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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


WARCHICK endorsed!

Americans Against Immigration Amnesty (AAIA)

PO Box 26661

Salt Lake City, Utah 84126


September 15, 2010


"There is an unhealthy arrogance and general disdain for the American people that exists in our government and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid exemplifies it," said Dan Baltes, Executive Director of Americans Against Immigration Amnesty (AAIA). "Putting the 'Dream Act' in a defense appropriation bill as an effort to sneak a quasi-amnesty bill through the Senate is politics at its worst. There is simply no excuse for trading American citizenship to curry favor with special interest lobbies," Mr. Baltes continued.

"Despite the President's claims to the contrary, our borders are not more secure than they ever have been, ask any citizen or law enforcement official who resides or works on the border. There are more than 500,000 illegal immigrants that are fugitives in the United States after being released on their own recognizance awaiting deportation proceedings and the administration claims to have removed more illegal immigrants than any other administration, yet they were removed into the revolving 'catch and release' policy of this administration, only to return through our porous borders. These are the realities facing the American people every single day and no amount of political double speak is going to convince a reasonable thinking American otherwise," said Mr. Baltes.

"The American people demand our borders, ports and airspace be secured and our laws enforced unquestionably. The American people will no longer tolerate selective enforcement or directives of non-enforcement of Federal laws by non-elected Department Administrators. In addition, the American people will not tolerate the blatant violations of the 1996 Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, by self-proclaimed sanctuary cities, which are ignored by our government for political gain," Mr. Baltes continued.

"AAIA will closely monitor the progress and positions of elected officials on Senator Reid's back door plan for amnesty and will publicly hold any representative, regardless of party affiliation, accountable for their vote on this measure," Mr. Baltes concluded.

For comment or additional information, please contact:

Dan Baltes

Executive Director, Americans Against Immigration Amnesty


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