys who just fought a battle to secure the mosque (which Islammunists are notorious for using as strongholds, weapon caches, and torture rooms). These men were clearly preparing to go somewhere, not relaxing after a battle.

Then there’s what appears to be a giant erase mark in the middle of the elaborate carpet (see green arrow). The edges are not sharp, but fuzzy and scribbled. This cannot be attributed to glare from the many windows, as window light has distinct edges to it. This looks more like something was there but has been sloppily erased. So what was there?

Another glaring mistake is the missing insignia pointed out by the red arrows. Our non special ops warriors wear insignia…always. When magnified there is clearly a pixilated box on the arms of these men, where their insignia should go. And where are the shadows? There are few, if any, and often in different directions all throughout the pic.

Check out the aqua arrows. The ones pointing to the man on the left indicate a flat spot on his head, a possible photoshopped line, and a poor one at that. The straight edge of his leg, the awkward stance of the crossed leg seem to indicate he is leaning against something, yet there is only empty space behind him in the picture. The other aqua arrow, pointing to the feet of the man just right of center, show a perfectly straight line on the bottom of the foot. How many feet make a perfectly straight line, even in shoes?

The yellow arrows pointing to the men along the back wall shows a weird depth perception. They look too far away, yet their distance from the men sitting in the front middle is only about 30 feet, tops. Their head size seems to make them appear much further away.

And finally, the dark blue arrow. While there is indeed a great deal of light flooding the mosque from its many windows, close inspection of this man’s face and left arm clearly indicate an outdoor shot, in full, glaring sunlight. Look at all the other men nearby, in the same mosque. Not a single other man, even those nearby, show such bright light on them, even though there is bright light all over.

Get where I’m going?

For the hippy headed, here it is: this photo is suspicious at best, and I believe it is either a mosque with soldiers photoshopped in or a group standing around in an outdoor setting, readying to leave on a convoy, with a mosque photoshopped around them. Does it really matter which one it is? Taqiyya is taqiyya is taqiyya, and it is being used every day in every way, and must be called out, every time.

We are freedom, not shari-dum. Cry foul, stand your ground, and never, ever, ever submit. It is the one thing lies and deception cannot bear: truth, and the courage to back it.

Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY.


From SPUD, overseas Air Force man:

More obvious; the uniforms are wrong for August 2010. For the Army anyway; we were wearing the Green FRACU's not the brown uniforms used earlier in the campaign. The body armor is wrong too it's the older heavier style and if it were guys waiting for a convoy then they wouldn't be wearing knee pads. The Marines wear the brown uniform with no patches but by August 2010 they were completely out of Iraq.

Who took the picture? How did it get in the hands of the claimants? If the claim is that the picture was taken in 2010 then it's a fake and wrong based on my previous comments. If it's a 2004 pic it's possible that it might be real. However, there are still some anomalies that you have pointed out. If it's a 2004 pic the army did wear the brown uniforms but they also wore their patches (SF Soldiers sanitize their uniforms of patches etc. but these guys are not SF). You would have to get a picture of the whole building to see if that line in the middle was a skylight through the ceiling, it could also be a narrow window with the sun shining through it. More likely than not they are Army personnel because the Marines wear brown body armor, they don't carry black backpacks and the haircuts are wrong for Marines. The black backpacks are an indicator that they may have been using the building as a resting place but I don't see any bedding. I would have liked to see the outside of the building. I find it strange that they have their helmets off, that indicates it's a secure area not some random mosque in Fallujah at the height of the assault. Guys on a convoy stop wouldn't bring in their backpacks they would leave them in the vehicles. In 2004 General Order 1 was in effect and these guys would not have been in a mosque unless it was authorized or after a firefight with insurgents firing from a mosque in which case I would say I doubt they went blasting at those guys with their black backpacks on.

They can twist it any way they want; they'll always find something to harp on but it's always convenient to leave out the fact that muslim secret police can arrest you in the middle of the night or some knuckleheads with an AK-47 can burst into your house, claim you're a this or that and then cut your head off. Oh yea and by the way it's OK for them to shoot AT people from a holy mosque (or just plain old blow it up with a suicide bomber) but it's an infidel's sin to shoot back or blow it up or enter it to keep people from getting killed.

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